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Top 100 semiconductor companies in the world in 2020: 18 Chinese companies

Every year, EE times selects silicon 60, one of the world's most noteworthy new semiconductor companies. This year's list of semiconductor companies has been released for the 20th time. Compared with the past, the biggest change is from "Silic

AFzhan @ 2020/07/09

Thinking is the exclusive name |2020 yun'an will be successfully concluded, the carnival of security will never come to an end.

Since its opening in June 16th, it lasted 9 days, hosted by the security exhibition network, and supported by more than 20 provinces and cities' security associations. The 2020 Yunan conference, the great security industry cloud exhibition, the public

AFzhan @ 2020/06/24

2020 Yunan new products, new technology and new technology conference, wonderful can not stop!

At the beginning of 2020, a sudden accident swept the globe, raising the attention of the whole society to the healthy life to an unprecedented height. The outbreak of the outbreak is a comprehensive "epidemic prevention" war, and security technol

AFzhan @ 2020/06/23

Live spoiler to see first! Please lock the 2020 Yunan club.

"The 2020 yun'an conference, the big security industry cloud Expo - public welfare Exhibition" has passed 2/3, and there are two days from the end. According to the previous forecast, 2020 Yunan online exhibition covers many fields, such as sm

AFzhan @ 2020/06/22

The broadcast is coming soon! 2020 Yunan club, new products, new technology and new technology conference

Coming! Today (June 18th), the "new product, new technology and new technology conference" will be held in 10:00~16:00 at the 2020 online forum. This conference was fortunate enough to have invited the director of smart home marketing of Xiamen in

AFzhan @ 2020/06/18

Countdown 1 days! 2020 yun'an conference is about to open.

Watch out! Watch out! Watch out! Important things are to be repeated for 3 times! "2020 Yunan club, the big security industry cloud Expo - public welfare Exhibition" is about to open tomorrow. Are all the partners ready? I have to say that friends

AFzhan @ 2020/06/15

Live broadcast notice 2020

At the beginning of 2020, a sudden outbreak of the epidemic swept the globe. Most of the enterprises in the country stopped working and closed down. In the short term, they had a great impact on the national economy, and many enterprises suffered heavy lo

AFzhan @ 2020/06/13

How many security opportunities are hidden behind the trillions of new draught?

The smell of human fireworks is the most popular feeling. In May 28th, Premier Li Keqiang commended the news conference of the three session of the thirteen National People's Congress. It was praised that 36 thousand stalls of mobile vendors were set

AFzhan @ 2020/06/10

When the security equipment meets the live broadcast, 2020 yun'an will wait for you to come.

Live broadcast will be held. On June 16, 2020 -24, the 2020 yun'an conference, the big security industry cloud exhibition, the public welfare exhibition, will be opened soon. There are twelve days left for the development. Taking this opportunity, the

AFzhan @ 2020/06/04

8 questions and 8 answers, take you to understand the 2020 Yunan meeting quickly.

9 days from June 16th. "2020 yun'an conference, the big security industry cloud Expo - public welfare Exhibition" will soon be launched. 2020 what kind of exhibition is yun'an conference? What do I need to prepare for attending the 2020 Yu

AFzhan @ 2020/05/30

How to control the quality of security cabling in the industry?

With the development of 5G communication network, big data, cloud computing, Internet of things, artificial intelligence and other technologies, security applications are constantly expanding. As AIoT terminals, security devices need to be networked and I

AFzhan @ 2020/05/28

How can the Internet of things improve the transportation industry?

The transportation industry has been developing to provide safer, faster, cleaner and more comfortable commuting. The next major industry change is coming, and the Internet of things will lead the trend of development. The potential of the Internet of thi

AFzhan @ 2020/05/18

Announcement of the results of the fourth China Security top 100 project (integration)

The fourth China security and defense 100 project (integration) Business Award, jointly organized by the China Security Exhibition Network and the security and Defense Association of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the

AFzhan @ 2020/05/16

China Intelligent Community cloud development summit opens.

The summit forum of smart community has finally arrived. In May 14, 2020, hosted by the security exhibition network, the Forum on cloud development of China intelligent community, with the theme of "5G community AI forward", was held on the Intern

AFzhan @ 2020/05/14

2020 prospects for intelligent parking development

In recent years, thanks to the development of technology such as 5G, artificial intelligence and mobile payment, intelligent parking has become a "cake" for improving parking environment and meeting the needs of urban travel. The intellectualizati

AFzhan @ 2020/05/07

In April 2020, provinces and cities issued relevant security policy points.

After the May 1 holiday, people went to work again. Then, what security related policies have been released by various provinces and cities in the past April? This network has carried on the detailed inventory for everybody, for reference! Guangdong provi

AFzhan @ 2020/05/06

Another powerful agent for smart city upgrading and iteration -- 34 trillion new infrastructure

34 trillion, 34% of domestic GDP in 2019, all of these funds flow to a new round of infrastructure construction, 13 provinces have announced 2020 investment plan, but as time goes on, the final data is far more than 34 trillion. With the revival of the ol

AFzhan @ 2020/04/30

The construction of shiny engineering is coming to an end. How will the next step be developed?

2020 is the last year of the construction of snow engineering. Many advanced places have realized the application of public security video surveillance, including "global coverage, whole network sharing, full time availability and full process control

AFzhan @ 2020/04/27

Hot focus, video conference, wide application space, the future "cloud" will become a trend.

The epidemic promotes cloud computing industry to usher in accelerated development. Previously, according to the report released by the development research center of the State Council, the scale of China's cloud computing industry broke 100 billion y

AFzhan @ 2020/04/02

Hot spot focus 2020: what are the new products launched by the security companies in the first quarter?

In March, the first quarter of 2020 is coming to an end. In the first quarter, the epidemic of the new type of coronary pneumonia virus swept the globe and affected all aspects of society. However, even in the face of such a market environment, security c

AFzhan @ 2020/03/30