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The winner of the Olympic Games! At the age of 21, he could have read Tsinghua but chose the road of football.

Recently, in order to prepare for the upcoming men's football preliminaries of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, Hao Wei led the Olympic team of China to host the last four nations competition before Zhuhai, and took the Zhuhai stadium to meet Tajikistan

qiudingzuqiu @ 2019/12/10

A gold medal to boost morale.

When fan Ke Xin and Han Tianyu played the beautiful "double sound gun" in the short track speed skating world cup, the speed skating field also came to the good news: in Kazakhstan Nur Sultan local time on December 8th, Chinese player Ning Zhongya

zgtybwx @ 2019/12/10

The sports industry breakfast 12.10| Hua Yang Lian Zhong became the official exclusive supplier of Beijing Winter Olympic Games, the home of Hai Lan became the partner of Lunan national assembly.

On the fifteen Tuesday of the winter of June December 9th, Hua Yang Lian Zhong became the sole supplier of the official communication agency of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, and the Beijing Hua Lian became the sole supplier of the official communicati

sportsmorning @ 2019/12/10

In the two win, Gomes finally found his own "Gomes".

Milan circle talked about the past few seasons of attracting, Milan fans always self ridicule, we bought from Atlanta, Conti, Casey, Caldara, spent billions of euros, but put the opponent into the Champions League. More fans admire Gomes in Atlanta becaus

milanquan2013 @ 2019/12/10

10 times in 21 years! When the country meets Japan again, the top two are the two losses.

On the evening of December 7th, the Chinese national men's football team announced the 2019 "East Asian Cup" list of 23 people. The list of 23 men's national football teams: goalkeepers: Liu Dianzuo, Dong Chunyu, Zou Dehai defender: Wang S

sodasoccer2014 @ 2019/12/10

Messi averaged three goals in 1.2 games. Where is his limit?

Messi went on without end, "Messi is coming to the end," and Spain's Marca newspaper hit the title in a recent report. The Argentinean has won 6 Golden Ball Awards. He is now the best shooter and assister in Spanish League, and the most freque

woai_shijiebei @ 2019/12/10

Once again missed the best week, 27+10+5 four wins streak, netizens: Lao Zhan, do not think about this life.

NBA has just announced the best week of the week in the East and West, namely the Butler of the heat and Davies of the Lakers. The last Zhou Butler led the heat to win 3 wins and 1 defeats, averaging 27.5 points, 9 boards, 8.5 assists and 1.3 steals, and

zhanmusishuo @ 2019/12/10

Focus on the East Asian cup of the Iron Army? The ultimate test of Hongkong, China and Li Tie

2019 the East Asian Cup will be officially opened tomorrow (10). The Chinese team will face the Japanese team in the first match. As the national football team has just experienced the first defeat of the world preliminaries and the change of the coach, t

titansports @ 2019/12/10

Guan Xuan: Bayern has officially entered the competition.

Bayern Munich and its partner KONAMI digital entertainment reached an agreement to formally enter the electronic sports arena. The Bundesliga record champion will set up his own professional competition team and formally join the eFootball.Pro live electr

fcbofficial @ 2019/12/10

2019 Chery ariser 5X5 gold medal tournament finals this week, 55 professional players compete for the annual championship.

On 13-15 December, the 2019 Chery ariser 5X5 gold medal tournament will greet the summit of the year in Guangzhou. The championship teams from all the cities in the country will compete fiercely with the 5 invited card teams to compete in the MVP stadium

SinaTYYX @ 2019/12/10

Miracles are not common, but Leicester is never short of miracles.

Leicester city's good results this season have been almost ignored. One of the reasons is that in the 17-18 season, Manchester City broke through the three digit championship points to make the Premiership Championship threshold higher and higher. In

jianxiangtalk @ 2019/12/10

To strengthen the implementation plan of 6-12 year olds' football work, and support teachers' physical education teachers to increase their income through part-time training.

The learning, participation and competition of football can enable young people to achieve the comprehensive quality that the whole nation and nation expect them to learn and master. Zhu Guanghu Abstract recently, the general office of the State Sports Ge

jsc_org_cn @ 2019/12/10

0 seconds kill on the free throw line? These days I seem to see the world of the ball.

The Wukesong Gymnasium gathered nearly twenty thousand spectators. All the seats in the stadium were covered with the number 51 Jersey. The Shougang players wore 51 bracers, and the left side of the shirt was attached to the black label. Whether it is Sho

dddnba @ 2019/12/10

Double kill! Usurping the team boss! Annual salary 1 million 420 thousand! Will the Lakers not think about it?

Recently, the young talents in the league have ushered in a blowout. For those who have accumulated a lot of young people, the harvest season has finally arrived. No, there was a treasure boy named Graham in the Hornets. Beijing time in November 17th, he

jiaozhukanqiu @ 2019/12/10

Reading: Sun Xingmin, the best goal winner in the season, the new 38 year old hat is unstoppable.

Yan Qiang takes you to read the news Sun Xingmin, the season best goal, in December 8th, the South Korean star Sun Xingmin in the Premier League Hotspur and the Burnley competition's Dragon Gate breaks the gate to explode the network. Insight: Sun Xin

yanqiangsports @ 2019/12/09

Horror 25-3! A record of 135 years of team history.

When Manchester City could not catch up with Liverpool and split the difference with the leader, the other "city" Leicester city was duty bound to undertake the role of the Red Army in pursuit of troops. They vowed to keep the championship of the

oneEPL @ 2019/12/09

This season, the Red Devils face no defeat in big 6, Manchester City Derby red reproduction.

Even though the difference between the city of Liverpool and the leader of the fish cup has been widening gradually, but few people feel that the red devils can retire from Edie hard until the death of Manchester United. But Manchester United must play th

zuqiuwangguo @ 2019/12/09

96 points! History first! The first person in the future alliance violated!

It always comes when it comes to the broken ones. I'm talking about Records!!! East Qi Qi has a career milestone. Today, in the 3 quarter of the lone ranger against Wang, he scored 20 points, 7 rebounds, 8 assists and 19 consecutive games. 20+5+5 was

nbadatu @ 2019/12/09

He's calling NBA. You're not born yet! Such a Carter can fight for another two years.

Today, in a "strong dialogue" in the East, the wasp lost the game by 107:122, and then won the victory of "who can play the worst game". Though it is a duel between the weak teams, there are still many exciting games. Among them, the most

Wilsonbasketball @ 2019/12/09

Bull, ah, I'll go! 82 points, 11 boards, 19 help, 5 break, old Zhan thick eyebrows, double group really cow!

Pioneer 96-108 thunder. Gun brother led the large Russian army to the northwest of the city, and encountered two tears in the East NISSAN. The encounter between gun brother and cucumbo is far less dramatic than the other days when Zha melon met. The two m

BallTRK @ 2019/12/09