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It's better to have a cloud disco than to wait for the new day of Le Xia

In the middle of summer, the second season of "band's summer", which was ridiculed as "the autumn of the band", finally aired in anticipation. The program has been updated for two weeks, and 22 of the 33 bands have appeared. With the r

MadameFigaro @ 2020/08/07

Exclusive interview with Chen Kun after losing 20 jin, don't come to see it soon!

After a period of time to see Chen Kun again, I can't help feeling familiar and strange. He lost 20 jin, his eyes were more sharp, and his edges and corners became more and more clear. In July, the storm did not abate, but Chen Kun was still in the gl

MadameFigaro @ 2020/07/30

All efforts to open wheat (sell)! Direct seeding regiment is coming soon. Who do you want to go to C for pick?

This year this 618 is very different, because the reason of the epidemic changed many people's outlook on life and consumption. In the first half of 2020, brand merchants met Waterloo badly. In the current situation, they may not be insured in the sec

MadameFigaro @ 2020/06/19

You get a white shirt from the wind and waves.

"If you ask me what my favorite fashion invention is, I will say" white shirt ". For me, white shirts are the foundation of everything. " Karl Lagerfeld white shirt is the simplest and simplest single item, just as Lord Buddha once said, &

MadameFigaro @ 2020/06/15

520 sisters' Declaration of love

When Qing you 2 and create 3 of the younger sister need a neat smile to greet the producers, before the first stage of the Hunan TV station, "the sister of the wind and waves" is not popular for everyone. In the absence of the broadcast, it will r

MadameFigaro @ 2020/05/21

Still curious about the secret of the electric circuit circle? Take you into the multi life of three beautiful women commentators...

There are always some fans who have been delayed by the performing arts, such as Zhang Binbin, who quit the League for the art examination.

MadameFigaro @ 2020/05/14

MET changed NET, GALA cloud opened business bleak

In the early May, the busiest days of media circles and fashion circles were in the early May. There are also many real and famous celebrities in the country trying to squeeze out a ticket to squeeze in the self timer to emphasize their own industry. This

MadameFigaro @ 2020/05/06

A wardrobe upgrade guide tailored for you, please check (5.05-5.10).

Eva teacher's star suggests that early this week, because the moon enters Scorpio and Pluto is retrograde, it is prone to emotional fluctuations. It needs to be tolerant and pursue long-term career and interpersonal relationships. Scorpio and Scorpio

MadameFigaro @ 2020/05/03

After the first small holiday after the resumption of work, how can we get out of the house?

The first 1 days of the countdown will be the first holiday after work. Do you have any good plans?

MadameFigaro @ 2020/04/30

The cover story is: living in the present.

Just after the end of the meeting, Chinese fans hurried back to Korea. After a short rest, I came to the studio, making up, modeling and shooting. Upstairs and downstairs busy. He is meticulous in his work, and he doesn't forget to talk with his staff

MadameFigaro @ 2020/04/27

One week, there are no new shoes. How do we go to spring (3.23 - 3.29)?

Recently, the weather has improved, and most people's sleep quality has improved. The good news in life is continuous, for example, people in the workplace have the chance to get a promotion and pay rise, and people who are often unstable are also ver

MadameFigaro @ 2020/03/22

DIOR Dior courtesy of White Valentine's day, the response of love is a "fragrant" companion.

The ideal love looks like love. One word, one word, one eye, one eye, the same from each other, to each other's indulgence... At first sight, love at first sight, and gentle companionship, the deep love like this game is no longer a pull, but a dedica

MadameFigaro @ 2020/03/12

What does the hero League official beauty do for people to wear?

What is the most difficult ticket to get? The inside ticket for the love bean concert? Or did you just open the ticket page and jump out of the "502 Bad Gateway" LPL league tournament? Even though you may not be able to visit the LPL league tourna

MadameFigaro @ 2020/03/07

1223-1229, the earth signs will work hard to find new and better opportunities for work and relationships, get out of the depressed mood, increase the momentum of action, and significantly enhance the

Astrology and ascension indicate that the sun enters Capricorn this week, and many people will begin to sum up their gains and losses this year. In terms of money, they are eager to raise money and save money and worry too much about their health. The moo

MadameFigaro @ 2019/12/22

Warm and fashionable, down jacket is the best for you.

Gradually into the winter, the cold wind is blowing up, we are all shudder, trembling, trying every means to keep warm. Sweaters, gloves, hats, cotton boots, down garments, all those who can resist the cold, go all the way, but what kind of collocation is

MadameFigaro @ 2019/12/19

Behind the annual ceremony, the little secrets of the stars

"Zheng Xiujing temperament", "Ho Sui Wan", "Zheng Shuangmei red shoulder skirt", a few Tag does not seem to have any connection, but who wants to be behind the scenes BOSS is "hot galo fashion ceremony" this hot search outp

MadameFigaro @ 2019/12/16

1216-1222 this week, we are collective sensitive, the moon is in cancer, and Jupiter is opposed to Jupiter.

Fortune is only predicted by the combination of celestial phenomena and Tarot. It is a general probability, but it does not mean that it can not be changed, nor does it mean that all of us are just a reminder of energy. This week, the moon falls in cancer

MadameFigaro @ 2019/12/14

Why did the media create 4 billion reading volume of the whole network overnight?

Poster visual design: international famous graphic designer He Jianping / hesign12 7 days, Madame Figaro Fashion Festival held successfully in Beijing, creating 10 hot topics, such as "the galaro Fashion Festival", "Zheng Shuangmei red shoulde

MadameFigaro @ 2019/12/11

New age of style vanguard era: MadameFigaro fashion ceremony, writing brilliant chapter

Retrospective style pioneer, witness the new age. Coincides with the 70 birthday of the motherland, we stand in the tide of the times, looking back on the development of Chinese style in the inheritance, looking forward to the breakthrough in the age of s

MadameFigaro @ 2019/12/09

Winter fashion girls must have a single product, accessories help you "not simple".

Do you feel that every time you lose look, what is missing? The most indispensable part of winter sunken shape is still accessories. Heavy clothing also needs to add some unique ornaments. Even the basic dress can not look so boring. Here are some of the

MadameFigaro @ 2019/12/07