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K2, frozen territory

2019, August. The Indian and Pakistani border, Kashmir. Ali camp, nests in thick sleeping bags, snow outside the tent, surrounded by snow mountains, three cups of tea on the knees are detailing the magnificence and cruelty of the seal. In the early mornin

trekkinginchina @ 2019/12/10

Lingshan Park cleaning up cliff waste and optimizing scenic environment

In December 9th, Qian Lingshan Park in Guiyang concentrated on cleaning up the rubbish on the side slope of the pavilion beside the pavilion to ensure that the park was clean and tidy. The pavilion is located at the elephant king ridge of the Lingshan Par

gywbgywb @ 2019/12/10

There are not many places to live as a holiday.

Zu Sanchez Photography/Getty Images does not take life as a festival day. When you walk into a crowded street in the middle of the night to see the carnival scene, or when the flamenco dancer touches your soul at the moment, you can feel it. No matter wha

LonelyPlanet-CN @ 2019/12/10

A friend circle, a ginkgo golden yellow.

Friends circle, a ginkgo golden yellow author Huang Ping uncle Chengdu in December, a golden yellow; so, you have, my friend circle is golden. All the photos in this article came from Ping's circle of friends. Some people say that Chengdu in December

psxt818 @ 2019/12/10

"2019 global free travel consumption analysis"

Source:'s 26-35 year old tourist is the main customer group of free travel; "natural awakening" and "deep Tour" are the key words; while "walking and ordering" has increased consumption demand mobility; charter tours

MeadinAcademy @ 2019/12/10

Where do you travel in winter? Arabia culture capital Sharjah understand!

Where do you choose to travel in winter? Why not go to UAE to see why the UAE is chosen? 1: in November 2018, the UAE announced that it had officially signed a visa free policy to Chinese citizens. Therefore, to go to the UAE, we can walk away and do not

uniwaytravel @ 2019/12/05

Watching snow, listening to the sound of falling snow.

The first snow in winter is very lingering. No matter whether it is the imperial capital or more places in North China, there are snowflakes falling. Although there is no heroic snow in Northeast China, there is also a graceful way of belonging to the cit

daomawuyu @ 2019/12/01

Wuxi 8090, how much do you remember about these 50 things?

80, in 90s, there was no subway at that time, and there were a few taxis on the streets. Besides buses, there were more and more bicycles. At that time, people had no idea about private cars. But Santana was the only person who wanted to buy a plane ticke

lovewuxi0510 @ 2019/11/30

Iris dream, left in Xitang.

Dream, left behind in Xitang: the iris anchors: if the "Xitang farewell" tells a distant story, the memory of Xitang, quietly lying in the bottom of the river bed. Xitang is a love affair in my dream. When I walk on its land, dreams fall quietly i

yuanweihuakai00 @ 2019/11/30

Warm meet winter to Jilin to play with snow

Jilin province is located in the hinterland of Northeast China. Its unique folk custom and beautiful and harmonious ecological environment make the black land full of romance and magic become a forgettable place. Snow is the gift of nature to Jilin people

kaiyuan_eu @ 2019/11/30

These five big sky mirrors are like two worlds.

Recently, Cha Ka Saline Lake has been searched by Japanese programs. Everyone has been impressed by the high value of the tea card Saline Lake. Besides the tea card Saline Lake, there are several places in the world that can be called the mirrors of the s

shijiemeijing @ 2019/11/30

Use footsteps to punch cards to open Urumqi's ice and snow adventure.

2019 the race track of Urumqi ice and snow marathon has finally been announced. Excited hearts, trembling hands, ice horse ahead of a walk! Xiaobian, who got the circuit diagram, rushed to Urumqi County for the first time, and brushed the whole track. All

joyruntalk @ 2019/11/30

Spring Festival overseas travel destination recommended! There is always one thing that touches you.

The Spring Festival in 2020 is earlier than before. It's time to make your Spring Festival travel plan. After a year's hard work, you might as well take your family members to pick a favorite destination and live a different new year. Whether it i

shijiebang @ 2019/11/29

Hot spring light luxury vacation new destination! Enjoy the mountain forest private soup, the world cuisine, the Bvlgari suit, makes the exquisite fairy in the winter day.

Around September this year, I met a big brother who had known me for a long time. The purpose is simple and direct. After running the The Springs Hotel in Qingchengshan, they made a new hotel brand - Zhi Zhu SAMATHA. The reason for him to find me is also

myjihelife @ 2019/11/29

Play the most wild ice and eat the most authentic saucepan. This small northern city will give you a dream of ice and snow.

The most pioneer of pop music, My Radio, cling to the blue word to pay attention to the homepage jam. After that, the temperature dropped suddenly and the weather became cooler and cooler, but no snow came. Today, when you brush micro-blog, a micro-blog i

yinyueyouhuashuo @ 2019/11/28

The establishment of the national sports tourism demonstration area is planned.

The news office of the provincial government held a news conference yesterday to create the latest results of the national sports tourism demonstration area in Guizhou, and announced the overall plan of Guizhou national sports tourism demonstration zone.

gywbgywb @ 2019/11/28

Fresher than Xiamen, more amorous than Taiwan, the ancient city of 1700 is now seriously understated.

The colder weather became, and from inside the hazy windows, there was a lot of traffic outside, and suddenly the thoughts went to an old and comfortable city. Red brick ancient house, quiet and elegant, old street uploads sweet and melodious Min Nan lang

lv_yueyue @ 2019/11/28

These universities in Wuhan have amazing scenery. The highest value is... Is there your alma mater?

It has been raining for days on end. Today, Wuhan has cleared up. In the early winter, the scenery of every college in Wuhan was beautiful. Let's take a look. In front of the high-energy map, we are ready for the winter. We have caught the old tail an

whcjrb @ 2019/11/28

Do you go to snow village this winter?

China snow Township, the largest snowfall in China. Snow township is located in Changting Town, Hailin City, Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang province. It is a forest farm affiliated to the great Hailin Forestry Bureau, which is called Shuangfeng forest farm

mszktravel @ 2019/11/28

These 18 most suitable island paradise for elopement, see second want to start!

It is too cold for the public to travel to the island in winter. If you want to go to the island, it will be too hot in summer. If you want to travel to the island alone, you want to go to the island honeymoon trip, when you want to go to the island and t

shijiemeijing @ 2019/11/26