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The stock price plummets, the senior management leaves, Intel company begins to enter the turbulence period?

Recently, investors who have bought Intel's stock have been more upset. Originally, intel was very beautiful, and the second quarter financial report was gratifying: its total revenue was $19.5 billion, reaching a record high. Among them, the revenue

ChinaAET @ 2020/07/28

To be clear, how much money did ADI spend on acquiring Maxim?

In the past two days, ADI's merger and acquisition of Maxim stirred up the entire electronic media circle, and everyone rushed to release the news first. However, there are different figures in the acquisition price, some say it is 20 billion US dolla

ChinaAET @ 2020/07/14

Will Hong Kong's role in global semiconductor trade change?

On June 29, the United States announced the abolition of trade differential and special treatment to Hong Kong, which aroused a thousand waves. For many years, Hong Kong has played an important role in the global semiconductor trade relying on its efficie

ChinaAET @ 2020/07/11

Pay no money? ZTE was again sanctioned by the United States, and $2 billion 300 million was fined.

Communication World Wide Web (CWW) local time 30, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) finally announced that HUAWEI and ZTE are a threat to us national security and prohibit us companies from using 8 billion 300 million US government funds to purc

ChinaAET @ 2020/07/01

Strategy Analytics: why is the United States so strongly opposed to HUAWEI?

Why is America so strongly opposed to HUAWEI? Strategy Analytics, the US analyst, said that the latest US trade restrictions against HUAWEI have only tied up the global electronics industry and Global trade. As a supporter of Trump, Ben Sasse of Nebraska

ChinaAET @ 2020/06/13

Money is tight? Purple Group intends to sell 3 stake to strategic investors by the end of the year.

A few days ago, the purple light group announced a notice that the purple light Group Co., Tsinghua Holdings Limited and Beijing Jian Kun Investment Group Co., Ltd. signed the "Cooperation Framework Agreement" with the Chongqing Liangjiang New Are

ChinaAET @ 2020/06/05

China Unicom releases 5G future community white paper (2020 Edition)

Li Guangju, senior vice president (Executive) of BG, China Unicom, attended the forum and delivered a speech. He pointed out that a new round of technological revolution represented by 5G and AI is promoting the network power, digital China and intelligen

ChinaAET @ 2020/05/26

[today's headlines] Ministry of Industry issued a document to further promote the comprehensive development of mobile Internet of things, and strive to promote the migration of 2G/3G to NB-loT/Cat

Concerning the comprehensive development of the mobile Internet of things (IOT), the Ministry of industry and information technology, the communications and Management Bureau of all provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central

ChinaAET @ 2020/05/09

Wish the new and old readers happy Labor Day!

The Information Service Department of the Sixth Research Institute of China Electronic Information Industry Group Co., Ltd. is responsible for managing the media propaganda and academic dissemination platform for the electronic information and network ind

ChinaAET @ 2020/05/01

Today's headlines look at the trend of the industry from the wave of layoffs.

The new crown outbreak broke out in foreign countries, and many enterprises suffered from business difficulties, so they had to cut costs by means of "layoffs" and "downtime". Even the leading enterprises in the industry could hardly resis

ChinaAET @ 2020/04/22

[today's headlines] go to the industry solution square. Crack the letter industry application landing "last mile" problem!

In order to accelerate the transformation and upgrading process of China's information industry, we should solve the problem of "last mile" in the application of Xin Chuang industry. We have recently joined hands with more than 70 ecological p

ChinaAET @ 2020/04/16

[today's headlines] The Elec: HUAWEI plans to enter the GPU server market this year.

April 8th, according to South Korean media The Elec, HUAWEI technology will set up a cloud and AI business group in South Korea this year, hoping to enter the current NVIDIA dominated GPU server market. According to insiders in April 3rd, the business gro

ChinaAET @ 2020/04/08

[today's headlines] Ali cloud: open to the world free new crown AI technology accuracy rate of over 96%

In March 19th, Ali Yun announced that the new crown pneumonia AI diagnostic technology was free to the global hospitals, and a suspected case CT diagnosis could be completed in 20 seconds. It is understood that the technology developed by the damoyuan hos

ChinaAET @ 2020/03/20

[today's headlines] the US government extends HUAWEI's temporary license again to May 15th.

According to Reuters, the Trump administration said on the 10 day that it would extend the term of HUAWEI's temporary universal license to May 15th, allowing us companies to continue to do business with HUAWEI technology limited. This is the fifth tim

ChinaAET @ 2020/03/11

[today's headlines] Wu He Quan: at the end of the year, 5G users will be able to cover more than ten million 5G signals in 2020.

The annual ceremony of sina's "2019 technology billboard" was successfully held at the Shangri-La hotel in Beijing. In the interview with sina science and technology, Wu Hua Quan, a member of the Chinese Academy of engineering, said that netwo

ChinaAET @ 2019/12/20

[today's headlines] 6G / IC is listed. The Chinese Academy of engineering has released 2019 "Ten Trends in China's electronic information engineering and technology development".

Recently, the Chinese Academy of engineering information and electronics department, China information and Electronic Engineering Technology Development Strategy Research Center held a press conference at the Chinese Academy of engineering, releasing "

ChinaAET @ 2019/12/19

[today's headlines] afraid that HUAWEI will be afraid of this? The US House of Representatives passed a bill to prohibit the government from purchasing HUAWEI equipment.

The US congressional Hill newspaper reported on the 16 day that the house of representatives of the United States Congress passed a bill Monday (16) to prohibit the government from buying telecommunications equipment from enterprises deemed to be a threat

ChinaAET @ 2019/12/17

[today's headlines] no threat of fear, HUAWEI victory: the German telecom operator announced the adoption of HUAWEI equipment to build 5G.

According to CCTV news, Telefonica, one of Germany's three largest telecom operators, announced a major investment plan on the 11 day of local time. Telefonica said it will expand its network in the next few years. It is understood that the equipment

ChinaAET @ 2019/12/13

[today's headlines] Baidu map released a new generation of Artificial Intelligence Map panorama, the establishment of Intelligent Transportation Joint Laboratory

At Baidu map ecology conference, Baidu map released the "new generation of AI map" ecological panorama. At the same time, Baidu map combines nine research institutes and universities to set up an intelligent transportation joint laboratory, and re

ChinaAET @ 2019/12/12

Today's headlines Qualcomm amon: the 5G baseband supporting Sub-6GHz and millimeter wave dual band is true 5G.

At Qualcomm Xiaolong technology summit, Qualcomm officially released Qualcomm Xiaolong 765/765G/865 processor, of which Xiaolong 865 is positioning flagship, Xiaolong 765 integrates X52 5G baseband, and Xiaolong 765G is expected to be 765's enhanced v

ChinaAET @ 2019/12/05