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Beijing mutual Gold Association: some P2P institutions will be supervised through licensing.

P2P Comment compliant P2P net lending institutions have started the process of supervision and regulation. Licensed businesses will become the final choice of the compliance P2P net lending institutions. Only the P2P net lending institutions that are lega

P2P099 @ 2019/12/02

Bank of China Insurance Regulatory Commission: net lending to clarify the goal of lending a positive attitude towards lending business

P2P Comment "the Banking Regulatory Commission also pays close attention to the potential risks of" lending "business, such as technology security risk, KYC risk, reputation risk and so on. Xiao Yuanqi stressed that no matter what the business

P2P099 @ 2019/11/13

Net loan platform transformation frequently, China's first P2P pat loan will be renamed "letter technology".

P2P Comment recently, the US stock market platform pat loan (NYSE:PPDF) announced that recently the company held a resolution of shareholders' meeting. During this period, the shareholders of the company approved to change the company name from "P

P2P099 @ 2019/11/07

How to prevent illegal lending? Blocking and dredging combination is the fundamental law.

P2P Comment to crack down on illegal lending, in addition to promulgating stringent policies and regulations, we should increase the supply of finance to meet the normal financial needs of long tail customers who can not borrow money from licensed financi

P2P099 @ 2019/10/28

Shanghai P2P or "one family does not stay"? Hunan has been banned! Net loan stock risk will be resolved in the first half of 2020.

P2P Comment insiders said that the regulatory pilot will open a new chapter in net lending. The pilot means that the unregulated platform will be blocked outside the ship, which is not accessible to everyone. Editor Yu Han Han source |P2P commented on the

P2P099 @ 2019/10/18

Net loan industry continues to be cold: depository banks were further reduced yields fell to nearly a year low

P2P Comment in addition to the bank's depository management is doing "subtraction", according to the institutional statistics, in September, the net loan industry continued to maintain a "three drop" trend in terms of volume, loan bala

P2P099 @ 2019/10/09

Tianjin announced the first list of 10 banned P2P institutions. The "State Assets Department" platform such as Meifeng, Jia De and so on is listed.

P2P Comment insists that the main direction of the work is to withdraw from the organization. In addition to some strictly compliant institutions, the rest of the organizations can retreat and retreat. They should shut down and increase the intensity and

P2P099 @ 2019/09/26

How to innovate and transform retail finance in the era of financial technology? After reading this article, you will understand.

P2P Comment how to innovate and transform retail finance in the era of financial technology? How can consumer finance go far under the background of structural reform of financial supply side? What challenges will big data apply to consumer financial busi

P2P099 @ 2019/09/23

Credit manager and crawler business independent personnel were released, big data wind control industry continues to ferment.

P2P Comment, following several big data wind control companies such as scorpion technology, Xinyan technology, and Xinbao Bao, according to a person familiar with the matter, Hangzhou's credit controller related personnel were also taken away by the p

P2P099 @ 2019/09/19

P2P comments invite you to pay attention: more than 150 bankers participated in the retail financial technology summit.

In recent years, under the influence of capital constraints, interest rate liberalization and financial disintermediation, retail business is gradually becoming an important engine for China's banking industry to generate revenue. Data show that since 200

P2P099 @ 2019/09/18

Irregularities cash loan platform clearing Domino effect highlights the end of black intermediary years into the end of ten million Era

P2P Comment in a number of mutual gold platform wind control personages view, black intermediary can also have "capture", mainly for three reasons. Wen Chen Chen source |21 century economic report a large number of non-compliance cash loan platform was cl

P2P099 @ 2019/09/11

After P2P, cash loan is big data company? Scorpion technology and new technology were checked on the same day, or suspected of violent collection and illegal climbing data.

P2P Comment reptilian technology has become an essential weapon for cash and loan companies to collect user information. In the environment of cash loan industry, the third party big data wind control service providers have always been a key link. Editor'

P2P099 @ 2019/09/09

Liu He: cracking down on various illegal financial activities to prevent mass incidents

P2P Comment, the financial stability and Development Committee of the State Council held a national teleconference on the financial situation and exchange of work experience in September 5th. Editor's note: |P2P review P2P review September 6th, the financ

P2P099 @ 2019/09/07

Old Lai does not owe money and what to do? A picture shows you how to combat debt evasion.

In September 2nd, the leading group of Internet financial risk special rectification work and the special rectification work of net loan risk jointly issued the notice on strengthening the construction of credit information system in the field of P2P net

P2P099 @ 2019/09/05

P2P industry regulation continues to tighten, some banks shrink network loan depository business

P2P Comment as the P2P net lending industry tightened regulation and clean up, the industry cleared up. The economic daily, along with the strict supervision and rectification of P2P net loan industry, has accelerated the industry clearing. In this proces

P2P099 @ 2019/09/02

Can P2P transformation help to open up the situation in the service of small and micro enterprises?

P2P Comment why does net lending platform rarely involve lending to small and micro enterprises in the transformation of loans? How should small and micro enterprises loan business develop? Liu Qianlin's source is surging news. Since the second half of 20

P2P099 @ 2019/08/30

Teng Huatao said he used the wrong deer Han, so Sequoia, Softbank China, IDG and other capital tramway P2P used what wrong?

At present, P2P Comment has a "paralyzed" state on the front page of the official website of thick finance. According to the previous data of the thick financial official website, the cumulative turnover of the platform is 12 billion 746 million yuan, the

P2P099 @ 2019/08/24

Another P2P platform in Shanghai is suspected to be out of business: Unilever's termination of storage.

P2P Comment after the net loan platform to salvage the treasure, another Shanghai loan platform new new loan was detonated, "because of the mandatory termination of cooperation between banks, the company temporarily shut down business can not be withdrawa

P2P099 @ 2019/08/15

50 P2P capital increase of more than 500 million of the country's platform up to 37 Beijing 9 platforms to increase more than 1 billion, are waiting for the supervision of the pilot!

It is a general trend for P2P Comment to shift from "Filing pilot" to "monitoring pilot". These platforms that increase registered capital and paid in capital have taken the lead in monitoring the pilot projects. The author, editor of Gao ya, some of them

P2P099 @ 2019/08/06

Mutual gold supervision has increased the volume of loans and the number of loans has been reduced by 90%.

P2P Comment "the net loan industry deviates from the information intermediary positioning, and lacks the quality, ability and supervision of credit intermediaries, which leads to the unsustainable development mode. It is also the root of the thunder tide.

P2P099 @ 2019/08/03