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Amazing! Evergrande Automobile Base

Xu Jiayin and the first-line technical backbone exchange intelligent base, efficiency and quality go hand in hand, the two bases everywhere reflect the strength of the world's advanced intelligent manufacturing, here are in accordance with the industr

InternetXX @ 2020/08/10

The blue cursor reached a strategic cooperation with Shenzhou taeyue, and explored the new 5G news and new mode with the blue label online as the carrier.

In June 30th, the blue cursor signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shenzhou taeyue. The two sides announced a strategic cooperation in the 5G information business, mainly based on the blue stop cursor independently developed online marketing plat

InternetXX @ 2020/07/01

Can you book train tickets without downloading APP? The first batch of users to taste 5G news, Guangdong mobile business process accelerated

The two major troubles of the contemporary mobile party are: there is no network, and two is lack of memory. More and more APP, more and more caches, more and more mobile phones, the experience is getting worse. The wife is so hard! Is there any other sol

InternetXX @ 2020/06/06

Enjoy unlimited travel

What factors do you need to have high performance price ratio for grade a pure electric SUV vehicle? Large space, high endurance, strong control can not be less, at the same time, high allocation and low price...... Chery new energy tiger e super value ve

InternetXX @ 2020/04/25

On the enterprise transformation line, how to innovate the credit scene to help netizens make judgments and dispel doubts?

01 an epidemic that has spread throughout the country and around the world has brought numerous impacts to thousands of people and enterprises. In China, the outbreak of the outbreak in February, and by March, the new diagnosis gradually declined steadily

InternetXX @ 2020/03/13

The new power of industry Internet: sun printing network can empower traditional industries and reconstruct industrial value chain.

2018 from the second half of the year, the concept of industrial Internet is rampant. Since then, from the government to the head enterprises, from the platform to the traditional industries, more and more players have begun to focus their attention on th

InternetXX @ 2019/09/25

The wandering earth black technology, can blow the whole 2019!

The beginning of the article, we may wish to open a hole in the brain, if one day the sun exploded, what about the earth? What do we do? The answer is very simple, everyone is done. That humans can only wait for death? Not at all! Ordinary people think of

InternetXX @ 2019/02/19

Tencent tried to document and Kingsoft WPS document, I immediately made a choice

Admittedly, the Internet has become an irreplaceable part of people's life, and the intelligent office software for many white-collar workers and needs, is essential. In 2018 WPS Office users "white paper" in the survey, more than half of WPS

InternetXX @ 2018/12/08

The focus of the audience, not even her!

Jiangnan Water Village Wuzhen, brought together again in the eyes of the world. The red anchor outstanding temperament, stunning the audience. But the focus is not China her ~ to reporters in the booth with the blue China Telecom 5G finger robot interacti

InternetXX @ 2018/11/08

The wisdom of the hotel industry promotion will be held in Guangzhou, to improve the level of intelligent power Guangdong hotel industry

10 26 April morning, wisdom Hotel, Wyatt enjoy the future of the hotel industry promotion will be held at the China Mobile southern base, the meeting by the China Mobile Guangdong company, Guangzhou branch sponsors, on behalf of the Guangzhou Municipal Pu

InternetXX @ 2018/10/27

"The number of poly Guangdong, Yun Kai future" Guangdong mobile cloud for millions of enterprises brought 2018 strongest Internet Conference

2018 Guangdong Internet Conference will be the grand opening of the Guangzhou Pazhou poly World Trade Expo in 11 2-3 april. As the world's leading Internet industry blockbuster event, this session of the general assembly to "intelligent fusion Joy

InternetXX @ 2018/10/24

Return to the SONY stadium launched a new version of the Aibo robot

Tencent digital news (Jia He) Sony will return to the Android Market, it is ready to launch a new version of Aibo, Aibo is a household robot, look a bit like a puppy. Aibo dog robots first launched in 1999, discontinued in 2006, because SONY wants to cut

InternetXX @ 2018/08/22