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An old dog's heart is a serious owner. It's only a difference of 1.5 hours.

The feeling of human and puppy is the most pure and precious. In the United States, an elderly master was unfortunately diagnosed as suffering from pancreatic cancer, and his dog kept watching it from time to time until the day when his master left. Danie

Qpuppy @ 2020/05/29

The collar was caught by wire. The orange cat was screaming with pain all over the body. The warm heart police launched an emergency rescue.

There has been a very warm heart in Spain recently. When two policemen patrolled the street, an orange cat was screamed and looked at it. It should be the collar that hooked the wire, causing the cat to move. The meow star who was posted on the Internet s

Qpuppy @ 2020/04/19

The old wood dog was abandoned two times for fear of taking a private car.

Remember the old wood dog's money that was abandoned two times instead of sleeping? In order to let the money out of anxiety, the owner can sleep in his new home, and the money dad has been sleeping on the floor with money on the floor, and finally le

Qpuppy @ 2020/04/15

Three the cats are hiding a huge conspiracy behind them every day.

Most stray cats are very cautious, not easy to get along with others, but this three flower stray cat is not the same. Not only do they dare to come to Jamie to eat, but also recognize her, almost every day. At first, when Jamie was out, he found that the

Qpuppy @ 2019/12/23

Is Tongzhou a dog killer? Euthanasia has become popular. Pu Shu: I know the pain of losing my loved ones!

The sudden fall policy of Tongzhou said that the control of a large dog dog with a height of 35 centimeters or more was going to process its own dog within three days. After this policy was issued, it caused many people to resist. Labrador, Jin Mao, Alask

Qpuppy @ 2019/12/22

The dwarf cat's legs are short and round, but you may not know the hidden story behind you.

If you see this picture on the Internet, you must feel super cute, two cats have round eyes, chubby, legs are so short, you can't help thinking about it. But in fact, there is a big secret behind such a cute kitten. These two dwarf cats are born in th

Qpuppy @ 2019/12/20

Can pigs and dogs love each other at first sight? You have to date once a week! The sour taste of love.

This super cute pig! You're right! It's also a black pig called Carlton, plus round eyes and a little baby face. At first, Carlton was sold by "mini pig", but Carlton itself is a pig that can only grow up, and then abandoned by its former

Qpuppy @ 2019/12/18

Two search dogs were killed by the door. Save your life for such a result!!!

On the evening of 12.14 2019, two rescue and rescue dogs were killed by the blue sky rescue team in Tongren, Guizhou province. The blue sky rescue team is a volunteer. It doesn't get a reward. All the rescue missions are for free people who need help,

Qpuppy @ 2019/12/17

Men are unemployed and trapped in a strange land. They still insist on feeding stray cats without money. Poverty has nothing to do with love.

To help stray animals really do not have to be rich, just do their best and have a heart to heart. A Philippines man Jonathan Sibol is like this. When he came to Abu Dhabi, he found that there were more stray cats. Most of them needed help. So he basicall

Qpuppy @ 2019/12/16

The kitten hides the hood chassis, saves it and lies on the shoulder of the owner.

You can't accept the cat's chin. I don't want you to think, I want you to support me. Mr. Chen, a coffee shop in Taiwan, was chosen by the cat emperor to become his servant. Last month, Mr. Chen drove home from Taichung. When he got to the gar

Qpuppy @ 2019/12/15

When the dog is lost, it is found, and it meets again with the little owner.

The focus of the festival is on who you spend the holiday with and who you are with. This is fully reflected in the Carter Licata family and their dog Piper, after all, Piper is an inseparable family for them. On weekdays, Piper is a pistachio at home. Ba

Qpuppy @ 2019/12/14

Stray dogs succeed! The "civil servant" has become a quarantine dog at Shanghai port in the past two months.

On the 11.27 day, Shanghai customs supervision dog annual qualification assessment was held as scheduled. A total of 60 dogs took part in the examination. Competition can be quite fierce. Only through a series of tests can the qualification be obtained sm

Qpuppy @ 2019/12/13

Drug addicts change their lives because of dogs. What is the special fate?

People say dogs follow their owners. Sometimes they are not only like characters, but also like their owners. For example, this is exactly the same for father and son. This look, this smile, look at this hairstyle again! Just the same! Their father and so

Qpuppy @ 2019/12/12

120 pounds of rawna was fury. Fou: are you boys beating up? Net friend: do you want to play like this?

Taiwan's Luo Wei Na slowly is a popular net red dog, and slowly the owner is running a homestay which can bring pets, so many pet owners come to visit. Slowly, though it is a little bit bigger, it is very friendly and cute, and it can't help peepi

Qpuppy @ 2019/12/11

The good man drove 1300 kilometers to send the dog home, and was abandoned by his master. The final outcome...

No one can imagine that this dog's fate is so bumpy. I thought it was a lovely family, so the family didn't want it. Blue was discovered in Michigan by well intentioned people. At first, he thought he was a stray dog. The staff found that it had m

Qpuppy @ 2019/12/10

Have you ever heard of a wolf cat like this animal? It looks like a cat and a wolf dog. Is it skin disease?

Too many people ask if these cats are getting skin diseases, but these cats really don't get skin diseases. They only look different from other cats. Their hair is uneven, but their intelligence is very high, and their personality is also very loyal.

Qpuppy @ 2019/12/09

536 days after the cat disappeared, she finally jumped into the arms of her mother. At this moment everyone was moved.

A couple living in Virginia, USA, Mindy Criner and Luke, adopted a very unique kitten cat. When Criner first saw the cat, all the cats in the shelter were playing together. Only cat sat on her side and looked lonely.

Qpuppy @ 2019/12/08

Stray cat lay dying on the roadside. Fortunately, after it was rescued, it also had a cat elder brother.

A Florida woman, Carmen, is the founder of Animal Friends Project, an animal rescue program. One day, she was wandering around the house. She found that there were several big black cloth beside the big trash cans on the ground. As a result, she went to s

Qpuppy @ 2019/12/07

Danger is made into a coat! Sable has been rescued from fur factory, and now it is so...

Zhenya, a Russian schoolgirl, found that there are about 70 animal fur farms in Russia, and the demand for mink is growing. Many sable are made into various daily necessities. She felt that she should give her own strength. Such beautiful animals should n

Qpuppy @ 2019/12/06

The neighbor was afraid of the pit dog and prejudiced against the big dog until he was saved by it.

The dog that looks handsome and even fierce is a bit dog called Simba. Many people feel afraid because of the dog's breed and body shape. Simba and her owner, Arjanit Mehana, live in an apartment in Sweden. Although the dog is friendly, most people in

Qpuppy @ 2019/12/05