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For HUAWEI to build the production line of non US equipment, can TSMC do it?

According to the Taiwan economic daily, HUAWEI is trying to persuade TSMC and Samsung to build advanced production lines based on non US equipment, in order to avoid the US's new export control measures, and restrict the manufacture of its own chips.

icsmart @ 2020/05/27

Qualcomm combines fifteen operators worldwide to build XR Viewer products

Qualcomm important news - the world's leading carriers plan to use XR as part of its 5G service for consumers and business users next year. In May 26, 2020, San Diego - Qualcomm announced today that it will join hands with global carriers, smart phone

Qualcomm_China @ 2020/05/27

HUAWEI machine vision continues to launch 16 new products, opening up a new battlefield of 100 billion security.

Attention: HUAWEI and security giants are going to fight together! 16 new products have been launched, thousands of rows of AI new infrastructure. Smart things reported on May 25th, HUAWEI machine vision today launched six new HoloSens cameras and ten app

hardeggs @ 2020/05/27

An interview with Xun Da Kang: integrating existing advantages into wave field

The news guide reads March and April, and has its own answer in August and September. Nowadays, the fast food culture is prevailing, and there are few enterprises that can persist in intensive farming technology and guard against arrogance and impetuosity

iccsz-Group @ 2020/05/27

Latest research: China Mobile 5G medical is the top priority, 48% hospitals choose 5G+ line, and annual payment is unlimited.

In 2019, known as the first year of 5G, the curtain of 5G construction was officially opened. With the COVID19 assault and the introduction of the new infrastructure, 5G+ medical became a hot spot in the industry. Millions of 5G+ medical news appeared on

hhfine @ 2020/05/27

Analysis of semiconductor laser industry status and technology prospect

In recent years, China's laser industry has been developing rapidly. China is an active manufacturing market and the main market of industrial laser equipment. Influenced by macro-economic development, manufacturing industry upgrading and national pol

ofweeklaser @ 2020/05/27

HUAWEI managing director Wang Tao: leading the era of intelligent IP

HUAWEI's vision is to bring the digital world into everyone, every family and every organization, and build the intelligent world of all things connected. Data communication network is the foundation of interconnection of all things. If we use the ana

huaweicorp @ 2020/05/27

Tencent invested 500 billion yuan in 5 years.

Economic Observer network reporter Ren Xiaoning May 26th, Tencent cloud and intelligent industry group president Tang Daosheng announced that Tencent will invest 500 billion in the next five years, for further layout of the new infrastructure. 500 billion

eeo-com-cn @ 2020/05/27

Tencent announces five year 500 billion yuan investment plan, new infrastructure concept rises

Xu Yiming, director of Tencent cloud and intelligent industry group, announced that Tencent will invest 500 billion yuan in the next five years for further layout of the new infrastructure. It is introduced that cloud computing, AI, block chain, server, l

securitiesdaily @ 2020/05/27

[observation] intelligent connection enables wisdom in the future, Xinhua three's reconstruction and innovation.

Shen Yao's science and technology observation, reading science and technology, winning the future! As we all know, today's world is accelerating to enter the era of intelligence, especially the deepening of cloud business and the interconnection o

techguancha @ 2020/05/27

Under the new office mode, AI application has further entered our life.

The working mode of home office on the whole is really like that. It doesn't give us any room for preparation at all. When the sense of existence of "manpower" becomes increasingly small, the topic of AI AI is unavoidable again. AI is the abbr

FIPLAY @ 2020/05/26

Weigh! "Two sessions" tell us: these university specialties must be popular.

Each year's two sessions will release a lot of information that is closely related to employment. Which professional employment situation is optimistic? Which industries have the best prospects? Let's get to know the new trend of the industry rele

gaokaoquan @ 2020/05/26

Two sessions of minister channel Miao Miao Wei: at present, the average weekly increase of more than 10 thousand 5G base stations, 5G users exceed 36 million

In May 25th, the thirteenth session of the third session of the National People's Congress held second "minister channel" interviews. Miao Wei, Minister of industry and information technology, pointed out that 5G has accelerated the pace of co

CWW-weixin @ 2020/05/26

Exposure of Thailand's largest mobile operator to disclose 8 billion 300 million user data records

Yesterday, security researcher Justin Paine showed in an article that he had discovered an open ElasticSearch database, pointing directly to AIS, a mobile network operator in Thailand. At present, AIS has exposed the database exposed on the network. The d

freebuf @ 2020/05/26

Weigh! Finally coming!

Do you often meet? All day long, sales, insurance, loans and other kinds of harassing phone calls are downloaded. A App is forced to obtain camera, location and other privileges. Personal information is unknown when and where it is leaked. It's hearte

gzgogcn @ 2020/05/26

What did the representatives of the two conferences say about 5G, AI and industrial Internet?

Today, let's talk about the two sessions: the 2020 national two sessions were postponed in May 21st. Under the special background, how to promote the high quality development of the economy and society has become the most important topic of the times.

cctimefxw @ 2020/05/26

[spicy comment] how long can operators' hard won V rebound continue?

According to the latest data released by Ministry of industry and information, in 2020 1-4, the revenue of telecom operators of three major telecom operators totaled 456 billion 200 million yuan, an increase of 2.3% over the same period last year, a 1.6 p

C114-weixin @ 2020/05/26

Depth: the age of small chips is coming!

Aspect: small chips are red! Six years of growth history, to solve the chip cost soaring problem. 10nm, 7Nm, 5nm... As the chip processing nodes become more and more advanced, R & D production costs continue to rise, and yield decreases. Physical bott

zhidxcom @ 2020/05/26

NPC deputy Ding Guolin: it is proposed to transform and use AI technology to promote media convergence and transformation.

Economic Observer network reporter Song Di from virtual host to the restoration of video a hundred years ago, the application of AI in visual image is advancing rapidly. During the two sessions this year, some NPC deputies and CPPCC members also observed

eeo-com-cn @ 2020/05/26

National Tsinghua University, Virginia, science and technology and Facebook once again conquered 3D photo technology.

Hi188 2D editor has 2D technology to transform 3D pictures, or transfer 3D model related technology, we have reported a number of studies, of which 3D images and 3D photos are the most involved Facebook, at the same time, including Microsoft, Microsoft, N

qingtinwang @ 2020/05/26