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In the past 5 years, the telecommunications industry wants to leave. How should we choose the fork?

Recently, operators have observed a post on a forum saying that they want to switch to communications for 5 years, but they are uncertain about the future. This may be an example, but it can also enlighten many people who are at the crossroads. The full t

yysgc888 @ 2019/10/09

Be listed in the entity list by the United States, Hikvision, HKUST, and the technology of Shang Tang.

On October 7th, the US federal government announced that 28 Chinese entities would be added to the "entity control list" to prohibit these entities from buying American products. According to the published documents, the 28 entities will include H

cepemchina @ 2019/10/09

Xiong an New District: "the city of innovation" is beginning to show itself.

One of the missions of Xiong an new area is to build a new model for China's high quality development in the new era. It can learn from the experience of duplicating experience. The high-end high-tech industry will be the most significant feature of t

xafbgfwx @ 2019/10/08

In Forbes's "China Science and technology women list", HUAWEI's "chip Queen" He Tingbo is amazing.

Author DataGirls, Hu Weiwei, authorized by DataGirls (ID:DataGirls) since the beginning of 2018, the Sino US trade war has been the focus of world attention since the beginning of the Sino US trade war. HUAWEI, the world's leading supplier of informat

coder_life @ 2019/10/08

What are the contents of INSEC WORLD? Chengdu World Conference on information security?

Chengdu world information security conference (INSEC WORLD) will be held in the middle of this month. With the rapid development of technology in the fields of Internet of things, AI, cloud computing, big data and so on, all walks of life will continue to

aqniu-wx @ 2019/10/08

New titanium alloy 3D printing implant, DePuy Synthes interbody fusion cage

Attention to the Antarctic bear 3D printing the Antarctic bear Reading Guide: metal 3D printing medical application development is strong! At the end of September 2019, DePuy Synthes, a subsidiary of the medical company, announced the product of the inter

dddyin @ 2019/10/08

[engineer conference] interview with Huachang electronics chairman Chen Weihua

In order to enrich the cultural connotation of industry engineers, deepen the understanding of engineers' culture and promote the cultural impact of intelligent security engineers, the 2019 intelligent security engineers' conference will be held i

AFzhan @ 2019/10/08

How can we break through the fact that the United States has been listed in the entity list?

In October 7th, the US Department of Commerce announced that 28 Chinese enterprises and institutions would be included in the entity list to prohibit cooperation with American enterprises. The entities listed in the list include Dahua Technology, technolo

caixintmt @ 2019/10/08

HMS opens the global market through the Mate30.

Recently, the Mate30 series was officially released in Asia, including Singapore, Singapore and other countries. However, it is worth noting that this Mate30 GMS can not be used overseas because of some reasons, so this time the owner pushed his HMS servi

cnmo2013 @ 2019/10/08

The new version of the stop ticket is out! Upload illegal data instantly! Look at it quickly.

Recently, 1850 mobile police stations equipped with the new mobile police system were officially distributed to the police traffic police. The new mobile police service was formally distributed and used, which greatly improved the efficiency of the law en

xbf_23186688 @ 2019/10/08

Interview: VR is still a minority. Quest's advantages will continue until next year.

Esther editor has previously reported that Tsing Ting network often reports Facebook executives accept foreign media interviews, while CEO Mark Zuckerberg rarely interviews with VR/AR. Recently, during the OC6 conference, foreign media Cnet visited Facebo

qingtinwang @ 2019/10/08

[science and technology morning 7 o'clock] sound response to be prosecuted for Model S and X battery defects may cause a fire to be investigated...

Good morning, science and technology circles [one honeytech morning post] 606th phase 1. voice response was prosecuted: the amount involved was 20 million yuan, and the disclosure was prosecuted for details. The amount involved was 20 million yuan, which

yidumedingyue @ 2019/10/08

Exposure to mobile phone involved in a serious dispute was awarded a device manufacturer 105 million yuan.

Wang Ying / Wen, the operator's financial network, recently announced that after the announcement of the company's publication date was August 28, 2019, it did not submit a revised application to the Arbitration Commission and other arbitration co

tel_world @ 2019/10/08

Embedded bus technology

Bus basic bus (Bus) is a common communication main line for transmitting information between various functional parts of a computer. It is a transmission wire harness consisting of wires. According to the type of information transmitted by computers, the

EEPWweixin @ 2019/10/08

The performance of the ant's gold clothing database is more than that of the oracle bone; the three operators 5G subscribe to nearly 9 million 300 thousand; Apple releases the new Mac system.

Listen to the geek headline audio version. Intelligent broadcasting provides technical support from standard technology. "CSDN geek headlines" is a special column extending from the CSDN website to the official public address, focusing on one day&

CSDNnews @ 2019/10/08

When 5G comes, what can smart phones do?

The author has been authorized to reprint the ID:rancaijing and carefully scrutinize the cell phone you are holding. How long have you been using it? Are you going to change the new machine? Just in the past September, the mobile phone circle was particul

CSDNnews @ 2019/10/07

Remind! The traffic police yesterday uploaded illegal tickets on the street.

In October 6th, reporters learned from the traffic police bureau of the Municipal Public Security Bureau. Recently, 1850 mobile police stations equipped with the new mobile police system were officially distributed to the public security police. The new m

lswbwx @ 2019/10/07

The technology of unmanned platform affects the trend of military revolution in today's world.

Science and Technology Daily reporter Chen Yu appeared in the October 1st National Day parade, 3 unmanned combat teams. This is the first party of the unmanned combat team. Xinhua news agency is the second member team of the unmanned combat team. Xinhua n

kjrbwx @ 2019/10/07

MacOS user threat summary

People have always thought that the MacOS operating system has no threat (or at least no serious threat). Compared with Windows based systems, the threat to MacOS is much less. However, the main reason for this is that the number of potential victims is d

freebuf @ 2019/10/07

NSA mobile phone can not buy? We may have some misconceptions about 5G technology.

Although the deployment of 5G in the domestic market is still at an early stage, users are becoming more and more concerned about 5G technology. Mobile phone manufacturers are also accelerating the promotion of 5G products. At present, 5G networks are als

ZOLTech @ 2019/10/07