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Let's hear the news, Christmas Carnival. Are you ready?

Christmas is coming! Are you ready? Wear beautiful clothes and beautiful friends together to go shopping, afternoon tea, dinner party so... Don't say much together, let's see this week's news soon. ~01Coach curiosity hits the concept store in

Apex_Manual @ 2019/12/23


The global trend glasses brand Gentle Monster is inspired by "refocusing on oneself" and "facing the most authentic self", and is the theme of 2020 brand from "My Mars". "Mars" is a metaphor for "self", referring to

Apex_Manual @ 2019/12/18

L.O.V.E time and love are at the same time with Li Bingbing.

Love can make people happy, but also can help others and help the earth! Bao Li Lai released Li Bingbing special model - Marion automatic calendar LOVE women's wrist watch Switzerland famous watch brand Carl F. Bucherer, combined with its global brand

Apex_Manual @ 2019/12/16

[weekly affairs] 245 million... The world's most expensive watches break out of cocoon!

245 million... The world's most expensive watches break out of cocoon! In 2017, the world's most expensive wrist watch was the world's second hand Rolex (the original Paul Newman) was sold at 138 million. In 2019, I'm sorry Paul Newman, yo

Apex_Manual @ 2019/12/14

Christmas special selection of sweet christmas gifts

Writing a winter love song is a festival full of sweet happiness. Christmas carries many precious memories in many people's hearts. At every Christmas, the streets and alleys are full of a warm atmosphere. At this romantic moment, Xiaobian carefully s

Apex_Manual @ 2019/12/10

Hear the news quickly, Wu Yifan is really thin?!

Zhu Yilong, as a brand ambassador, showed up at the scene of Chopin's activities and attracted a large crowd of fans to watch Wu Yifan attend the Chivas event. A rare fan in the magic capital, the heat wave, the big goose and the strong goose march in

Apex_Manual @ 2019/11/29

The best watch of the year is assembled in the watch industry "Oscar".

The best watch of the year is gathered in the watch industry "Oscar". Although the Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Gen VE is only held to the eighth session this year, however, whether it is the watch industry, the media, and even the general fans,

Apex_Manual @ 2019/11/22

[weekly events] two brand new steel watch sports watch is on the verge of war!

Sports watches, there are always many bar customers, several of the hottest brands have been worn, these two guarantees fresh! Usually gentle, unexpected but also powerful side. 40 years ago, the altar was new, and today it can be integrated with the time

Apex_Manual @ 2019/11/06

Sun Yihan is gentle and stubborn.

Cover story - Sun Yi Han first arrived at the studio, dressed elegant, fresh and artistic, and fluffy long hair scattered on her shoulders. Her limpid eyes were somewhat lazy. Everything around her seemed to have nothing to do with her. But his eyes are g

Apex_Manual @ 2019/10/09

The beauty of jewels, stars, Cartire, new MAGNITUDE Jewelry Show

Cartire's new MAGNITUDE Jewellery Fair has landed in Shanghai, including more than 400 advanced jewellery items and brand new watches, including the new MAGNITUDE high jewelry series. The the Bund source one has been built into an interesting curiosity sh

Apex_Manual @ 2019/09/16

Luxury town

Founded in 1913, Gstaad Palace is located on the Bank of the quiet Alpine Piedmont. Interlaken, Bern, Switzerland, and the Berne heights, though only two small towns, tourism has been flourishing for hundreds of years, and countless celebrities are spendi

Apex_Manual @ 2019/08/30

Coach 2019 autumn winter series Liu Wen deducts the wonderful collision of multiple colors.

"Color is one of the most mysterious, magical and wonderful things in life." Textile artist Kaffe FassettCoach announces that Liu Wen, the international supermodel, serves as the brand spokesperson and endorsement for women's fashion lifestyle products. T

Apex_Manual @ 2019/07/30

Zhang Chao, a free and serious soul.

Star Story - Zhang Chao is tall, with deep eyes. He loves to play the guitar. He lives purely, free and free. Black leather: MONCLER long coat: BOTTEGA VENETA lattice shirt: Sandro silver trousers: 3.1 Phillip Lim Socks: FALKE shoes: Church's hand.

Apex_Manual @ 2019/07/26

[0] his mother's Day gift the strongest array

世界上有个女人,不施粉黛,终日忙碌于柴米油盐…… 她的美总不会因岁月流淌而消逝,那位,就是您的母亲。 Gratitude for every contemporary mother, why not by a beautiful watch, expressed gratitude to the heart full of mother. [CHRISTOPHE CLARETMargot] to the romantic mother

Apex_Manual @ 2019/05/07

Abel said the Bvlgari table | 5 World Records - OCTO Finissimo GMT automatic chronograph watch!

Bvlgari is from Rome jewelry brand. Italy gorgeous design, avant-garde fusion precise technology is its Swiss watch works characteristics. In recent years towards the direction of ultra-thin elegant and chic forward, since the 2014 launch of OCTO Finissim

Apex_Manual @ 2019/04/15

Baselworld 2019 | and no reason to watch the shuttle off

[] TUDOR Black Bay Chrono S&GBlack the Bay Chrono S&G series combines the diving table and racing elements, launched a new gold steel style this year, retained since 1969 is the symbol of the famous Tudor dive table "snowflake" pointer, th

Apex_Manual @ 2019/04/03

Baselworld 2019 | teach you how to fashion

The classic Carl F. BuchererHeritage BiCompax Annual dual timing timing calendar Heritage BiCompax new Bucherer Annual design from the 50s brand of a chronograph, features double chronograph dial layout, but this style of evergreen, with

Apex_Manual @ 2019/04/02

Wrist mad cow - Roger Dubuis Huracan

Many watch brands and car brand to carry out cross-border cooperation, but most of them are marketing tools, add a Logo in the original model, or color, and not too much significance. Lamborghini Roger Dubuis Lamborghini began working with Roger Du Pi bef

Apex_Manual @ 2019/03/18

The nature of the green and blue ocean | Panerai "stealth series" Mike Horn Edition

Mike Horn is the author of the highly respected environmental warrior and polar explorer. Over the years he has conquered the south, the north pole on foot to the bitter cold and red of tropical rainforest is a model of human endurance limit of barren hil

Apex_Manual @ 2019/03/04

Table Abel said | earth in your hand - MontBlanc 1858 Geosphere World Watch

Cute baby * first here I wish you a happy new year. Now we start with rich * baby together into MontBlanc watches in Geneva exhibition hall, walked into the Montblanc this year in Geneva MontBlanc watches exhibition hall, you will find yourself like into

Apex_Manual @ 2019/02/12