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[report] Research on development trend of vehicle braking system technology (63 pages PDF file download)

Report summary: 1. When the electronic parking brake EPB is replaced in China, the electronic parking brake EPB will gradually replace the mechanical handbrake in the future. The braking performance of EPB is not much different from that of the traditiona

car_land @ 2020/06/28

Kai Pu Lin adds European "engine"! The wholly owned subsidiary of Germany and the European R & D center were formally established.

In June 2020, the BWT Laser Europe, a wholly owned subsidiary of Beijing and Europe research and development center, was formally established in Mainz, the beautiful Rhine riverside city. This is a key step in achieving the leap forward development of Kai

ofweeklaser @ 2020/06/28

Is code free development a pseudo requirement?

(reading time: 6 minutes) the entry threshold of the Internet industry is decreasing, and the code free / low code tool has been recognized by more and more people because of its fast and convenient operation. Code free / low code development is the proce

mstech2014 @ 2020/06/28

Collection Stickers! The most practical shortcut operation of windows10 system

Author: sunny morning from windows7 to windows10, the change of operating system makes most people unable to adapt. The original function of one step now has to spend a little time to find it, and sometimes search engine to locate it, alas! What a sad wor

SHKX47 @ 2020/06/28

The only listed communication operator!

In June 17th, the Ministry of industry and information technology announced the list of 76 AI enterprises in the field of science and technology supporting the outbreak of new crown pneumonia. Among them, China Unicom Shandong branch became the only commu

cucc_university @ 2020/06/28

Unknown mainland releases advertising service standards and prices in the second half of 2020

UNLANDS platform is a digital manufacturing cloud platform based on 3D printing technology. We provide Internet infrastructure, technology support and marketing platform for 3D printing service providers, users and other ecological enterprises, enabling t

unlands @ 2020/06/28

Spare tire plan started, HUAWEI Hass revenue contrarian increased by more than 50%, ranking higher in the world

According to the World Semiconductor Trade Statistics Association (WSTS), global chip sales fell 13% in the first quarter of this year, but IC insights, a market maker, pointed out that HUAWEI's first quarter revenue increased by more than 54% over th

BMtech007 @ 2020/06/28

A number of units in Guangxi failed to monitor the website, and they were ordered to be rectified and punished by the police.

The website has not strengthened the information management, which has caused the website to be released by the illegal elements, and the website has not been logged, causing the website to be hacked. In June 27th, the Nanning Public Security Bureau netwo

ngzbnews @ 2020/06/28

The first generation of 5G cell phone toll rings: Unicom's first SA mode 5G base station network operation!

Time flies quickly. In the twinkling of an eye, 5G Mobile has been commercially listed for 1 years. In the past 1 years, the 5G mobile phone market has changed so much. It is still remembered that the first 5G mobile phone listed in China is the HUAWEI Ma

jizhiwanji @ 2020/06/28

Microsoft online official document recovery tool Windows File Recovery

Recently, Microsoft app store has installed an official application called Windows File Recovery (Windows file recovery) to help users recover deleted data. Windows File Recovery is based on command line programming, with only 8.26MB size, all Win

Popsoft2014 @ 2020/06/28

Too sudden! The Internet giant announced: permanently close the store!

On Friday, the US Internet giant Microsoft issued a statement on its official website, saying that it planned to permanently close almost all Microsoft stores in the world (a total of 83), leaving only four locations to remain open. The four reservations

haixiadushibao @ 2020/06/27

BUF big events, multiple appointments APP up to 845GB data leakage, Research Report on small program personal information protection

This week's BUF event has brought fresh and interesting safety news to you, with multiple appointments APP as high as 845GB data leakage, including naked photos and chat records; APP frequent self initiated access to files 25 thousand times; small pro

freebuf @ 2020/06/27

IOS 14 or will lead to a substantial reduction in free APP.

The most popular technology news this week is undoubtedly the latest iOS 14 system released by Apple WWDC20. Meanwhile, Apple has announced a series of new privacy functions. However, in response to these new functions, some people claim that this will le

techmiao @ 2020/06/27

Billion state international landing NASDAQ: will continue to bet on the encrypted currency and mining industry.

Source 01 block chain after Jialong Technology (CAN), NASDAQ in June 26th ushered in second block chain Stocks - one of the head of mining companies - EBON. However, the price of forerunner Ka Nan technology closed at $1.94 on the 25 day, which has droppe

Finance_01 @ 2020/06/27

Dripping autopilot on-line; Apple invented ultra-thin touch display technology evening news.

Selected news dripping autopilot services on line: new technology will bring drivers new career Sina Technology News, Shanghai intelligent network Union car scale manned demonstration application started today, dripping for the first time for the public t

technode @ 2020/06/27

Uncover the status quo of the local IC industry! Domestic alternative to the three golden track, the best way to catch up with the Premier League

Attention: domestic power and analog devices are promising, and RF and consumer chips have broad prospects. China's domestic semiconductor market demand accounts for 1/3 of the world, but its supply capacity is obviously insufficient. Under the US tec

zhidxcom @ 2020/06/27

5G: the first pile of new infrastructure [two brother-in-law column -48]

Abstract: the status of 5G is special, because it is the first basis for the construction of the other six fields, and will provide solid support for the operation of the six fields in the future. Li Jun, editor of this article: Xie Lirong, the source of

keji_zatan @ 2020/06/27

The Yangtze River storage Cheng Weihua: under the epidemic situation and the global trade situation, we should also assess the situation and strengthen the practice of internal strength.

According to the micro network news, "2020 was destined to be a difficult year, and the tension between China and the United States continued to escalate, and the epidemic spread all over the world. For the storage of the Yangtze River, which is at th

zengshouji @ 2020/06/27

2020 the world intelligent driving challenge was successfully held, and continued to help build "Tianjin smart port".

In June 24th, the 2020 world intelligent driving challenge was held in Dongli, Tianjin. As an important part of the fourth World Congress on intelligence, the 2020 world intelligent driving challenge was organized by the Dongli people's government and

tjrbwx @ 2020/06/27

[SEMICON China special report] IC's resurgence in front of the epidemic.

The sudden rainstorm is still pouring out the enthusiasm of SEMICON China. The exhibition hall, which is crowded with people, is a harbinger of recovery for the semiconductor industry, which is covered by the epidemic. "This year is very magical, the

DIGITIMES @ 2020/06/27