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Christmas in Bangkok, the 4 most popular business circles! Southeast Asian style Christmas tree

Ai Thailand, Thailand media, Christmas is coming! Do not think that there is no Christmas atmosphere in Thailand, which is full of enthusiasm. The snow scene is everywhere. There are creative landscapes everywhere. Especially the major Bangkok business ci

aitaiguobang @ 2019/12/23

Be cautious and cautious! This is the first and only scenic spot in Asia. It's terrible, lovely and free to switch.

Ai Thailand snake, the snake in Thailand's "cucurbits", the snake in One Piece, the snake snake in the movie "Naruto", I believe that the image of "snake" as the archetype depicted in these cartoons must be deeply rooted in the

aitaiguobang @ 2019/12/21

Vlog great God's shocking video! Travel in Thailand in 4 minutes, appreciate Siam's humanity and beauty.

Ai Thailand Thailand media oil pipeline travel Vlog great God Benn TK exploded because of the video of many countries. His footprints all over the world. Every video released by him can cause countless netizens' attention. Recently, Benn TK came to Th

aitaiguobang @ 2019/12/20

2020 across the big 6 places in Bangkok! Glitzy and all night revelry...

Ai Thailand Thailand media 2019 end of the year end, Bangkok is surrounded by a happy atmosphere, in addition to the major shopping malls super sales promotion, the ensuing Christmas activities, fireworks across the year is also dazzling, of which the mos

aitaiguobang @ 2019/12/18

180 years of legendary history! Siam High Island House: the most fashionable Japan in Thailand

Ai Thailand Thailand media has many Japanese related elements in Thailand. If you want to feel the most typical Japanese fashion and shopping trend in Thailand, then the Siam High Island house in Siam world is a very good choice. The High Island Departmen

aitaiguobang @ 2019/12/17

Even ATM is colorful. A colorful country, analyzing the color culture of Thailand.

Ai Thailand Thailand media if you travel to Thailand for the first time, you will be deeply attracted by colorful taxis on the road. If you stay a little longer, you will find that whether in the department store or in the empty BTS station, there will be

aitaiguobang @ 2019/12/15

To these 7 beautiful peaks, welcome the first dawning of Thailand in 2020, beautiful as wallpaper.

Ai Thailand, Thailand, 2020 is coming. Have you planned where to go to greet the first dawn of the new year? Thailand is rich in natural scenery, watching the sunrise slowly rising from the sea level, or standing in the mountains and forests, enjoying the

aitaiguobang @ 2019/12/14

The precious picture of history! A record of the Royal barge procession shows that hundreds of countries send ambassadors to the ceremony.

Ai Thailand Thailand media in December 12, 2019, Thailand held the grand ceremony of the Royal boat tour of King Lamar ten. The ceremony also marked the end of Rama's ten world coronation ceremony. As a result, the ceremony has attracted the attention

aitaiguobang @ 2019/12/13

The coronation of King Tai has not ended yet? The Royal barge parade is about to be staged.

Ai Thailand Thailand media December 12th, to celebrate the important event of the ten emperor's coronation, the Royal barge will be held ceremoniously. The purpose of this interaction is to celebrate the ten crown of the king of Thailand, the king of

aitaiguobang @ 2019/12/10

Pattaya welcomes the tourist season! Wharf warned suddenly? It turned out this way.

Ai Thailand Thailand media in December 6, 12019, hosted by Sina micro-blog, Sichuan provincial culture and Tourism Department, and Panzhihua Municipal People's government, held the "2019 tenth happy sunshine Festival" in Panzhihua. Thailand wa

aitaiguobang @ 2019/12/08

Zero time, the most cold! It has become the busiest sight spot. Tens of thousands of tourists go camping every day.

Thailand Ai Thailand media has already entered the cool season, but the lowest 15 degree temperature in Bangkok is still unable to find winter sensation. Therefore, low temperatures have become Thai's favorite tourist destinations. This is not the cas

aitaiguobang @ 2019/12/07

The 5 most popular shows in Pattaya! It is beautiful, hot blooded, and can not be described.

Thailand Ai Thailand media pattias is a world famous tourist city. Although the city is not big, all kinds of facilities related to tourism are very complete. Whether you eat, drink or play, you can find what you need. Below, let the old driver of patya t

aitaiguobang @ 2019/12/05

Phuket Island's mysterious emperor show, some people are crying, and some people are laughing.

Everything here may collapse your world outlook, and then restructure it in a tolerant and receptive way. There are many essential elements for Ai Thailand Thailand media to travel to Phuket. For example, you must see a sunset on the celestial peninsula.

aitaiguobang @ 2019/12/04

36 hours to play different Chiang Mai! New York Times recommendation: Food and Art Tour

If you want to find markets, elephants, craftsmen and temples, Chiang Mai will be able to satisfy all of these fantasies as a recreational riverside city. Its population is only about 200000, and it is a fraction of the 8 million population of Bangkok. Ai

aitaiguobang @ 2019/12/03

No shopping, no worship, how to spend 24 hours in Bangkok? This strategy is worth considering.

Thailand Ai Bangkok tourism media is worthy of being a serious tourist metropolis in the world. There are countless kinds of games and attractions. If you don't like impetuous shopping, or burn incense and worship Buddha, or even search for flowers an

aitaiguobang @ 2019/12/02

A helmet and a zebra crossing to see how powerful the creative industry is in Thailand.

Ai Thailand Thailand media Thailand is only a developing country. Its urban infrastructure is backward, streets are crowded and noisy, and vendors are everywhere. However, this does not prevent Thailand from integrating traditional values of humility and

aitaiguobang @ 2019/11/30

Minority route exploration, playing monkey city Lopburi! Thailand tour without unusual path

Ai Thailand Thailand media in recent years, the most popular locations for Thai people to go to Thailand are as follows: Tazhong (Bangkok, pattiya, etc.), with the most mature conditions, the most relaxed and the first choice to travel, Taine (Phuket Isla

aitaiguobang @ 2019/11/29

The 30 questions you must know before going to Thailand for the first time.

Ai Thailand source travel media, though we always remind you of all kinds of questions about Thailand's travel, we seldom give comprehensive answers. Recently, many friends in the background message said, I hope to see such articles. So, Xiaobian quic

aitaiguobang @ 2019/11/28

The 72 ancient city, 1 days to visit Thailand! Hidden attractions in Bangkok

Ai Thailand Thailand media Thailand can't walk all the way, but they don't have much time to play. If you have a limited time and want to have a good time in Thailand, why don't you come to this scenic spot that few people know! It takes only

aitaiguobang @ 2019/11/27

A miracle in the history of world tourism! Chinese tourists went to Thailand from ten to 10 million, and now are facing bottlenecks.

Thailand Ai Ai, Thailand 1, broke through for 10 million 2 thousand and 18 years in December 19th, which is a very grand day for Thailand's tourism industry. At 16:35 local time, the Thailand International Airlines TG613 flight from Kunming's long

aitaiguobang @ 2019/11/26