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Internal exposure of China's largest private Treasury: after watching stunned, it is too shocking!

Shanghai Center Tower has a total height of 632 meters. The tallest building in China is second tallest in the world, but today it does not mention it. It is an unknown vault below us, with a total investment of more than 14 billion 800 million yuan. The

Qiyejiashoucang @ 2020/06/10

Ci Xi spent 500 or two thousand to build a luxurious residence, but it turned out to be the place where Yuan Shikai put the coffin.

In the summer of 1916, Yuan Shikai, who was Emperor of the late imperial palace, was breathing in Zhongnanhai. After his death, the Beiyang government arranged a grand funeral for him. The coffin placed in the hall was placed in the hall where Yuan Shikai

Qiyejiashoucang @ 2020/05/25

There are 494 emperors in China. Why do they call themselves "experts"?

In many ancient costume dramas, we can see that emperors all call themselves "me". I was not the title of the emperor at the very beginning. According to the book of records of Qin Shihuang, Chen and other officials died on the throne. Wang Wei, &

Qiyejiashoucang @ 2020/05/09

As the acme of perfection! Anti Tomb Raider in ancient Chinese tomb.

In order to prevent their burial objects from being invaded by tomb raiders, Wang Hou used to set up traps in ancient tombs and set up traps to kill the tomb raiders who came secretly. When the grave robbers quietly entered the ancient tombs, they did not

Qiyejiashoucang @ 2020/04/22

The largest unfinished project in Ming Dynasty has become a famous tourist attraction.

The stone tablet is a kind of tablet inscription. The monument culture in China has a long history. It is very large to the Imperial Palace, the small to the ancient lane, and the stone tablets are everywhere. In the southern slope of Yangshan mountain on

Qiyejiashoucang @ 2020/04/17

A grave robbery case: the Millennium archaeological discoveries

In the spring of 1995, a grave robbery took place in mang Dangshan. A group of tomb raiders exploded the tomb of Han Liang king on the mountain of Fuzi, and robbed hundreds of valuable treasures such as jade. After the incident, domestic and foreign cultu

Qiyejiashoucang @ 2020/03/31

China is still unknown to the world. The jade seal is only fourth.

In China's 5000 years of history, there are many valuable treasures. They have become a part of Chinese culture. Unfortunately, some treasures are still unknown and become regrets for later generations. Next, let's take a look at the ten treasures

Qiyejiashoucang @ 2019/10/18

Don't say that you know all those tablets in the Imperial Palace.

In ancient times, it was used to express the meaning of "righteousness" and "emotion". Therefore, we can understand the meaning of the plaque in this way: hanging on the door screen for decoration, reflecting the name and nature of the building, expressin

Qiyejiashoucang @ 2019/08/24

In ancient times, "three schools and nine schools" were the lowest.

We have all heard of the word "three disciplines". There should be no objection to the "Three Religions", which refers to the three major denominations of Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism in China. At the beginning, the "nine streams" were not the "nine

Qiyejiashoucang @ 2019/08/08

In the TV series the emperor claimed I was actually wrong,

In 221 BC, the Qin Dynasty unified the country out of six. Ministers together, think that this is the history of the most China has an epoch-making event, Ying Zheng credit once popular appellation with no predecessors, those are not enough to praise him,

Qiyejiashoucang @ 2019/03/18

China 3 the Imperial Palace, a lot of people do not know this!

Referred to the "the Imperial Palace", most people think of is the "Beijing the Imperial Palace Museum", in fact, can be called "the Imperial Palace", and Shenyang the Imperial Palace Museum, Museum of Taipei the Imperial Palace an

Qiyejiashoucang @ 2019/02/15

Qianlong can live up to 89 years, do you think it is luck?

"The middle-aged people to have global, wolfberry" fire insulation cup for a time, say 80, 90 has started to exchange up health experience, often called "self deprecating middle-aged male / female middle-aged greasy hair". However, health

Qiyejiashoucang @ 2019/01/19

She was the first American in the late Qing Dynasty, Ci Xi will take her photo!

Everybody who observe the late Qing Fei eight strange appearance, various ancient, small series have scared hard pinch the mouse does not let go. Rongshou solid Aaron princess, the eldest daughter of Prince Gong Yi xin. Right, his cousin, later married em

Qiyejiashoucang @ 2019/01/03

Jiang Jieshi took 5 hundred million, only to buy him a painting of calligraphy Shou Wen

He works in his word is said to become an independent school, clueless, hundred-percent is "ugly", some people say that his word is to regain nature baby body". Jiang Jieshi was after ho throw 5 hundred million, buy what he wrote, Mao Zedong i

Qiyejiashoucang @ 2018/12/30

The "no love Jiangshan love painting" man, but let posterity worship nearly a thousand years!

Listening to the Qin (local) he is a "no love Jiangshan love painting" man, but also the ancient rare artistic talent and all rounder. He will reign painter status to the highest point in the history of the China, let Chinese aesthetic way ahead o

Qiyejiashoucang @ 2018/12/22

Ten the most unbelievable scam in the world, are actually successful?!

Tenth scam: selling the Eiffel Tower in 1925, a man named Victor Lars Teague who disguised as a government employee, invited five scrap buyers, bid for 70 thousand tons of scrap in Eiffel Tower. He let these people believe that he is the deputy director o

Qiyejiashoucang @ 2018/10/13

Chinese six large population migration: look at your ancestors come from where

The first, called "Nan Du dress". The Eastern Han Dynasty to the northern and Southern Dynasties, the northern nomads move to the mainland, and Han mixed in the Western Jin Dynasty, to the north of chaos, northern Han has migrated to the south, al

Qiyejiashoucang @ 2018/10/09

In addition to Chairman Mao, Tiananmen had hung over these people portrait?

September 28, 2013 zero, the rostrum of Tiananmen Mao Zedong portrait by staff with a crane hanging down slowly, a new portrait was hung in the central tower is fixed again. The Mao Zedong portrait is 6 meters high, 4.6 meters wide, with a frame, a total

Qiyejiashoucang @ 2018/09/29

Mao Zedong resume, I cry!!

When the young handsome vowed, this life is the rise of the Chinese nation and the revolution of 29 years, in human history just a.twenty, but he was a man, only 29 years for the vicissitudes of the Chinese descendants left a huge legacy: a legacy: popula

Qiyejiashoucang @ 2018/09/27

9 year old girl's luxurious tomb, comparable to the emperor!

A 9 year old girl, a real shaped sarcophagus buried rare, "the dead" mysterious curse, more than 230 people as the acme of perfection exquisite funerary objects...... Engraved on the "roof" of a tile on the "open is dead" when this

Qiyejiashoucang @ 2018/08/19