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Where have older programmers gone? Share some stories around me

The 35 year old programmer, BigFly1024, seems to be a heavy topic. At home, the average programmer's life expectancy is between 20~35 years old. More than 35 years old programmers, if continue to engage in development work, in the majority of programm

TechPush @ 2020/04/06

How to strengthen the immune system in an era of change? Research and study

With the easing of the domestic epidemic, most enterprises have entered the active recovery from the previous "suspension" mode. The impact of the epidemic on enterprises is much more than a month away. Especially when the trend of foreign epidemi

cyberlawrc @ 2020/04/06

I want to talk to 20, 30, 40 year old women.

38 before a holiday, a female friend asked me about the topic of "workplace influence". I think the time has finally improved. At last, no longer the 38 quarter came to me to talk about the boring topic of "women's work and life balance

LinkedIn-China @ 2020/04/05

If a company is good or bad, I will do 5 thoughts.

Source: what is the biggest gene of entrepreneurship? Is it cheating money? Is it coaxing capital? Is it to coax the market? NO, first of all, is your conscience. He is not a pile of money, but a life credit card. The first thing to think about is that th

guanlijiqiao @ 2020/04/05

The subsidy is coming! Don't you know that a medical person can hold a certificate of 2000-4290 yuan?

In the eyes of the public, there are two professions recognized as the greatest: one is the medical and nursing personnel, the treatment of illness and rescue is always on the front line; one is teachers, teaching and educating people, and the sense of so

kanyinei @ 2020/04/05

Layoffs, transformation of categories to save themselves! Seller: don't fall down is success!

Over the past two months or so, the "order cliff clipping" and "layoffs" have been the two most discussed issues in the cross-border circle. The sudden outbreak made many sellers who had planned to make a big effort in 2020 stop all their

enecnews @ 2020/04/05

Just now, chairman Rui Xing coffee responded to financial fraud.

Lu Zhengyao said that over the past two years, the company has been running too fast, causing many problems, and now it has fallen fiercely. As chairman, I am to blame. I sincerely apologize to everyone through my circle of friends. Rui Xing coffee announ

financeapp @ 2020/04/05

Rui Xing coffee issued a statement publicly apologized: the company will profoundly reflect on confession and strengthen internal control compliance.

Rui Xing coffee made a public apology through its official micro statement, and said that executives and employees involved have been suspended from the investigation. According to the statement, the board of directors of Rui Xing coffee has commissioned

ilovedonews @ 2020/04/05

Why is the less capable person the stronger self-esteem?

Don't let your so-called self-esteem ruin your future. A person without everything is actually not terrible at all. It's terrible to have nothing but a glass heart. So don't let your so-called self-esteem ruin your future. Though they seem to

zhiyanxs @ 2020/04/05

The opportunity for the poor to earn money is coming! These industries will become rich in 2020.

Li Jiacheng: considering one thousand times, it's better to do it once; hesitating for ten thousand times is better than practicing once; a gorgeous fall is better than a meaningless hesitation, and you will be grateful to you who are fighting now. Wh

zongcaiQQ @ 2020/04/05

Just now! Formal apology!

Just now, Rui Xing coffee issued an apology on suspicion of financial fraud. For this suspected financial fraud incident and its extremely bad influence, Rui Xing coffee here gives the most sincere apology to the public. Officials and staff involved have

anhui908 @ 2020/04/05

True masters are time's long-term realists.

Photo by Jim Reardan on Unsplash Author: Liu Yi Source: one by one (ID:yiyidaochu) introduction, Luo Zhenyu said: "any person, regardless of your strength or strength, looks for enough time, you can become a friend of time through the long-term mode o

jiasudu12345 @ 2020/04/05

Who is the leader promoted? No explanation, please look at the picture.

1 the report says that the result is not to tell leaders how hard your work is and how hard you are. We must report the results to the leaders if we want to make the most of them. 2 let's ask the work to say that the plan should not let the leaders do

renb888 @ 2020/04/05

10 things that we have learned from this epidemic.

In this paper, 5798 words, recommended reading time of 17 minutes recommended level: the author of ID:zhenghedao, the source of the epidemic, the impact of this epidemic is extremely far-reaching, and the accelerated transformation of the world pattern an

cytzjia @ 2020/04/05

No Jung, the master of dry landscape, is building the whole life.

As an outstanding contemporary master of dry landscape, No Jung has received a small number of slow construction projects over the years, and every work he has made is known as a masterpiece that can last forever. No Jung's work is simple and regular.

zhi_japan @ 2020/04/05

Is it possible to directly identify labor relations in the identification of work-related injuries?

In the process of determining the work-related injury, the referee's intention has not mentioned labor relations arbitration and litigation, and the employer has requested to cancel the work injury identification on the ground that there is no labor r

gongshangtong @ 2020/04/05

10 things that make us aware of this epidemic.

Author: Shui Mu ran, source: Zheng He (ID:zhenghedao), authorized release. The impact of this epidemic on the world is extremely far-reaching, and the accelerated transformation of the world pattern and order is undergoing great changes in the past thousa

Domarketing-001 @ 2020/04/04

More than 70 year old uncle sudden death, labor relations OR labor relations?

[case] Xu was born in December 24, 1935. He was a farmer in Juxian, Shandong. He was introduced in 2006 10, and he was on duty guard in a company in Shandong. In January 23, 2012, when a company in Shandong was on duty, he suddenly died of heart disease.

laodongfaquanji @ 2020/04/04

New Oriental cut HR, Yu Minhong angrily: take your tall, roll!

Yu Minhong's mother, who once worked as a factory director, gave Yu Minhong an idea when he was in distress. He suggested that New Oriental be diversified. So in the early days when New Oriental was founded, there was a New Oriental dining hall on the

HR_Reading @ 2020/04/03

Read love inventory anti epidemic: promote consumption, steady employment and capacity

Du yuan / Wen, along with the gradual improvement of the domestic epidemic, the public's life is slowly on the right track. As one of the representative enterprises of the new electricity supplier, AI inventory has been playing the platform power for

eeo-com-cn @ 2020/04/03