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Many troubles are caused by wrong comparisons.

Two, that is to say, those who are superior to those who are superior to me are always ashamed of themselves. Most of the people's troubles are caused by comparisons with others. There was nothing wrong with it. Once I heard about other people's w

xianerjiqiseng @ 2019/12/10

[project record] building project management system of a large energy and chemical enterprise

The problem of customer industry chemical industry is single, unclear, and customer evaluation. At present, our company is in an upward stage of development. How to retain key talents is our most concern. However, due to the lack of professionalism and ab

chnihc @ 2019/12/10

Is it a work-related injury that gets killed by a colleague?

He is a staff member of a livestock company in Liaoning who is responsible for the decomposition of chicken wings. At 7 o'clock in November 4, 2016, why did the iron hand splash on his colleague Hu Yidao in the process of cleaning up the workbench? Th

gongshangtong @ 2019/12/10

Recruitment! These good units recruit more than 3000 people, 2000+ posts can be reported. Let's see if there's anything suitable for you.

Long awaited Chenggui high speed railway will be opened all over the line. Many small partners are asking for no recruiting. This is not a recruitment announcement. A total of 3424 people, 2000+ posts can be reported. In addition to the Railway Bureau rec

gzgogcn @ 2019/12/10

Nine circles of circle Economics: how to measure a person's influence?

Matthew Jackson (Matthew O. Jackson), a famous economist, Professor of economics lecture at Stanford University, and academician of the American Academy of Sciences, will form many networks throughout our life - from universities to work units to various

jiuguajinrong @ 2019/12/10

At the age of 32, I was laid off and paid N+1 monthly salary. I was glad to lose my job.

You can play hard in areas you love. The 2585 words in this article suggest that the reading time is 6 minutes. There are two kinds of people who are very easy to be cut off in the ID:hi-lingongzi behind the prince's son. Recently, a major factory has

xjysyyxs @ 2019/12/10

To achieve others is to achieve oneself.

Lang Ping and Zhu Ting are standing on the jubilant floats, moving to wave our salutation to us. The new national spirit of the Tencent is the first time in the new year's founding of China. The 70th anniversary of the new year's founding ceremony

ruxue_qq @ 2019/12/10

The 6 most common problems of Inamori Kazuo leaders

Mr. Inamori Kazuo is a legend. He founded two world top 500 enterprises throughout his life. He also accepted the invitation of JAL at the age of more than 60. He spent more than 1 years to rescue the Japanese airlines which were on the verge of bankruptc

CEO-8888 @ 2019/12/10

Why do customers always talk about prices too early?

Do your salespeople often talk about prices before they can explain the value? Why can't they always do this? In sales, there are a number of factors that prompt salesmen to talk about prices prematurely, but there are many systematic factors that for

actionselling @ 2019/12/10

"No makeup is being tasked by the boss": does the workplace need refinement?

Yesterday, my friend took me to the mall to buy several suits, and studied the "novice makeup tutorial" on the Internet. She said that she had been on a business trip for some time, and as a company's drug representative, she had discussed wit

zhaopin-com @ 2019/12/10

A unicorn with blood coughing -- a sickle to investors

Id:banfoSB, author of the half Buddha fairy, talked about Internet entrepreneurship. What are we doing all day and night? Except for a small number of people who really want to dream or change the world, most of them are working hard for money. Entreprene

ifeng_tech @ 2019/12/10

The heartbreaking offer: the easiest pit for the newcomers to get away from.

The new workplace variety "exciting offer" has just hit the top of the list. 8 academic tyrants from different colleges and universities gathered in the top law firms to undergo rigorous examinations for one month and compete for 2 qualifications.

hrjiagongxianghui @ 2019/12/10

Job selection in safety industry

1. At the end of the preface, although many students are concerned about year-end awards and are reluctant to quit job hopping, many companies have to dig jobs because of job vacancies. From the beginning of employment to today, I have had many interviews

freebuf @ 2019/12/10

"Earn 30 thousand per month", and you will be paid by word of word if you want to continue your life on the basis of dead wages.

01 bare words, do you think? On the two day, a young reader gave me a message: "I can't stand it any longer! I want to say goodbye! Anyway, I heard that there are many job opportunities after the year. "Look at the tone and head of this reader

smallsharing @ 2019/12/10

Why can companies that dare to spend money on their employees go far?

Xibei's "big game". Why does Xibei's waiter always laugh? This title has frequently landed on the list of major books since September, and the "Xibei" restaurant brand has appeared in the public view in the form of biography. Why i

wow36kr @ 2019/12/10

Is it a work-related injury when you fall over during the shift?

After the night shift ended, Liu Yi, who was doing the shift preparation work, fell down and hurt himself. Under such circumstances, can we be identified as work-related injuries? Liu Yi himself felt a little murmur. Originally, Liu Yi is a hotel front de

gongshangtong @ 2019/12/10

How much do you know about the year-end salary increase?

You can play hard in areas you love. In this paper, 3096 words, recommended reading time 8 minutes, author Sean Ye source, ID:HRInsight: Preface: Why did the boss want to persuade her 90 year old sister to work in a foreign company consulting company, and

xjysyyxs @ 2019/12/10

Labor dispatch or face shuffle! Where should tax planning and human resources go?

Enterprises have the following questions, please pay attention to cash, wages will be punished! Legal representative and enterprise account capital exchange, tax evasion is very important. The enterprise will do two accounts again, and there will be a dea

HR00111111 @ 2019/12/10

No more than a few people in a good team?

Author: the source of Zhou Hongyi's article: ID:dakayue_dky is reading in the Internet circle of China. No one will not know the "fighting madman" who is saying "a word does not agree with him." Zhou Hongyi, his battle after another, h

guanlijiqiao @ 2019/12/10

Your classmates who are mockery of low wages may be the richest group in the circle of friends.

When it comes to "stable work", most people think that money is not much: three thousand or four thousand every month, before they eat, drink or play. There is no technical content: seal, read newspapers, interpret leadership eyes, like the 36 yea

LinkedIn-China @ 2019/12/10