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Well, PICK, these two men accompany me to write a weekly newspaper:

It's fun to think about it. South Korea's first fashion variety "Ma Pu Liang Zi" ushered in the final outcome. Ten year old friend Song Minhao Mino and table Zhi Xun P.O each set a modeling task, competing for the title of Mau Pui. The Chi

OnlyLady2002 @ 2020/05/23

Liu Shishi, Ni Ni's sister Look, I have forwarded it to my Jimei!

This is how the two girls, dressed in white air, met in a sun and rain. After that, no matter how sad and happy they were, their golden years were shining and precious. The friendship between girls is so beautiful! Suddenly I thought of the words of Tong

OnlyLady2002 @ 2020/05/22

Sammi Cheng: do not be a king without a crown, but a queen of her own age.

After the longest wait in history, this "shortest gold medal in history" quickly cleaned up the search. Four words of the younger brother's performance is naturally needless to say, "a teenager's you", the small North lets the huma

OnlyLady2002 @ 2020/05/10

The world is "living together at home", super concert online. Don't look at lemons!

If you still remember the 2019 explosion screen movie "Rhapsody in Bohemia", if you had tears for the Queen's band, the story behind it is also worth knowing. In July 13, 1985, to help the famine and drought in Africa, a concert called "sa

OnlyLady2002 @ 2020/04/20

Husband derailed, little three pregnant, took the "worst of history" script, can she counter attack?

Have you seen the recent super blood Korean drama "the world of husband and wife"? At present, the bean score is 8.4, and just broadcast to sixth episodes, it already has phenomenal ratings and topic. Even the audience rating has reached 18.8, sec

OnlyLady2002 @ 2020/04/16

It's easy to burn Victoria Song. I don't have Tony. I have a hat to wear.

Recently, there are more and more good news about the improvement of the epidemic situation. More and more, SATA has been recovering from work and life, and stars are beginning to return to work. Fashion inspiration is coming again. The hair is long and e

OnlyLady2002 @ 2020/04/14

Good looking and age reduction. Lisa's jacket is real! C!

The spring breeze is gentle, and the fairies wear more and more cute. Those plmm who are going to wear them have recently been pick. What gods wear them? Originally, "Qing you 2" wanted to send plmm debut, and how many people were choreed by the L

OnlyLady2002 @ 2020/04/05

This pair of trousers is right. It's expensive to wear it.

Recently, the weather is warm, and the spring is getting stronger. It's more and more pleasant. The collocation of the early spring is not beautiful but beautiful. How to set up 10 sets of look with a pair of trousers? Each set is like a star coming o

OnlyLady2002 @ 2020/03/21

Strange? How did Liyan Tong lose his hair?

Recently, Liyan Tong returned to the screen with the new drama "perfect relationship". The play is mainly about Liyan Tong's "rookie public relations", which has become the benchmark of the industry under the guidance of Huang Xuan. Co

OnlyLady2002 @ 2020/03/07

Life is like a play, beauty depends on LV..

An invitation letter from Louis Vuitton female dress art director Nicolas Ghesqui re re, an era of intertwined, a style of collision fashion show. Louis Vuitton 2020 autumn winter women's wear series, with a dramatic tension and modern avant-garde fas

OnlyLady2002 @ 2020/03/06

Tang Wei's costume was ridiculed? It's her strength to break through her modeling with acting.

Tang Wei has revived recently. First, the movie "whistle man" and lejiayin road show. "Daming Fenghua" is about to go online. It also brings a good wave of heat. "Daming Fenghua" is the first time that Tang Wei has appeared in cost

OnlyLady2002 @ 2019/12/17

The eight set changed more than 50 sets of New Look, 160 of you win!

The great lady Massel is on the third season, and the 8 episode is in one breath. Or the familiar colors and speed. Look, our beautiful lady Massel is back. She is still wearing a retro and still spitting lotus. The first two seasons have passed for some

OnlyLady2002 @ 2019/12/14

Cherrie Ying declared the second child, and the crazy couple came again.

Jasper is going to be an elder brother!!! In December 7th, Jordan Chan announced the happy news of Cherrie Ying's second child at the Taipei concert. "I have second children, but today is just three months. It's a man and a woman. I don't

OnlyLady2002 @ 2019/12/11

What can heal the winter better than a lamb's coat?

In the past few days, I saw "O", who was crazy by Miss Song. She was so smart and smart that her song in life was very gentle and lovely. Song Yi was not only beautiful but also clothed. The airport LOOK was relaxed and warm, choosing white lamb f

OnlyLady2002 @ 2019/12/08

31 year old stone sister is finally going to marry!

Emma Stone Emma Stone is engaged!!! In December 5th, stone elder sister announced her engagement with Dave McCary, who had been dating for two years, on INS. The first two people were snuggled up together. Stone elder sister also had her own big diamond r

OnlyLady2002 @ 2019/12/07

What kind of scene let Victoria Song want to follow it together? Liu Wen watched a movie through time and space.

Unlike previous trudge, this Chanel 2019/20 "Paris - Kang Peng Street 31" advanced handicraft workshop series held in Paris, directly reappearing the atmosphere of No. 31 Kang Peng street in The Grand Palace, and has become one of the most impress

OnlyLady2002 @ 2019/12/05

Chingmy Yau's daughter, who looks beautiful from Paris's Prom dance, is also very beautiful.

When you are wrapped in Down garments and sisters eat mutton to celebrate the first snow and walk around the Imperial Palace, thousands of kilometers away, Paris, France, November 30, 2019, November 30, 2019, the Le Bal, which is the world's attention

OnlyLady2002 @ 2019/12/04

Qi Wei and Jennie wear knitted sweater + straight pants, the gold medal matching rules for women in the workplace.

In winter, there are coats and down garments to keep people warm. How can they wear them in order to make people look bright? Knitted sweater becomes the C of winter modeling. Women in the workplace are good at using straight pants to help sculpt. This ma

OnlyLady2002 @ 2019/12/04

Jane Zhang: not sharing the negative energy is the greatest love for the world.

If you could help yourself to choose your life in parallel time and space, what would you do? Recently, an interview micro variety "life choice question" has led guests to a "parallel life" through the mode of "game + conversation"

OnlyLady2002 @ 2019/12/03

Wang Ziwen's new play is divorced and unemployed? Is it good for a woman to marry after graduation?

Have you heard about the "married man"? Recently, O elder sister get has a new vocabulary -- the "married man", especially those who marry on graduation. In her new play, "the second time is beautiful," Wang Ziwen plays a "marr

OnlyLady2002 @ 2019/11/29