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When WiFi 6 met WiFi 6+... Is WiFi 6 really full of blood?

Will 01WiFi 6+ be a black technology blessing? Before we talk about the word "+" suffix, we may first look back at the origin of WiFi 6. In September 16, 2019, the WiFi Alliance announced the launch of the WiFi 6 certification scheme, which aims t

CQCPCW @ 2020/05/23

Kill XP and Win7, and the 32 Windows system is going to die.

Microsoft recently mentioned at the hardware development center's "minimum hardware requirements for desktop version of Windows10" part of the processor section, starting with the 2004 edition of Windows 10, the company will no longer provide

CQCPCW @ 2020/05/16

These APP have been announced for rectification. Let's see if you have installed them.

The Ministry of industry and Commerce recently organized third party testing organizations to check the mobile phone application software, and supervise and reform the enterprises that found problems. Up to now, Dangdang, Zhi Yu daily, EER driving and oth

CQCPCW @ 2020/05/16

Can not enjoy 5G network without changing cards? China Telecom: fake

In 2020, it was recognized as the 5G construction year in the industry. At the same time, it is also regarded as the year of 5G mobile phone popularization. In June, it is also coming to the 1st anniversary day of 5G business. In the new capital construct

CQCPCW @ 2020/05/15

Operators should make great efforts to rectify old customers.

In March 22nd, the website of the State Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection announced the progress of China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom. The bulletin pointed out the most serious problems exi

CQCPCW @ 2020/03/24

The cell phone is out of money! Experts suggest that users are mocking at night.

Recently, some netizens responded that their cell phone suddenly changed from 4G to 2G, and then received all kinds of SMS verification codes from banks, third party payment and Mobile Corporation. In fact, such incidents are nothing new. Last year, the n

CQCPCW @ 2019/12/19

To make dryness, ROG DAY fans Carnival set off the 2 era.

In December 14th, the Chongqing Tiandi high-end business district on the banks of the Jialing River in Chongqing, China, ushered in the "ROG DAY" Carnival activity with "2019 degrees of impatience". It was also the scene of a large-scale g

CQCPCW @ 2019/12/14

Operators open fancy Reservation: don't go! What's wrong with me? Can't I change it?

It has been less than a month since the start of the nationwide "carry on network transfer" service. However, the major operators have been panic and started to sell concessions to try to retain the old users. Mobile: don't turn the net, I'

CQCPCW @ 2019/12/08

China's technology billboard launched in 2019. Win the mobile phone award!

Or click this link to participate in the investigation of the 1997 ~2019, the annual big IT consumer survey activities, which has been accompanied by readers and IT vendors for 22 years. In the past 22 years, the computer newspaper has been innovated in c

CQCPCW @ 2019/11/30

Despite repeated prohibitions, "good score" APP has accumulated money by breaking the injunction.

Recently, when the primary and secondary schools announced the results of the mid-term examination, we received a number of students and parents from Henan who claimed that the school only informed the students of the examination results and no longer ann

CQCPCW @ 2019/11/27

Based on Chromium, the brand new Edge will be released soon. Will you use it?

Speaking of Edge browsers, as early as 2015, Microsoft has already announced its original name, Project Spartan. It was renamed Microsoft Edge until it was close to the internal test. According to Microsoft's plan, Edge will become the default browser

CQCPCW @ 2019/11/06

After 11 years, Tencent again released a new version of the new platform QQ

In October 24th, Chinese programmers customize the programmer day, Ali in the show cafeteria, another network giant Tencent was also reluctant to spend a little bit of this holiday: released the Linux QQ 2 beta, announced the Linux version of QQ regressio

CQCPCW @ 2019/10/26

My country, the Internet has changed our lives so much.

Happy National Day! I wish the readers a happy National Day. I wish the great motherland prosperity and strength. Nowadays, with the popularity of 4G and the rapid development of 5G, the Internet has become a part of our lives. The Internet has changed th

CQCPCW @ 2019/10/01

The hottest booth of the intelligence Expo is the audience sweeping rubbish.

The second session of the intellectual Expo held Chongqing's fire. The people's daily rarely used a whole page to report Chongqing. Ma Yun, Ma Huateng, Robin Li and other Internet gangs also gathered in the mountain city. Vivo, millet and other domestic m

CQCPCW @ 2019/08/29

Should the signal be full but not the base station? Net friend: Send a signal with love!

In recent years, the news that residential owners are obstructing the construction of communication base stations due to the fear of radiation is endless. This is not true. Following the similar situation in Chengdu, Fujian, Shandong and Heze, the three o

CQCPCW @ 2019/08/28

Next year, 5G mobile phone shipments or break 200 million! User: my 4G mobile card changed.

At present, the only 5G dual mode mobile phone that supports SA/NSA, HUAWEI Mate20 X 5G, is officially launched in China and supports both SA and NSA dual mode. Data show that as of August 15th at 12 noon, HUAWEI Mate20 X 5G version of the appointment vol

CQCPCW @ 2019/08/19

Three operators 5G experience plan released! 100G is it enough for a month?

Some time ago, the Ministry of industry and Commerce issued 5G commercial licences to China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom and China Radio and television. This also meant that China's 5G network was officially started to be commercially available. At

CQCPCW @ 2019/08/05

Spam messages pop up and inboxes can't be found. What the hell is this?

In recent years, there are more and more spam messages and harassing telephones. Since the advent of WeChat, people no longer send text messages, and messages are fading. Apart from receiving verification codes, they are almost no longer open, and the imp

CQCPCW @ 2019/08/03

Old driver pro test, "Internet car maintenance" is not reliable?

Today, the old driver does not drive to talk about raising a car. As an old driver who has been driving for more than 6 years, he changed the CX-4 the year before last. The maintenance service provided by 4S store has been used up. Next month, it is almos

CQCPCW @ 2019/07/28

"Born BUFF" is racing! ROG releases heavy new products

The king who is born with Buff can not live without the blessing of blood. Whether it is ROG or Tencent game, it has long been a belief like existence in the players' hearts. How wonderful will the two hands bring to the world? ROG 2019 new product confer

CQCPCW @ 2019/07/24