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A SUV test drive with car properties: Dongfeng Fengshen Yixing GS 230T

After its launch last year, Dongfeng Fengshen has attracted many young consumers' attention because of its rich configuration, avant-garde modeling and good results in the CTCC championship. When we are still guessing whether this design style will be

NextCarwin @ 2020/05/22

100 km acceleration time of 3.2 seconds, the real opponent is his own real shot: Porsche Taycan Turbo

"By launching the first pure electric sports car, Porsche has entered a new era." Obomu, chairman of Porsche global executive board, if you think about it carefully, you will find Porsche is the most luxurious brand that can assess the situation.

NextCarwin @ 2020/05/14

Limit 150 units! Mazda releases MX-5 R-Sport limited edition models

The new coronavirus epidemic has slowed down the development of the automotive industry. Many manufacturers have adopted the way of postponing new car listing to cope with this global disaster. However, recently we learned from overseas that Mazda brand h

NextCarwin @ 2020/05/06

2.0T+8AT X6 golden drive test drive: BMW X4

"Boy, are you lowering this X6?" When I heard this question, I really didn't want to explain that it was a BMW X4 because it had been asked more than once in almost two days. It can be seen that the BMW X6 slipped back style design has been po

NextCarwin @ 2020/04/27

Old enemy contest: intermediate car C competition speed and manipulation of whom do you prefer?

The mid size car market has never been short of topics, such as the 200 thousand yuan level of Mai Teng, Camry and accord, to the 300 thousand yuan Mercedes Benz BMW Audi. The iteration of every vehicle is bound to become a focus for some time. The new ge

NextCarwin @ 2020/04/25

About 300000 is it worth recommending for the purchase of 7 large SUV Buick's

In the past two years, 7 SUV have launched another wave in China's automobile market. Indeed, in the face of the increasing number of family members, many consumers want to solve the thorny problem of family travel by buying a 7 car model. Buick went

NextCarwin @ 2020/04/19

Cattle car lab] interpretation of important safety design for vehicle harness materials

The safety of cars is an old topic. Manufacturers have a unique understanding of safety. Therefore, in the past hundred years of development, automobiles have been wearing seat belts, airbags or even active safety systems. But when it comes to the safety

NextCarwin @ 2020/04/18

Hit the first shot Buick GL8 Avenir sale: 459 thousand and 900 ~52.99 million

In the past few years, the car factory didn't play with subdivision. It's really hard to base itself on cruel competition. In the early years, the entry-level middle and low end market was contended. Nowadays, with the upgrading of consumption, th

NextCarwin @ 2020/04/13

Take stock of 5 classic JDM cars that you may never have heard of before.

As a car enthusiast, we all know that JDM represents Japan's domestic market, and Japan has intentionally or unintentionally created an interesting name for cars. Today we'll take a look at 5 classic JDM cars that you may have never heard of befor

NextCarwin @ 2020/04/05

Smart solution "intelligent intake grille" fast cooling car, efficient cooling

The temperature control technology of the engine has always been the focus of the research. The more heat resistant the engine means, the more heat energy can be converted to mechanical energy, that is to say, improve the thermal efficiency. However, unde

NextCarwin @ 2020/03/27

150 thousand budget, what kind of car do you want to buy? These 5 SUV will not let you down.

"150 thousand yuan budget, what kind of car is better?" For everyone who pays attention to cars, they often receive such problems. And this general problem, because there is no specific vehicle positioning, so that people can not make a better rep

NextCarwin @ 2020/03/25

A pair of Dan Feng triangle eyes, two curved willow leaves hanging eyebrow, test drive Mercedes Benz CLS 350 4MATIC

"A pair of Dan Feng triangle eyes, two curved willow leaves hanging eyebrow." This is a sentence depicting Wang Xifeng in a dream of Red Mansions, which is obviously the description of the eastern woman's beautiful face. When Dan Feng triangle

NextCarwin @ 2020/03/18

Vehicle owner investigation: is there any safety hazard in Changan CS35 PLUS tire pressure monitoring and reduction?

Changan automobile as a domestic brand has always been the high price performance as its selling point, through the promotion of its models of high configuration to attract consumers, however, recently we collected a lot of Changan CS35 PLUS owners compla

NextCarwin @ 2020/03/15

Horsepower may break 1000 Gemballa plan to release 911 SUV

Germany's famous brand Gemballa, I don't think I should have heard anything about you. The company is located in the Leonberg area next to Stuttgart. At the early stage of its establishment, the company mainly provided after-sales service for spar

NextCarwin @ 2020/03/13

Car selection 3+2: Havel F7: advantages and disadvantages

Haff F7 as Haff's other compact SUV, and the national God car hav H6 by the same platform to build, but in the positioning of different, havf F7 technology fashion, the consumer groups directly to the 90's. Although F7's performance and cost p

NextCarwin @ 2019/12/22

To get rid of it is the real driving test: Zhengzhou Nissan Rui 6.

What kind of person will choose a pickup truck? When this problem lingers in my ears, I can not give a definite answer. Because pickup is not only a test tool at two, but more for rough work or for toys. In the field of commercial vehicles, domestic car c

NextCarwin @ 2019/12/19

2020 China Motor Taurus awards ceremony opens in search of growing power

In December 13, 2019, the 2020 China Motor Taurus prize presentation ceremony and the "family car dismantling evaluation standard" conference organized by oxcart network was held in Beijing. Over thirty top car companies, ten industry and institut

NextCarwin @ 2019/12/15

November BBA sales interpretation who can be the top tier luxury sales in 2019?

November has passed, and 2019 is drawing to a close. However, the car market has not been able to look forward to the "dawn" of positive growth for 16 months. On the contrary, BMW, Mercedes Benz and Audi have achieved varying degrees of growth thi

NextCarwin @ 2019/12/10

The tide of value for money, pickup truck, commercial vehicle, test drive, Futian Rizhao Road 9

The domestic pickup market is ushering in a new opportunity. For this, various car companies have launched their own multiplex pickup models. However, there are few enterprises that have pickup culture in China. After Futian motor launched its first sunsh

NextCarwin @ 2019/12/08

Can new ideas become persuasive? GAC Honda Hao shadow listing for sale 169 thousand and 800 yuan

Cattle car news: November 30th, Guangzhou Honda Hao shadow officially listed, the new car launched a total of 11 models, the guidance price of 16.98-25.28 million. GAC Honda Hau as the sister model of Dongfeng Honda CR-V, the pace of its arrival is ten ye

NextCarwin @ 2019/12/01