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Hainan high school entrance examination results will be released on August 15! Five channels can be checked

Our province 2020 junior high school academic level examination paper marking work has finished, now the result release related matters announcement is as follows: 1, examination result announcement, Hainan Province 2020 junior high school academic level

ZBHN66810110 @ 2020/08/14

College entrance examination students look! Hainan college entrance examination results distribution table out! Look at your ranking in the province!

It is recommended by Gong Weirui, editor of Hainan Province! A group of masked people smashed the vehicles in Danzhou Street crazily! Police revealed that the reason for this A man beat 3 girls with a hanger, netizens pointed out the suspected accent of T

ZBHN66810110 @ 2020/07/25

Hainan Province 2020 general college entrance examination results release and inquiry Guide

Our province 2020 general college entrance examination paper marking work has been completed, the province's general college entrance examination results released the relevant matters as follows: 1, the examination results published on July 24, 2020 g

ZBHN66810110 @ 2020/07/25

This kind of diarrhea is reported in 2 nurseries!

Norovirus infectious diarrhea is an acute intestinal infectious disease caused by norovirus infection. The outbreak season is from October to march of the next year. Norovirus is an acute self limiting disease transmitted mainly by fecal oral route. If fo

ZBHN66810110 @ 2020/07/12

Hainan will start the college entrance examination from July 13 to August 10

The work of marking papers will start on July 13, and the enrollment of high-level students will be preliminarily scheduled to start on August 10. During the college entrance examination this year, more than 10000 personnel from examination administration

ZBHN66810110 @ 2020/07/12

@College entrance examination students: 2020 national list of colleges and universities coming out! Beware of these scams after the college entrance examination

Today, the Ministry of Education released a list of 2020 national colleges and universities. As of June 30, 2020, there are 3005 universities in China. Among them, there are 2740 ordinary colleges and universities, including 1258 undergraduate colleges, 1

ZBHN66810110 @ 2020/07/10

College entrance examination students suddenly tear up the answer card of 2 people, the response came

July 8, 2020 college entrance examination into the second day. Some netizens disclosed that in the morning of that day, in the examination room of Pingdingshan No. 1 middle school in Henan Province, candidates suddenly tore up the answer cards of the othe

ZBHN66810110 @ 2020/07/09

Traffic police holding ID card stand at the entrance of the examination room, what is the situation?

The smooth progress of the college entrance examination is inseparable from the coordination and cooperation of various departments. In Yangpu Economic Development Zone, at 5 p.m. yesterday, after the English test for college entrance examination was fini

ZBHN66810110 @ 2020/07/09

Hi, BMW has changed into "Tortoise". The new car has just been bought for 10 days, and there is a problem. 4S shop: the reason for the failure is not clear.

In May 20th, Mr. Li from Danzhou introduced a BMW car. But only 10 days after the new car opened, there was such a problem. It turned into a tortoise. Mr. Li said that the price of the BMW car is around 500 thousand. In May 30th, the 10 day after the lift

ZBHN66810110 @ 2020/06/11

The highest reward is 2 million! From the Ming Dynasty, Hainan reward award begins to declare.

The notice on launching the reward declaration of Hainan province in 2020 was made by Qiong talent Bureau, 24 [2020]: according to the relevant regulations of the implementation measures of the reward system of Hainan province (Trial Implementation) (Qion

ZBHN66810110 @ 2020/06/11

Hainan free trade port clear two stage timetable, before 2025, start the island closed operation

On the morning of June 8th, the Information Office of the State Council held a press conference to introduce the general plan for the construction of a free trade port in Hainan. At the press conference, the responsible person of the national development

ZBHN66810110 @ 2020/06/08

"Hainan can not become a real estate processing plant!" Regarding the Hainan free trade port, these dry goods must be seen.

On the 8 day, the State Council held a press conference to invite relevant ministries and commissions and heads of Hainan province to introduce the relevant situation of the general plan for the construction of Hainan free trade port and answer reporters&

ZBHN66810110 @ 2020/06/08

Principal's live broadcast helps college students find jobs. Netizens are sour. ...

Recently, two teachers at Luoyang Institute of Science and Technology in Henan used the humorous and cheerful language to open the webcast of the school's "post". As the first recommendation, Liu Guoji, headmaster of the school, walked into th

ZBHN66810110 @ 2020/06/08

"Not clear" or "not". Artiste Tong Zhuo is suspected of cheating in college entrance examination, and the local education department is responding to the survey.

In the evening of May 22nd this year, the artist and colleague Zhuo in a live broadcast answer the question link of netizens, exposing "used some means", changed the identity of the previous student to a fresh student, but still failed to enter th

ZBHN66810110 @ 2020/06/07

"Mom, I want the same love!" The truth of the second child family Dabao made her mother collapse.

Children are the treasure of their parents. They fall on the ground and are afraid of falling. It can be said that every parent gave their one hundred percent love to their children. However, if these one hundred percent love needs to be divided equally,

ZBHN66810110 @ 2020/06/06

Yes! Delay!

In the first half of 2020, the announcement of the National College English Test Band Four and six was postponed. According to the spirit of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on the prevention and control of new crown pneumonia, the National

ZBHN66810110 @ 2020/05/30

Parents look quickly! Haikou Sanya school district dicing! Check it out here.

Every enrollment season, parents must worry about how to divide these schools. In order to let parents know more accurately the scope of the school district, with the strong support of the Hainan Provincial Education Department, the coconut city Min Yun f

ZBHN66810110 @ 2020/05/28

Just bought a second-hand car engine has water marks, also had an accident? Men are rushing around to find the truth.

In April 22nd, Mr. Li of Haikou spent 73 thousand yuan on buying a second-hand FAW TOYOTA car at a car maintenance center. No more than a week later, when Mr. Li checked the brake, he found that there was a dent in the hidden position of the vehicle and s

ZBHN66810110 @ 2020/05/18

Watch out! These devices are selling your privacy.

With the accelerated development of the Internet of things, IOT smart cameras and smart home appliances are becoming more and more popular. However, some facilities that create convenience can also become a "black eye" and "ear to ear" for

ZBHN66810110 @ 2020/05/11

The opening hours of kindergarten in Haikou are fixed.

Today, the reporter learned from the Haikou Municipal Bureau of education that the Haikou Municipal Education Bureau issued a notice on the Haikou kindergarten spring school work plan in 2020 spring semester (hereinafter referred to as the "plan")

ZBHN66810110 @ 2020/05/10