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There will be four major changes in network security in 2020 and beyond.

Key message, D1 time service! The survey shows that the pace of technology and market changes will accelerate in 2020, which will affect safety technology, innovation, investment and industry development. As the end of 2019, some security analysts began t

D1Net18 @ 2019/11/04

Changing the 5 trends of multi factor authentication

Key message, D1 time service! Analysts predict that the MFA market will continue to grow, driven by more secure digital payments and coping with growing threats, phishing attacks and massive disclosure of passwords. Technical restrictions and user boycott

D1Net18 @ 2019/10/29

Challenges and benefits of edge computing security

Key message, D1 time service! Organizations that move more workload to their network edge processing need to adjust their way of protecting and managing data and devices. ABB is a multinational group headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. It focuses on rob

D1Net18 @ 2019/10/28

The safety director needs to know 5 things about internal threats.

Key message, D1 time service! Nowadays, the internal threat faced by enterprise data is still a problem that has not yet received enough attention. According to the Research Report on network security released by Deloitte-NASCIO in 2018, the main challeng

D1Net18 @ 2019/10/25

What will happen to network security personnel in the next five years?

Key message, D1 time service! Network security personnel need to prepare for the business information security officer, customer experience team security position and artificial intelligence taking over the network. When it comes to how to protect the gro

D1Net18 @ 2019/10/23

Five trends in shaping container safety in the future

Key message, D1 time service! Container adoption rate is rising steadily, especially in the production environment. NeuVector CEO Fei Huang points out five key trends that guide future directions for container safety. The Portworx industry report shows th

D1Net18 @ 2019/10/17

Internet security of Internet of things and edge computing

Key message, D1 time service! The Internet of things has unique network security considerations, and there are still many uncertainties about network security and edge computing. Ben Goodman, head of global business development at ForgeRock, said that the

D1Net18 @ 2019/10/15

Creating enterprise level security for database in cloud

Key message, D1 time service! Databases of enterprises of all sizes are often subjected to continuous network attacks. Many network intrusions are usually not detected in a longer time, which means that the database needs to be protected by passive and ac

D1Net18 @ 2019/10/12

Expert: risk analysis is the foundation of industrial Internet security.

Key message, D1 time service! The essence of safety is "no unacceptable risk". In the industrial field, risk always comes along with the development and progress of technology. Human conscious risk prevention can be traced back to the middle ages. In the

D1Net18 @ 2019/09/18

From DevOps to DevSecOps: Cloud Security

Key message, D1 time service! Cloud computing is a complex environment where different teams of organizations manage different cloud computing services and environments. The basic difference is that the cloud computing provider providing the core infrastr

D1Net18 @ 2019/09/11

Two investment companies are expected to spend $16 billion to buy Symantec.

Key message, D1 time service! Not long ago, the semiconductor giant Broadcom Corp had hoped to acquire Symantec Corp, a veteran security software manufacturer in the United States, but the negotiations did not go smoothly. Eventually, Broadcom only bought

D1Net18 @ 2019/09/09

The grim reality of cyber attacks: how to reduce risks?

Key message, D1 time service! Nowadays, the increasing vulnerability leaks sensitive enterprise information and data, which makes the business operation of enterprises face great risks, and the degree of damage caused by network attacks is even more serio

D1Net18 @ 2019/09/02

Five firewall configuration errors that need to be avoided

Key message, D1 time service! Firewall configuration errors may be as dangerous as without a firewall. People need to know five common firewall configuration errors, which will make any organization vulnerable to attack. Firewall is the main defense again

D1Net18 @ 2019/08/30

Data leakage in 2019 surged, how to prevent data leakage?

Key message, D1 time service! According to the data released by Risk Based Security, the data leakage incident reached a peak in 2019, and more than more than 3800 data leakage incidents have been found to attack enterprises or institutions, which has inc

D1Net18 @ 2019/08/28

5G era will usher in explosive growth of network security industry

Key message, D1 time service! The network security industry in the era of 5G will meet the new round of development opportunities. Reporters learned from the 19 session of the seventh Internet Security Conference (ISC2019), the relevant departments will a

D1Net18 @ 2019/08/20

Three major security strategies to help businesses face network risks

Key message, D1 time service! Data leakage and loopholes are emerging in an endless stream. These data leakage and loopholes have a great impact on the financial and reputation of the enterprise. Corporate executives seem unable to get rid of the early wa

D1Net18 @ 2019/08/16

Kubernetes security: Best Practices for enterprise deployment

Key message, D1 time service! It is impressive that Kubernetes and other container implementation and management tools enable enterprises to automate the various aspects of application deployment, resulting in amazing business gains. On the other hand, as

D1Net18 @ 2019/08/09

Enterprise information security infrastructure

Key message, D1 time service! Here are some information you need to know about the enterprise information security architecture and how to start planning. A major trend of enterprise safety is to create and adopt an enterprise information security archite

D1Net18 @ 2019/08/06

12 top cloud security threats

Key message, D1 time service! Nowadays, more and more data and applications are moving to the cloud, which brings unique challenges to information security for the organization. Many organizations will face 12 major security threats when using cloud servi

D1Net18 @ 2019/06/21

Be vigilant! Four industries need to guard against network attacks most.

Key message, D1 time service! Social dependence on Web based technology means that security professionals must resist cyber attacks and more traditional threats such as thieves or dissatisfied employees. However, cyber criminals show an unbalanced proport

D1Net18 @ 2019/06/18