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Will the 2020 season prepare for the new history of the competition?

When Blizzard's Overwatch League (OWL) team is fighting for the new stage of the current second season, the alliance will focus on the longer term next year. In July 17th, OWL officially announced the division of the 2020 season and its schedule, and the

V_eSports @ 2019/08/22

Far away from competition: the popular vision of promoters

How far is E-sports from popularity? This is a controversial topic. In China, it may be possible to ask another question: is E-sports popular? In 2019, China's E-sports Industry Research Report released by AI consulting showed that by 2019, the number of

V_eSports @ 2019/08/16

The launching ceremony of AESF e-Masters Asia E-sports Masters Cup China tournament was held in Shenzhen

In August 13, 2019, the launching ceremony of the AESF e-Masters Asia E-sports Masters Cup China tournament was held at Marriott, Shenzhen. AESF Kenneth Fok, chairman of the Asia Electronic Sports Federation, joined hands with Yang Lan, chairman of Sun Me

V_eSports @ 2019/08/15

Ti9 is China DotA ready?

In August 26, 2018, Vancouver Rogers sports stadium, the eighth DotA2 International Invitational award ceremony, won the champion shield's team called OG, a European team that was hastily formed before the competition. In the odd years, foreign teams won

V_eSports @ 2019/08/14

What kind of bonus do we need for the competition?

With the continuous development and improvement of the e-sports industry, the scale of the bonus of the competition has far exceeded the early level and is still breaking through all kinds of records. According to the latest news, the total prize pool of

V_eSports @ 2019/08/10

The electric race has made Shanghai's city function "electric" again.

2019 the global competition Conference opened in Pudong in August 3rd. The first "Shanghai competition week" was launched in a big way. At the same time, the Shanghai culture and Tourism Bureau issued the two standards for the construction of the venues f

V_eSports @ 2019/08/07

"Win glory for the country": This is not just a game, it is E-sports.

Bob Dylon once said, "forbidden is always an honor without a ritual", which is the qualification of the most influential works in every era. Game products can never get rid of a dilemma: players who do not like to be addicted are not a good game, and exce

V_eSports @ 2019/08/06

ChinaJoy staged "nine thousand year old" Carnival: cloud games, competition and new culture as keywords

In the summer of Shanghai, young people can get out of the street with the highest temperature of more than 30 degrees, perhaps only the annual ChinaJoy. Xu Jun, chief strategy officer of Shun WAN technology, collectively referred to all the children born

V_eSports @ 2019/08/05

The competition industry report. 7 monthly Ti9 total bonus exceeded 30 million US dollars; the TV theme TV series welcomed the ratings boom.

The preamble is only a regular integration of electric competition industry public opinion report. This report will conduct a comprehensive inventory and observation analysis of the July 2019 electric industry. You are welcome to comment, share and make s

V_eSports @ 2019/07/31

Facing the competition of 75 million people, is it gold or pit?

On the afternoon of July 22nd, Xiao Guo, a member of the China sports travel agency, sent a real-time screenshot of the game in his circle of friends. This screenshot is not a show off of its own game achievements, but a flash of $30 million in the total

V_eSports @ 2019/07/30

DOTA2: check out for the first time to enter Ti.

Every year, Ti will have some fresh faces, and these new teams will bring a lot of unexpected surprises to the players. For example, Ti6's Wings team, and Ti5's CDEC team, these teams have brought a lot of surprises to the players. Today, let's take a loo

V_eSports @ 2019/07/29

"Director" after his birthday: EDG refraction of the exchange contest dilemma

Ming Kai 26. Yesterday, EDG Club hero League Division Clearlove (real name: Ming Kai) ushered in his eighth birthday in the league, from 18 to 26 years old, Ming Kai's career is like the epitome of the whole LPL (hero league professional league) history.

V_eSports @ 2019/07/26

Marysu + electric contest: new sweet potato of romantic drama

Nowadays, E-sports is entering its golden period of development. It not only continues to enrich and improve its own torso, but also extends to other fields. It has gradually evolved into a new form of popular culture competition. With its brand effect an

V_eSports @ 2019/07/25

NBA 2K professional tennis tournament announces Tencent's first broadcast partner for China

NBA 2K professional tennis tournament (hereinafter referred to as NBA 2K League) today announced that Tencent (Tencent, HKSE: 0700) became its first broadcast partner in China. Tencent will broadcast its elite version of its 2019 NBA 2K League playoffs an

V_eSports @ 2019/07/24

E-sports: a new industry rising rapidly

In recent years, with the promotion of international competitions, there are more and more electronic competition practitioners. E-sports has become a new industry. In April this year, the three departments of the Ministry of human resources and social se

V_eSports @ 2019/07/12

Commentary Tian Yun: I am doing what I like.

What qualities should a successful bid commentary possess? Accurate professional explanation? Just right language expression? A passionate atmosphere? Perhaps all of these needs, or perhaps only those, are not enough. With the maturity of e-sports, the de

V_eSports @ 2019/07/11

It is not enough for the competition industry to "go out".

From being regarded as a "scourge" to being approved as a "sports competition project", E-sports is widely recognized by the society, followed by the rapid development of e-sports industry. Recently, in the 2019 global competition leaders' summit and the

V_eSports @ 2019/07/10

Special policy release Tencent to join hands with Hainan to build "international competition port"

Guided by the Propaganda Department of the Hainan provincial Party committee, the Hainan tourism and culture, radio and television sports hall and Hainan Provincial Department of industry and information technology jointly sponsored the Tencent competitio

V_eSports @ 2019/06/20

Chen Zhengzheng: six crown cat God

Good things always wear out. In June 15th, Xi'an Qujiang International Convention and Exhibition Center, with the last wave of the battle group to destroy RNG.M, eStarPro defeated the opponent by 4:2 score, so as to win the first championship trophy (

V_eSports @ 2019/06/19

In the first place? Korean media: LPL gets 3 straight S9 quota

According to Korean media OSEN, LCK did not perform well in international competitions last year. It no longer had 3 places to enter the S9 world finals finals. The 3 seed is going to enter the competition. And last year, the LPL division, which won all t

V_eSports @ 2019/06/18