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How can you wear shorts to be cool and handsome?

The weather is hot, and it is the season for shorts. For various reasons, shorts for men's compatriots are a worrying area. Sometimes, I really feel the secret elder sister wants to frighten girls away, a pair of shorts is enough -- either the style i

IHOTMEN @ 2020/05/10

Amy Khaki style boys love more and more.

It's 2020. Should Amy Khaki go out of the loop? The book said last time, we chatted and talked about the delicacy of the tooling boots, and mentioned the Amy Khaki style. Incidentally, in recent years, in the streets of Shanghai, Beijing, her elder si

IHOTMEN @ 2020/04/20

There are bikini girls and hot dancers everywhere. How interesting are they?

The garden is run by girls wearing bikini, sexy hot dancers. The class is not half naked men. They are girls who wear only underwear. They create the atmosphere at any time and anywhere. Such a ridiculous and happy life is the daily life of a university.

IHOTMEN @ 2020/04/15

My eighth years as a spare tire.

About 10 years ago, when the Korean drama was in full swing, the word "warm man" appeared and became popular quickly. Most of them are such a kind of people, with good mind and good character, and cook well in chicken soup. Before girls begin thei

IHOTMEN @ 2019/12/22

Christmas gifts: send these gifts to protect you from the new year.

The 10 day is Christmas. It's terrible. I have always been very fond of this holiday. First, there is no cultural soil, many people even "Christmas" are not correct, nor do they know what to do. Two, the good wishes for the new year have been

IHOTMEN @ 2019/12/15

To master these 3 tips, the chance of success is 80%.

Taste is basically a pass for men to travel. Whether it's for clients to talk about cooperation, promotions, pay increases or dating girls, a man with a good man's card is worth 80%. But to taste this is a metaphysics. It involves all aspects. Lis

IHOTMEN @ 2019/12/04

The most hard part of the spy play is on Wang Ou's girl.

As the saying goes, "man is iron, rice is steel, and he is hungry without eating." But recently, it was discovered that at noon, the little partners around them were not anxious to take away the food. They would rather eat less and catch up with a

IHOTMEN @ 2019/11/27

Microsoft has been working on a four-day week, and Luo Yonghao can't do it after that.

The world of direct men is wonderful. The world events seem to have increased four on and three on productivity in Japan. 40%, Microsoft Japan first worked four days a week (three weeks off) to resist potential employees' overwork.

IHOTMEN @ 2019/11/09

No iron can increase muscle hormones, and a garment can do it.

On a sunny day and in a clear sky, riding a beloved motorcycle, wearing a fur lined with male hormones. The throttle is twisted, enjoying the freedom and pleasure brought by 80 miles. This shape passes across the street, and the ugly face can earn a 90% r

IHOTMEN @ 2019/11/06

What kind of ass do girls like to play?

Before the book came back, before the secret elder sister and everyone talked about the men's lower body size, it was quite unforgettable. So today I want to further deepen this field and talk about the next topic: jeans. In my aesthetic system, there

IHOTMEN @ 2019/10/09

Bold prediction! The men in these hard shoes are quite long.

"Hot men" began to write dry goods, but many of them began to receive advice. The most concentrated one was: I can't control this style, but I can't help you. How can you teach me how to wear it? I can't do my hand, but I can tell you responsibly that if

IHOTMEN @ 2019/09/15

How can a man who is not handsome in his face make himself handsome at the least time?

Cover map source: ins blogger @andrehamann does not want to dress up for most men, but the cost is too high. It takes a lot of money to buy clothes, and it takes a lot of time to pick up a man's "upper body second handsome and people love" menswear. Shopp

IHOTMEN @ 2019/08/31

How do people who earn 5000 a month live a pleasant 50 thousand of their monthly salary?

Every man has experienced "intermittent poverty" when he was young. For the first time, two years ago, the venture capital elite wanted to meet the buyer's tycoon to brush off a set of luxury suit in Italy and then eat instant noodles for 3 consecutive mo

IHOTMEN @ 2019/08/24

How do you wear leather shoes like Wall Street giants?

There is a popular saying in Wall Street: never trust a man in shoes or dirty shoes. I do not know whether this sentence really exists, nor do I dare to ask. But you can't deny that, from your father to your father, and then to you, a man's life needs to

IHOTMEN @ 2019/08/18

"The greasy man tests the national uniform volume", and the last 99% men lose points.

When you mention "greasy" two words, most people will connect with "middle-aged men". But the greasy eyes of girls have nothing to do with age. It's a habit of behavior. Whether college students or veteran cadres are likely to get greasy bad habits. Secre

IHOTMEN @ 2019/08/04

Men want to marry? 8090's Hollywood goddess of water.

A few days ago to do "in those years the goddess", the background message is pretty "passion". Which also mentioned a lot of the same period of Hollywood beauty, look at your approval? Compared to the domestic goddess, which type do you lo

IHOTMEN @ 2019/04/15

Got a good hand sister lords are actually left the big head back

The old man before seeing you message, said want to know how to engage in oil head back? Today I will give you an already popular long hair: POMPADOUR (Pang Bidu), but it is actually a plane hair ancestor, one of the hair Beckham is also often used, can a

IHOTMEN @ 2019/04/14

The workplace has become only a distance BOSS a walk in the difference between equipment & Travel

Where do you intend to holiday? Only four days (one might spell, false) is likely to go to a different city, across different climate and time zones, so that the original short trip become more troublesome, especially before starting to pack clothes collo

IHOTMEN @ 2019/04/12

Qingming small holiday dress and what kind of woman out of the waves?

Not every morning wake up your alarm clock, but the posture. Hey Boy, Qingming holiday, to take you home girl where the waves? The most suitable for the summer holiday, the boys went out to play on what not to wear the T-shirt, shirt, T-shirt is some rott

IHOTMEN @ 2019/04/02

How to do in order to become a qualified "blue" friends.

Not every morning wake up your alarm clock, but the posture. Likely the blue shirt is still relatively high, but sometimes see others wear than you attractive aside Yan values, figure is not to talk about, this is why? Only know why, we can let oneself in

IHOTMEN @ 2019/03/18