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The most comprehensive point of wearable devices

By swinging your wrist, you can open the virtual screen, read all kinds of news and e-mails, and blink your eyes to take pictures of the beautiful moments your eyes can see. Moving fingers can move cups, remote control appliances and toy planes. Such scen

OutlookWeekly1981 @ 2019/08/07

The central bank's statement on the US Treasury's listing China as a currency manipulator.

In August 6th, the United States Treasury Department listed China as a "currency manipulator country" in Beijing time. China deeply regrets this. This label does not conform to the quantitative standard of the so-called "currency manipulation state" formu

OutlookWeekly1981 @ 2019/08/06

Lookout vocational school students do not worry about employment, but are trapped in the three big contrasts.

In the first quarter of 2019, the highest index of job market prosperity was the "Mechanic / operator". The CIER index was 13.08, that is, 13.08 jobs for one person. The employment rate of secondary vocational school graduates remained above 95% for 10 co

OutlookWeekly1981 @ 2019/07/28

The full text of the white paper on China's national defense in the new era

24, the Information Office of the State Council published the white paper on the new era of China's national defense. Wu Qian, a spokesman for the Ministry of national defense, Colonel Cai Zhijun, chief General of the Joint Chiefs of staff of the Central

OutlookWeekly1981 @ 2019/07/25

Ministry of Foreign Affairs: China will impose sanctions on US businesses involved in the sale of Taiwan weapons.

A spokesman for the Ministry of foreign affairs, Geng Shuang, asked reporters about China's sanctions against the US businesses involved in arms sales to Taiwan. The website of the Ministry of foreign affairs asked: the United States recently announced a

OutlookWeekly1981 @ 2019/07/13

The full text of "guiding opinions on promoting the reform of education mode in ordinary high schools" in the new era.

The general office of the State Council issued the guiding opinions on the reform of the mode of educating people in ordinary high schools in the new era. By 2022, the comprehensive training system for moral, intellectual, physical, and aesthetic educatio

OutlookWeekly1981 @ 2019/06/19

Lookout China attacks hard technology

Some of the previous innovations focused on the two innovation or business mode innovation based on the existing technology, and to a large extent, thanks to the bonus of China's super market volume. These innovations are still our advantages, but the

OutlookWeekly1981 @ 2019/06/16

The science and technology board is open today. What you want to know is here.

The 13 day of the science creation board is officially opened. With the news from the Lujiazui forum, all eyes again focused on the Huangpu river. The more than 200 day of the SFC's official website, from the announcement of early November last year, to t

OutlookWeekly1981 @ 2019/06/13

Can the chip industry be turned into danger?

In October 8, 2018, on the opening day of the National Double activity week, the staff showed the photon artificial intelligence chip Zhang Yuwei photo / this journal, "the advanced manufacturing industry that has never been able to advance in advance

OutlookWeekly1981 @ 2019/06/08

New trend of global digital rule dominance game

The overall number of the digital economy shows a three echelon development feature. The United States monopolized the first tier with us $11 trillion and 500 billion, and the total number of digital economy and the development level of various industries

OutlookWeekly1981 @ 2019/06/04

HUAWEI sues us to replace legislation with legislation and submits "summary judgment" motion.

According to HUAWEI's May 28th news, HUAWEI has filed a lawsuit and will move a motion of summary judgment on Tuesday to require the court to declare the bill (the United States' fiscal year 2019 Defense Authorization Act) unconstitutional. The so

OutlookWeekly1981 @ 2019/05/29

ARM also "cut off"? Will it have a substantial impact on HUAWEI?

BBC 22 reported that chip designer ARM told employees that it had to suspend its response to HUAWEI's business ARM response: it was not easy to comment on BBC reports, but the company has been complying with relevant laws and regulations of the United

OutlookWeekly1981 @ 2019/05/23

Google suspends service to China? The Ministry of foreign affairs, HUAWEI and Android responded.

20, foreign ministry spokeswoman Lu Kang held a regular press conference. A reporter asked foreign media about Google's suspension of some business with HUAWEI. Google Corporation has suspended cooperation with HUAWEI, which is obviously the reason wh

OutlookWeekly1981 @ 2019/05/21

The US report of the development of military and security China defense ministry: China firmly opposes

Defense Ministry spokesman Ren Guoqiang on the US 2019 "Chinese military and security development report" issued a statement issued by the Ministry of defence sources: Beijing time 5 month 3 days, the United States Department of defense published

OutlookWeekly1981 @ 2019/05/10

Iran: suspend the performance of the Iranian nuclear agreement terms

The accompanying text: "the United States dispatched aircraft carrier battle groups to deter Iran, playing what abacus? "A year ago in May 8th, Trump announced its withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear agreement:" Trump announced that the United

OutlookWeekly1981 @ 2019/05/09

Tea, 00 &05 after the report: this generation of young people how to plan their next decade?

What this generation of young people love more? How they see the world? How to spend? And more importantly, how they define themselves? 00 &05 after the report on the 47 page ": the new generation how to plan their next ten years" or can give

OutlookWeekly1981 @ 2019/05/03

For 70 years, to the sea tostrong! (of many ship crash manual)

Today is the Chinese people's Liberation Army Navy was founded 70th anniversary anniversary, Happy birthday! The 23 day at 10:20 PM, state president and CMC Chairman Xi Jinping at the Qingdao International Conference Center and invited to attend the C

OutlookWeekly1981 @ 2019/04/23

Look, the people's navy for 70 years, the expedition towards the deep blue

"On June 25, 2016, the Hawaii sea to the United States to participate in the Pacific Rim 2016 exercise Chinese Navy 153 ship formation across the international date line ceremony - April 23rd, the people's navy will usher in the 70 anniversary of

OutlookWeekly1981 @ 2019/04/22

Now, micro video 5-4-3-2-1, implementation of the people's Navy time!

We celebrate the establishment of the people's Navy 70th anniversary conference held in Beijing in April 21 Beijing Xinhua news agency Xinhua (Zhang Jinjuan, Hou Rong) to celebrate the establishment of the people's Navy 70th anniversary conference

OutlookWeekly1981 @ 2019/04/22

Where is the US military spending soaring?

Trump submitted to the Congress a budget application of US $4 trillion and 700 billion for the 2020 fiscal year, including 750 billion US dollars in defense spending, a record high. The relevant statistics show that 750 billion dollars of military expendi

OutlookWeekly1981 @ 2019/04/21