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Focus on sharing 5G network with Unicom! China Telecom chairman Ke Ruiwen explains why

Ke Ruiwen said that he has reached a consensus with China Unicom on some issues, such as the wireless side and the transmission side which account for more than 80% of the investment, and the two sides will build and share together. However, the relative

caixintmt @ 2019/08/23

Monitoring data to save distress topics can cloud storage become "good medicine for treatment"?

With the acceleration of the era of big data, millions of people in the world are producing huge amounts of data. The IDC and data storage company Seagate released the digital world from edge to core report. By 2025, the total number of new data in the wo

AFzhan @ 2019/08/23

Zhou Hongyi excavated safety "treasure"

Zhou Hongyi, a red coat, used the method of free antivirus to create a "subversive" image in the Internet world. This time, he took the 360 plan to once again subvert the traditional network security industry. In April, after completing the withdrawal of

ilovedonews @ 2019/08/23

Expose the new progress of flash memory technology. Toshiba memory CTO will address CFMS2019 in person.

In the first half of 2019, the prices of NAND Flash and DRAM chips continued to fall. In the second half of the year, although the market reversed, they were still filled with the whole industry with weak demand, high inventories, continuous production cu

chinaflashmarket @ 2019/08/23

Leveraging tens of millions of devices to create the Internet of things.

No matter what the past has been, "the mountains and rivers have no doubts" and the "endless search for thousands of people in the world" is still the soul of the girlfriend. In fact, the essence of the phenomenon is that it is a "Where am I". Where am I

CSDNnews @ 2019/08/23

[science and technology morning 7 o'clock] Fortune magazine praised millet as a great company. Trump called Cook "a great executive".

Good morning, science and technology circles [one honeytech morning post] 569th phase 1. Ministry of industry and Telecommunications interviewed three operators, asked to check whether 4G speed down for network rumors, "in order to build 5G restricted 4G

yidumedingyue @ 2019/08/23

Lecturer introduces the eighteenth Symposium of Xun Xun: application of Jun Heng Technology Peng Kai Sheng -AOC in data center

On the 2-3 day of September, the eighteenth symposium will be held at the banquet hall of the six floor of the Greater China Sheraton Hotel in Shenzhen. This article will introduce you to Mr. Peng Kaisheng, general manager of Wuhan Jun Heng Technology Co.

iccsz-Group @ 2019/08/23

Operators should speed up the optimization of 4G network, do you believe it? Anyway, I believe in developing 5G network.

China Unicom recently announced that it will start to stop the unlimited package from September 1st this year. According to the actual announcement, China Unicom will provide more preferential set off tariff after stopping the unlimited flow package. For

daomawuyu @ 2019/08/23

That's an advantage! After the Hangzhou man used 5G, the biggest surprise was the spike.

Last Friday, HUAWEI's first 5G mobile phone Mate20X (5G) went public, and a group of people who like to try the early adopters used 5G network. Ye Kai, who runs a technology incubator in Binjiang, Hangzhou, is one of them. Last Friday, he became an experi

dskbdskb @ 2019/08/23

Challenge Hegemony: Interpretation of the 5G frequency debate between China and the US wrote Xia Zhijian's editor, Chen Xiao Xue, the 5G of China. In June 6th, the Ministry of industry and Commerce formally issued 5G commercial licence [1] to China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom and China Radio and television. Subsequently,

The-Intellectual @ 2019/08/23

The most black technology in history! The latest robot conference, understand!

Clicking on the "economic reference daily" focuses on my -25 August 20th, Beijing also creates an international convention and exhibition center known as the robotics "Davos" 2019 world robotics conference. More than 180 domestic and foreign well-known en

jjckb-wx @ 2019/08/23

A brief history of speech recognition technology

Author Chen Xiaoliang, Feng Dahang, Li Zhiyong, AI ID: rgznai100 CSDN has been at a low temperature since its birth half a century ago. Until 2009, the rapid development of deep learning technology has greatly improved the accuracy of speech recognition,

CSDNnews @ 2019/08/23

High level turbulence, a large number of employees leaving, Apple's "health care dream" to be broken?

In August 21st, in the past year, Apple's health team has undergone a series of changes in leadership and internal differences in the direction of development, resulting in a large number of employees leaving. Since 2016, Apple Corp has expressed its inte

top-trust @ 2019/08/23

Intelligent Expo, a hard core technology feast, waiting for you to keep the appointment!

In another 4 days, a high level, international, professional and extensive global technology event will be held again in Chongqing. Last year, the "intelligent Expo" has been enough to be amazing. This year's international grand gathering of technology ci

inChongqing @ 2019/08/23

Magic Leap One recent dynamic highlights! Jigsaw puzzle, medical simulation... More service updates!

Super and the most complete information, do not hurry to poke in! There are 3275 words and 13 diagrams in the main body. After reading 12 minutes from the Magic Leap One, we expect to receive quite a few "bad reviews". However, some people are sure of the

VRPinea @ 2019/08/23

How far is 5G from your home?

5G is coming. Is your home 5G coming? At present, where to open 5G base stations and when to use the 5G network is probably one of the most concerned issues. A few days ago, Xiao Tong announced the method of 5G signal coverage through the China Unicom mob

cucc_university @ 2019/08/22

Some basic knowledge of Linux entry

The switch mode between graphics mode and text mode Linux preset provides six command window terminals to let us login. By default, we login the first window, that is, tty1, the six windows are tty1 and tty2 respectively. Tty6, you can press Ctrl + Alt +

EEPWweixin @ 2019/08/22

Hot spot interview: Lei Zhen Zi: constantly explore the value of enterprises to maintain long-term and stable development.

With the rapid development of China's electronic information industry, people's awareness of lightning protection has been continuously improved, and the application industry of lightning protection products has been expanding continuously, and the concen

AFzhan @ 2019/08/22

How smart is your future life? Lijia experience garden invites you to taste it.

Brush your face into the park, follow the intelligent guide system, sit on the driverless car to read the wisdom bookstore, or take the future cruise ship and time cable car to travel between the future and the history. This is not the only picture in sci

shangyoucaijing @ 2019/08/22

The way to solve the network security problem is "magic is one foot, the road is high."

5G security is a double-edged sword. During this period, the topic of network security is unusually hot, especially on the issue of 5G network security and the way to solve it. As we all know, 5G, as a new generation of mobile communication technology, wi

cctimefxw @ 2019/08/22