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The concept of the top team of cyberpunk 2077 is set up with the latest official Atlas of 4G.

Because this official bag is even more than I've collected! So I decided to pass the old one off, considering the inconvenience of downloading and opening GOG. I sent SkyDrive to see the end of "cyberpunk 2077" art posters. If we want to selec

CCGAA-vx @ 2020/06/28

The newly released PS5 is "mocking", but the game behind it is still hard enough.

Yesterday morning at 4 o'clock, SONY "five Princess" PlayStation 5 online conference was held. (this time is too harsh, but the video is very fragrant) (source: @ SONY China official micro-blog) PS5's authenticity is also officially announ

CCGAA-vx @ 2020/06/12

The young man who took 180 thousand this year is this young man.

Cover graph Author: @Insist22-pro editor: big intelligence makes a painter come to the fore. Apart from certain painting skills, what other skill points do you think is indispensable? It's the artist's brilliant idea. Do not believe it? Let's

CCGAA-vx @ 2019/12/05

How to select training courses? No money will be wasted.

Cover chart: in recent two years, there are too many training classes to teach drawing. You can see advertisements in various courses every day by opening B station, micro-blog, or QQ space. The price ranges from several hundred yuan to ten thousand yuan.

CCGAA-vx @ 2019/11/27

NetEase, HR, you are really breaking the law.

Labourers and HR were once again ripped off the cusp of the NetEase. The core reason is that the pig factory's HR did not act according to law. The former NetEase employee, who was working for five years, was diagnosed as dilated cardiomyopathy by the

CCGAA-vx @ 2019/11/26

Self recommendation, Shanghai area game scene original painter, game character painter.

In order to make job search and recruitment information more equal and open, the original artist launched a job search module last week. The artists or companies that have job search and recruitment requirements can send their own needs to 1490798495@qq.c

CCGAA-vx @ 2019/11/23

If you krypton once a gold can be a big touch, double eleven original painting people will not let you down.

There are lovely ones who tell us that there are some cute ones who say, "the teacher is very good, the curriculum is reasonable, and knowledge becomes a system. It has become a krypton giant! " OK, no problem. We know. In response to the needs of

CCGAA-vx @ 2019/11/11

Daryl Tan, the concept designer of the great Blizzard watch guard.

In the original painting "great God I came" activities, we invited Tencent, NetEase and film and television production bigwigs. Big factories in China have been invited all over the world. How could they be less foreign? Today's original paint

CCGAA-vx @ 2019/11/10

Heavy announcement: GGAC's first CG artist summit is officially scheduled. Sign up today!

How do you feel when you see big guys showing new pictures? Is it the first step to kneel down, and then inside OS, "how did these immortals be tempered?" "When will I be able to do that?" Everyone will encounter their own bottleneck. From

CCGAA-vx @ 2019/10/29

Conquer overseas players with style? The art of making handcrafts

Cover chart: editor of the AFK Arena: Dazhi, who has discovered a domestic game that has achieved good results overseas App Store and GooglePlay, what is the score of the App Store rating of the sword and the expedition?

CCGAA-vx @ 2019/10/23

Win the new emperor Pro24, A station competition is so hard.

Cover map Author: Lea Kronenberger editor: Dazhi likes to visit A station (ArtStation) little lovable should know, as a "dedicated love" CG works exchange platform. In addition to providing many original artists with opportunities to display their

CCGAA-vx @ 2019/10/16

Freshman went to NetEase to practice. The GGAC competition artist was a little bit outstanding.

Cover chart: editor of cold front: before the big chic, our original artist interviewed a big guy Wang Xiaoyu, who won the 180 thousand prize through a picture. [pass gate] of course, apart from the game and creation of the big guys, we definitely want to

CCGAA-vx @ 2019/10/15

With these 13 reference websites, I finally do not need to brush them.

Editor: Dazhi material collection: the painting of the original painting of ah Chuan is for reference to the first national day. There is not much rubbish. Let's put resources directly. Movie costumes The Costumer's Guide to Movie Costumes www.cos

CCGAA-vx @ 2019/10/03

He has worked for 10 years.

The editor of the cover chart: the editor of this life tiger: the painter of Dazhi original painting has an exclusive interview time to Liao. Today we are interviewed with the experience of nearly 10 years of role design and illustrations in the United St

CCGAA-vx @ 2019/09/30

China's first diesel punk game, "shadow torch" exclusive interview

Cover photo: Shadow torch editor: Dazhi Metroidvania, which appears to be totally out of line with the word formation rule, is actually composed of the names of the two games of Nintendo and KONAMI, representing the type of action adventure game, commonly

CCGAA-vx @ 2019/09/17

Dedicated to conceptual designers who do not imitate others and insist on expressing themselves.

Today, I want to share some learning and work experience sharing for conceptual design. The author @ big snake Shemo, graduated from ACCD, is currently working in NetEase games. Something about conceptual design is dedicated to designers who do not imitat

CCGAA-vx @ 2019/08/05

Relying on art to conquer players? NetEase's new game needs to be done.

Cover graph: @ uni Youzheng editor: original painter - Dazhi recently micro-blog has several big guys on the same game project map, because the design is really too bright, causing Xiaobian's curiosity about the game, so I went to understand it. In the ca

CCGAA-vx @ 2019/07/31

When you want to throw a board, look at these 13 chicken broth.

Cover map Author: @ touring dog editor: original drawing man - how difficult is it to paint big brains, practice perspective training, tune up the human body, and finish the color of the human body. It is difficult, difficult, difficult, but you need to k

CCGAA-vx @ 2019/07/27

10 Chinese artists behind Blizzard

Cover map Author: Wang Wei editor: the original painter Dazhi yesterday, Xiaobian introduced to you the inaugural fist or the 11 Chinese people who worked with the fist. (click picture width to review) geese! There are so many big factories in the world.

CCGAA-vx @ 2019/07/10

Selling course, conscience will not hurt?

This article is reproduced to the public number of magic type records today and a small company in the original author to clarify some things: strong brother these days there were some unpleasant things, and a small two years light uncle to do the trainin

CCGAA-vx @ 2019/03/29