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Creating enterprise level security for database in cloud

Key message, D1 time service! Databases of enterprises of all sizes are often subjected to continuous network attacks. Many network intrusions are usually not detected in a longer time, which means that the database needs to be protected by passive and ac

D1Net18 @ 2019/10/12

Aspire to become "Iron Man" after 90, super cool!

Qin Ruofeng, Chongqing, graduated from Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications after 90. Two years ago, Xiaofeng joined CCID Chongqing Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as CCID information), served as a technical engin

huaweicorp @ 2019/10/12

Why is AR not the bigger FOV, the better the sense of experience?

Esther last month, an American AR startup named Kura released a brand new lightweight AR eyeglasses: Gallium. According to official website, Gallium is designed with integrated body weight of only 80g and self developed structured optical waveguide scheme

qingtinwang @ 2019/10/12

Is 5G mobile worth buying this year? The six question is not entangled.

In 2019, we officially entered the first year of 5G. In the second half of the year, 5G mobile phones of major brands also entered the market one after another. But the arrival of the 5G phone has also made some hesitant friends who plan to change in the

BXiPhone @ 2019/10/12

About the time delay (5G), the old driver has given the answer.

There is not much time to leave for the airport. A short road, but often traffic jams, crossroads, red and yellow alternate year by year; a road double, but the green light. He said to the driver that he would arrive fastest. He chose the road of double t

hhfine @ 2019/10/12

Why is Win10's bug so much more than Win7?

Some time ago, a video caught fire on the Internet. The old man in the video, who claimed to have worked in Microsoft for nearly 15 years, severely criticized the development quality of Microsoft Windows 10, and said it for 20 minutes. The old man named J

chaping321 @ 2019/10/12

Can 5G really help mobile phone manufacturers "change their fortunes"?

Abstract: the development of 5G mobile phone still needs many joint efforts. Operators continue to make rapid efforts in the construction of 5G network. The upstream and downstream industry chain enterprises continuously enhance their capacity output. Mob

keji_zatan @ 2019/10/12

How difficult is it for VR mobile mechanism to move in virtual space?

Achieving natural movement in virtual space is the key to VR immersion. There are 2635 words and 11 diagrams in the text, and the realistic simulation of the real world in 8 minutes is expected to be the charm of VR. To build a VR experience that is real

VRPinea @ 2019/10/11

The United States is hiding from Hua Jianfeng: the former hegemony is difficult for both sides, and China, Germany, South Korea and many other countries are fighting 2030!

In October 7, 2019, the US Department of Commerce Industry Safety Agency (BIS) issued a final rule on the federal chronicle. The substance of the regulation is that: the "Entiy List" listed in the supplementary document 4 of the 744th chapter of t

JUNWUKU @ 2019/10/11

SF terminal distribution robot exposure!

"This building distribution robot has been applied in some high-end office buildings." Wen Wen / reporter Miao Lin keyword: Shun Feng, end robot reporter learned that in the fourteenth China (Shenzhen) international logistics and supply chain expo

ExpressMagazine @ 2019/10/11

Is 5G mobile worth buying this year? No entanglements after watching

In 2019, we officially entered the first year of 5G. In the second half of the year, 5G mobile phones of major brands also entered the market one after another. But the arrival of the 5G phone has also made some hesitant friends who plan to change in the

ZOLTech @ 2019/10/11

When will operators fight vicious battles? An operator in Xinjiang was reported to have broken cable.

Recently, operators have observed that an operator in Xinjiang has reported to the district authority through official documents. Another operator has telephone marketing and random cable hanging. According to official documents, the operator engaged in t

yysgc888 @ 2019/10/11

HUAWEI helps Sichuan Telecom realize China's first cloud VR business

In October 10th, China's first cloud VR business was officially released by China Telecom Sichuan company (hereinafter referred to as "Sichuan Telecom"). As one of the China Telecom and HUAWEI BJIC (business joint innovation) cloud VR pilot pr

huaweicorp @ 2019/10/11

Gold rush Frontier: the latest investment trend of global quantum technology

IBM50 qubits quantum computer prototype (source: IBM) source: capital laboratory, as a cutting-edge area where few people are involved, quantum technology has been growing slowly in spite of the slow growth of government departments and research instituti

AItists @ 2019/10/11

The feeding robot is coming down. Explore the truth of the Beijing market, two big players fighting

Aspect: McKinsey points out that 30% of 60% jobs can be replaced by robots. From factory assembly lines to warehousing and logistics, and then to the courier delivery and restaurant delivery, the robot is gradually moving from the outside to the interior

zhidxcom @ 2019/10/11

Daxing Airport 5G first experience, really fast, really exciting!

Video: Daxing International Airport 5G speed video: China Mobile 5G+ smart business hall first experience yesterday. The reporter, accompanied by the staff of China Mobile Beijing company, visited the Financial Street business hall of China Mobile Beijing

CWW-weixin @ 2019/10/11

HP wants to cry. This LEP vulnerability affects most of the user computers.

In 2017, a software was spun on the HP computer by spies. However, when the matter was almost cold, the software was caught up in a fire. In October 11th, security researchers found that there was a LPE vulnerability in HP analysis software. The vulnerabi

letshome @ 2019/10/11

Acquisition of Intel baseband chip business alleged violation? Apple was questioned by City General Administration

On October 11th, according to the microblog, the market supervision and Administration Bureau began to inquire about the relevant opinions of the terminal enterprises in the industry just a few months ago, when Apple bought 1 billion Intel baseband busine

icsmart @ 2019/10/11

Construction robot mimics anthropology mining

Photo: Sam Thomason/SE4SE4 Research Engineer Nathan Quinn, wearing a VR headset, a

IEEE_China @ 2019/10/11

Microsoft: decoupling industrial Internet +AI

(reading time: 6 minutes) "we want to ensure that Zhenhua has become a first-class company, so we want to digitalization." Huang Qingfeng, President of Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries (Group) Limited by Share Ltd, said: "automated port will

mstech2014 @ 2019/10/11