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Black horse battalion 20 phase: "one hundred million midstream acceleration plan" interview committee list exposure

At 20 hours in October 17th, the black horse battalion upgraded completely and released the 20 phase "one hundred million medium flow acceleration plan", looking for 100 industrial reshants, and accelerating the creation of candidates for the lead

heima_ying @ 2019/10/22

"12 year old father is in prison, 13 years old left behind girls": all women who have gone against the wind have done this.

Ten points, Mr. Jun recently, the circle of friends is particularly popular: the counterattack of today's era is not overnight prosperity or instant popularity, but today you are more diligent than yesterday, and this year you are more diligent than l

sdvideos @ 2019/10/22

One person depends on these 8 details. Ruthless!

In the past, we exaggerated a person's most used words, not only "strong ability", "smart", "diligence", "self-discipline" and "hard work", but gradually, praising a person's "dependence" became the

aisw087 @ 2019/10/22

Guangxi 2019 civil service open selection begins! 295 positions and 434 people are selected.

In October 21st, the regional civil service bureau issued the announcement of the Guangxi civil servants' open selection in 2019, selecting 295 leading positions and first level directors and the following level of posts, 295 and 434. The selection be

ngzbnews @ 2019/10/21

Recruiting HR in addition to recruiting people, what else can be done in the future?

Many friends who have been engaged in HR work have remained in the recruitment stage for several years. Recruitment is difficult to recruit; do not engage in recruitment, do not know what else can be done? There is no motivation to work every day. So what

hr_138job @ 2019/10/21

There is a noise called "office noise" busy Day

There are many reasons for low efficiency, but you didn't expect this 80%. Wen Si Xiaoniu, editor of Si Xiaoniu, if you search for four words of "efficiency" on the reading of watercress, you will find 15 pages of 11 pages of books per page. M

nbweekly @ 2019/10/21

On these minefields for employee relations, HR must not step on them.

The career of HR, the HR elite club in Luoyang, is really a step forward. Compared to those who can't recruit people, they have miscalculated their salaries. If they accidentally spread out the labor dispute, they would be afraid to see the end of the

HR_Reading @ 2019/10/21

Food forum one week recruitment job summary 10.21

Free recruitment information, WeChat customer service foodmatehr[recruitment] Langfang Institute of biological resources and health products Engineering Center recruitment notice proceedings of the Chinese A

jobfoodmate @ 2019/10/21

At the age of 28, leaving the high salary Internet Co, turning to the administrative unit: your dissatisfaction, why let the parents pay the bill?

Zhao Xiaoli, crystal_words, recommended that zhichangbianjibu be written in front of you: do you constantly complain that your parents are so strong that you lose the chance to choose your career freely? Do you blame your parents for being so old that the

zhichangbianjibu @ 2019/10/21

Former friends become subordinate Liu Tao Ruby Lin "true girlfriends" or "imaginary enemies"?

If one day, your good friend becomes your subordinate, what kind of attitude and way will you use to deal with your relationship? "Dear inn" has just opened in Ningxia, and boss Liu Tao is facing such a difficult problem. Liu Tao and Ruby Lin beca

happychina1997 @ 2019/10/21

Guangdong Grid Co 2020 campus recruitment hottest

Dedicated to the development of professional elite platform to pay attention to free access to high-quality recruitment special! Guangdong Grid Co 2020 campus recruitment hot enterprises in the introduction of Guangdong Power Grid Co., Ltd. is a wholly ow

wuyoujingyingwang @ 2019/10/21

"After 3 years of work, I lost to the colleague who worked hard in the circle of friends."

The value of the slot is from the reader to the background. "After entering the workplace, I became an emotional forwarding machine." In my circle of friends, there are few dynamics about personal life. Once opened, all the company's product p

qiancheng51job @ 2019/10/21

Guiyang Huaxi District openly recruited 118 staff from public institutions.

In order to deepen the reform of personnel system in public institutions and strengthen the construction of talents in public institutions, we decided to openly recruit staff members of public institutions in Huaxi. In order to ensure the smooth progress

gywbgywb @ 2019/10/21

"Go to work, go to school, attend classes", such a god enterprise exists!

This year's Guide: as school enterprise cooperation has been put on the agenda of major enterprises, Xiaobian has noticed many readers' doubts: what kind of sparks can the two schools get between the school and enterprises? Follow the lens of Xiao

trainingmagazine @ 2019/10/21

I didn't tell you how difficult it is to enter millions every year.

Author: landlord's ID source: landlord Economics (id:LosAngelesLL), "people in the United States, just off the plane, doctoral degree, year into millions of" these once known labels sentence has now become a paragraph, also because of the X cu

topjrgc @ 2019/10/21

Good job! Zhongyuan girl!

I want to let you know about these lovely Central Plains girls! Their combat capability, self-management, inner energy and flexibility are all online! Meet challenges and not retreat! Pursue your dream, untiring! No fear of strong hands, daring to dare to

zhongyuanjituan @ 2019/10/21

Child, the man who pretends to work hard, I hope it's not you!

"Only if you work hard, can you look effortless", you suddenly see your words in the circle of friends. So you swear in vow: only by working hard can you gain recognition. You feel that seeing this sentence is the beginning of your bull's coun

@ 2019/10/21

The distribution system should not be a cheap rider.

Reading: many enterprises will advertise their excellent value distribution in the talent policy, which makes people think that the company is willing to share the growth revenue with their employees, but how much they can finally fall on the "striker

qyglzz @ 2019/10/21

The necessary form of human resource planning is to be collected.

Guided human resource planning refers to the scientific prediction of enterprises according to the strategic development goals and tasks, analyzing the supply and demand of human resources in the changing environment, and formulating the necessary policie

zjzc625 @ 2019/10/21

From 160 monthly salary to 3 billion: the biggest opponent in life is yourself.

There is an undeniable fact that the world is quietly dividing. But there will always be such a kind of people who can transcend their families, blood ties and environment, be able to break away from the fetters of the times and let the world see differen

tm_website @ 2019/10/21