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Our country develops 5 independent property rights 3D graphics cards; Hello bicycle responds abnormally; Jboot 2.2.4 releases geek headlines.

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CSDNnews @ 2019/10/19

Yes! Quanzhou carry the number to the net time! It can be handled in this way.

A long running operator will find that another operator's package seems more cost-effective and practical. If you want to switch to the Internet, you can only go back to a new phone card. Now it's good to bring the number to the net. The implement

dnzb2000 @ 2019/10/19

Huawei's mysterious 5g new machine exposure can choose 5g NSA / SA network freely

At present, HUAWEI has released 5G phones, such as HUAWEI Mate 20 X (5G), HUAWEI Mate30 Pro 5G, etc., all support 5G NSA/SA network, but HUAWEI seems to want to sublimate on the basis of this function. In the evening of October 18th, a new 5G function on

cnmo2013 @ 2019/10/19

How to solve the most important security problems of Internet of things by block chain

Although block chains have a place in the field of encrypted currencies, more and more industries are bringing their block chains into their own plans, including health care, telecommunications, energy and even manufacturing. Why? Data integrity. Block ch

aqniu-wx @ 2019/10/19

Beauty like technology, dedicated portrait full color plaster 3D printing service

Wuhan Mei Xiang Technology Co., Ltd. was founded by well-known domestic materials experts and software experts from Wuhan University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology and Hubei University. Based on domestic and international science and techn

unlands @ 2019/10/19

First entered the 3D face recognition door lock / access control market, why did Intel choose to alliance with small cobalt technology?

In October 15, 2019, small cobalt technology held a "3D vision AIoT solution" conference in Shenzhen, and Intel launched a solution of AlphaLook 3D face recognition based on Intel Realsense 3D+ Movidius+ small Co 3D face recognition algorithm, and

icsmart @ 2019/10/19

OpenAI new breakthrough! The robot learned a single hand to solve the magic cube, and simulated training for thousands of years.

Aspect: OpenAI makes it possible for robots to learn autonomously and accomplish specific tasks. Intelligence news October 18th, the solution of the Ruby magic cube has always been a craze for the challengers from all over the world, and blindfolded or si

zhidxcom @ 2019/10/19

[installation assistance station] 519th issue: what is the difference between genuine software and piracy?

1. Concept piracy is a relatively sensitive topic. It mainly refers to the illegal act of copying and distributing its works without permission from the copyright owner. There are always people who say that because of the lack of copyright awareness, Chin

diannaobar @ 2019/10/19

Researchers use randomness to enable robots to achieve more complex goals.

The idea behind swarm robots is to replace a single, expensive, and damaged single task robot with a large number of simple, cheap and replaceable robots. These robots can work together to accomplish the same task. Unfortunately, if you want these swarm r

IEEE_China @ 2019/10/19

Broadband War Within Three Kingdoms: mobile host, Unicom lost voice, telecom crying

In the eyes of Internet addicts under a small star, the most distant distance in the Internet world may be: China Mobile 10086 sent messages to me yesterday, sending free broadband for one year, and loading it up quickly. Today, mobile says that activitie

sherpacn @ 2019/10/19

To prevent information leakage, India's Rajasthan government intends to ban overseas e-mail such as Google.

According to Russian satellite network, in order to prevent information leakage inside the government, India Rajasthan government has adopted preventive measures to prohibit the use of international e-mail service providers when handling government work,

hqsbwx @ 2019/10/19

Can the number of transfer network reinvent the market share of operators?

Countdown to network transfer. The number of transfer network has entered the countdown in the whole country, and the Ministry of industry and Commerce will also officially release the Interim Measures for carrying out the network management. So, will the

cctimefxw @ 2019/10/18

100 dollars a line of code, open source software in the end how to make money?

The author, Gu Jun, is responsible for the compilation of CSDN (ID:CSDNnews). Many start-up companies are worried about how to design the business model of open source projects. The following is the author's exploration of the problem at present. Open

CSDNnews @ 2019/10/18

Thinking about the development of domestic monitoring hard disk storage technology

Recently, the internal announcement of the western data indicates that the situation of China's technology companies being listed on the entity list is being assessed, and efforts will be made to implement the protocols, while Seagate, an American com

asmag001 @ 2019/10/18

Global smart home brand map: how much do you know about these well-known enterprises?

Technology serves people, and smart home brings us a completely new experience. Small to intelligent door locks, intelligent lights, intelligent floor sweeper, large to automatic dishwasher, intelligent air conditioning, intelligent audio-visual entertain

OFweek-SH @ 2019/10/18

China Unicom Wang Xiaochu: it has opened 28 thousand 5G base stations and completed more than half of its annual tasks.

At yesterday's "China Unicom intelligent ecological cooperation conference", Wang Xiaochu, chairman of China Unicom, revealed that China Unicom's goal this year is to build 50 thousand 5G base stations, most of which have been completed, a

C114-weixin @ 2019/10/18

Half a month to deliver two sets of fourth generation sand type 3D printers, Fenghua Zhuo Li helps upgrade the traditional manufacturing industry.

Concerned about the 3D printing of Antarctic bear, according to the Antarctic bear, in October 2019, Fenghua Zhuo Li has delivered two sets of fourth generation sand type 3D printers to users: in October 7th, the first sand type 3D printer was put into op

dddyin @ 2019/10/18

HUAWEI card network red city Xi'an seven big bags

You only know that Xi'an is the net red card city of the hot network, but we do not know that TA is the bridgehead of the northwest innovation. Xi'an, an ancient and modern city, is speeding up the development of western innovation. "Xi'an

huaweicorp @ 2019/10/18

Tesla's Shanghai super factory is officially electrified; the response of colony culture to 0 is questioned: libel has been reported; Apple will launch next year or launch 4 5G phones.

Tesla Shanghai super factory is officially energized and put into operation at full swing. In October 18th, the construction of Shanghai super factory in ushered in another important mileage node, the first line of the 220 thousand volt power matching pro

geekpark @ 2019/10/18

Feng Chao responds to pupils taking photos with photos "brush face"; Apple releases next year or four 5G phones; Spring Boot 2.2.0 releases geek headlines.

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CSDNnews @ 2019/10/18