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How can Huawei cloud continue to be a leader?

In the new wave of infrastructure construction, government cloud construction can be regarded as the first. With the rapid development of digital government, a new round of government consensus is emerging. As a result, the major cloud computing companies

dongdong_note @ 2020/07/09

5g + AI, open the future of intelligent interconnection

On July 9, the cloud summit of waic 2020 opened online. Mr. Cristiano Amon, President of qcomm, delivered a keynote speech entitled "5g + AI opens the future of intelligent interconnection", discussing the new use cases of artificial intelligence

Qualcomm_China @ 2020/07/09

Dialogue with ennel laser: what are the strategic layout? What is the potential of fiber laser market?

The curtain of the 15th Shanghai Expo has just come to an end. At the Shanghai Optical Expo in Munich, OFweek laser network had the honor to interview Wang Hailong, the sales director of Ennai laser, a leading supplier of high-power semiconductor and fibe

ofweeklaser @ 2020/07/09

Li Kaifu's "economist" column: the new epidemic situation accelerates the great leap forward of China's automation

Dr. Li Kaifu, chairman and chief executive officer of Innovation workshop, President of innovation factory Artificial Intelligence Engineering Institute, Xinguan epidemic accelerated China's great leap forward in automation. During the SARS epidemic i

kaifu @ 2020/07/09

"2020" Cloud World Conference

The cloud Summit (waic) of 2020 world artificial intelligence conference was opened on July 9. AI experts will share their insights under the theme of "smart world common home" and grasp the new solutions of global governance. "Ai home cloud E

shzqbwx @ 2020/07/09

The rise of robotics researchers

Source: nature scientific research according to a paper published in nature this week, robots commonly used in automobile assembly lines can work with humans in chemical laboratories after being modified. The robot is connected with machine learning algor

AItists @ 2020/07/09

Express | Microsoft forum appears at waic 2020 cloud Summit

(reading time: 8 minutes) on July 9, 2020, shanghai-2020 world Artificial Intelligence Conference (waic) was opened online in the form of cloud summit. Microsoft held an online forum with the theme of "artificial intelligence giving power to a sustain

mstech2014 @ 2020/07/09

The World Conference on artificial intelligence presents the young excellent paper award. The interest of the "afterwave" of AI scientific research is

Reporter: Geng Ting's various "Ai +" landing from the basic level algorithm to the application layer; from image and video recognition to speech recognition and natural language processing; from software to hardware, more than half a century a

SHKX47 @ 2020/07/09

Top 100 semiconductor companies in the world in 2020: 18 Chinese companies

Every year, EE times selects silicon 60, one of the world's most noteworthy new semiconductor companies. This year's list of semiconductor companies has been released for the 20th time. Compared with the past, the biggest change is from "Silic

AFzhan @ 2020/07/09

68007, a researcher on the cover of nature, found the catalyst for 8 days

Heart of machine report participation: will Zenan and Zhang Qian do experiments today? No, there are robots to help. In the fields of chemistry and biology, many graduate students can be described as "7-11": they work seven days a week and 11 hour

almosthuman2014 @ 2020/07/09

Dell technology new generation information technology enabling new infrastructure and 2020 new product launch

Key message, D1 time delivery! At 9:00 a.m. on July 10, 2020, the "surging trend, intelligent future" live broadcast of Dell technology's new generation information technology enabling new infrastructure and 2020 new product release

D1Netchina @ 2020/07/09

Big reversal! Huawei suddenly announced that the world is boiling!

Pay attention to the "learning video" free to receive: business management video a thunderbolt, the science and technology circle came to the heavyweight news! After Hongmeng system, Huawei has once again completed a historic feat! Huawei's bi

jyjy345 @ 2020/07/09

Baidu disk high speed download free white whoring! Recommended storage with alternative network disk

A good life is not difficult or expensive | source: Xie Friday de digital life (ID: Friday Xie) | Author: Xie Friday Baidu disk as the largest online disk platform in China, can be said to monopolize the domestic file sharing and resource download market,

sherpacn @ 2020/07/09

Huawei endows smart power grid with new ICT Technology

How to deal with the global power grid and power industry leaders from all over the world to jointly build the 7th Global Power Grid Summit (Huawei, Huawei, global power grid and global power industry leaders in 2020) are invited to jointly build the 7th

huaweicorp @ 2020/07/09

"Beidou No.3" ends and officially serves the world

Introduction a few days ago, the deployment of beidou-3 GNSS constellation has been fully completed. China's Beidou has officially gone out of China to the world, and will provide basic navigation (positioning, speed measurement, time service), global

djjworld @ 2020/07/09

The mobile phone was peeped 25000 times in 10 minutes, and the privacy of the app was seriously leaked

It's no wonder that Android application rights are over claimed, but what we may not know is how large the "degree" is. Some time ago, Xiaomi miui12 system was officially launched, and a new function in the miui12 system has caused widespread

Azdang @ 2020/07/09

"Heaven and earth" Musk, this time to organize tunnel excavation competition

In order to attract more technological innovation to achieve this goal, boring announced a new tunnelling competition today. Boring, a drilling company led by Elon Musk, announced that it would hold the first "not-a-boring competiti" in the spring

hardeggs @ 2020/07/09

[7:00 sharp in science and technology morning post] Antu rabbit is regarded as spyware and blocked by Google. The rendering of iPhone 12 box is exposed

Ministry of industry and information technology: it has provided 9.4 million people with the service of "carrying number and transferring network". In order to further improve the service quality of "carrying number to network" and enhance

yidumedingyue @ 2020/07/09

Anti cheating in college entrance examination

The picture is from the canvas 2020 World Conference on artificial intelligence, which is about to open. The theme of this conference, "smart world, common home", explains the importance of AI's deep empowerment, and also shows the general tre

liukuang110 @ 2020/07/09

How did San'an photoelectricity suddenly become a hot cake?

Leading high core and Gree Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. has invested 7 billion yuan into the account. Recently, Sanan optoelectronics has taken another step forward in the road of cooperation with home appliance enterprises. Why has San'an optoelectro

cena1984 @ 2020/07/08