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HUAWEI's strategic execution has to be taken.

Qian Ming's report from the non monastery quanzi reporting public number QbitAI HUAWEI's strategic execution has to be taken. This is not a compliment, nor an empathy under the current situation, but a heartfelt sigh of organizational action. Less

QbitAI @ 2020/05/23

A new understanding of the largest depth learning platform in China: 35 comprehensive upgrading, the first in China to promote quantum machine learning.

Jin Lei reports from the "no temple" qubit report, the public number QbitAI for four years, the total number of developers exceeds 1 million 900 thousand, the number of released models is over 230 thousand, and the number of service enterprises is

QbitAI @ 2020/05/20

To welcome the 5G storm, we still lack this "master key".

The QbitAI is from the "no temple" Quad, and the public number is 5G. Are you free? Last time we talked about the popular topic of "5G freedom", and got the feedback: Yes, yes, but not yet. And a lot of pot friends feedback, or the phones

QbitAI @ 2020/05/19

The first show of the "illusory engine 5" is to crack the world, virtual? Reality? Foolishly confused, netizens: white prostitute $140 thousand.

Fish and sheep policy thirteen from the Anwei temple Quanwei report, the public number QbitAI adventure documentary? Movie CG screen? No, this is a game scenario that you will soon be able to play. This push the door in a flash, virtual? Reality? It's

QbitAI @ 2020/05/14

In the first quarter, the number of mobile phone shipments was reduced by 28 million.

Yi Pau is reported from the fovee temple. It is reported that the public number QbitAI smart phone, the wind in 2010 is ten years ago. Let's talk about a little secret of the industry today. In the past 5 years or so, there is such an industry confere

QbitAI @ 2020/04/28

The external situation is complicated. What does Lenovo rely on for "long life"?

Lei Gang is from the Anshan temple, where QbitAI is reported. Including Lenovo. In its new financial year, the oath conference of the whole staff, even though the first three quarters of the performance is good, intelligent transformation has achieved ini

QbitAI @ 2020/04/15

Hackers secretly sell the Zoom account password, 1 cents can buy 71, encryption big man teach yuan to be a man, 17 years ago, open source software is now another fire.

Xiao Cha, Guo Yipu, is reporting from the "no temple" quanzi, the public number QbitAIZoom. Now it is the enterprise on the cusp. With the outbreak of the epidemic, the number of users and share prices soar, but the problem is not too frequent. On

QbitAI @ 2020/04/14

Peking University mathematics is really strong! In the final of the mathematics competition of Ali, the number of the finalists exceeded the sum of Tsinghua University and NANDA. There were 13 middle

Thirteen fish and sheep are reported from the fovee temple. QbitAI, the public number, you don't love math. Ali can prove that more than 50 thousand people are obsessed with mathematics. No, the final list of the second Alibaba world mathematics compe

QbitAI @ 2020/04/11

The primary school graduation ceremony was watched around the world: opening the brain hole under the epidemic, "my world" can still play like this! Chinese netizens: I am jealous of my homewo

Thirteen the fish and sheep are reported from the fovee Temple qubits. The public number QbitAI schools and commencement ceremonies all over the world are affected by the epidemic. Japan is no exception. Not only has the school been closed for 3 weeks, bu

QbitAI @ 2020/03/24

15 industrial level algorithms are launched and 35 high precision pre training models are online! The strongest domestic open source AI framework has been redeveloped to enhance the actual combat capa

Qian Ming's report from the non monastery qubits, the public number QbitAI2 new capability, the 4 heavy upgrading, the 35 high-precision pre training models on-line, and the widely applied visual algorithm in 15 industries. This is the latest importan

QbitAI @ 2020/03/23

This B station up is too hard core! Hand made AI small TV: Hardware self welding, driving code written entirely.

Xiao Cha is from the "non Temple" qubit report, the public number QbitAI, a low-key AI developer. Why do we go to the B station's home page, a video million broadcast, and a layman to see it? The hard core pure handwork is a small TV set. And

QbitAI @ 2020/03/22

New coronavirus type A blood is more susceptible and O type blood risk is low: the first new blood group infection study released, 8 agencies jointly tackled, President Raytheon participated.

Thirteen fish and goats are reported from the fovee Temple qubits. New research, new concerns and new conclusions of the public No. QbitAI new crown virus: A blood patients are more susceptible to infection, and O blood is relatively less risky. This is t

QbitAI @ 2020/03/18

Ali Dassault hospital officially joined the 5G giant battle: Aiming at the new capital construction, establishing XG laboratory, and fighting with HUAWEI war.

Qian Ming Li Yuan is from the "no temple" quanzi report. The public number QbitAI has just arrived. The 5G field has come to the big crocodile player: Alibaba, the official official Xuan is marching into 5G, making it clear that we should further

QbitAI @ 2020/03/10

40 nanosecond to complete image classification, speed up several hundred thousand times, image sensor with neural network boarded Nature

The fish and sheep Xiao Zhao is from the Anwei temple. What can we do with the public number QbitAIAI chip? The latest research on Nature brings new inspiration. In the past, our image classification is divided into several steps: first, we use sensors to

QbitAI @ 2020/03/05

The world's first laser radar is defeated in China: the abolition of Beijing employees, direct sales agents, accusing domestic enterprises of infringing patents before

Qian Ming Bian CE thirteen is from the non monastery qubit report, the public number QbitAIVelodyne, the Chinese translation of "weildeng", the world's almost monopolized laser radar manufacturer, the key sensor provider of automatic driving s

QbitAI @ 2019/12/10

End of seven Science cover: strongest cortical neural network reconstruction, revealing the largest mammalian neural circuit map so far

The thirteen side is the fish and sheep, which are reported from the fovee temple quanzi, and the public number QbitAI explores the brain further today. The latest Science magazine cover has released the latest brain science achievements of the famous Ger

QbitAI @ 2019/11/29

IEEE Fellow 2020 decreased the proportion of Chinese: Jingdong Zhou Bowen, Didi Ye Jieping was selected, Tsinghua alumni 6.

Fish and sheep, Qian Ming, reported from the foe temple, Quanwei, QbitAIIEEE Fellow 2020. A total of 282 new entries were added this year, including 83 Chinese Fellow (29%) and 31 mainland China. Compared with last year, the proportion of Chinese and main

QbitAI @ 2019/11/27

Girls are not as good as men? Nature magazine published two studies a week, and I was completely muddled by the opposite result.

Guo Yipu, Xiao Cha, reported from the "no temple" quanzi report, "public number QbitAI". This "cognition" world is hot with this. And all kinds of "basis" are also a great deal: for example, mathematicians in institutions u

QbitAI @ 2019/11/25

In the US, the HUAWEI ZTE ban comes out: the operators who take these 60 billion subsidies can no longer afford to buy their equipment.

Guo Yipu thirteen is reported from the foe temple, where the public number QbitAI gives up fantasy. This week, the United States renewed its license to ban HUAWEI, and some suppliers such as Microsoft can resume supply. HUAWEI's situation seems to be

QbitAI @ 2019/11/23

HUAWEI paid 2 billion yuan bonus to fight off the us break off and reward employees to work overtime.

Xiao Cha fish and sheep are reported from the "no temple" qubit. QbitAI HUAWEI has been on the double 11 day, but it is not because the user is "chopping hands", but because he sends money to his employees. Last night, a HUAWEI employee re

QbitAI @ 2019/11/12