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Lookout when intelligent tank is also a target of hackers.

The hacker attacks carried out by smart tanks are not accidental. The networked coffee machines, refrigerators, smart sketchboards, electric drapes and routers are all likely to be targeted by hackers. The latest data of the national Internet Emergency Ce

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Weigh! Central document issued to support reform and development of private enterprises

Xinhua news agency, Beijing, December, 22, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on building a better development environment to support the reform and development of private enterprises (December 4, 2019) since reform and opening up for more th

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The United States House of Representatives passed the first impeachment clause against Trump.

Xinhua News Agency news: the US House of Representatives voted 18 days to pass the first impeachment clause against President Trump, formally accusing him of abusing his power. Trump became the third president in the history of the United States to be imp

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Putting spring and autumn holidays in primary and secondary schools is expected to be put on the agenda.

All localities can co-ordinate the winter and summer vacation time in combination with the climate and environment, and formulate a way to introduce spring break or autumn vacation in primary and secondary schools. Xinhua news agency and people's Dail

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We really evolved!

Xinhua News Agency's first intelligent editorial department! Last night, we announced that a great event with cool effects was announced. There is a kind of capability that we can never see. There is a kind of evolution that can not have a technology

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The number of students studying in the United States is near the ceiling.

In 2018, nearly 370 thousand Chinese students came to the United States, accounting for 33.7% of international students in the United States, but grew by only 1.7% compared with the same period last year, reaching a minimum of 10 years. The growth rate of

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Violation of ethics, Ministry of education publicly exposed 8 cases

The Ministry of Education (ID:jybxwb) has continued to intensify efforts to investigate and deal with ten criteria for violating the professional conduct of teachers. In April and July, on the basis of the two batch of 10 typical cases of teachers violati

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Trump will be embarrassed to see Ma Kelong again.

Photo from Reuters extension reading: "Trump opened the two trade war" battlefront "on the same day. From the" honeymoon "to" awkward chat ", Trump's farewell to mark dragon, Xinhua News Agency Chen Lixi, the North Atlantic

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Lookout domestic industrial software experience three or four difficulties

All sectors of society lack sufficient knowledge of the importance of industrial software: in the industrial field, they generally tend to be "importing", importing foreign software directly, ignoring independent development of colleges and univer

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How far is the chain application of lookout block?

In May 5th, at the second digital China construction achievement exhibition, a water ecological service provider participated in the use of block chain management and control system to debug various indicators of direct drinking water, Wei Peiquan photo /

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Lookout global 5G enters the critical period of commercial deployment, how to win?

5G the empowerment industrial Internet will form a new industrial ecosystem and promote the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry's total factor, full value chain and whole industry chain. The global 5G is entering the critical pe

OutlookWeekly1981 @ 2019/10/24

The first three quarters of the economic data came out.

Preliminary accounts, the first three quarters of the year, the GDP of 697798 billion yuan, calculated at comparable prices, grew by 6.2% year-on-year. The planting structure was further optimized, the quality rice sown area was enlarged, the corn area wa

OutlookWeekly1981 @ 2019/10/18

Lock champion! Lang Ping said so, the women's volleyball team released the MV (with ten kings looking back).

28 days, in the tenth round of the women's Volleyball World Cup in 2019, the Chinese women's volleyball team defeated the Serbia team in three straight games (three points 25:14, 25:21, 25:16), and ushered in the ten consecutive wins of the world

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The video women's volleyball team 3:0 won the United States, Lang Ping was interviewed after the match.

In September 23rd, in the second stage A round robin of the 2019 women's Volleyball World Cup in Sapporo, Japan, the Chinese team defeated the US team by 3 to 0. The score in the three games was 25:16, 25:17, 25:22 and September 23rd respectively, and

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Lv Jian, headmaster of Nanjing University, focuses on students and strives to build the first South University.

The construction of Nanjing University's "double first class" is a fundamental issue closely related to the cultivation of people, how to train people, and the training of people. It will help to overcome difficulties, reform and innovate, and provide str

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The most comprehensive point of wearable devices

By swinging your wrist, you can open the virtual screen, read all kinds of news and e-mails, and blink your eyes to take pictures of the beautiful moments your eyes can see. Moving fingers can move cups, remote control appliances and toy planes. Such scen

OutlookWeekly1981 @ 2019/08/07

The central bank's statement on the US Treasury's listing China as a currency manipulator.

In August 6th, the United States Treasury Department listed China as a "currency manipulator country" in Beijing time. China deeply regrets this. This label does not conform to the quantitative standard of the so-called "currency manipulation state" formu

OutlookWeekly1981 @ 2019/08/06

Lookout vocational school students do not worry about employment, but are trapped in the three big contrasts.

In the first quarter of 2019, the highest index of job market prosperity was the "Mechanic / operator". The CIER index was 13.08, that is, 13.08 jobs for one person. The employment rate of secondary vocational school graduates remained above 95% for 10 co

OutlookWeekly1981 @ 2019/07/28

The full text of the white paper on China's national defense in the new era

24, the Information Office of the State Council published the white paper on the new era of China's national defense. Wu Qian, a spokesman for the Ministry of national defense, Colonel Cai Zhijun, chief General of the Joint Chiefs of staff of the Central

OutlookWeekly1981 @ 2019/07/25

Ministry of Foreign Affairs: China will impose sanctions on US businesses involved in the sale of Taiwan weapons.

A spokesman for the Ministry of foreign affairs, Geng Shuang, asked reporters about China's sanctions against the US businesses involved in arms sales to Taiwan. The website of the Ministry of foreign affairs asked: the United States recently announced a

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