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"GRIS" national service, Noah's heart and other new works announced, a variety of game stalls: Tencent game annual conference summary

The Tencent games annual conference was held online today. The conference unveiled several new works for the first time, and released some tests and on-line time for some games. The new work released the beautiful adventure game "GRIS", the nation

TapTap_Game @ 2020/06/28

The road to maturity of Supercell (below): failure to take risks leads to failure.

The huge ambitions placed in the foreword are that Supercell took four years to become a head office in hand travel, and even received the favor of Softbank and absorbed more than 2 billion dollars in investment. For many companies, $2 billion has reached

TapTap_Game @ 2020/06/14

June good announcement: "wild fighting", "all life Tour", "the strongest snail" and so on!

2020 is almost half past. There is still a month to leave a chance for friends circle. Anyway, let's take a look at what works in June. Online dating of wilderness in the open beta: June 9th double ended on-line tag: online game Reservation: 29w game

TapTap_Game @ 2020/06/01

The story of the lovable wolf and the blind Prince is a candy game with hidden poison.

These two days online game is a bit much, so in view of my "the final version of the ultimate sword" is still on the road, so here is the first recommendation of the following paragraphs, there is a single online: a hidden poison of sugar, a Japan

TapTap_Game @ 2020/05/30

The strange tale of strangers, seeking truth in indescribable darkness.

This is a AVG game with Su Lu theme. In 2018, the "strange tale of strangers" is also on the mobile terminal. There is no difference from the content of the Steam terminal, but all the unlocking price is 12 yuan, which can be said to be a lot of m

TapTap_Game @ 2020/05/28

Pascal contract begins with Android, "under one person" and "strange stories of strangers" online! New Trailer notice

After reading, I think Thursday and Friday are busy. On line notice Pascal contract date: Android launched in May 29th, the first offer price of 25 yuan (iOS has been online) game type: action tag: TapTap exclusive hard core high quality reservation numbe

TapTap_Game @ 2020/05/24

The Yellow tour you may have played has a series of interesting sequels.

You must remember that yellow, which was very popular a few years ago, is trying to turn the screen into yellow at every level. It is a wonderful and interesting way to kill the time. In fact, after this game there are sequels, also named after the latest

TapTap_Game @ 2020/05/23

Let's go to the battle song arena, cool house new wonder maze and so on. New Trailer notice

Next week there are some happy sources on the line to see which is your dish! Online announcement of the battle arena arena date: May 13th double ended online game type: self TAGGING TAG: multi player strategy Reservation: 24W game features: 1.15 minute o

TapTap_Game @ 2020/05/11

Play mobile phone games in your cell phone, let you use social information to find out the real murderer.

Simulacra 2 is a real life thriller interactive puzzle game. The story comes from a mysterious death of the Red Net Maya. She was found dead in her apartment, and her face was strangely weird. The chief of police was scrawled. The Minister of the DOOP Dep

TapTap_Game @ 2020/05/10

Puzzled by American humor, try to get away from a dull office.

After three years, the American humor puzzle game "office adventure - The Office Quest" also launched the national costume! Here are visual humor, jigsaw puzzle, riddles and teasing adults dressed in fluffy pyjamas. This game, office adventure, is

TapTap_Game @ 2020/05/08

Two people should be king of money! The game of challenge and interest comes to the mobile terminal.

Recently, a game which was launched on PC in 2018 finally came to the mobile phone platform. Don't get it wrong. It's not a fragrant language, but because in games, you can say that gold coins are scattered all the time, and if someone scatters mo

TapTap_Game @ 2020/05/07

Steam's highly praised pigeon game finally landed on the mobile terminal. Let's have an interesting fruit fight.

PC/NS has already landed in the "bad place", and now it is finally on the mobile terminal on-line, and now only 12 yuan, the real "buy the factory on the loss." As a Roguelite game, most of the players will be attracted to the wind first.

TapTap_Game @ 2020/05/04

Ink and wind game? I was carelessly bald by a few drops of ink.

"Tai Chi is easy. It's two things that are born." From the present geometry, this sentence in Yi Zhuan also can not be understood as the spatial relationship of points, lines, planes and so on. Therefore, a set of hands in the beginning of eve

TapTap_Game @ 2020/05/04

Rusty lake is the first to make a heavy plate, and to search for the source of fate in the samsara room.

Just yesterday, Rusty Lake's new work quietly launched the Steam and mobile phone dual platform. It's not quite right to say "new work", because this game is actually a heavy edition of the Samsara Room (circular room) launched on the web

TapTap_Game @ 2020/05/01

Explore space: trigger different events according to mood! Seemingly simple but incredibly cured exploration game

"It's dangerous here. To look at the universe will suffer! But I will do my best to protect you! " "Exploring space" is a healing type of exploration game. You will be a man lost in the vast universe of the heart, and need to find ligh

TapTap_Game @ 2020/04/28

This chicken will only play the bomb, let me play the Rock man plus the bomber's feeling.

In this difficult era of innovation, the cost of producing a whole new idea is getting higher and higher. There are many creative courses on the market. In a class, the teacher wrote on the blackboard: "creativity is the connection of ideas. Then slow

TapTap_Game @ 2020/04/16

A simple game of puzzles depicts the psychological changes of campus bullying victims.

Campus bullying is invisible black in campus life, but it really exists in many people's side. There are many works of games that criticize campus bullying, such as word games "my child: the fountain of life", Galgame "Su Qing day", in

TapTap_Game @ 2020/04/14

Which level of the game is most memorable?

The wonderful plot of a novel often makes people love it. The details of the lens, rhythm and role of the film are endless. In the game, whether it is the wrong step will be directly seen at the beginning of the cruelty checkpoint, or the journey of the j

TapTap_Game @ 2020/04/04

April good announcement: "pumpkin 2" is on sale. Princess connection is coming!

April is here and it is your season of lies. Some small partners have already met their own fate (such as an editor), and some still have no (like me). Anyway, the game will always be there for you. So let's take a look at the new games this month. Be

TapTap_Game @ 2020/03/30

The evening bell of sage Dejia: between the reality and the ideal, who does the bell ring for?

Suspense AVG game "the late night of the holy song Dejia" opened a double ended unlimited test. Up to now, the score is 9.8 points (1222 rating). This is a free word game. In a mirror narrative, the world will be intertwined with fate. You will ex

TapTap_Game @ 2020/03/25