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Another star robotic company collapsed: it was the 50 largest robotics company in the world, and its main performance ratio AI manipulator.

The chestnut is reported from the foe temple. QbitAI, another public robotic company, has gone bankrupt. Founded in 2014, it was selected into the annual authoritative list rbr50 2016 of robot business review in only two years, becoming the top 50 robot t

QbitAI @ 2019/10/28

The flagship HUAWEI Mate30 of the year starts the first shot of 5G explosive products.

Guo Yipu from Shenzhen Bantian quanzi report, the public number QbitAI5G is expected, but still bad products? In such a situation, HUAWEI must "manage". Today (October 23rd), HUAWEI held the 5G terminal and the whole scene new product conference i

QbitAI @ 2019/10/23

This associative mechanical right hand! Play magic cube, flexible not lose human, OpenAI: unprecedented

The QbitAIOpenAI is officially excited by the AI manipulator: "even the human race is hard to achieve." What's new? Playing magic cube with one hand. By contrast, it is not easy for a new beginner to hold the magic cube firmly.

QbitAI @ 2019/10/20

Machine learning free running distractor: integrating large data sets, connecting GitHub can be used, but also verify the results of the paper.

The chestnut fish and sheep are reported from the fovee temple. QbitAI, a public figure who is engaged in machine learning, will inevitably run the AI model on various data sets. Now, Papers with Code (the artifact search engine) team has launched an auto

QbitAI @ 2019/10/12

Asked to disclose the truth of Chinese programmers' suicide, Tsinghua learning tyrant was expelled from Facebook.

It was the so-called "freedom of speech" in the United States that it was reported from the Anao Temple by QbitAI. According to the latest news, Facebook Chinese engineer Yin Yi (Yi Yin) first met with a warning letter and was formally dismissed a

QbitAI @ 2019/10/08

Patch "Plaster" can control wheelchair ideation: brain computer interface does not need to be implanted, the accuracy rate is over 90% Nature.

The chestnut fish and sheep are reported from the fovee temple. QbitAI, do you want a brain computer interface with a hat and a lot of holes in it? I am a little sister. No, no, not now. As long as you put a thin soft patch on the back of your neck and pu

QbitAI @ 2019/10/06

Mobile phones are being drastic again: the Mate 30 series of alternative routes are sealed, and users can't use them later.

The fish and sheep, Qian Ming, are reported from the fovee temple. The more difficult time comes, the public number QbitAI mobile phone. The latest news, that "curve saving the nation", can be used for the Mate 30 series after the application of f

QbitAI @ 2019/10/03

Microsoft small action gas users: install Win10 system, now forced to register accounts, offline installation options are quietly deleted.

Chestnut Xiao Chau is reported from the foe temple. QbitAI netizens have been blown up by the gas. Nowadays, foreign forums and social media are filled with the voices of all kinds of crusade against Windows and Nadella. What caused all this is secretly c

QbitAI @ 2019/09/30

Bottom up HUAWEI's computing strategy: fifteen years of research and development, hard work, three years of continuous investment and 10 core acceleration, and now 20 thousand engineers are fighti

Qian Ming was sent from Shanghai Quanwei to report the public number QbitAI every time HUAWEI's new move was praised, questioning Yi Suizhi. In September 18th, the world's fastest AI product was released at the full link conference. But at the sce

QbitAI @ 2019/09/20

2 non 211 colleges and universities are stepping into the top 600 universities in the world, leaving a crowd of 985 times world university rankings.

Bian CE Qian Ming is from the Anao temple, where QbitAI Ma Huateng, the alma mater of Shenzhen University, is rapidly improving. The latest ranking is eighteen universities in mainland China and the top 600 in the global universities. In line with the 985

QbitAI @ 2019/09/13

HUAWEI Unicorn 990 release! Yu Chengdong: the world's first flagship 5G SoC, the industry's strongest mobile AI computing power, friends are also PPT

Qian Ming Xiao pretended to be from the Berlin qubit report, QbitAI. Just now, HUAWEI has released a new generation of chips, unicorn 990 5G. Integrating 5G and AI is more powerful and improves performance. At the press conference, Yu Chengdong introduced

QbitAI @ 2019/09/06

HUAWEI finally released the source code of the ark compiler. Open source platform synchronous appearance, netizens: hard core project

The Ming and Ming Dynasties policy is from the non monastery qubit report public number QbitAI HUAWEI ark compiler is finally officially open source, source code released, fulfilled the promise of open source in August. The code is not in GitHub, but on i

QbitAI @ 2019/09/01

The MIT linear robot flexibly goes through the blood vessels of the brain, making it easy to make a sharp turn: the Chinese professor team produced the Science sub issue.

The chestnut fish and sheep are reported from the foe temple. The QbitAI is in the human brain. The blood vessels are thin and tortuous, and the walls are fragile. Therefore, once a vascular embolism occurs, the doctor carefully inserts the catheter to th

QbitAI @ 2019/08/30

Another problem is to widen the gap. IOI ended, the Chinese team was three gold and one silver, and the American Chinese athletes won the championship again.

Qian Ming chestnut is reported from the foe temple. The QbitAIIOI 2019, the international Informatics Olympiad, has come to a close. The four Chinese players won three gold and one silver, and the championship was again picked up by Chinese athletes from

QbitAI @ 2019/08/13