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Are you sure 003 doesn't have ship 2?

With the US aircraft carriers frequently "acting as demons" in the South China Sea recently, the progress of China's latest aircraft carrier construction has attracted much attention! It is reported that the upper part of the dock and the lowe

JUNWUKU @ 2020/08/07

There are 2 aircraft carriers, 10 amphibious ships and 40 shields. Why is the strength still limited in the offshore?

In fact, as early as 2000, the assessment report submitted by military experts of superpowers has pointed out that: within the first island chain of Western Pacific, even if the superpower and all the subordinate countries gather all the fleets, there is

JUNWUKU @ 2020/08/04

Eight df21d to ensure sinking of a Nimitz class aircraft carrier?

Some people have calculated that the probability of a single df21d sinking an aircraft carrier is about 12.5%, so someone immediately concluded that only eight df21d rounds can sink an aircraft carrier. However, according to the supercomputing simulation

JUNWUKU @ 2020/08/01

On the day of the fall of the Star Spangled Banner, China has no choice but to win!

If you ask me where you want to go, the paper boat is burning in the sky. ——Mao Zedong. Seven laws. Send the plague God. 6:18, July 27, 2020. With the withdrawal of the last group of US diplomats, the US flag, which had been flying on the US Consulate Gen

JUNWUKU @ 2020/07/31

Aircraft carrier with dock cabin, a little panic in Guam!

Before we get to the point, let's talk about the tactics in the history of the Navy. If we put aside the justice of war and look at the strategy and tactics alone, the effect of the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor in those years must be better than that

JUNWUKU @ 2020/07/30

China's all-round counterattack! Three directions, let the United States pay the price for anti China!

Article source: Guoshi observation network friends come to drink, jackals to have shotguns! In recent days, the US attack on China has reached a new climax. Judging from the series of Anti China actions of the United States, the United States is trying to

JUNWUKU @ 2020/07/26

After two years, the United States has made a comeback in this strategy, and China's recruitment has become stronger!

Recently, China and Cambodia have completed a major event: on July 20, the business departments of China and Cambodia issued a joint statement to jointly announce the completion of the negotiation of China Cambodia free trade agreement, and the free trade

JUNWUKU @ 2020/07/26

We are determined to build four amphibious ships in the world!

In recent two years, it can be said that amphibious assault ships have been in a "boom" year! There is no other reason: in the past, the 40000 ton amphibious assault ships, whether Tarawa or wasp, up to the latest US class, seemed to be regarded a

JUNWUKU @ 2020/07/24

Within a week, the United States is confronting large-scale escalation, and China is brewing a big move!

Since this week, the trump government's reactionary actions against China have risen to a new height: from issuing the so-called "South China Sea declaration" to coercing the British government to withdraw Huawei; from restricting the visa of

JUNWUKU @ 2020/07/22

become frenzied! The United States wants to issue the strongest ban in the world, targeting 360 million Chinese!

The U.S. government is crazy and talks crazy all day long. It is also preparing to make some extremely crazy ideas the national policy of the United States! According to US media leaks, the trump administration is brewing a crazy plan. The United States i

JUNWUKU @ 2020/07/20

Here comes the wolf! The target is the South China Sea, China has no "allies"!

The South China Sea will determine the final outcome of the global game between China and the United States! Australia will take part in the naval exercise for the first time. In the past, only three countries participated in the exercise, namely, the Uni

JUNWUKU @ 2020/07/19

The warship explodes and fires! Unveil the shortcomings of the super power Navy, which is more than 50 years behind the advanced level!

It seems to be a coincidence, but in fact it is inevitable. The author has said more than once that the infrastructure of the super power navy has seriously hindered the further development of the superpower Navy. For example, the major ports and waterway

JUNWUKU @ 2020/07/18

21 trillion dollars missing, fleet commander recruiting prostitutes, elite troops being wiped out... The U.S. military is sliding into the abyss

How to measure directly whether a country is in decline? The answer is the army! Sun Bing, the beginning of the chapter, said: soldiers, the major events of the country, the place of life and death, the way of survival, can not be ignored. In the view of

JUNWUKU @ 2020/07/18

9 space "aircraft carriers" encircle, the global dynamic has a panoramic view!

The military law says: knowing the enemy and confidant is invincible in a hundred battles; if you don't know the enemy and confidant, you will win and lose; if you don't know the enemy, you will lose every battle! In the information age, the numbe

JUNWUKU @ 2020/07/15

China is not afraid of threats and pressure when us two aircraft carriers demonstrate their force in the South China Sea exercise!

Foreign media noted that two US aircraft carriers sailed into the South China Sea on the 4th to carry out what Navy officials call "freedom of navigation" while the Chinese navy is holding exercises nearby. Experts see the Pentagon's actions a

JUNWUKU @ 2020/07/12

Three strikes! China's foreign ministry strikes back at the United States!

The era of biting teeth and enduring humiliation is gone forever! In recent days, China's Ministry of foreign affairs has struck back at the United States three times in a row, and will no longer tolerate arbitrary bullying by the United States. Once

JUNWUKU @ 2020/07/11

The United States is addicted to "withdrawal". What can it do to maintain its global hegemony?

America is out of the pack again! This time, the World Health Organization is withdrawing. The World Health Organization (who) is a pure international medical mutual aid organization with almost no political bias. However, in response to the new epidemic

JUNWUKU @ 2020/07/10

Boom 20's first flight is just around the corner, and suddenly boom 21?

The fl6x transonic wind tunnel is a great breakthrough: its inner diameter is more than 2.8 meters, and the blowing model can achieve a ratio of 10:1 or more to the future solid machine. For example, if the real 6-generation aircraft in the future has a w

JUNWUKU @ 2020/07/10

Feng Shui turns! On the day of independence, the US military will abandon

On July 4, two USN Aircraft carrier battle groups, Nimitz and Reagan, launched exercises in the South China Sea. The Pentagon declared that it would celebrate the motherland's independence day with "unparalleled maritime strength". In the face

JUNWUKU @ 2020/07/08

A major change: the global strategy of the United States has been upgraded comprehensively. China needs to be vigilant.

In recent times, when most people focus on the southwest, the Pacific is bustling. The first is the Pacific deterrence plan. In June 11th, the US Congress voted 25 votes and 2 votes against it. It passed a US $740 billion defense strategy bill. Its covera

JUNWUKU @ 2020/07/06