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Here comes the driverless smart bus! It is 28 kilometers long and passes through many schools in Tianjin.

Reporter Jiang Ning Jiang Baocheng photo Haihe Education Park intelligent network public transport open experience route: through Tianjin University, Nankai University two world-famous universities and nearly 10 vocational colleges vehicles: Panoramic sim

tjrbwx @ 2020/06/24

India has become a "big hacker"

The scale of safety assessment experts (white hat hacker), vulnerability hunters and loopholes bounty is an important indicator of a country's network security personnel reserves and overall level. Although the inventor of the first computer virus is

aqniu-wx @ 2020/06/24

In 2020, the world's authoritative robot selection RBR50 released: only one company in China was chosen, and Dajiang won the list.

The "RBR list" of the US robot Business Review (RBR50) has entered the eighth year for the leader of the global robotics industry. It has been widely recognized worldwide as a leading indicator of robot innovation leadership, and is also an import

almosthuman2017 @ 2020/06/24

Thinking is the exclusive name |2020 yun'an will be successfully concluded, the carnival of security will never come to an end.

Since its opening in June 16th, it lasted 9 days, hosted by the security exhibition network, and supported by more than 20 provinces and cities' security associations. The 2020 Yunan conference, the great security industry cloud exhibition, the public

AFzhan @ 2020/06/24

The fourth world Intelligence Conference opened in Tianjin "cloud" opening guests to talk about "new infrastructure"

Xinhua news agency, Tianjin, June, 23 (reporter Zhou Runjian Li Kun) coexist with virtual reality, online and offline interaction. On the 23 day, the fourth World Congress of intelligence was opened in Tianjin. The conference will further explore the inno

shzqbwx @ 2020/06/24

Three operators May data: 5G users burst growth, Unicom worse

Just yesterday, the three operators announced the operational data for May. From the overall data, some people are happy and worried. One good news is that insiders say that the 5G operators of the three largest carriers reach 90 million in May, and have

hhfine @ 2020/06/24

What did big coffee say about the world intelligence conference? Bring you a cloud interview.

At the fourth world intelligence conference held in the afternoon of June 23rd, the opening ceremony of the cloud and the theme of cloud summit were held by the new model of "cloud on the top". The theme is "intelligent new era: innovation, em

tjrbwx @ 2020/06/24

The traditional embedded C language programmers will soon be extinct.

Before and after 2000, embedded software engineers have a very specific skill. They are usually electrical engineers. They not only understand the working principle of the underlying hardware, but also compile assembler code or C language code at the bott

www_21cto_com @ 2020/06/24

How much do you know about the versatile "virtual anchor"? Wisdom and wisdom

Editor's note: Wisdom reveals the future, and sees new knowledge. The voice of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Institute of automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences jointly set up a science column for intelligent words and wisdom, to intr

zkyzswx @ 2020/06/24

Harbin Unicom reminds: these people should change the mobile phone! Concentrate on building 5G, and 2G network should be streamlined.

With the construction of 5G network in Harbin, the inefficient and energy consuming 2G/3G network is gradually streamlining and withdrawing from the market. Before the end of this year, Harbin Unicom will complete the 2G network streamlining and concentra

harbindaily @ 2020/06/24

Just now! The fourth world intelligence conference opens in Tianjin.

On the afternoon of June 23rd, the fourth world intelligence conference held the opening ceremony of cloud and cloud theme summit. The theme of this session is the "new era of intelligence: innovation, empowerment and ecology". Source: Jin Yun

tjrbwx @ 2020/06/24

Three Microsoft women were selected as Forbes China's "2020 Women in Tech".

(reading time: 4 minutes) in June 23, 2020, Forbes released the "Women in Tech" in China, ranking 50 outstanding women in the field of science and technology, including the founders, executives, front-line R & D engineers and technological pio

mstech2014 @ 2020/06/24

On the cattle street in China, vivo's new headquarters is neighbor to Tencent.

Where is the most cattle street in China? Not in Shanghai, not in Beijing, not in Guangzhou, nor in Hongkong. The most cattle street in China is in Shenzhen! Recently, media reports said that the beating of bytes, known as the headlines of today's hea

gcsjzx520 @ 2020/06/24

This marine ranch, cool!

In June 13th, the "Chang Yu 1" marine ranch platform was delivered at the Yantai terminal of Zhongji raffles, and was towed to the surrounding waters of the southern city of Yantai, north of Long Island. Unlike the marine ranch platforms previousl

cucc_university @ 2020/06/23

NEWS, new world science and technology group and its five units are listed on the list of leading enterprises at the provincial level.

China News and information: the Ministry of industry and information technology of Fujian has released the announcement on the promulgating of the list of leading enterprises of Fujian provincial industry and information technology in 2020, new world tech

newland000997 @ 2020/06/23

5G 2B business success lies in the edge of cloud network convergence.

Is there a picture that makes you instantly understand the difference between 5G and 4G? Photo reference source: Nikkei news and 4G are mainly facing the 2C market. The biggest value of 5G is in 2B government enterprise market, and the 5G 2B market is fra

hr_opt @ 2020/06/23

Policy guidance, demonstration and guidance, China's industrial Internet towards industrial practice

In 2020, the "new infrastructure" was on fire. As an important part of the new infrastructure, the industrial Internet has played an important role in accelerating the pace of China's intelligent manufacturing and easing the downward pressure

dianqiweikan @ 2020/06/23

Is code free development a pseudo requirement?

The entry threshold of the Internet industry is decreasing, and the code free / low code tool has been recognized by more and more people because of its fast and convenient operation. Code free / low code development is the process of dragging and droppin

CSDNnews @ 2020/06/23

HUAWEI Hu Houkun: promoting TECH4ALL digital inclusion initiative, technology helps promote universal education

In June 23rd, Hu Houkun, vice chairman of HUAWEI, expounded the concept and action plan of TECH4ALL digital inclusion initiative in the field of education on the global education online forum titled "science and technology to promote education and uni

huaweicorp @ 2020/06/23

WAIE 2020 world artificial intelligence online conference and exhibition will be launched tomorrow.

In recent years, with the favorable policies, capital favor and strong market driving force, artificial intelligence has achieved all-round development in the field of industry policy and business application. The development of artificial intelligence in

OFweek @ 2020/06/23