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The best of all: selling American houses and returning to Yao Ban, he only trained first-class programmers.

The author is in charge of Wu Xingling's program life (ID:coder_ Life) there is a phrase called "half of the elite gathered in Tsinghua, Tsinghua half English in the Yao class". How strong is Yao class? What kind of story does it have behind i

CSDN_Tech @ 2020/06/29

Uzi retired from the competition: leaving the biggest regret from teenage addicts to tens of millions of salary.

Zhao Lei, editor in chief of ID:rancaijing, retired from Uzi, a legendary hero League in June 3, 2020. Many people have predicted when the day will come. Some say it was at the beginning of the S6 season in 2016, and others said that when the RNG team of

CSDN_Tech @ 2020/06/05

Those who get offer from Tencent, Alibaba and so on have common ground.

How hard is it to get offer from Tencent, Ali and headlines? From what I have heard, as long as the technology is solid, many people can go through one or two sides, but it is easy to die on three or four sides. The reason is that these young programmers

CSDN_Tech @ 2020/05/19

How did he get to offer successfully?

I have turned over the interview record. In recent two years, I interviewed nearly 150 people, mainly in social recruitment. Of course, this is not all for the interview of their own team, but also for other teams to do the interview. Some people may not

CSDN_Tech @ 2020/03/17

24 hours to delete the last time to share this boutique benefits, get the resources of the English!

Such a valuable English resource will be sent to you free of charge today. We expect to delete it within 24 hours, so we hope to learn and upgrade our friends. Please keep it as soon as possible. Why is it urgent to delete? Because resources are more expe

CSDN_Tech @ 2020/03/13

Java technology on the road of confusion and distant

I think about the contents, and feel that it is necessary to make an outline first, so that the content description of the whole article can be clear and logical. That's not a lot to say. This time we share the following points: entering the pit and t

CSDN_Tech @ 2020/03/12

He has brushed the Oxford dictionary for 25 times and discovered the secret.

One of my predecessors once told me that learning English is not a matter of memorizing words and learning Chinese, but not learning Chinese characters. But how? What's on the back? Ten thousand people have ten thousand answers. I first met Mr. Bao in

CSDN_Tech @ 2019/12/23

How to judge a company is not reliable

Readers often ask me how to judge whether an entrepreneurial company is reliable or not. In fact, it is not just the characteristics of start-up companies, but also many companies that have lived for many years. In order to save everyone's time, I wou

CSDN_Tech @ 2019/12/19

Programmer's mastery of Mathematics

Originally, mathematics is not a hot word in the workplace. Until the third climax of artificial intelligence, the "starting price" of the algorithm and the average annual salary of millions of people have been stimulated to the public's nerve

CSDN_Tech @ 2019/12/11

How to use DDD to drive communication and collaboration between development teams?

The core of domain driven design is "domain", so we need to use domain driven design to get the team to the right point from the beginning. Where should we start after we have formed the team? It is not UI prototype design, not architecture design

CSDN_Tech @ 2019/12/09

Machine learning must have mathematical knowledge, once learned.

In the face of machine learning, the blocking point of beginners often lies not in machine learning itself, but in mathematics. Machine learning is a computer technology, but its bottom is mathematics. Usually, in machine learning related textbooks, all o

CSDN_Tech @ 2019/11/13

The survival status of middle-aged programmers

As a profession, programmers have been in China for just 30 years, and they are still a very young profession. Whether it is traditional industries or the Internet, as long as there are networks, there will be programmers, people who want to get into the

CSDN_Tech @ 2019/10/25

Maybe the Internet of things is the next draught. Can you hold it?

The Internet of things has been regarded as the third wave of information technology industry after computer and Internet. With the continuous improvement of basic communication facilities, especially the emergence of 5G, it further reduces the threshold

CSDN_Tech @ 2019/07/30

The front end "silly money" to speed!

This paper recommended | "front-end development" core knowledge advanced GitChat author | Hou CE | homepage | film Linse commissioning editor said that "speeding life" front end "silly money" I do not believe! Often hear some front

CSDN_Tech @ 2019/04/23

How to become a qualified C/C++ developers?

This paper from | Chat- "how to become a qualified C/C++ developer" author | fan | Linse homepage | commissioning editor "Dragon Ball" in most developers cognition, C/C++ is a very difficult language, many people know that it is strong, bu

CSDN_Tech @ 2019/04/12

Python continuous ignition, follow up or wait?

In 2019 Python developers, please consult the up arrow up Python scan code of the fire burning, exactly how long? Recently, Li Xiaolai took his Python programming book, Star Fork, a mad received, rushed to summit GitHub Trending list, direct C debut. Coin

CSDN_Tech @ 2019/03/30

The development of desktop applications, natural Electron!

01Node.js, a JavaScript from an ugly duckling into a white swan framework may many readers will be surprised, originally said Electron, why in the first mentioned Node.js and JavaScript? What is the relationship between them? Don't worry, slowly come

CSDN_Tech @ 2019/02/19

An Internet veteran of the wise remark of an experienced person

The Internet of things has been considered to be following the computer and the Internet, a third wave of information technology industry. With the continuous improvement of communications infrastructure, especially the emergence of 5G, the interconnectio

CSDN_Tech @ 2019/02/18

Networking circle HTTP - MQTT, the first step of interconnection of all things

Things have been considered after computer and Internet information technology industry third wave. With the continuous improvement of communications infrastructure, especially the emergence of 5G, the interconnection of all things and to further reduce t

CSDN_Tech @ 2019/01/03

2019, how to make yourself more valuable?!

Chat and headhunter friends, he said to me: "while many companies are downsizing, but did not significantly reduce the demand of talents, enterprises are more willing to take this to clean the junior staff, attract senior talent, focus on core busines

CSDN_Tech @ 2018/12/29