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Under the new capital construction, the 5G module outlet has moved to: bridge the bridge and help speed up the 5G industry.

Just a year from commercial licensing, 5G is faster than we think. As of the end of May this year, China has built more than 240 thousand 5G base stations, and China Mobile and China Telecom have served over 85 million 5G packages. Every change in informa

C114-weixin @ 2020/07/01

Guangdong Unicom successfully completed the "cloud Canton Fair" network protection

On the morning of June 15th, the 127th Canton Fair opened at the end of the cloud. This is the first online international trade event, which is affected by the outbreak of new crown pneumonia and breaks the limitation of time and space. It is of great sig

cucc_university @ 2020/07/01

The number of "China's top 100 network security capabilities" list has been released.

In June 29th, the third party research and consulting organization of the digital industry in China formally released the "China's top 100 network security capabilities" (hereinafter referred to as 100 strong report). It is understood that the

EAQapp @ 2020/06/30

The 7 point is to see "millet" making "Oolong"; Microsoft says China's retail stores are operating normally; FB is being boycotted by advertisers.

Good morning, everyone! Did you see pictures and videos of "colorful clouds" over Haikou yesterday? This is a natural phenomenon produced by refraction of light. It is really beautiful. Xiao Qi made a wish, "I hope everyone's wishes will c

qqtech @ 2020/06/29

[science and technology morning 7 o'clock] millet responded to the India store sign changed to "India made" Tesla electric truck appeared......

Good morning, science and technology circles [one honeytech morning post] 847th phase 1. news, OPPO, Li Zonglin, general manager of the mobile phone chip of Lianfa branch, according to Taiwan media reports, OPPO launched its own research and development o

yidumedingyue @ 2020/06/29

An exclusive interview with Zeng Wanfeng: agent is a bridge between customers and suppliers.

What kind of role does the agent play in the optical communication industry? News stone visits member enterprises, Shenzhen Ze Wan Feng, as an agent in the optical communications industry for many years, and now has more than thirty product lines agents,

iccsz-Group @ 2020/06/29

[report] 2020 China's automobile loyalty insight (21 pages PDF file download)

Ford, Buick, Hyundai, Chevrolet, Po Chun... Why are the mainstream brands that have been selling well in the past three years? There are two reasons, one is unable to effectively retain their old users, the two is unable to attract the first batch of new

car_land @ 2020/06/29

2020, Qualcomm's besieged songs

There was a MediaTek before, and then HUAWEI Hass, and a third Orion was killed halfway. The author's Cao Holmes mailbox people's numbers and products play a joint production with "Besieged songs" to describe Qualcomm

wepingwest @ 2020/06/29

ZHONG CHUANG Xinhe: Maritime / maritime police emergency communication based on Mesh Technology

Background: with the development of the marine economy, the marine safety situation and the situation of maritime security are becoming more and more serious. The maritime police and the fishermen are in danger when they are in trouble. The marine police

djjworld @ 2020/06/29

Docker server is extremely rare DDoS malware infection

More global network security information is in E security official website E security June 29th. Recently, according to foreign media reports, trend technology security researchers found that the first batch of organized persistent attacks

EAQapp @ 2020/06/29

2020 cloud to build cross border cross-border e-commerce exhibition held

Washington on June 28th afternoon, the 2020 cloud on the intersection of cross border electricity supplier exhibition activities, the industry's big coffee, senior experts, national entrepreneurs gathered in the "cloud", the cross-border elect

gywbgywb @ 2020/06/29

China Mobile decided to stop new 2G Internet users in 2020

According to netizens from "correspondent home", in order to implement the central decision-making and deployment, China Mobile group conducted special research on Internet of things technology, business development strategy and strengthening NB-I

C114-weixin @ 2020/06/29

[Focus] the crowd will break through. Domestic core enters the stage of "landing in heaven"

Lack of "core" pain is a stumble on the road of rapid development of scientific and technological progress in China. The urgency of domestic chip breakout brings more and more urgency. With the upgrading of domestic ARM servers, the successful lau

DIGITIMES @ 2020/06/29

[technology trend] DDT releases 2020 technology trend report, five new trends can lead to disruptive change.

Source: industry intelligence officer, "the trend of 2020 will subvert the entire industry and redefine business in the next ten years, even if digital innovation has become the routine behavior of enterprises of all sizes." Scott Buchholz, resear

AItists @ 2020/06/29

Han core 1, Mulan language to heaven grant OS, domestic basic software ten years of blood loss, dream of what circle?

The author, Ma Chao, is responsible for the compilation of the CSDN download from the Oriental IC CSDN ID:CSDNnews. Recently, a home-made operating system called "heaven sent" has come into view from the sky.

CSDNnews @ 2020/06/29

Cloudera talks about cloud challenge: what platform can transform data into truly visible value?

Chen Yifan, the Economic Observer network reporter, "the biggest challenge facing companies today is what platform can really empower businesses and transform data into truly visible values. This is also the challenge for almost all CEO and CIO now.&#

eeo-com-cn @ 2020/06/29

This week's big news, Apple's modular AR glasses patent exposure, Oculus will push the application test platform.

Hi188 AR/VR editor this week AR/VR news is more concentrated, AR, apple held WWDC, and released ARKit; ARCore also released ARCore depth API; at the same time, there are rumors that Alphabet will buy AR glasses manufacturers North; Apple modular AR glasse

qingtinwang @ 2020/06/29

Murata Munich Shanghai electronics exhibition is ready to go. The three main points should not be unknown.

2020 is the 73rd anniversary of the Murata Institute (hereinafter referred to as "Murata"). It is also the forty-fourth year that Murata entered China. Murata always adheres to the localization strategy, based on the field of integrated electronic

Vogel-AI @ 2020/06/29

Tesla's internal mail leak 8 years ago knew that Model S was in danger.

According to foreign media reports, Tesla electric vehicles in the past few years, there have been many collisions and fire accidents, resulting in many casualties, but it is puzzling is that in 2018 and 2019, a number of Tesla Model S in the absence of a

autocarstorm @ 2020/06/29

There is no ambiguity in HUAWEI's "knowing the business" to accelerate the digital transformation of the industry.

Zhang Ge, author of this article, entered the 2020, and customers really had no time to speak with "laymen" because they were really busy. Digital transformation has entered the deep water area, and customers in various industries are engaged in t

hwzgqqyyw @ 2020/06/29