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HUAWEI urges Australia to lift 5G: no matter how Australia 5G will be made in China

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, HUAWEI, a telecoms equipment supplier, submitted a document to the Commonwealth of Australia house of Representatives, urging Australia to lift its ban on 5G technology by analyzing the status quo, or Australia may

hqsbwx @ 2019/11/05

Ten major strategic and technological trends in Gartner:2020

As the 2019 draws to a close, we may recall some trends that have been hyped up, such as block chains or AI applications on a large scale. But when we look back at the mainstream trends that need to be slowly realized, it is time to consider the coming ne

Java_simon @ 2019/11/05

Who is the 5G package? Three sets of rights and interests contrast to give you the answer!

The "5G commercial conference" held in October 31st marked the official entry of China's 5G into the commercial stage. 5G development, network is the foundation, service is the core, application is the key. On the same day, the three operators

tongxinquan_168 @ 2019/11/05

Explain the advantages of digital power supply

Compared with the traditional analog power supply, the main difference between the Digital Power digital power supply and the traditional analog power supply is the control and communication part. In applications where simple and easy to use and parameter

EEPWweixin @ 2019/11/05

Depth analysis of network security in block chain (1)

More global network security information is in the E security official website preface FBI's report shows that since January 1, 2016, there are more than 4000 cyber attacks every day in the United States. By contrast, there were about 1

EAQapp @ 2019/11/05

Block chain is named, who is the first layout, what are the beneficiary sectors?

Recently, after the eighteenth collective study of the status quo and trend of the block chain technology, the heat of the block chain rose again. On that day, circle of friends and various industry groups were blocked by blocks, so that people in the ind

OFweek @ 2019/11/05

5G package is officially announced! How does China Unicom respond to blowout 5G consultation? Baidu knows new entry

"Ginger is still old spicy." In October 31st, the three operators formally announced the 5G package tariff, and 5G business officially started. Previously, according to media reports, the 5G subscribers had already exceeded tens of millions, which

luochaotmt @ 2019/11/05

Ren Zhengfei: Despite the sanctions imposed by the United States, HUAWEI will still achieve micro growth this year.

The HUAWEI hearts community released a summary of the interview by HUAWEI founder Ren Zhengfei in the Middle East African Arabic media in November 4th. When it comes to HUAWEI's 2019 revenue problem, Ren Zhengfei declared that the internal revenue is

ilovedonews @ 2019/11/05

Wife bought malware to monitor her husband, monitoring information transferred to fraudsters.

A few days ago, the police in Nanjing cracked the case of stealing personal privacy information by malware, and over sixty thousand people in the country were monitored and tracked by such malware. At first, when Nanjing police cracked a gang fraud case,

landianwx @ 2019/11/05

Associate professor told zoo, "face recognition first case" to disclose what privacy risks

In October this year, Guo Bing, an associate professor of Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, received a text message from the wildlife world in Hangzhou. It was said that the annual card users needed to "brush their faces" before entering the park. Guo

todaytopic @ 2019/11/05

Wang Xiaochu, chairman of China Unicom: 5G has been launched in 24 provinces and cities to build shared base stations with a peak rate of 2.5Gpbs

Today, at the 2019 China International Information and Communication Exhibition, the Ministry of industry and the three major carriers held the 5G commercial launching ceremony. 5G, which waited for a long time, finally ushered in the official business. A

cucc_university @ 2019/11/04

ZTE joined United Arab Emirates Telecom to develop 5G market in Middle East and North Africa

Reference News Network reported on November 4th, the US media said that ZTE and Du of the United Arab Emirates comprehensive telecommunications company demonstrated the first real-time 5G 3D hologram in the Middle East and North Africa. According to the U

ckxxwx @ 2019/11/04

$10 billion 500 million in China's seed industry market: breeding selection, artificial intelligence, home intelligence weekly report Core Edition

Breeding selection is the starting point of the agricultural industry chain, and seed is one of the most important agricultural means of production. How to cultivate high value, high yield and disease resistant seeds is the focus of attention of many ente

almosthuman2017 @ 2019/11/04

[report] Research on vehicle value preservation rate in China in October 2019 (16 pages of PDF file download)

In November 1, 2019, the monthly analysis of China's automobile circulation will be held in China Science and technology hall. The China Automobile Circulation Association jointly issued a joint report on China's automobile inflation rate in Octob

car_land @ 2019/11/04

There will be four major changes in network security in 2020 and beyond.

Key message, D1 time service! The survey shows that the pace of technology and market changes will accelerate in 2020, which will affect safety technology, innovation, investment and industry development. As the end of 2019, some security analysts began t

D1Net18 @ 2019/11/04

The aerial docking of flight batteries can greatly extend the flight time of UAVs.

Photo: UC Berkeley battery power is a limiting factor for robots everywhere. For UAVs, especially for problems, they must make an awkward trade-off between carrying batteries, carrying other items and how long they can stay in the air. The consumer's

IEEE_China @ 2019/11/04

5G business is officially open! Do you think the speed is high? Is it expensive? Which stocks do the institutions prefer?

The 5G business era is officially opened. From 6 to June, the Ministry of industry and Commerce issued 5G licenses to China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom and China Radio and television. At the opening ceremony of China International Information and

securitiesdaily @ 2019/11/04

IIWeekly quarter two quarter revenue slowed, increased losses, Ali cloud ready to shift

Alibaba Cloud Architecture readjustment. Tencent announced SaaS ecological play. Tencent released the first self research server Microsoft beat Amazon, win billions of cloud business big single Ali cloud quarterly revenue 9 billion 291 million, loss of 52

geekpark @ 2019/11/04

HUAWEI mobile overseas blocked, Hong Meng system instead of Android plan or accelerate

The three quarter data released by Canaly, a market regulator, showed that HUAWEI mobile achieved a good result of 29% year-on-year growth in shipments, but this is mainly driven by the domestic market. Meanwhile, its shipments in the domestic market incr

BMtech007 @ 2019/11/04

Google's $2 billion 100 million Fitbit is going to smash Apple's rice bowl.

Lei Jun has been on the micro-blog for millet watch for some time. This appearance looks a bit like Apple Watch, which is a wearable product that is emphasized as "watch appearance smart phone". It will undoubtedly become another main product of m

zealertech @ 2019/11/04