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The Ministry of personnel and social affairs jointly issued 9 new professions, such as block chain engineers and technicians.

According to Xinhua News Agency The Ministry of human resources and social security, the joint Market Supervision Bureau and the National Bureau of statistics, recently released the "block chain engineering and technical personnel", "city mana

gywbgywb @ 2020/07/07

[science and technology morning 7 o'clock] Tesla responded to Model 3 hitting the muck car. France joined the "crackdown" HUAWEI team.

Good morning, science and technology circles [1 science and technology morning post] 855th phase 1. three departments jointly issued 9 new careers: the red belt has become a new official work. In July 6th, the Ministry of personnel and social affairs and

yidumedingyue @ 2020/07/07

Special interview: AI bet: focus on laser soldering technology in the field of 5G device subdivision manufacturing

News guide Shenzhen AI Beite focuses on micro precision welding in the field of laser soldering and subdivision, and advances the layout technology reserve to meet the 25G/100G/400G core optical modules needed in 5G construction and the field of wireless

iccsz-Group @ 2020/07/07

[report] analysis of vehicle consumption index in June 2020 and full bore passenger car market in May (26 pages PDF file download)

In May 2020, the sales of full caliber passenger cars increased by 1 million 607 thousand, an increase of 12.1% over the same period, down 8.1% from the same period last year. The following is the excerpt of the report:... The total report of China Automo

car_land @ 2020/07/07

Domestic high speed and high capacity mold 3D printing system, Hart 3D appearance TCT

Polar bear introduction: the mold industry may be the next metal 3D printing application outbreak point! In from July 8 to 10, 2020, the 2020 TCT Asia will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. As an annual exhibition of the world's i

dddyin @ 2020/07/07

[market] OPPO official Xuan: participation in the first 5G SA network in the UK

Focusing on the latest news of domestic mobile phones: OPPO today announced its collaboration with Vodafone and Ericsson (Ericsson) to complete the first 5G SA network in the UK and provide the first 5G SA network slicing service. This is an important mil

guochan818 @ 2020/07/07

China's scientific research team has developed a full range of E band millimeter wave chips to achieve high data rate transmission.

Recently, in the Xiasha campus of Hangzhou Dianzi University, the millimeter wave communication system has been tested. The system consists of millimeter wave antenna, millimeter wave transceiver and high-speed baseband processing circuit board, and achie

opticsky @ 2020/07/07

After being removed from China Mobile, GREE refused to fight against beauty. Dong Mingzhu also made a sound.

Last weekend, China Mobile suddenly announced that GREE had "falsification" in the bidding activities of HV centrifugal chillers from 2020 to 2021, and cancelled the bid qualification. It is hard for GREE to accept the "fake trick" hat. On

TechWeb @ 2020/07/07

In addition to the US ban on HUAWEI, the United Kingdom and France also began to exclude HUAWEI 5G equipment.

In recent years, with the suppression of Chinese enterprises by the United States, the United States has listed many Chinese enterprises in the entity list, and the most pressing thing is HUAWEI, from the inclusion of entity list to the blockade of chip s

OFweek @ 2020/07/07

The twenty-first International Conference on Electronic Packaging Technology (ICEPT 2020) Notice

The twenty-first International Conference on electronic packaging technology introduced About ICEPT 2020 "the twenty-first International Conference on electronic packaging technology ICEPT 2020", which will be held in Guangzhou, China in from Augu

cepemchina @ 2020/07/07

Science and technology build a dream, wind and wave Jingdong Zhi Lian Yun

Mankind's pursuit of a better life has never stopped. When technology becomes a powerful productivity, people's familiar life scenes will be different, from small to personal, family, large to a community or even a city. Technology helps to upgrad

zn10961242 @ 2020/07/07

3GPP completes Rel-16, six key technologies, and releases 5G new opportunities.

Qualcomm depth article - Release 16 will further enhance the 5G technology base and extend 5G to new use cases, spectrum bands and vertical industries. In early July 2020, 3GPP completed the second edition of the 5G standard, Release 16, and expanded 5G t

Qualcomm_China @ 2020/07/07

VR survey: women are more prone to VR motion sickness than men, and age is also a contributing factor.

Esther editor Recently, VR Software Engineer Aaron Santiago and VR marketing personnel Winston Nguyen conducted a survey on Reddit and Discord platform, mainly collecting information about the frequency of motion sickness among nearly 300 respondents in V

qingtinwang @ 2020/07/07

News: A shares active 8 Internet of things stocks took the lead in trading

Wu Shan, our newspaper reporter, "5G era, the Internet of things industry will also appear in a number of highly developed companies." The industry is generally optimistic about the development of the Internet of things industry. When the optimist

securitiesdaily @ 2020/07/06

The plight and opportunity of China's SaaS

Source: ToB old writer: Wang Deming 01, the current situation of China's SaaS, China's SaaS, can be divided into two categories. One is functional level SaaS, the other is industry level SaaS. Functional SaaS provides a tool for a part of the busi

Java_simon @ 2020/07/06

Up to 35 pages! Us announces future trend of emerging technologies

The source of this article: the main work of the notebook intelligent laboratory is as follows: establish the intelligence evaluation system of AI intelligent system, carry out the artificial intelligence intelligence evaluation of the world, carry out th

AItists @ 2020/07/06

VR is on the line. I heard that Hermes, Chanel and Paris are coming!

This year's fashion cycle summit in Paris fashion week will be presented in a virtual reality conference, Miu Jian (VRPinea7 6). According to Forbes, during the fashion week of Paris this year, the circular fashion summit led by the famous European fa

VRPinea @ 2020/07/06

3GPP R16 standard freeze! 3GPP experts fully understand!

In July 3rd, 3GPP announced that the R16 standard was frozen, marking the completion of the first version of 5G standard. R16 not only enhances the function of 5G, but also enables 5G to go further into all walks of life and generate new digital ecologica

cctimefxw @ 2020/07/06

Windows 10 is not necessarily bad. Easy to use and free Microsoft official software

This period of time mentioned Windows 10, I am afraid the most impressive impression of the small partners is the constantly upgraded patches and the Bug brought by various updates. Although the problem is continuous, Microsoft can still be said to be a l

CQCPCW @ 2020/07/05

From "able to" to "easy to use", the 5G standard R16 version is coming from the wind and waves.

I look forward to it. I hope that the R16 version is finally here. The R16 version of the 5G standard was frozen in July 3rd. On the basis of the R15 version that was frozen in 2018, it realized "from use" to "ease of use". It became an im

CWW-weixin @ 2020/07/05