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To build such a team, how much dream can be realized.

Steve Jabos (Steve Jobs), the former CEO of Apple, once said, "in the business world, great things never happen alone, but by a team. "His favorite commercial example is the The Beatles, a British rock band, who thinks they are mutual supervision, balance

actionselling @ 2019/08/23

Thought is achieved by action. How powerful is your execution? Entrepreneurship survey

Today is the forty-seventh day of management thinking. The height of thought determines the height of action. Executive power does not speak. Ma Yun's personal entrepreneurship wants to achieve perfect thinking, which requires strong execution. Let's see

bosspin88 @ 2019/08/23

Successful people: generally not talented people, but...

When you can, forget your past, value your present, and optimism your future, you will be at the top of life. When you understand that success will not be prominent, failure will not destroy you, and plain will not drown you, you will be at the top of lif

zongcaiQQ @ 2019/08/22

Fresh out! The average annual salary of Jiangmen people is over 60 thousand yuan! Those who have gone through the month are those occupations.

In Jiangmen, which kind of work pays the highest wages? What level of salary do you have? Now, the official data come to see where your salary level is, Qiu Yu photo. In August 21st, the official website of the Jiangmen Municipal Bureau of human resources

jiangmenfabu @ 2019/08/22

"I want me to think": too strong leadership, how to do?

Recently, the explosion of variety show Chinese restaurant caused a lot of heated discussions because of the management method and quotations of a performer. Netizens also summed up a set of brainwash quotes, such as "I don't want you to think, I want me

zhaopin-com @ 2019/08/22

I quit!

Everyone spends a limited amount of time at work, and they all hope that the shorter the time, the better. In the limited working hours, who can live more, or high output, is the way employees want to see employees. However, there are always a lot of peop

HRxinli @ 2019/08/22

Nanjing Jiangbei new area technology investment group recruitment notice

Dedicated to the development of career elite platform to pay attention to free access to high-quality recruitment special! Nanjing Jiangbei new area Technology Investment Group Co., Ltd. is a scientific and technological innovation investment and financin

wuyoujingyingwang @ 2019/08/22

That's the smart pay negotiation. You're just bargaining.

Salary is the most terrifying part of HR. The interview is so long that it is very pleasant to talk with the candidate. But when it comes to salary, the candidate immediately changes his face and says he feels low salary. You see, you still have to face i

hr_138job @ 2019/08/22

Interview with Yuan Jiabei, founder of Qin Wei Consulting: who will be able to get to the end if he keeps his service center?

"Afterwards control is better than control. In fact, control is better than prior control. The goal of our work is to let customers prevent disaster and plan for the future. With the rapid development of social market economy, the competition between ente

ceobus @ 2019/08/22

Because of these 12 questions, 90% of HR are doing their wages!

Enterprise salary management is never a simple matter of sending wages. What is more important is the rationality of salary management and the rationality of HR execution. Salary structure, calculation method, post evaluation, salary survey, broadband sal

HR_Reading @ 2019/08/22

These certificates have been cancelled by the State Council. Don't go blind!

Up to now, the State Council has abolished the licensing and recognition of the professional qualification of the State Council in 7 batches, including 400 professional and technical personnel, 154 vocational qualification and 280 vocational qualification

azkao01 @ 2019/08/22

Liu Chuanzhi: candidates should look at the back of the head.

"From the basic work, when experience and ability are all achieved, we will give a higher platform; in horse racing, horse recognition and tossing is the only criterion for testing talents; integrity and integrity, and morality first." This is the main co

meirongyz @ 2019/08/22

"Working in Shenzhen for five years has nothing to do. Should I go back to my hometown?"

The author S uncle source Spenser (spenserandhk) knows that there is a problem: if you come to Shenzhen to fight for five years and accomplish nothing, is it time to go back to your hometown? Gao Zan replied, "don't discuss the city and discuss yourself.

qiancheng51job @ 2019/08/22

Huang Xiaoming, who was sprayed on the hot search, did he really commit any job abuse?

Source LinkedIn (ID:LinkedIn-China) LinkedIn is a world-renowned professional social networking site. Every fortune 500 company has its top executives. ID:zhichangbianjibu Huang Xiaoming recently became a boss. He was almost scolded.

zhichangbianjibu @ 2019/08/22

Only faith can change a person.

The old saying goes: "things are not perfect." Everyone has his own unique personality, function and ability, but he should be with the right people and do the right thing, and finally realize the value of his life. Even if a small nut and a small shell a

m318688 @ 2019/08/22

A good character brings his own light.

A person's real capital is not beauty, nor money, but character. Character is the passport of life. In a cold and changeable era, character is the last dependence of one another. "The desire to do things first, the first to be human", likes a person, star

SanlyCapital @ 2019/08/22

Tencent staff monthly salary 72 thousand, Ali 40 percent off buy a house, HUAWEI fresh student annual salary 2 million.

In August 15th, when Tencent announced its second quarter earnings in 2019, the topic of "average monthly salary of Tencent employees" was once on the top of micro-blog's hot search list. In the comment area, some netizens were envious of bubbles, and the

finance_daguo @ 2019/08/22

"HR's bitterness is too much, and a little sweet can fill it."

There is a phrase in the Japanese drama "uncle's love", which has triggered a heated debate among the netizens. "Don't yelled at the young people loudly, they will resign immediately." According to Zhaopin Recruitment "2019 job market annual inventory rep

sanmaohr @ 2019/08/21

After 22 years of social security, the pension is only 600 yuan. Why do some people take 2000 yuan?

Netizens asked: after 22 years of social security, the pension is only 600 yuan. Why do some people get 2000 when they retire? If it is the same area, it is impossible. Social security is calculated on the basis of cardinal number. If the base of payment

kjqiuzhi @ 2019/08/21

Don't overestimate your achievements in 1 years, but underestimate your 10 years of development.

ID: xiaoyaolsh: the reason why ID:zhichangbianjibu causes anxiety is a lot. One of the most important reasons is "anxious" - eager to achieve goals. However, the more anxious it is to achieve goals, the more difficult it is to achieve goals.

zhichangbianjibu @ 2019/08/21