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Eat alone and VS share meals with people. What's the change of your appetite? Japanese scientists did an experiment.

Have you ever had this experience: when you have a dinner with a friend, you feel that a dish is very tasty, until later you have eaten the same meal, but you don't taste so fragrant. Why do we feel more delicious and eat more when we eat with friends

LT0385 @ 2020/05/28

Insomnia really hurts heart! Nearly 50 thousand people study: those who sleep more than three times a week are more dangerous.

It is not so easy for modern people to sleep well. During the day, they sleep in the bus, subway or even the movie theater. They sleep in bed in the evening. Long term insomnia not only affects daily work and life, but also brings great harm to health. On

LT0385 @ 2020/05/27

Fat should also be "fat" to the place! European Journal of Cardiology: fat distribution affects cardiovascular risk

Some people are accustomed to using weight to measure their weight and health. They think that weight is healthy within the standard range. In fact, people with the same weight may have very big differences in body fat distribution, and health risks are d

LT0385 @ 2020/05/24

The CDC has discovered 4 kinds of "flavour", so that mosquitoes can't go to your mouth.

In the season of mosquitoes, when I go out for a stroll, there are many red and itchy bags. I can't sleep well in the evening. Some people use all kinds of mosquito repellent methods, or they can't escape the fate of being bitten. Life times (WeCh

LT0385 @ 2020/05/22

People who snoring please pay attention: this kind of "fat" in your blood may exceed the standard.

Late at night, when TA around is snoring, will you choose to stretch your hand to wake up TA, or do you want to change rooms and sleep? Perhaps you have been accustomed to sleeping snoring, and sometimes envy that they can "sleep so well". But in

LT0385 @ 2020/05/14

If your "negative emotions" exceed the standard, you might as well do 15 trivial things to clear up the garbage.

People often use "detoxification" to show that harmful substances are removed. In fact, besides the body, there are many toxic and harmful emotions and thoughts in our mind and mind. If we do not "detoxify" in time, it will affect work lif

LT0385 @ 2020/04/28

Why can food give comfort? These 8 foods have "happiness magic".

For many people, angry, depressed, sad... For every difficult moment, "tasty" will never be absent. Because they think there is nothing in the world that can not be solved by food, and if there is, it will be two. Why can food give such great comf

LT0385 @ 2020/04/27

A 10 year study shows how simple it is to raise diabetes.

Diabetes is often referred to as a "sweet burden". It is a chronic disease, such as long-term control of blood sugar is not good, the body system will be damaged, but also relatively easy to infect bacteria, viruses and other pathogens. According

LT0385 @ 2020/04/24

What are the consequences of sleeping on an empty stomach? 4 ways to relieve hunger

Every starving night seems to be a betrayal of delicious food. Obviously the same food will become more attractive and occupy your mind at night, the more you want to be hungry... Should I be hungry before going to bed? Life times (WeChat's internal s

LT0385 @ 2020/04/20

Bad mood deforms the heart. Your heart may be hurt when you are sad.

Quarrel with your spouse, be criticized by the leader, be angry with your parents, tutor childish and feel sick. Sometimes no one will provoke us, there will still be all sorts of bad things - work is not done well, procrastination is late, even catching

LT0385 @ 2020/04/16

Q: why do I always feel tired?

Do you have the feeling that every day you do not do any physical work, but your back aches and aches and pains, and your body is weak. During the day, you will be sleepy and depressed, and feel sleepy and sleepy all day. The sense of exhaustion seems to

LT0385 @ 2020/04/16

The Journal of the American Medical Association published 40 years' research: why do cardiovascular diseases favor women?

Most women do not smoke, do not drink, and have no bad habits. People have always believed that the risk of cardiovascular disease is lower than that of men. But in fact, women's blood vessels are aging faster than men, and the risk of cardiovascular

LT0385 @ 2020/04/10

Nutrition experts to solve the lunch problem of office workers

Two months of "epidemic" achieved initial success, and most of them returned to normal work life. For office workers, one of the biggest worries in the near future is what to eat and how to eat for lunch. Take out the order, prepare meals, deliver

LT0385 @ 2020/04/09

The national team coach's "healthy riding guide" allows the body to "ride" out of 6 changes.

The new coronavirus pneumonia related science popularization (up and down slide) is one of the most serious countries in Europe. Why is the mortality rate high in Italy? Will there be "two outbreaks" in China? The first authoritative expert to res

LT0385 @ 2020/04/08

Those who have these 5 kinds of symptoms during the epidemic are deficient in vitamin D balance in your body.

For many people, the biggest contribution during the epidemic is probably "shut down". But not going out also brings a problem: we can not catch the sun. You know, vitamin D is known as "sunshine vitamin", which does not catch the sun, whi

LT0385 @ 2020/03/25

Japanese program test: This is the most dirty place in the office, but the toilet is the cleanest.

Recently, many people have returned to their jobs, but because the epidemic has not subsided, the crowded office space may also become the spread place of the virus. Where do you attach large quantities of bacteria to your office? Where is the high risk a

LT0385 @ 2020/03/24

The virus is mutated. Is it easier to get infected?

During the twentieth phase of the epidemic, the life times has launched a new "epidemic medicine consultation" column, focusing on the "new pneumonia epidemic situation caused by coronavirus". Unite as one, unite as one, win the epidemic p

LT0385 @ 2020/03/14

"Doctor, my temperature is always low. Is this a disease?"

"35.8 degrees", "low body temperature, is it a physical problem?" "Why is my body temperature lower than others?" "Doctor, does low body temperature mean low immunity?" In March 11th, this newspaper reported that "37 de

LT0385 @ 2020/03/13

Dr. Zhang Wenhong called you to open the window! Take this "ventilation timetable" during the epidemic season.

At present, the concept of "wearing masks and washing hands frequently" has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, but there is one thing that is of equal importance to them. How important is windowing ventilation? Zhang Wenhong, director

LT0385 @ 2020/03/09

Every person who is fed up with his family's meals is going to "transform" home cooking with 5 tips from a nutritionist.

The sudden outbreak made many people stop the pace of going out, and set off an upsurge of cooking at home. After cooking and cooking, focus on every step of washing, cutting, stir frying, steaming, cooking and frying in order to feel a little bit of unha

LT0385 @ 2020/03/07