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Promoting 5G to reduce 4G speed? Heilongjiang communications authority responded! It also reveals important information.

To promote 5G and reduce 4G speed? The Provincial Communications Authority responded that the investigation did not reveal that no individual regional network or equipment failure was observed in May 17th. A few days ago, readers reported that the 4G netw

HLJ_SHB @ 2020/05/18

The ultimate deduction of the HUAWEI incident

On the evening of May 15, 2020, at the time when HUAWEI was listed as the "entity list" of export control by the US Department of Commerce, the United States again upgraded its control measures against HUAWEI, aiming to further restrict HUAWEI in

icsmart @ 2020/05/18

Three thousand trillion is coming! This year, 500 thousand Shanghai Telecom families will become Angel users.

"The world's first three thousand trillion, the world's Internet speed to see Shanghai!" Ma Yimin, general manager of China Telecom Shanghai company (middle), has "salt" for three thousand trillion, 30 seconds to read 1 Shanghai, a

vittimes @ 2020/05/18

Market forecast: demand for optical communications market will recover in 2021

News guide COVID-19 brings opportunities to the optical communications industry by changing the way the world operates and providing important services. At the same time, the interruption caused by it and the delay of many projects in 2020 can not be igno

iccsz-Group @ 2020/05/18

Telecom "China 5G national online big broadcast" rollover, the live room commentary has caught a lot of China Telecom canals center cheat student party's money barrage.

On the evening of May 16th, Xiaobian watched China Telecom's 31 provincial companies jointly broadcast the telecom 5G in the major media, and found that there were a lot of barrage in the broadcasting room. The content was the money that the China Tel

tongxinquan_168 @ 2020/05/18

Low code development platform Power Platform: similar to Excel, it is a digital business application platform.

(reading time: 5 minutes) exactly, Power Platform integrates code development, cross platform application, and business application platform three. Essentially, it is a digital business application platform, but it can be implemented in a low code way. In

mstech2014 @ 2020/05/18

5G extension road is expected to usher in new opportunities for speeding up the "new infrastructure" special network.

With the "new infrastructure" pressing the accelerator, one of its key areas of development is the 5G network layout and construction. It is noteworthy that the move also brings opportunities for upgrading the private network communication market.

djjworld @ 2020/05/18

More than 10 billion yuan investment, and strive to promote the construction of major projects. It's about Guangxi's development.

May 17, 2020 is the fifty-first world telecommunication and information society day. The theme is "connectivity goal 2030: the use of ICT to promote the realization of sustainable development goals (SDG)". As a new generation of ICT technology rep

ngzbnews @ 2020/05/17

5G business is almost a year. Have you changed your meal?

Today is the 517 International Telecommunications Day. This year's theme is "connected target 2030". When major industry leaders are thinking about the future, I also see some netizens in the comments put forward different points of view, such

techmiao @ 2020/05/17

Sichuan takes the lead in releasing new infrastructure, new consumption and new industries, innovation and development action plan

In 2020, "5 / 17 world telecom and information society day" is coming, "digital Sichuan new infrastructure and new consumption new industry cloud conference and seventh 5G double Gigabit and IPTV super HD Festival" series of activities wer

funnytechnology @ 2020/05/17

Industry insight report of China's BPM market in 2019

Exemption statement: the statistical data contained in this report are mainly derived from social open data (such as: the National Bureau of statistics, the Ministry of industry and industry regularly released data, listed companies' public data, etc.

Java_simon @ 2020/05/17

China Unicom's heavy release of "three thousand trillion" innovative products adds color to 5G era.

In May 17th, on the day of the fifty-second World Telecommunications and information society, China Unicom's "Unicom three thousand trillion wonderful launch" online conference was held in Beijing. At the meeting, China Unicom officially annou

yysgc888 @ 2020/05/17

If the United States dare to do so, it is war.

1, will there be war between China and the United States? Will there be a war between China and the United States? It is only because of the ability of the great powers to destroy each other with the nuclear force that the possibility of a large-scale mil

tmdfhh6 @ 2020/05/17

Weigh! 510 million yuan! Life in Quanzhou will change dramatically.

Quanzhou has just come out, and your life will change dramatically in the future. At the beginning of this year, many people stopped running because of the epidemic. Office workers are unhappy because they can not go to the company, and their work is incr

dnzb2000 @ 2020/05/17

How should the personal information collected during the epidemic be handled in the future? Exclusive interview

Scanning the two-dimensional code in the map, tonight at 8 -9 at half past, listen to the science knowledge officer Qiao Jie tells the new crown epidemic cross disciplinary practice. ( editor's note.

The-Intellectual @ 2020/05/17

HUAWEI sent a picture.

Reuters reported in May 15th that the commerce department has extended HUAWEI's temporary license to August 13th again, but at the same time they are changing an export rule to crack down on HUAWEI's chip supply chain. According to this rule, even

gmrb1949 @ 2020/05/17

The five largest flagship of the five cities, 5G speed measurement, who can laugh till the end?

Source: Tencent science and Technology (ID:qqtech) author: Zhong Wen TSE 5G network has been used for more than half a year, and the discussion on 5G network has also been hot. Many users are most concerned about how fast the laying speed of Beijing is al

@ 2020/05/17

All the power of the whole country can not keep HUAWEI.

As early as March, news came out that the United States had already sanctioned the stricter and more stringent sanctions against HUAWEI. Even directly revise the "re export rules" of foreign direct products, and restrict the important suppliers su

zljtech @ 2020/05/17

Report: the United States has worked hard to kill HUAWEI chips. Can SMIC become the strongest spare tire? [Download]

Point of view: the US HUAWEI ban has been upgraded again, and SMIC is sending carbon to China. The United States local time on May 15th, the United States once again upgraded the ban on HUAWEI, HUAWEI once again become a dead end. Today, HUAWEI responds t

zhidxcom @ 2020/05/17

The United States pays more attention to HUAWEI.

In May 15, 2019, the US Department of Commerce listed HUAWEI and its 114 overseas affiliates in the "entity list" to prohibit us companies from selling or transferring related technologies and products to China. A year later, the United States gov

kjrbwx @ 2020/05/17