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3+2: the merits and demerits of Subaru's forest owners

Driving, thinking distant, unbounded. For a SUV, in addition to power, space, fuel consumption and other criteria, its passing ability and the ability to overcome difficulties are also important indicators. Unlike most of the cities in the market, SUV, Su

NextCarwin @ 2019/10/21

Does the TNGA architecture bring another surprise? FAW TOYOTA's new generation of corolla twin engine

The products of the "evergreen tree" in the A-class car market in China are very strong. In this market, the joint-stock contestants are very eye-catching. Among them, the popular models led by Germany, America and Japan have been completed in nea

NextCarwin @ 2019/10/12

NEDC can 510km relieve anxiety? Test drive GAC new energy Aion S

In the automotive industry for many years, it has been unavoidable to be asked by the people around it to choose the car. In recent 3 years, friends and relatives have asked most questions: "can electric cars be bought?" "Electric cars are not

NextCarwin @ 2019/10/09

Rival rivals: Mercedes Benz C260L and BMW 325Li are "pseudo" luxury and "fake" sports?

It has been hard to remember when the luxury brand image of BBA (Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi) has been deeply rooted in people's minds. And this time, our old rivals compared us to Mercedes Benz C260L and BMW 325Li as a comparative vehicle. To be honest, Mer

NextCarwin @ 2019/08/17