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How to allocate the start, data and stop bits of serial communication?

Serial port is the abbreviation of serial port, also known as serial communication interface or COM interface. Serial communication is a communication mode that uses serial communication protocol to transmit data bit by bit on a signal line. Serial port i

EEPWweixin @ 2020/07/10

Case study of IOT and medical electronic classic test

With the advent of the IoT Internet of Things era, with the catalysis of 5G communication, wearable devices have come to you and me. The world's major electronic consumer manufacturers have invested in related fields, such as Apple, Samsung, HUAWEI an

EEPWweixin @ 2020/06/14

RF chip working principle, super detailed explanation minute minute grasp!

A mobile phone that can support telephone, text messaging, network services and APP applications usually contains five parts: radio frequency, baseband, power management, peripherals, and software. Radio frequency: usually the part of sending and receivin

EEPWweixin @ 2020/05/27

Follow master to learn analog circuits together.

Analog circuit is a very important course in sub specialty, and many people find it difficult. Here, let's talk about the understanding of analog circuit, and I hope it can help everyone. 1 engineering thinking analog circuit is a course of engineerin

EEPWweixin @ 2020/05/19

Does hardware really have no future? Let's see what the senior engineer said.

If you are confused about the future development of hardware engineers, you might as well take a look at this article. Or dispel doubts, or encourage each other. A project manager took a hardware engineer and a software engineer together to take part in t

EEPWweixin @ 2020/05/13

Why can't Mount Everest use UAVs? Do you know the principle of UAV?

In 2020, the measurement work of Mount Everest has been started for nearly ten days. I believe many people will have a doubt: why is the technology so developed? Can't we use UAV to measure it? In May 9th, a micro-blog published by people's daily

EEPWweixin @ 2020/05/10

5G small base station RF test Symposium playback

The O-RAN alliance was founded in 2018 by China Mobile, the US AT&T, Germany Telecom, Japan NTT DOCOMO, and French Orange five operators. Its vision is to create an open, open source and intelligent high flexibility, low-cost wireless network. By the

EEPWweixin @ 2020/04/22

Seven tips for embedded development

As a formal embedded development engineer, it is an arduous process that requires developers to maintain and manage each bit and byte of the system. There are many technologies for developing highly reliable embedded systems from the well developed develo

EEPWweixin @ 2020/04/09

Is accumulator a register? What is the difference between registers, accumulators, and registers?

What is register register is a very important storage unit in IC, which is usually composed of flip flops. In IC design, registers can be divided into two categories: registers used inside the circuit and registers that serve as internal and external inte

EEPWweixin @ 2020/03/24

What is the ARM architecture? What is the difference between the X86 architecture and the ARM architecture?

What is the ARM architecture? The ARM architecture used to be called Advanced RISC Machine (earlier known as Acorn RISC Machine) is a 32 bit reduced instruction set (RISC) processor architecture, which is widely used in many embedded system designs. from

EEPWweixin @ 2020/03/12

No hard work, all of which are disguised "comfort".

If not Qi Yang sent me a certificate of purchase qualification on WeChat, I did not know that he had sold the house. My engineer's classmates did not work properly, and all the way, they got on the class and started the business. Finally, they lost th

EEPWweixin @ 2019/12/13

7 interface types commonly used in circuit design

We know that there may be some problems in data exchange between different sub modules of the circuit system, resulting in the failure of the signal to circulate in a normal and high quality way. For example, sometimes the sub modules of the circuit have

EEPWweixin @ 2019/12/12

I2C/SPI/UART/1-Wire/ parallel interface these commonly used embedded communication protocols, do you understand?

With the advent of the era of communication and computer integration, digital communication, broadband and intelligence have become the future direction of communication development. The human society has put forward higher and higher requirements for the

EEPWweixin @ 2019/12/11

How to train SCM experts: these eight steps are essential.

Learning to use is to understand the hardware structure of MCU and the application of internal resources. In assembly or C language, the initialization settings of various functions and programming of various functions are learned. 1 the use of digital I/

EEPWweixin @ 2019/12/09

Focus on the sixth Internet of things Developers Conference: the industry big coffee "generous solution", synergy help break the shackles of the industry of things.

In 2019, the Internet of things has gradually become a common concept in people's minds. With the development of animal networking industry, the application of IOT technology is increasing and the industry is booming. In December 6, 2019, it was hoste

EEPWweixin @ 2019/12/07

Intelligent connection, releasing developers unlimited potential -- the sixth IOT developers conference was held in Beijing

In December 6, 2019, the sixth IOT developers conference was held successfully at InterContinental Beijing Beichen Hotel in Beijing. The conference is hosted by IDG, the China Semiconductor society and the China Computer Society's embedded system Spec

EEPWweixin @ 2019/12/06

From coffee pot to 5G, those years of Internet of things have gone through.

The prediction of A prediction from a century ago a century ago, with the extensive commercial applications connected to the equipment in the past few years, can be affirmed that the Internet of things has become the mainstream. However, you may not know

EEPWweixin @ 2019/12/03

How to meet the challenge of the blowout type IOT industry?

In 2019, the Internet of things has gradually become a common concept in people's minds. As the country vigorously promotes the development of the Internet of things, the application of IOT technology has also increased. The following challenges are c

EEPWweixin @ 2019/11/29

Basic knowledge of bus technology (1)

The bus, in English, is called "BUS", which is the "public car" in Chinese. This is a very vivid metaphor. The bus route is certain. Any one of us can take a public bus to any of the public bus routes. If we compare human beings to electro

EEPWweixin @ 2019/11/27

RISC-V moves to Switzerland or triggering standard organization's escape from the US trend

The Sino US trade war has been going on for nearly a year, especially the US government's restrictions on Chinese companies such as HUAWEI. Many high-tech hi-tech organizations have to seek risk avoidance strategies in advance. On the one hand, they m

EEPWweixin @ 2019/11/26