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German news: Germany and the United States have to wait and see even if the US changes to a president.

The United States was originally the most important partner of Germany outside the European Union. However, since Trump took office, the German American relationship has been on the low side. Not only did Trump never make a formal state visit to Germany,

GermanReport @ 2020/06/30

German news "five eyes alliance" real hammer information confirmed that the virus is not from the laboratory! Trump's "theory of origin of China" was hit

Since the outbreak of the new crown virus, the Trump administration in the United States has continuously strengthened the argument that the new crown virus originated in Wuhan laboratory. Secretary of state Pompeio declared last Sunday that "a large

GermanReport @ 2020/05/06

German news, vaccines, special effects... German researchers are racing with death!

German virologists predict that if no measures are taken, including no vaccine, Germany will have 60% to 70% of the population infected with the new crown virus, that is, about 50 million people. According to the current mortality rate of nearly 0.5% in G

GermanReport @ 2020/03/27

Tens of thousands of refugees in Germany are hitting the EU border. Greece and Turkey can tear tear gas to the end of the world.

More than just the epidemic, Europe is facing tens of thousands of refugees who are hitting the border. El, President of Turkey, who threatened to open the gates many times, finally put it into practice in February 29th, announcing that it could not cope

GermanReport @ 2020/03/04

German news, Germany Telecom chose HUAWEI! Telef Nica plans to let HUAWEI partner NOKIA to build the German 5G network.

Although the German government is still fiercely debating whether to exclude HUAWEI from its 5G network construction, telecom operators have taken the lead in voting: 11, one of Germany's three major telecom operators, Telef Nica Nica, announced an in

GermanReport @ 2019/12/13

German news "lost to China!" German children's education is bright red, and reading and computing ability is all behind.

"The youngster is strong and the country strong", and for the future of our country, Germany now obviously needs to worry about its own teenagers. On the morning of 4, the OECD announced the 2018 annual survey data of the International Student Ass

GermanReport @ 2019/12/05

German news, Ninth countdown to the China Europe Business recruitment fair! Site signing takes offer! Tickets for SinoJobs Career Days are available free of charge within a limited time.

What else do you think about? What is hesitant? Just thinking? Is it useful? SinoJobs Career Days China Europe Business recruitment meeting, are you coming? In November 6, 2019, 10:00-17:00B1Bennigsen-Platz 140474 D u sseldorf2019 November 8

GermanReport @ 2019/10/29

German news agency plans to give birth to you in Germany, you need her! Germany improves the entry threshold of midwives.

According to Der Spiegel weekly, the German Bundestag passed two new educational reform regulations on Thursday. According to the new regulation, the professional and psychotherapy specialty of midwives in Germany will be included in the university educat

GermanReport @ 2019/09/28

German press, the Chinese Embassy in Germany, convened a media briefing on Hong Kong related issues. Ambassador Wu asked ambassador to speak frequently.

Before the beginning of the briefing, the Chinese and foreign journalists were seated at the meeting site. The media set up equipment, and the attendees listened carefully to the ambassador's reply (European times German Edition Guan Mengjue and Zheng Yif

GermanReport @ 2019/09/12

German news man was shot dead on the streets of Berlin, suspected to be a vicious man in the intelligence community. Is Russia playing with fire again?

Last Friday (23) around 12 noon, a murder case occurred near Berlin's little tikate park. The Georgian man Zelimkhan K., 40, was shot dead in the street. The passers-by called the police after seeing the anomaly. Soon after, a Russian man who was riding a

GermanReport @ 2019/08/28

German news, the United States threatened to withdraw troops to increase German military spending.

According to the news of Der Spiegel weekly, since the US President Donald Trump took office, the relations between Germany and the United States have become increasingly tense. The United States has repeatedly accused Germany of the low proportion of its

GermanReport @ 2019/08/10

Germany news, Africa stands for HUAWEI! German media: African Union renews cooperation agreement with HUAWEI

"HUAWEI is in the center of Sino US trade war and the whirlpool of western public opinion." the German media "Frankfurt report" published 2 days in June. Despite this, HUAWEI continued its good business development in Africa, and further e

GermanReport @ 2019/06/05

News from Germany! German media: trade war China has "super weapons". How does the United States end up?

With the gradual escalation of Sino US trade war, the outside world has been talking about the game between the two big powers. Yesterday, the German media n-TV published an article saying that in the face of the United States' extreme pressure and th

GermanReport @ 2019/06/01

Trump, German press, announced that he had postponed the implementation of the HUAWEI ban for 90 days. Sure enough, technology is hard gas.

Recently, the US government issued a ban against HUAWEI, China, causing the world's major news media to scramble to report. In a few days, HUAWEI group was blocked by a number of American chip manufacturers including Google's parent company Alphab

GermanReport @ 2019/05/22

German news | Berlin openly urged subway advertising refugee home, caused a sensation!

Since 2015, the influx of millions of refugees in Germany, has brought a series of follow-up: the local social security problems, the financial burden of rapid growth, the rapid rise of populist right-wing emerge in an endless stream...... Complain about

GermanReport @ 2019/04/30

German news | "The Belt and Road" to the German people, listen to how to say? [Video] third.

With the development of China rise, western public opinion on China more and more attention. In Europe, for Germany, "The Belt and Road" is the opportunity or challenge? Various interpretations of voices come in a throng. In the "The Belt and

GermanReport @ 2019/04/25

Life in Germany | girls best not to go to Italy alone! There's a man too......

Italy men too will tease sister...... Racial you are a girl looking for a "Roman holiday" belongs to you? As with Feinuo travel to go to Italy in a double pocket + you are afraid of being a man of Italy boys sweetheart took up the eye? Just follow

GermanReport @ 2019/04/04

German news | Germany the city the highest average wage! You choose the city?

Although Germany is a country composed mainly of small and medium-sized city, many companies also hidden in the town, but jobs are still to the large number of the city -- even the salary is higher in big city. Job site StepStone 2019 salary report shows

GermanReport @ 2019/03/27

The news of the world | Boeing 737 crash is no money to blame? Low cost airlines airliner with low security configuration is not complete

In 2018 October, Indonesia lion Airlines Boeing 737 airliner crashed on the shore to Hong Kong on the way, killing all 189 people on board. In March this year, EGYPTAIR aircraft of the same model once again the crash occurred, which caused 157 deaths. Con

GermanReport @ 2019/03/23

Life in Germany | Europe only this place, can let you eat or drink, in a daze, Ge Youtan......

Is there a month, Easter is coming. Buddies have time and excuses about going out to play. Don't know where to go? Don't drive? Too lazy to do the Raiders? Xiao Bian is too lazy to understand the mind. But don't worry, if you choose this trip

GermanReport @ 2019/03/21