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Sudden blockbuster! HUAWEI's strong counterattack against the United States! Ren Zhengfei: they are unconstitutional.

Investment bank online is an internet financial platform with capital and project docking. It provides one-stop financial services around "early investment, private equity financing, and project merger and exit". If you have a reliable project, pl

InvestBankOnline @ 2019/12/06

Alipay responds to App failure; HUAWEI formally sued the Federal Communications Commission; Visual Studio 2019 integrated GitHub geek headlines.

Let's listen to the geek headline audio version. Intelligent broadcasting will provide technical support from standard technology. "Geek headlines" -- the news circle of technical personnel! Good morning, readers of CSDN, "geek headlines&#

CSDNnews @ 2019/12/06

What is the highest pursuit for your server to run?

(reading time: 5 minutes) in our own field, everyone has the goal of unremitting pursuit. The swordsman is pursuing a "sniper without sword in his heart and a sword in his heart". The highest level is "no gun in his hand, and a gun in his hear

mstech2014 @ 2019/12/06

HUAWEI announced that it would sue the Federal Communications Commission; the European Union agreed to take tough measures against Libra and other digital currencies, and to respond to the launch of l

Guo Mingji: Apple will release 5 new iPhone next year, 4 of which support the early morning of 6 5G12. Tianfeng International Securities analyst Guo Mingji said in his latest research report that Apple will release 5 new iPhone next year. For the new iPho

geekpark @ 2019/12/06

Smell! You need to brush your face when you use toilet paper.

Face recognition applications have become commonplace, brush payment, brush face registration, brush boarding... These may be acceptable, but if you go to the toilet, keep fit and enter the zoo, do you want to brush your face? Do you accept it? The fact i

vittimes @ 2019/12/06

Weigh! HUAWEI's strong counterattack against the United States!

In December 5th, HUAWEI had another big news. According to CCTV news, HUAWEI filed an indictment in the US court today, requesting the court to confirm that the decision of the FCC to prohibit HUAWEI from participating in the federal subsidy project is in

businessFYB @ 2019/12/06

The world competition in Jilin province selects cloud computing competition platform.

In December 5th, sponsored by the Jilin Provincial Department of human resources and social security, Changchun Vocational Institute of Technology hosted the forty-sixth World Skills Competition sponsored by Nanjing Yun Chuang Da Da Polytron Technologies

cStor_cn @ 2019/12/06

Oculus VR product director interview: now is the turning point of VR industry.

Shortly before hi188 editor, Skarredghost blogger Tony interviewed Liu Sean, product director of Oculus VR, from which we learned something interesting, and at the same time Liu Sean was thrown out: we are in the turning point of the VR industry and so on

qingtinwang @ 2019/12/06

"Chopping hands" is more convenient! Practice of intelligent shopping guide dialogue robot

Live theme: "zero threshold to build flexible big data cloud analysis platform" speaker: Ali cloud intelligent Internet division senior solution architect Bao Yuansong live time: December 5, 2019 20:00 (tonight) free registration: long click recog

blog51cto @ 2019/12/06

When they were young, did they realize that 2020?

Recently, when 2020# was young, he suddenly realized that in less than a month, we would enter 2020. Looking back on childhood, 2020 sounds so far away. Do you remember those fantastic ideas about 2020 in your childhood notebook? Let's see if they hav

hwzgqqyyw @ 2019/12/06

Large online meeting, the most complete guide to tomorrow's 2019 T-EDGE live.

Titanium media technology leads the new economy to the last day of the countdown. At the end of the year, the strongest international technology storm will arrive in Beijing tomorrow. Tomorrow, the 2019 T-EDGE Global Innovation Conference co s

taimeiti @ 2019/12/06

Why did HUAWEI in the stormy waves sue the Federal Communications Commission?

The number of words in this paper is 3144: 6 minutes after reading HUAWEI, the lawsuit is not for profit, but for international attack on the US government. Source 21Tech (ID:News-21) author Yu Ni Qing 1 FCC's stick to whom? HUAWEI executives once sai

weixin21cbr @ 2019/12/06

5G era video first fire? Who will make a bet with Shen Yi?

Mobile phone manufacturers have come to realize that 5G is not just "technology flaunting", but also moving towards the real scene. The first media 5G in China's communications industry is getting closer and closer, but the consumers standing

keji_zatan @ 2019/12/06

The first quarter of next year will be available. Qualcomm Xiaolong 865 mobile platform details officially disclosed

Local time on December 4, 2019, entered the fourth Xiaolong Technology Summit on the second day, Qualcomm announced the launch of Qualcomm Xiaolong 865 mobile platform. Qualcomm claims that the platform will provide excellent connectivity and performance

MC-1981 @ 2019/12/06

Chai Chai formally took over Google, and Silicon Valley would be mastered by Indians.

Today, Silicon Valley science and technology circled a big event. Google's parent company Alphabet's CEO has been replaced by Google CEO Sundar. How did Google build up? Should bad friends get the impression? In 1996, two boys (big guy) Larry Paig

chaping321 @ 2019/12/05

Just now, HUAWEI announced the prosecution of the Federal Communications Commission. Ren Zhengfei: the US government is unconstitutional.

Clicking on the "economic reference daily" focuses on HUAWEI's December 5th announcement that HUAWEI filed an indictment in the US court today, requesting the court to confirm that the decision of the FCC to prohibit HUAWEI from participating

jjckb-wx @ 2019/12/05

[observation] leading the era of cloud primordial, VMware's details and foundation

Shen Yao's science and technology observation, reading science and technology, winning the future! We know that cloud native defines a best way to maximize cloud utilization and cloud value. According to IDC, by 2022, 90% of the new applications will

techguancha @ 2019/12/05

So Guangdong Unicom's 5G rights are so rich.

Today, the 5G package has been officially commercially available. Different levels of 5G packages are dazzling. Do you want to choose 5G packages? What kind of 5G packages do you choose? Many people are worried about this. Today, let's take Guangdong

tel_world @ 2019/12/05

Hisense electric appliances will be renamed Hisense video and new blueprint will be released.

Recently, Hisense electric announced that it would change the Chinese name of the company from "Qingdao Hisense electric Limited by Share Ltd" to "Hisense video Polytron Technologies Inc". The English name of the company changed from "

WitsView_2004 @ 2019/12/05

The Harbin subway will be able to enter the station by "brush face" and "brush hand". There is also robot service in the station.

On the 4 day, the expert evaluation meeting of Harbin Metro "smart subway" project was held. According to the introduction, the new subway line 2 is planned to use no sense of payment. The brush and brush hands will be able to enter the station. T

HLJ_SHB @ 2019/12/05