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How to train SCM experts: these eight steps are essential.

Learning to use is to understand the hardware structure of MCU and the application of internal resources. In assembly or C language, the initialization settings of various functions and programming of various functions are learned. 1 the use of digital I/

EEPWweixin @ 2019/12/09

Explain the advantages of digital power supply

Compared with the traditional analog power supply, the main difference between the Digital Power digital power supply and the traditional analog power supply is the control and communication part. In applications where simple and easy to use and parameter

EEPWweixin @ 2019/11/05

If you want to play Linux, these 8 skills are indispensable.

Only after growing up a Linux engineer can we know the sadness behind the way. If you are learning Linux, then strongly recommend that you choose RHEL and Centos as the Linux release version of learning. They are the most used companies and enterprises. A

EEPWweixin @ 2019/10/24

How to choose the right PLC? These 8 steps are enough.

PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) control system, programmable logic controller, designed for industrial production, a digital operation of electronic devices. It uses a kind of programmable memory for its internal storage program, execution logic opera

EEPWweixin @ 2019/10/15

Embedded bus technology

Bus basic bus (Bus) is a common communication main line for transmitting information between various functional parts of a computer. It is a transmission wire harness consisting of wires. According to the type of information transmitted by computers, the

EEPWweixin @ 2019/10/08

In autumn October, we will meet with the Internet of things application summit to talk about the future of the industry.

How to occupy the development opportunity of the intelligent age? The 3 day dry goods, together with the industry's big coffee industry, will explore the 8 leading forums of the industry and the seamless docking of the 8 major forums. The 9 major fron

EEPWweixin @ 2019/09/25

Basic knowledge of dry goods signal generator

The basic knowledge of signal generator Signal Generator Basics I. nine skills to optimize signal generator II. Use signal generator to understand and test multi-channel radio frequency system III. Using new generation signal generator to improve amplitud

EEPWweixin @ 2019/09/06

Will HUAWEI mobile phone use the Hong Meng system in the future? There are awards for messages.

Hello everyone! Let's interact today. Of course, how to interact with each other? Prizes are also necessary. In August 9, 2019, at the HUAWEI developer conference, CEO Yu Chengdong announced that HUAWEI officially released hung Meng OS. Hung Meng system b

EEPWweixin @ 2019/08/30

A signal line, code version to meet.

Embedded system is hardware set up and software singing opera. Just like you can perform different repertoire on the same stage, after the hardware of the embedded device is completed, you can write different codes according to different functional requir

EEPWweixin @ 2019/08/28

One article understands the standardization and protocol of WSN.

Warm reminder: the length of this article is longer. It is expected that reading will take 30 minutes. The underlying standard of PHY/MAC layer standard wireless sensor network usually uses the relevant standard parts of wireless personal area network (IE

EEPWweixin @ 2019/08/26

Some basic knowledge of Linux entry

The switch mode between graphics mode and text mode Linux preset provides six command window terminals to let us login. By default, we login the first window, that is, tty1, the six windows are tty1 and tty2 respectively. Tty6, you can press Ctrl + Alt +

EEPWweixin @ 2019/08/22

On the seventh Eve, it is better to see the love of other people than to watch the festival.

A total of 8 KEE cloud classes were arranged from August to October. There will be a lesson tomorrow. It will coincide with the Tanabata KEE cloud classroom and your holidays. From three p.m. to five p.m., we will never forget. In August 7th, network oper

EEPWweixin @ 2019/08/06

SPI communication analysis of MCU communication protocol

There are three kinds of communication protocols commonly used in single chip microcomputer systems, namely, UART, I2C and SPI. SPI is the abbreviation of English Serial Peripheral Interface, as the name suggests is the serial peripheral interface. SPI is

EEPWweixin @ 2019/08/05

Choose RISC-V to make domestic chip? Do you know that it originated from the Department of defense program?

RISC-V has attracted the attention of many large companies since its birth, especially for many Chinese enterprises, because its free and open source characteristics have enabled many Chinese processor design companies to see the so-called new hope of ind

EEPWweixin @ 2019/07/10

Hass PK Silicon Valley] can HUAWEI survive the sanctions?

Recently, HUAWEI has been brushing the whole network by the United States in the "entity list" event, whether it is the industry or the people eating melon is concerned about this matter, and the mood is also fluctuating. Seeing that the US Depart

EEPWweixin @ 2019/05/31

Direct attack! Telecom infrastructure, cloud and AI Forum

In the past more than 10 years, the number of market and telecom market has been changing, leading to the development and transformation of the latest technology. With the application of 5G, artificial intelligence, VR/AR, Internet of things and autopilot

EEPWweixin @ 2019/05/21

It was the industry's first end-to-end 100G solutions.

MACOM PRISM MATP-10025B is a 100Gbps PAM-4 PHY, DSP integration and the multiplexing function, can achieve single wavelength 100Gbps optical transceiver solutions. 4x25Gbps CAUI-4 host interface with the industry standard, with the highest capacity data

EEPWweixin @ 2019/05/10

Research on the artisan spirit

Horses forage first, big disputes in the future will continue to advance science and technology, years of scientific research personnel are doomed to war, fighting in the first line of fire rumbling. Deng said that science and technology is the first prod

EEPWweixin @ 2019/05/05

Explain the difference between microprocessor and microcontroller

The central processor is a large scale integrated circuit, is the operation and control of core core computer, its main function is to explain the computer instructions and data in computer software. Including the bus operator and the cache memory and the

EEPWweixin @ 2019/04/30

In 2019 STM32 summit conference Chinese: full secret

In order to gather intelligence, creating the future "as the theme, the 2019 STM32 summit focused on artificial intelligence and computational, industry and security, cloud technology and connecting three topics. In two days of the summit, STMicroelec

EEPWweixin @ 2019/04/29