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Lou Jiwei: there are lots of Ponzi financing and Ponzi investment in the primary market.

Lou Jiwei, former Minister of finance of the Ministry of finance, Sina Financial News November 2nd, the 2019 annual forum of China 50 Forum on wealth management was held in Beijing in November 2nd. Lou Jiwei, former Minister of finance, attended and deliv

FMBA2012 @ 2019/11/04

Gem 10th anniversary business on the road to you

Source: Friends of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, I heard that you also want to start a business? Millions of readers are reading bubbles, plundering and crises in the era of negative interest rates. In the second half of the economy, only one person can make m

FMBA2012 @ 2019/11/01

The Macao stock exchange programme has been reported to the Guangzhou stock exchange until or before the end of the year.

Sina reported that the eighth south of the Five Ridges forum was held in Guangzhou in October 12, 2019. He Xiaojun, party secretary and director of Guangdong provincial finance supervision and Administration Bureau, attended and delivered speeches. He Xia

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Too rare! The finance committee sets the tone two times a week. Liu He pointed out that the next stage of the financial field should focus on increasing the intensity of countercyclical regulation, an

Author: Cheng Dan source: Securities Business Council of China's financial stability and Development Commission (Finance Commission) set the tone for the current financial situation. In September 5th, the Finance Committee convened the national financial

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Why will the world enter a low growth and high turbulence mode?

Author: Li Xunlei @ source: Li Xunlei finance and investment (WeChat public number lixunlei0722) in 2019 the global interest rate cut tide, with the U.S. economy has entered the cycle of interest rate cuts, so far, more than 30 countries have cut interest

FMBA2012 @ 2019/09/06

Can we continue to lie in the era of making money? -- the deeper meaning behind the current policy trend

Source: WeChat public No. lixunlei0722, this year, signs of counter cyclical regulation of economic policies are still very obvious, such as tax reduction, fee reduction, directional reduction and so on. However, compared with previous years, the intensit

FMBA2012 @ 2019/08/30

Coping with us financial sanctions: medium-term realism and long term idealism

Author: Xu Qiyuan, Zhou Xuezhi @ source: China Financial forty forum, the deterrent force of US financial sanctions, based on the US financial hegemony, long arm jurisdiction, and coercing international financial institutions. In the visible future, there

FMBA2012 @ 2019/08/14

China will impose sanctions against US businesses involved in the sale of Taiwan weapons. What are the relevant US companies?

Source: observer Network China will impose sanctions on US businesses involved in the sale of arms. The M1A2 "Abran" main battle tank is designed by General Dynamics land systems, Inc., which is headquartered in Michigan. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

FMBA2012 @ 2019/07/13

Powell, chairman of the Federal Reserve, hinted at an open attitude to cut interest rates when necessary.

Source: Tencent securities Powell said that we are closely monitoring the impact of these developments on the US economic outlook, and as always, we will take appropriate measures to maintain economic growth, maintain the strong labor market, and bring in

FMBA2012 @ 2019/06/05

Morgan Stanley: if the United States continues to impose tariffs, the global economy is likely to enter recession in 9 months.

Source: twenty-first Century economic report: the United States has launched a trade war in many ways. In a report released in June 2nd, Chetan Ahya, chief economist and global economic director of Morgan Stanley, said that if President Trump had added 2

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The State Council announced that the 219 development zones could be listed on IPO.

Source: Investment Bank Columbia State Council announced: actively support qualified state level development and construction of the main body IPO! In addition, there are a number of major benefits to support mergers and acquisitions and support equity fi

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Wudaokou forum Guo Shuqing, silver Security Supervisor: unswervingly promote the opening up of the financial industry

Guo Shuqing (data, photo source: visual China) source: Tsinghua Wudaokou Forum Global Financial Forum today (May 25th) morning, 2019 Tsinghua Wudaokou global financial forum in the industry focus, opened in Beijing. Although Guo Shuqing, chairman of the C

FMBA2012 @ 2019/05/26

Gao Shanwen: the slowdown in China's consumption is not caused by housing prices.

Will this round of trade war, WeChat ID: Capital-nature, bring the global economy back into a new recession? Is China's historical slowdown in consumption caused by high housing prices? Gao Shanwen, chief economist of Anxin securities, in his latest s

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Li Xunlei: the differentiation trend -- how to choose investment

当不少人还在为第一季度经济数据欣喜的时候,股市却出现了回调。 This shows that the short-term data on long-term investors little expected impact, whether this year GDP growth trend is from high to low or low to high before, in my opinion, this is certainly not the turning point of the y

FMBA2012 @ 2019/05/08

The 2019 general meeting of shareholders the most complete record of Warren Buffett: 6 hours 20 highlights 50 quiz, global investors are watching last night

Taylor Chinese fund reported last night, global investors hold their breath, eyes focused on a small town in Central America Omaha. Buffett shareholders, namely Berkshire Hathaway shareholders' meeting, held annually on the first Saturday of May. For

FMBA2012 @ 2019/05/06

Xu Jinghong: from no good, not only good business

Never good, only bad business. The author, who produced finished runner up of Chinese military strategy of Chinese military strategy original article, please contact customer service: WeChat hstlkf Chinese military strategy - Chinese Hall of fame ID:hstl8

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Lei Jun investment 900 times Kuangzhuan Kara? He is late for 5 years but Lei Jun investment earn more

Author: Zhang selected source: CITIC CITIC net net lead in private equity investment, the highest risk early. Is often the single plank bridge to thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers, the opposite is very few. But high risk, high income, even i

FMBA2012 @ 2019/04/30

Southeast Asian gambling scam, was overwhelmed by the mortgage Chinese programmer, a golden age of the Internet.

When the country experienced in the winter of the Internet - programmers unemployment, young people are net loan absorbing blood, employment pressure, a magic trick is to accelerate the fermentation of Southeast asia. This is a China for programmers, for

FMBA2012 @ 2019/04/29

The central bank, silver CIRC briefing record

Source: Bank News Information Management Office of the State Council on April 25, 2019 (Thursday) morning 10 when the State Council policy held a routine briefing, please Liu Guojiang, deputy governor of the people's Bank of China Insurance Regulatory

FMBA2012 @ 2019/04/26

Zhou Qiren's "institutional cost and China's economy": Smith's life can not be ignored in China's economy.

Source: Economics Quarterly April 2017, the public number: the draft of the economist circle is read by Wang Dingding, Xue Zhaofeng, Lu Feng, Liu Shouying, Li Lihang, Wang Min, Wang Yue, Wang Yue, etc., and put forward the revision opinions, and get the a

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