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With the door open, it didn't take long to run a bold cat.

Not long after driving the door, a daring cat ran into the car without fear of any birth. Meow: Well, Mercedes Benz, I think it's OK. Let's go with him.

Lmaogou @ 2019/12/22

Samoye helped the little owner to quilt the quilt. Sleep also nest bedside guard, let the owner moved

Accompanied by 2 Wang Xing people, my sister's childhood is definitely not alone. Samoye's "milk" and the "Mocha" for the first time to see the newly born younger sister, they are very curious about the new member. Milk is a super

Lmaogou @ 2019/12/21

The little cat was furious in the hospital: didn't you see that people were angry when they knocked on Lima?

In the animal hospital, a rescued cat was greeted. The little guy was so fierce at first that he didn't touch it. Do you still want your hands? As a result, the momentum lasted for only 3 seconds. There seems to be a little Su Hu... Once stopped, the

Lmaogou @ 2019/12/20

The cat thought that the owner was taking pictures of him, and he did not dare to move.

Most cats like to avoid cameras, but the Sasa family's cat's leaflet is a little different. One day, Sasa's daughter was drinking milk in the living room while playing with her cell phone. As a result, the leaf carelessly jumped up to the tabl

Lmaogou @ 2019/12/19

19 secrets that a man never told you

How many secrets are there hidden in a meow star? There are only 19 at present. 01, cats are the most sleepy mammals. Most cats sleep about 16 hours a day. 02, cats can't taste sweet. Cats are unable to taste sweetness due to genetic defects, which al

Lmaogou @ 2019/12/18

When the mother lost her beloved son, she felt blue to eat or drink. But when these young cats appeared, it changed completely.

Sometimes the best way to lose is to have it again! Butterfly dog Greta was unhappy after losing her beloved son. He began to eat and drink. He always wanted to rush out of the house to find his beloved son. But the appearance of these three little kitten

Lmaogou @ 2019/12/17

An ordinary cat was rescued on the freeway, and won the prize in a half year later.

Catherine, a master in Malaysia, recently took the cat, "sister", to participate in the competition. Originally, she was in a playful mood. She did not expect to win the prize. It made her feel proud and happy. It also proved that the cat was real

Lmaogou @ 2019/12/14

The cat cat ran home with a few kittens, and saw that it would not work without any shelter.

The cat cat ran home with a few kittens and looked at it. It looked like a nest of husky.

Lmaogou @ 2019/12/13

The owner forgot to prepare dog food for the dog before he went out. He came back to see this scene and regretted it.

A netizen went to a friend's house in the morning to play with his friends. He planned to go home at night, but finally he drank too much and slept directly at his friend's house until he came home second days later. When he saw this scene, he rea

Lmaogou @ 2019/12/07

The little cat burst out of its way from climbing the cat rack.

Little tail wants to grab a handful!

Lmaogou @ 2019/12/06

When Grandpa was ill and ill tempered, and a netizen adopted a cat to give him, the miracle happened.

Instead of buying, he used to spread out to his net friend's grandfather, who was 94 years old. But because of his illness, his temper became very bad, and his life began to become less enthusiastic. He felt that life had no support, no fun, and began

Lmaogou @ 2019/11/05

You know what? Little milk meow will do this at the time of breast feeding.

After all these years, the secret that has never been discovered has finally been answered today. I would like to pinch this little fan to the fan, the cerebellum axe, drink neinei~ ears and fans, and drink more fragrant.

Lmaogou @ 2019/10/09

The novice father practise the scarf, and see that the cat is super cooperative, making people laugh and complain: the anger is overweight!

Exercise packs baby, start with pets! The baby is about to give birth next month. In order to learn the scarf, the husband takes the 3 year old cat "ah tou" to start the knife. I saw my father in a hurry to fold the towels, while the cat stars wer

Lmaogou @ 2019/10/06

Who says Samoye is a smiling angel? Two, same as Husky 10 Fen.

Samoye is absolutely the most popular species in all dog breeds. It is natural and harmless. Smiling faces all day is a good companion for life. This guy is a cousin of two ha. The two is the same. To take the bus with the owner, lock it at a glance! Rare

Lmaogou @ 2019/08/10

These movements are difficult for people to perform, but they are easy for dogs.

Dog's talent in yoga is estimated to make many people feel ashamed. As a master, you sometimes envy your dog for a long time, and you can't do it for a long time. The dogs in your minute do better than you, and you feel like you are not as good as

Lmaogou @ 2019/05/25

Recently, the new owner had a little cat, but the cat didn't want to live in the original every day to be such a bully!

Recently, the new owner had a little cat cat but didn't want to live every day to be like the original bully! The original live cat or small leopard cat 2 times more than it was in the following, the leopard is to ride are bad? By/FB/ Zheng Kunsheng N

Lmaogou @ 2019/04/04

Full of joy and a cat rushed home, the results entered home to see this scene.

Full of joy and a cat rushed home, the home is like this... Cat and sprinkle water on the ground, next to a cat in the face of indifference. The cat that come to see, but did not seem to feel what is wrong. How do you say? Online, do not worry.

Lmaogou @ 2019/04/04

Japanese cat Temple lived more than 30 cats, but also more than a monk, want to cheat me again to become a monk?

In the island of Fukui Prefecture have temple called imperial temple was born here because the cat up to more than 30 more than the temple monks so also known as the "cat Temple" built at the beginning of a small cat broke into the life of Jackson

Lmaogou @ 2019/03/29

This is embarrassing world traffic accident meow!!!

Five meow user home on high play a didn't obey the traffic rules meow suddenly midway scene suddenly lost control... This unconventional driver is probably female. Meow meow!!! ☟

Lmaogou @ 2019/03/25