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[today's headlines] Baidu map released a new generation of Artificial Intelligence Map panorama, the establishment of Intelligent Transportation Joint Laboratory

At Baidu map ecology conference, Baidu map released the "new generation of AI map" ecological panorama. At the same time, Baidu map combines nine research institutes and universities to set up an intelligent transportation joint laboratory, and re

ChinaAET @ 2019/12/12

BlackBerry is back, give up cell phone and get on the bus directly.

As a safe certified and safe and reliable embedded software, BlackBerry QNX is mainly used in advanced driver assistance system, digital dashboard, interconnect module, hands-free system and information entertainment system developed by first line car man

zhinengqiche @ 2019/12/12

Is black technology lost to artificial intelligence? Can the high score seven be able to see the thief in the country lane clearly?

New hardware, new software, new technology, new technology and new materials will appear every day. The development of science and technology has never been as fast as today. Artificial intelligence, driverless, AR / VR, robot... Everything is no longer r

wwwxitek @ 2019/12/12

Velodyne is layoffs in China? Is it pessimistic about the Chinese market or laser radar market fusion and the rise of Chinese local enterprises?

Tesla crashed again. In the early morning of December 7th, a self driving Model Tesla 3 crashed into a police car and another car near the Interstate Highway 95 in Norwalk, Connecticut. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured. The evaluation of the inci

autobizreview @ 2019/12/12

I2C/SPI/UART/1-Wire/ parallel interface these commonly used embedded communication protocols, do you understand?

With the advent of the era of communication and computer integration, digital communication, broadband and intelligence have become the future direction of communication development. The human society has put forward higher and higher requirements for the

EEPWweixin @ 2019/12/11

HUAWEI Developer Conference HDC.Cloud has signed up.

With the birth of the first sentence "Hello World", a mysterious species fell to the ground. Some call them yards farmers, or program apes, or change bug, do not work, repair computers... However, in this intelligent world that attaches importance

huaweicorp @ 2019/12/11

Twenty-three degrees below zero!

Recently, with the opening of the last communication base station, the construction of the communication infrastructure of the alpine skiing World Cup YanQing Railway Station has been completed, laying a solid foundation for the communication guarantee of

cucc_university @ 2019/12/11

PCIe accelerated to replace SATA, western data release new NVMe SSD SN550

Western data releases new NVMe SSD Blue SN550 for content creators and computer users, and indicates that its speed is 4 times that of SATA SSD, and its reading speed reaches 2400MB/s. Its upgraded cooling system can guarantee performance in frequent use.

chinaflashmarket @ 2019/12/11

Just now, "OPPO" who was "forced by the public relations department" issued the strongest voice of 5G era with "trump".

This is the age of the black technology explosion, the so-called singularity approaching. Last year, I publicly summarized the five major technological trends in the next ten years, ABCD5: AI- artificial intelligence, BlockChain- block chain, Cloud comput

wang-guanxiong @ 2019/12/11

Unicom's online joint HUAWEI pushed 5G to make a big difference.

In December 10th, Unicom online Mdt InfoTech Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Unicom online") "5G Innovation Conference" was held in Nanjing. At the meeting, China Unicom announced that it will join hands with HUAWEI to set up the "5G

lookqingbao @ 2019/12/11

No longer updated, Microsoft mobile operating system is fading away.

Reference News Network reported on December 11th, Taiwan media reported that it had been optimistic about the market structure, and had the opportunity to challenge apple iOS and Android's third largest mobile operating system Windows 10 Mobile, and o

ckxxwx @ 2019/12/11

Dr. Peng focuses on data transmission to main data storage.

With the gradual arrival of new technologies and applications such as 5G, edge computing and AI, the data are showing explosive growth, and many new products and services and infrastructure related to it are also facing new opportunities for development.

securitiesdaily @ 2019/12/11

[report] the economic performance of the automotive industry in November: a slight narrowing in production and sales, a 17 drop and fall, and a 40% drop in new energy consumption (43 pages of PDF file

According to the statistical analysis of China Automobile Industry Association, in November this year, China's automobile production and sales were better than last month. In the same month, the production and sales of 2 million 593 thousand vehicles

car_land @ 2019/12/11

Analysis of HUAWEI intelligent vehicle strategy

Source: CITIC Securities in April 2019, HUAWEI first participated in the Shanghai motor show as an automobile Tier1. In November 2019, Zheng Gang, general manager of Beiqi new energy, joined HUAWEI. In November 2019, HUAWEI released the core network autom

AItists @ 2019/12/11

Why network risk is a matter for executives to pay close attention to

Key message, D1 time service! Network security is the most important concern of enterprise leaders. It is true that the dependence on IT's normal running time and elasticity has never been so intense. However, corporate boards need to move beyond cons

D1Net18 @ 2019/12/11

Application of artificial intelligence in the development of intelligent driving engineering technology: an international situation analysis

After more than half a century of development, artificial intelligence technology has profoundly changed the level of technological development and the way of human life. The application of AI algorithm to the development of automatic driving will bring a

drc_iite @ 2019/12/11

After soaring 60%, it fell 20%, and CEO's bull and cool group came to pay?

Cool group rose in late December 9th and rose nearly 60%. After today's sharp opening, it continued to probe. At the close, the cool group fell 20% to HK $0.208, with a turnover of HK $37 million 130 thousand. Cool group recently, the K-line chart, co

ihkstock @ 2019/12/11

SONY supports Microsoft abandoning its development path from the VR status quo of host computers

Development also depends on hardware. There are 2353 words and 11 diagrams in the main body. It is estimated that the reading time will be 8 minutes in November 26th. In Microsoft XO19 activities, Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, said: "the next generation

VRPinea @ 2019/12/10

OPPO AR glasses Microsoft HoloLens, who gives the bottom?

"When we are not satisfied with the interaction between screen and virtual world, OPPO is exploring new digital devices to create digital twin windows. How can users get better virtual and reality fusion experience under the dual support of 5G and AI?

cena1984 @ 2019/12/10

Polyurethane foaming technology: changes in household appliances demand to promote continuous innovation

A total of 2223 words are expected to be read. 8min is guided by the two major trends of environmental protection and energy saving. The refrigerant polyurethane foaming agent has gone from the initial CFC-11 to HCFC-141b to the later cyclopentane and the

dianqiweikan @ 2019/12/10