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What do you do when employees just ask for leave when they first arrive?

When it comes to asking for leave, the most troublesome thing for HR is that the employees who just recruited don't go to work and ask for leave. Monday is not well. On Tuesday, my parents come over to pick up. On Wednesday, my cousin is going to have

hr_138job @ 2019/10/17

50 luxury car videos 6.6 yuan postage? The rich people in the circle of friends live only in friends circles.

Last week, the "WeChat circle of friends changed location" has been hot up and down. Is it necessary to spend money on this change? Friends do not want to decide where to set it. Tut, look, you are a man in the table. The circle of friends can be

cypuzi @ 2019/10/17

Peng Yongdong was puzzled for ten years.

What is the inner love of a shell person? "Heart" decides where to go for the shell. CEO Peng Yongdong deleted the gorgeous expression in his speech, leaving behind a sentence: the digital innovation of China's residential services should be c

Peopleweekly @ 2019/10/17

Seven steps for HRD to build competency models

The establishment of competency model of source HR notebook includes seven steps: 1, BEI interview (1) setting criteria for excellence and selecting interviewees; (2) according to STAR method, employees describe typical positive and negative behavior even

HR_Reading @ 2019/10/17

People who do not think positively: they are not standing in step, they are constantly retrogression.

We all want to have a strong way of thinking, or to get rid of procrastination and make life and work more perfect. However, in reality, we always do a lot of things for three minutes. We can not persevere. In fact, the crux of this problem is not that yo

tm_website @ 2019/10/17

Wu Xiaobo, Sun Tao Ran, Starbucks global executives are enthusiastically recommending this book!

Today is the 102nd day of management thinking. Under the natural selection of the market, the business model with the lowest cost, the highest efficiency and the highest value has naturally become the evolutionary direction of the commercial society. "

bosspin88 @ 2019/10/17

Leaders who are worthy to follow usually have these 10 characteristics.

It is worth considering carefully whether a leader can be followed by his whole life. He not only concerns the future of his life, but also the moral cultivation of his life. The following ten articles can be used for reference, satisfying 4 - 5 of the fo

zjzc625 @ 2019/10/17

Should it be the last knock-out company?

Little A has recently received offer from several companies, of which HUAWEI's offer is most tangled. The reputation of HUAWEI's wolf culture and its implementation of the last knock-out system are very small for A. With the increasing popularity

zhaopin-com @ 2019/10/17

This station Launches Online Learning membership service.

Dear friend, are you eager to succeed? Do you want to use the Internet to get the greatest wealth? Do you want to double profits from the right way? Do you want to achieve financial freedom as early as possible? Are you eager to sell products? Are you eag

haomen321 @ 2019/10/17

"Female, 31 years old, monthly salary 3100": the laziness you steal today has become the water of tomorrow's head.

We always like how to save things, but we do not know that now a little accumulation of laziness is going to snowball and cause trouble. The laziness you steal will one day hit you in the face. Your sweat will lighten your future someday. 01 Xiao Xiao'

hrjiagongxianghui @ 2019/10/17

WeChat's latest big data reveals 30 million "fallen" young people.

Editor: man Jun Author: the slot girl is authorized by NetEase trough value (ID:caozhi163) to reprint the text in 3470 words. It is estimated that the vacation time of reading 9 minutes and 2019 will be over TAT. In 2019, all the holidays were over, and t

renliziyuanguanli @ 2019/10/17

At the age of 53, 9 babies were born and 450 billion assets were managed. This Superman mother became an inspirational girl.

Chen Yao made a speech in the starry speech, which resonated with many working women: "in this era, women are very demanding. If you choose to be a professional woman, someone will say you ignore your family and are a bad mother." "If you choo

mybestlist @ 2019/10/17

Ren Zhengfei: people with cleanliness can not be a leader in entrepreneurship.

E (ID:chnstonewx) Peng Jianfeng's organization's cohesion, combat effectiveness, creativity and vitality come from? How to build a high performance Iron Army that can continue to win the battle? What are the characteristics of high-performance org

chuangyejia @ 2019/10/17

This question of the inside is baffled by 99%HR.

In the past, an article entitled "look at Ali's assessment scale, Ali people have high wages for a reason" article, to comb out Ali's performance incentive rules, but I did not expect the last fire is actually an interview question in the

hutui619 @ 2019/10/16

Ren Zhengfei: foreign employees meet these two conditions can also do HUAWEI new CEO

In a recent interview with HUAWEI founder and CEO Ren Zhengfei released from the community, he told The Associated Press reporters for the first time about the selection of executives for foreign employees. Ren Zhengfei said that as long as foreign employ

ilovedonews @ 2019/10/16

More than 4000 people laid off, 1000 stores closed, and 7-11 fell from the altar.

Please share with us hrgogogo ID:ilovehrgo. Last week, we saw the sudden collapse of the "Wiebe English" of the Old English training institution. It was a sad thing to say. (ID:ilovehrgo) What is even more unexpected is that everyone once said, &#

xrxs_qixiaoxin @ 2019/10/16

Limited time to receive recruitment analysis utility tools. !

Recruitment day to day, do not do recruitment analysis, a lot of work may be done, recruitment, recruitment analysis is an important part of recruitment. Not only can we find out and fill in vacancy, find problems, but also be an important part of showing

WRHR00 @ 2019/10/16

11 good habits that benefit you all your life.

11 good habits that make you benefit from your life at 13:00 every day. 1, without mobile phones, the temptation of mobile phones is too great for us. If we go to bed with mobile phones, we will delay the normal sleeping time. In addition, playing the mob

HRxinli @ 2019/10/16

11434 yuan / month! Beijing's latest salary data released in 2019, the most profitable thing is...

October has passed 1/3, eleven, long holidays, and it's not good to get rid of the money. In the twinkling of an eye, sixteen of October has already arrived. In October, it has already been half, double eleven, two or two? Is the wallet ready? Watchin

bdbbeijing @ 2019/10/16

The company does not pay wages illegal!!!

The law of the People's Republic of China on personal income tax stipulates that withholding agents shall handle withholding declarations in full and in full accordance with the provisions of the state, and provide taxpayers with personal income and w

HR_Reading @ 2019/10/16