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Talk about the Olympic Games: is it too urgent or just in time?

"Bidding for Olympic Games" has become a hot topic again. Last week, the Eighth International Olympic summit put forward two ways to explore the development of E-sports in the global international sports organization. It expressed support for E-sp

V_eSports @ 2019/12/20

Legendary players shed tears in the world arena, and CF has a long way to go.

Last Saturday, the CFS world finals in 2019 ended in a "civil war in Brazil". Eventually, the VG team was stronger than the others, and won the BD team with the team. This is the second consecutive year that the Brazil division won the CF world ch

V_eSports @ 2019/12/19

2019 heroes League finals break record ratings

In the 2019 finals of the world finals, G2 Esports and FunPlus Phoenix staged the most notable competition in the League of heroes. The two teams to qualify for the final are the League champions of their respective areas, and are highly regarded by their

V_eSports @ 2019/12/19

KPL the autumn finals are about to start.

In December 14th, the 2019 KPL finals of the autumn glory will be unveiled for the first time at the Optics Valley International Tennis Center in Wuhan. The "QGhappy" team from the Eastern Conference and the "AG super play" team in the Wes

V_eSports @ 2019/12/13

Where is the next flashpoint of mobile phone competition?

In 2016, the king glory professional league (KPL) was born. By virtue of the user base accumulated in the "glory of the kings" game, we quickly seized the ascendant mobile competition heights. According to statistics, the first KPL accumulated a t

V_eSports @ 2019/12/12

2020 PUBG competition planning Jedi Survival International Series April first stop in Berlin

With the launch of the PUBG global series (PGS), the PUBG tournament will be reorganized and expanded in 2020. Drawing on the success brought by several major events held in 2019, PUBG hopes to further improve the PUBG global competition ecosystem through

V_eSports @ 2019/12/11

How much can LV users buy when they sell out of 1 hours?

Foreign media DOT ESPORTS released an anecdote earlier today. The newly released LV X alliance of heroes has just sold out nearly 1 hours after being launched online in Europe. It is reported that the product includes many styles of clothing and accessori

V_eSports @ 2019/12/11

Fist set up a new independent studio Riot Forge will announce the first new tour at the TGA awards ceremony.

In October this year, "hero League" 10th anniversary celebration, the company announced that it will launch a series of new games to expand the League of heroes, including a fighting game, "Heroes League" hand tour, animated movies. Today,

V_eSports @ 2019/12/06

The next ten years of the League of Heroes: the heat of the game is declining when it reaches its peak.

In the past 10 years, the League of heroes has become the hottest game in the world, IP. Now, what we are going to face is how to make the IP of the League of heroes go further in the future in the form of broken circles. "See strawberry line kill PDD

V_eSports @ 2019/12/05

The 800 million royalty of B station: accelerating the expansion of electric money Empire

Yesterday evening, the Beijing News suddenly released an exclusive news: B station beat the rival of fighting fish, tiger tooth and fast hand at a price of 800 million yuan, and won the exclusive broadcast copyright of the S10-S12 in China in the next thr

V_eSports @ 2019/12/05

Straight guy ole! Live male audience accounts for nearly 9, far more than the proportion of men in the net.

The scale of China's live webcast is still growing rapidly. With the overwhelming wave of short videos, the user penetration of webcast has been maintained at over 45% for three years. By June this year, 433 million netizens had watched live broadcast

V_eSports @ 2019/12/03

Competition monthly magazine, November FPX won the S9 world champion. China, Japan and Korea are planning to build national competition.

In November, several popular events in this month welcomed the year-end World Championships, and the Chinese team gained a lot. VKLiooon won the World Cup finals of the 2019 top legend of the legend of the hearth legend, becoming the first Chinese champio

V_eSports @ 2019/12/02

After the carnival, a group of figures reveals the position of blizzard in the player's mind.

In the eyes of the older generation of competitive players, Blizzard is always the forerunner of the self study game. The three different types of games, such as StarCraft, stove stone and lookout pioneer, make the players refreshing. After creating a goo

V_eSports @ 2019/11/27

What kind of talents do E-sports need?

From 2003, the State General Administration of sports officially classified E-sports as ninety-ninth sports competitions. Until now, E-sports has been gaining public understanding and recognition step by step, and at the same time, it has also formed its

V_eSports @ 2019/11/26

Jedi survival 2019PGC World Finals: Gen.G wins 4AM ranked third

Beijing time this afternoon, the Jedi survival 2019PGC world finals ended in Oakland, the United States, after two days of intense final (twelve games), the final Gen.G team from Korea PKL area won the championship. In the total scoreboard, the Gen.G team

V_eSports @ 2019/11/25

The end of the battle: what can PGC bring to the Jedi?

Beijing time November 24th, the 2019 Jedi PGC world finals will be staged at the Oracle Center arena in Oakland, United States. China's PCL Division has three teams entering the finals, namely 4AM, QM and VC. After last year's OMG won the world ch

V_eSports @ 2019/11/23

Why do people always feel suffocated during the transfer season?

Beijing time November 19th, the League of heroes 2019 global winter transfer period officially opened the curtain. With the dust of the most heavyweight title of the year settled, there will be a worldwide movement of people around this time of year, and

V_eSports @ 2019/11/21

The most influential game in the third quarter: PUBG ranks eighth, and the League of heroes reaches the top.

The TEO ranked the most influential game charts in the third quarter of 2019. There are mainly six reference scoring criteria. The number of active players is 30%, the bonus amount is 25%, the watch time is 20%, the live broadcast time is 15%, the number

V_eSports @ 2019/11/14

Big data interpretation of S9: a hundred flowers bloom, 96 heroes are on the stage 4 million people, and online high again.

With the winning of the FPX finals in the 2019 finals of the world finals, the month long competition was held. Behind this electric carnival, a group of real data intuitively reflects the charm and development of this top event. Combat team: 120 small ga

V_eSports @ 2019/11/13

To compete with cute Hello, Kitty has become a partner.

Recently, Fnatic, the European Electric Power Club, announced its partnership with Japanese popular cartoon star Hello Kitty Hello Kitty, and mysteriously stated that it would not release its cooperation until November 15th. It also provides benefits for

V_eSports @ 2019/11/09