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Shareholders at least listed companies: shareholders' internal strife, performance decline, stock price increase is over 60%.

Author Song Guanyu, the source of wild horse finance, Dalian San Ya ocean world, is known all over the country. Its core projects such as the ocean world, the polar world, the coral world and the deep sea legend attract many tourists every year. The fifth

YMCJ8686 @ 2020/05/31

8 days, 7 boards, the market value soared 8 billion! Relying on the masses, Jianghuai Automobile should "change its life"?

Author Hao Meiping, the source of wild horse finance and Jianghuai Automobile, is an old state-owned enterprise with headquarters in Hefei. Compared with SAIC, Chery, Wei Lai and other enterprises, it is relatively low-key in the market, and its market va

YMCJ8686 @ 2020/05/30

The insurance industry welcomes the supervision of "Dongfeng", and China's Ping An reform is effective.

Author Song Guanyu, the source of the wild horse finance, with the issuance of two notices issued by the China Banking Regulatory Commission in May 19, 2020 and the convening of the two sessions in May 22nd, the clarion call for the rectification and refo

YMCJ8686 @ 2020/05/28

The question of "triple cell" billion billion reorganization: how does the grand map of the quagmire turn over?

The author, Cai Cai Zhen, source of wild horse finance, recently, the news of the "triple cell" billions of restructuring came out, the market was inspired, and Nanjing's new hundred (600682.SH) and *ST (600122.SH) synchronized trading. It is

YMCJ8686 @ 2020/05/25

Chip "war": twenty years of smash and breakthrough in SMIC

Ten years ago, due to the dispute with TSMC, Zhang Rujing, founder of SMIC, was in a low mood. He had no choice but to leave. Now, the SMIC, which takes the mission of history, is once again at the critical moment of the turning point of fate. Under the U

YMCJ8686 @ 2020/05/24

330 billion MINDRAY's medical business: China's intelligence to help global epidemic

Author Hao Meiping, the source of the wild horse finance and the sudden outbreak of the disease, make the global medical equipment urgent, especially for the vital breathing machine for patients, which is a global shortage. As a "gem of the GEM market

YMCJ8686 @ 2020/05/23

"New Lake" Xiangcai securities listed on the curve! Behind the trader is "327 fierce men".

Author Song Guanyu, the source of wild horse finance, is one of the "new lakes" of A shares, which has been dormant for many years and seems to have been forgotten. However, after holding the new Lake Business (after being absorbed and merged), ma

YMCJ8686 @ 2020/05/23

"City Kai system" 4 billion 700 million market share frozen! "Real estate Godfather" can not play a new role?

Author Hao Meiping, the source of the wild horse finance Yang Shuping, because of real estate fame, early in the 90s of last century, plunged into the flood of real estate, with the development of "City Kai system", became a "godfather of real

YMCJ8686 @ 2020/05/20

Embezzlement of 100 thousand interest is pursued, and fund managers are dismissed and blacklisted. The reasons for the financial elite's misconduct are various.

The reasons for "misconduct" are varied, but they all suffer from their misfortune. Author Wang Junqi, editor, Wu Tingting, the source of the securities industry, observing the operation of financial institutions' staff irregularities is not u

YMCJ8686 @ 2020/05/13

Huayi Brothers lost 4 billion! Wang Zhongjun fundraising 2 billion 300 million through "wealthy circle of friends"

Author Hao Meiping, the source of the wild horse financial Huayi Brothers is experiencing its "darkest moment". In 2018, Huayi Brothers listed their first deficit in ten years, and in 2019, they lost nearly 4 billion yuan. And the movie winter has

YMCJ8686 @ 2020/05/04

Xu Xiang's "World War II" Chongqing beer

There are quite a few readers who leave a message. Recently, the TV play "fox hunting" seems to have a vague case of Xu Xiang and Chongqing beer. The playwright of fox hunting also clarified this, and I didn't tell the plot. However, Chongqing

YMCJ8686 @ 2020/05/03

I witnessed Xu Xiang billions of copies.

Write back in front of the history of China's capital market development, let alone Xu Xiang and his outstanding Zai Xi. From the teenager 30 thousand yuan to the about 20000000000 market, from the hot money guy to the private placement brother, in th

YMCJ8686 @ 2020/04/19

The agent's shares are all frozen. Should the listed companies of "the richest of Yunnan" come to fly?

Author Wu Wu's source of the country's wild horse finance is frozen with the shareholding of major shareholders. Duo, who was preparing to cash in the field in 2017, came back and froze all the shares of the existing controller. His old office was

YMCJ8686 @ 2020/04/15

Wind and rain "the Great Wall Department": the Great Wall film and television were put on file, the head and father son had been 13 million reward reward debt!

Author Hao Meiping, the source of the wild horse financial capital market is surging, new capital families are rising, and the old clan is gradually disintegrating. Zhao Ruiyong, who dropped out of primary school, let go of cattle, pick up cow dung and pi

YMCJ8686 @ 2020/04/14

Focus Media's fifteen year history of reduction

Author Song Guanyu, the source of wild horse finance, the United States local time before April 2nd, Ruixing coffee exploding 2 billion 200 million yuan. As soon as the news came out, domestic and foreign capital markets suddenly began to surge. As an imp

YMCJ8686 @ 2020/04/13

Short haze under the concept of shares: two days of trading ice, electricity providers are most sought after.

Author Song Guanyu, the source of the wild horse finance, from New Oriental (EDU.N), Alibaba (BABA.N) to Ruixing (LK.O), many PDD.O (or PDD.O), and who to learn (GSX.N). Overseas shorting agencies have long been fond of shorting the stock of Chinese enter

YMCJ8686 @ 2020/04/11

"Emergency cutting" Jerry shares: 24 billion oil service giant, large shareholders just reduced by over 1 billion 200 million

In the past few days, the news of "four years' sexual assault by senior executives of listed companies" has spread, and the waves have been stirred up for a time. After a number of media tracking reports, the person was accused of working in J

YMCJ8686 @ 2020/04/11

"Henan paper king" lies were broken: 700 million violation guarantee is real hammer! The remaining 1 billion 700 million have no conclusion.

The author, the source of capital market, has been reported to have a 2 billion 400 million violation of the guarantee of silver pigeon investment, which has been repeatedly denied in many announcements. Today, it is finally written by the Henan regulator

YMCJ8686 @ 2020/04/10

Wang Shi takes the lead in donating 5 billion 300 million yuan stock to reveal the "past and present life" of Vanke corporate shares.

Without a hint of warning, Wang Shi suddenly announced that he would donate about 5 billion 300 million yuan worth of Vanke corporate shares to Tsinghua University's foundation. In view of these huge and special forms of stock, the market has been qui

YMCJ8686 @ 2020/04/03

Li Da Xiao was interviewed, behind the brokerage 5 billion 100 million "backdoor" listing!

Hao Meiping, chief economist of the finance and Economics Department of, is known as "the first person of A share net red". It has 5 million 770 thousand fans of micro-blog, and nearly 300 thousand of its active public fans. With these platforms,

YMCJ8686 @ 2020/03/23