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Revealing the national standard of "commodity two-dimensional code"

In recent years, with the development of mobile Internet technology and the popularity of smart phone applications, the two-dimensional code that carries more information has increasingly become the best carrier to connect consumers with producers, manufa

ScienLife @ 2019/12/20

There are many problems of "carrying the number to the net". There are a few things you must know before turning to the Internet.

The "carrying number transfer network" is expected to be fully implemented before the end of November. When you think of making a phone call in the future, you can take the number freely. With the excitement of getting around in circles, the goose

ScienLife @ 2019/11/13

How difficult is it to keep fresh in summer? I understand this test.

People live on food, regardless of the whole year or three hours a day, everyone's life is closely related to "eating". Compared with the cool and pleasant spring and autumn and freezing winter, summer has not only reduced everyone's appetite, but also is

ScienLife @ 2019/08/07

In the era of 5G, how can Shenzhen continue to take the lead in development?

One day before the opening of MWC2019, China Mobile announced the 5G+ plan. Although it was the last three operators to speak, it was the biggest move. According to Yang Jie's chairman, in 2019, China Mobile will build more than 50 thousand 5G base statio

ScienLife @ 2019/07/13

Intelligent manufacturing rating: Haier refrigerator is the industry's most advanced level 4

The full text is 375 words, reading about 40 seconds! In April 19th, in the "intelligent manufacturing capability maturity application of" national standard promotion seminar, Haier refrigerator in 28 provinces of 5000+ enterprises in Shenyang ref

ScienLife @ 2019/05/06

Do you watch the super hero China Mobile and C4 will soon be listed phone seedlings

Give the child a healthy and happy life and learning environment, it is the common wish of all parents. In order to satisfy the needs of parents, China Mobile announced that its children carefully developed China Mobile and Miao telephone watch C4 will be

ScienLife @ 2019/04/23

Ren Zhengfei: we are ahead of the United States Ai Jiwei: we have a lot ahead of the United States

Video interview Europe some countries in recent years has been rendering Chinese "threat", and some of the rumors continued to discredit Chinese behavior, in which the United States is the most active. Last December, the United States request to i

ScienLife @ 2019/03/29

5G, how do 4G mobile phone? Look at the operators how to say?

Soon the 5G era kicked off soon, Chinese 5G planning is 2019 years to start trial operation in the 5G pilot city, 2010 began to gradually promote the country, 5G infrastructure construction has been basically completed, the pilot city for the 5G signal ha

ScienLife @ 2019/02/19

The network life changing, so the Gigabit can change what?

All said the network life changing but what specific changes our past: one family sitting in front of the television to watch the weather forecast, 19:30: "now open at any time to check the weather, not glance out half a month or, according to the pre

ScienLife @ 2018/12/30

China patent award: Haier previous cumulative number of winners in the industry NO.1!

In November 30th, with twentieth Chinese patent award end of the publicity, China enterprises also surfaced in recent years of innovation report. From the home appliance industry, Haier has won the gold medal number, including gold, gold, patent of appear

ScienLife @ 2018/12/12

Can you imagine? The future of modular car also can climb the stairs

Transportation has always been the eternal topic of human, from the carriage to the automobile, internal combustion locomotive, to high-speed rail, aircraft have experienced a long development, and now humans began to keen on the research and development

ScienLife @ 2018/12/10

To create a wonderful future, sharing 5G 5G, China Mobile to cooperate with you to open a new era of 5G

The 5G connection in new era. On 6-8 December 2018, China Mobile Worldwide Partner Conference will be opened in Guangzhou poly World Trade Expo, China Mobile will work with you to open a new era of 5G. The future has come, and you create a better future t

ScienLife @ 2018/11/28

Focus on security with national production series sword Qingdao Security Exhibition

October 31, 2018 - November 2nd, sponsored by the association of China confidential confidential technology exchange conference and Expo in Qingdao International Exhibition Center grand. The secret Exhibition for a period of three days, to adhere to innov

ScienLife @ 2018/11/05

Less is more, large packet traffic is not really big discount

A person walking the lakes, hungry, need a full meal, but he can only eat two Steamed Buns. This time there are two people: a passer-by gave five big Steamed Buns, another person sent three large Steamed Buns, a dish of green vegetables, plus a pot of win

ScienLife @ 2018/10/31

The wisdom of the hotel industry promotion will be held in Guangzhou, to improve the level of intelligent power Guangdong hotel industry

The morning of October 26th, the wisdom of the hotel, Wyatt enjoy the future of the hotel industry promotion will be held at the China Mobile southern base, the meeting by the China Mobile Guangdong company, Guangzhou branch sponsors, on behalf of the Gua

ScienLife @ 2018/10/28

2018 Guangdong Internet Conference shock struck, Guangdong mobile power industry informatization and the hotel after the hotel!

In recent years, the rapid development of economic globalization and regional integration, with the wide application of a new generation of information technology in the industry in the field of Internet based consumer upgrade is changing our country'

ScienLife @ 2018/10/25

Home WiFi why speed, signal full grid is also very slow? As a result of...

01WiFi signal by the 6 major factors affecting the WiFi speed is not up to expectations, with these six factors. 1, WiFi signal congestion by the user WiFi access network, like listening to the radio, using a fixed frequency radio band, so the information

ScienLife @ 2018/10/20

The father of iPod: intelligent mobile phone addiction problems need more as apple

Figure: Tony Fadel said that Apple needs to solve the problem of mobile phone addiction Francisco AppleInsider according to Beijing time April 17th reported that former Apple executives, "father of iPod Tony Fadel (Tony Fadell) that Apple ne

ScienLife @ 2018/10/18

With this small box is not afraid of the language in 30 around

Tencent digital news (Linda) with the improvement of living standards, travel abroad has become a very common thing, go out for a walk to see the world, to relax the mood is very good. However, the language has been abroad a nuisance, but can solve high l

ScienLife @ 2018/10/14

The human brain is equal to the computer how much memory, incredible results

Tell me what you like. Now is the age of the Internet, the robot and the development of AI more and more. The development of the electronic equipment gradually changed people's life, electronic devices to store much excess in the human brain, so the b

ScienLife @ 2018/09/03