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Dry goods playback! Eighteenth rounds of public lecture: algorithm and application, intelligent network key points, China Automobile News

The main goal of the intelligent network is to continuously improve the automatic driving function. There are two main paths for its development. One is the Internet innovation force represented by Google. It develops and drives autopilot with open, bold

zhongguoqichebao @ 2020/07/05

Security research: the number of open source projects in 2019 has doubled.

Recently, security experts have analyzed and studied the most popular 54 open source projects, and found that the number of security vulnerabilities in these open source tools doubled in 2019. Because there were only 421 vulnerabilities in the same open s

freebuf @ 2020/07/05

This week's big news, Facebook holographic VR short focus plan hits Google's acquisition of North

Hi188 AR edited the big news this week. On the AR side, Schott and Lumus worked together to produce optical waveguide modules for Maximus; apple AR/VR eye tracking patent was published, based on infrared LED; to GE technology, diffraction optical waveguid

qingtinwang @ 2020/07/05

Dong Mingzhu admitted that he had lost 120 million of the wind and light.

Author: Feng Chao source: ID:biz-leaders, when Lenovo 5G voted in turmoil, Liu Chuanzhi said in his open letter a sentence with a temper and a note: "a technical field event, which was suddenly turned out after nearly two years, was also stigmatized a

biz-leaders @ 2020/07/05

Why Apple is willing to take the risk of Apple independent research and development chip?

Source: content from "Tencent technology" in July 4th, according to foreign media reports, apple recently announced that it will transfer the processors used on Mac from Intel chips to its own Apple Silicon. Although this is expected, why Apple is

AItists @ 2020/07/05

Poor programming ability, 90% lost in this point! CTO: it's easier to learn programming.

I have seen many Python tutorials and books in the Python years. Most of them say: first, introduce the basic grammar rules of Python, list, dict, tuple and other data structures, then introduce the string processing and regular expressions, and introduce

CSDNnews @ 2020/07/05

[observation] Why is this card changing Tianjin profoundly?

At the end of May and early June, members of the United States Congress proposed the endless frontier act. Under the act, the National Science Foundation will be renamed the national science and technology foundation, and plans to spend 100 billion US dol

tjrbwx @ 2020/07/04

How much value can 5G bring? 5G is the 5 great opportunity.

What value can 5G bring? We often say that 5G is merging with AI, cloud computing and other IT technologies at the junctions of the times. It will not only bring richer and more enjoyable experiences to consumers, but will also jointly promote the digital

hr_opt @ 2020/07/03

Smart family robots

The concept of robot can be traced back to the 1920 Czech writer Carrel Capek's science fiction Rossum universal robot. But after 100 years of development, most robots are still facing industrial applications. They brandish several mechanical arms, eq

zkyzswx @ 2020/07/03

Qualcomm president amon: 5G makes the world more resilient and competitive.

In the three day event of "GSMA Thrive all things on the sunny side", Qualcomm president, Cristiano Amon, delivered the keynote speech two times, explaining the importance of global 5G deployment in the current situation, taking inventory of the l

Qualcomm_China @ 2020/07/03

China's capital hunting overseas semiconductors: Twelve classic acquisitions and five defeats

In 1901, Carnegie, Steel Corp, Consolidated Steel Corporation and more than a dozen enterprises merged to establish the United States Steel Corp, the "start-up company" came from the giant, not only produced 2/3 of the United States steel, but als

zhidxcom @ 2020/07/03

NEWS helps Fuzhou build a trusted digital identity application demonstration city -- Fuzhou's first "Internet +" trusted digital identity application project landing on the southeast big d

China News: Fuzhou's first "Internet +" trusted digital identity authentication project pilot project recently landed on the southeast big data Industrial Park. The pilot project was jointly constructed by the new continental technology group

newland000997 @ 2020/07/01

Pay no money? ZTE was again sanctioned by the United States, and $2 billion 300 million was fined.

Communication World Wide Web (CWW) local time 30, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) finally announced that HUAWEI and ZTE are a threat to us national security and prohibit us companies from using 8 billion 300 million US government funds to purc

ChinaAET @ 2020/07/01

To solve the shortage of 5G millimeter wave technology, it will achieve a billion dollar market.

During the decades of commercial development of the communications industry, millimeter wave seems to have been a field that has never been reclaimed. Although many laboratories of communications giants have continued to study it, millimeter wave has not

cena1984 @ 2020/07/01

Frying pan! Intel cut off? The big 50 billion hit the limit. The latest response is coming! HUAWEI and ZTE have just been listed as national security threats by the United States.

Taylor, China's fund newspaper, this afternoon, a news of Intel's disconnection gave rise to a wave of 50 billion technology stocks. The information was once flickering down and down. It was infected by panic and the gem jumped 2%. Intel broke off

chinafundnews @ 2020/07/01

Development trend of professional wireless communication technology

Introduction radio walkie talkie is the first wireless mobile communication equipment used by humans, and it was applied as early as 1930s. Then, with the rapid development of mobile communication technology, what trends will the radio intercom appear in

djjworld @ 2020/07/01

It's too hard! How does the open source project become commercialized?

Sorting out Wang Xiaoman and Wu Xingling produced CSDN (ID:CSDNnews), for our Internet developers, open source is like air and water used in many projects, and even claims that "open source is devouring software". Excellent open source projects ma

CSDNnews @ 2020/07/01

Exclusive interview] Xu Jiajia, flying on the "new infrastructure" train, what spark can AI burst out?

Chen Xiao, "science and technology writer," suggested that "in the first two years, it was suggested that the real estate industry should be launched. Now we really enter the field of infrastructure, but the infrastructure we talk about today

technode @ 2020/07/01

The blue cursor reached a strategic cooperation with Shenzhou taeyue, and explored the new 5G news and new mode with the blue label online as the carrier.

In June 30th, the blue cursor signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shenzhou taeyue. The two sides announced a strategic cooperation in the 5G information business, mainly based on the blue stop cursor independently developed online marketing plat

InternetXX @ 2020/07/01

Perspective of Qi Anxin financial report: three years loss nearly 2 billion, cash flow is bad, goodwill "time bomb" hang up

From 2017 to 2019, the research and development investment of Qi Xin was 541 million yuan, 818 million yuan and 1 billion 47 million yuan respectively, the corresponding R & D rates were 65.86%, 45.04% and 33.20% respectively, while the R & D expe

Finance_01 @ 2020/07/01