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Pakistan refuses turbofan 13, and new Xiaolong continues to equip Russian made engines. What is the poor performance?

Rd93ma is ready to be tested on July 9, according to the RI news agency of Russia, Russia's United engine company announced the start of testing the latest rd93ma engine, which is planned to be equipped with the latest model of Xiaolong block3 fighter

SDZJ-20 @ 2020/07/11

The J-10 has mastered the must kill skills. As long as "it" opens its eyes, the stealth fighter will have nowhere to hide

As an improved version of the J-10, the IRST system used by the J-10 fighter is the J-10 B / C fighter. In addition to the phased array radar and DSI intake duct, another change is to install an infrared search and tracking system (IRST) in the front of t

SDZJ-20 @ 2020/07/09

How much does it cost to sink an aircraft carrier? Start with $3 billion, or there's no chance of winning

Aircraft carrier has always been the core of sea power. As a symbol of regional sea control, aircraft carrier formation has been the focus of Naval Research since World War II. In particular, the weak and defensive countries have broken their hearts for h

SDZJ-20 @ 2020/07/08

Korea began to manufacture the five generation aircraft. It can be called a simplified version of F22, and Japan can only be Asia's third.

The KFX fuselage is being segmented in July 6th. The KAI officially opened the cockpit and the fuselage of the KFX fighters that were being assembled, marking the start of the construction of the first five generation national machine in Korea. Korea also

SDZJ-20 @ 2020/07/07

What is the combat effectiveness of the India army? Look at the meals of the soldiers at the front line. I can hardly swallow them!

Recently, the India Patrol has been in conflict with Pakistan and Nepal in India, making people turn their attention to India again. However, what is surprising is that even in countries such as Nepal and Pakistan, where the comprehensive national strengt

SDZJ-20 @ 2020/06/29

700 thousand rifles rush to work! The India army is equipped with AK203, which is more suitable for fighting in plateau environment.

Russia's AK203 rifle and magazine show 7.62 x 39 missiles in June 25th. According to reports from satellite news agency and India economic times, India and Russia have reached a consensus on the talks in Moscow and will produce AK203 rifles in India t

SDZJ-20 @ 2020/06/28

The United States is at the United Nations. Draw 9 allies to put pressure on Iran to win the J-10 fighters.

In June 24th, the US representative to the United Nations reported that as the United Nations arms embargo on Iran expired in October 2020, the United States began to promote a draft within the United Nations to extend the arms embargo on Iran. The draft

SDZJ-20 @ 2020/06/26

The US air force is in big trouble. F22 fighter has "heart disease", and the 162 Raptors will retire early.

F22, "Raptor" fighter, in June 23rd, according to the global times, Mike Holmes, commander of the US Air Force Air Force Command, first revealed to the media that the F22 Raptor aircraft of the air force was beset by engine shortages. Mike Holmes

SDZJ-20 @ 2020/06/25

Beidou satellites can only navigate? Zhang Zhaozhong: more than GPS, a function, in 08 years meritorious service.

The Beidou navigation satellite was successfully launched in June 23rd. According to CCTV media, fifty-fifth Beidou navigation satellites were successfully launched by the long march three rocket. The standard Beidou navigation system completed the global

SDZJ-20 @ 2020/06/24

The quality of American fighter planes is too good to be used by flooding. No wonder Pakistan does not destroy it.

The completed F16 fighter plane in June 20th, according to Israel state television reported that the AMU (maintenance unit) of the Israeli air force completed the repair of the last F16 fighter. The 542 fighter F16C will be returned to the Israeli air for

SDZJ-20 @ 2020/06/21

F35 has been neglected? The US Navy is equipped with a new carrier aircraft, and its combat effectiveness is several times higher than that of the fighter 15.

Boeing's first BlockIII prototype was tested in June 19th. According to Russian satellite news agency, Boeing officially delivered the first two FA18 BlockIII Super Hornet fighter prototypes to the US Navy for flight test. In order to purchase the new

SDZJ-20 @ 2020/06/20

Japan can not build five generation aircraft? 20 years ago, the development of advanced fighter planes made the J10 C overshadowed.

The X-2 technology verification machine is now in service in Asia except for the 20 fighters. Other fifth generation fighter development programs in other countries are also in full swing. South Korea has announced that it will complete the first KF-X pro

SDZJ-20 @ 2020/06/19

Burn the bridge after crossing it? The United States claims that imported medical devices are not qualified and is ready to claim compensation from multiple countries.

Media reports showed that in June 17th, according to CNN television, the US Department of Justice announced that, after clinical use and related tests, the United States found that 14044 imported KN-95 masks were unqualified, and that it was preparing to

SDZJ-20 @ 2020/06/18

The Pentagon is furious! Shipyards use inferior steel to build warships, 29 nuclear submarines or forced dismantling.

In June 16th, according to The Associated Press, the Kansas City Court in Missouri, USA, formally received a document from The Pentagon, which sued Bradken of Kansas City to provide inferior steel for shipyards to build a nuclear submarine for the US Navy

SDZJ-20 @ 2020/06/17

What is the fate of Trump's defeat? Being protected by elite agents for 10 years, he can earn one hundred million by writing books.

Trump, June 15th, according to the US CNN radio, according to the latest US poll results, Trump's current support rate has lagged behind the rival Biden 14 percentage points, a record low. Although Trump's lawyer Ellis criticized CNN's finding

SDZJ-20 @ 2020/06/16

The India air force was badly hurt, and 200 heavy fighters were lied to the data.

In June 13th, the Soviet 30MKI fighter data given by the Irkutsk factory reported that the India air force surveyed more than 260 existing Soviet 30MKI heavy fighters, and found that at least 200 heavy fighters had lied about the real data. These problems

SDZJ-20 @ 2020/06/14

Pakistan gained strong support, new fighter planes were directly packaged and removed, and the India air force lost its technological superiority.

Pakistan aircraft loaded with owl dragon fighters in June 11th, according to the Pakistan military forum reported that the Pakistan air force a Il 78MKP tanker implemented a special mission, flew 2800 kilometers to Shuangliu Airport, a mysterious fighter

SDZJ-20 @ 2020/06/12

American legendary agents were arrested. Undercover Iran rose 30 years ago.

Media reports showed that in June 9th, according to the US Reuters, Ramhusain Ismail, a spokesman for the Iran judiciary, announced that Moussaoui Majid, an American spy arrested by the Iran intelligence department, had been sentenced to hanging. In Janua

SDZJ-20 @ 2020/06/11

8 India military planes were shot down, and the air defense forces did not warn direct firing. 600 missiles were fired at any time.

Media reported that in June 6th, the Pakistan public relations department issued a statement: a India military drone flew across the Kashmir border on the same day and entered the Jair area of Pakistan for reconnaissance. After the UAV entered the Pakista

SDZJ-20 @ 2020/06/07

12 American generals were killed, Trump became a lonely man, and the 20 thousand army turned around at any time.

The US senior military officer signed a petition against Trump's command. In June 3rd, according to the Washington Post, 12 generals, including the commander of the National Guard, the commander of the Sixth Fleet, the commanding officer of the seals,

SDZJ-20 @ 2020/06/05