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Spurs: under the tortuous road, there must be a bright future

I believe that in this season, every thorn fan's mood is definitely up and down. At the beginning of the season, the Spurs won a series of games, standing at the top of the league. The cooperation between Derozan and the Spurs, to a higher level, afte

Spurs_go1 @ 2020/07/11

Reappearance of Wimbledon and advance to the top

Welcome to the Wimbledon column, and the WTA website will take a look at the wonderful matches of all England clubs in the past 20 years. From heining, Sharapova to muguruza, let's review the eight classic Wimbledon semifinals in chronological order.

WTA_Tennis @ 2020/07/11

A brave man makes a sword, a king makes a way

Frank Lampard has been talking about how to make his players happy. To manage an energetic football team, you may see their unhappy expression from time to time. According to Lampard, in fact, only 11 starters can be selected for each game. However, when

ChelseaFC_China @ 2020/07/11

SSS latissimus dorsi! Simmons second most of the inside line, James muscle is another world

When we describe a big man, we often say that he has a strong back and a strong back. In fact, this word can't be used to describe NBA players. The height of NBA players is very exaggerated, in order to adapt to the fierce physical confrontation, they

nba096 @ 2020/07/11

4-1, Leonardo doesn't make a comeback

In the afternoon of July, a warm-up match will be held in Beijing Yongchang base. Felini is back and Leonardo makes his debut. In the first half, Yongchang took the lead to break the goal, and Felini, who came back, levelled the score. The two teams playe

lunenglove @ 2020/07/11

Vlog and Bayern? After Chelsea!

Except for special authorization (fan Live Room), it is strictly forbidden to forward it on any other platform. If found, the possibility of legal action shall not be ruled out. Thank you for your cooperation. Bayern, regarded as the hot winner of the Cha

BastiFussball @ 2020/07/11

Heated discussion: Wang Xingtu, CEO of meituan, is it really good to "step on" the national football team?

Many aspects of Chinese football are not good enough and need to be improved. But is it really appropriate to ridicule Chinese football at will and to talk about Chinese football at will? Recently, Wang Xing, founder and CEO of and,

titansports @ 2020/07/11

[hot game strategy] Waterford's win rate double advantage @ main 1.85

Game time: July 11, 2020 19:30 team analysis Watford: on stage to get 3 points to avoid relegation; high home court winning index rate; home offensive bad: half-time inactivity; Newcastle United: high away ball rate; high and bad half break rate: five bal

diebao88 @ 2020/07/11

Those who don't choose James as MVP are all sunspots! Coughs really dares to say

In a program, cousins talked about the ownership of MVP this season. When the host asked his cousin, how can Lao Zhan surpass the letter brother and get the final MVP? According to the prediction of data website, the probability of letter brother is 50.7%

Wilsonbasketball @ 2020/07/11

Who is oversubscribed? Csl-3 faces happy subtraction

The reporter group of our newspaper reported that on July 25, the Chinese Super League was restarted. The foreign aid policy of the new season is "Note 6, report 5 and go up to 4". That is to say, teams with 6 or more foreign aid must make a choic

soccernews @ 2020/07/11

Real Madrid ace 4, Real Madrid star!

Spain 04:00 Atletico Madrid vs Real Betis Hello, I'm k-ball expert uncle slag. Recently, I've made 4 consecutive red medals for you in La Liga, and 27 out of 38 are recommended in recent competitions. Since the recent results in La Liga have been

Winpowerdata @ 2020/07/11

Can you get the money back? The fate of Tianhai players revives

After the meeting of CSL, a series of policies related to the new season were officially announced, but a "provisional resolution" was not mentioned, until these two days was exclusively disclosed by Beijing Youth Daily - the football association

tjrbty @ 2020/07/11

Familiar with the operation of honey, the king of the world forever

Most of the players have passed the self isolation period today and went to the training ground for their first team training in Orlando. Players who have not yet reached Disneyland need to spend 48 hours in isolation after arriving to participate in the

weqzsq @ 2020/07/11

NBA Disney playoffs

The NBA will officially start on July 31. At present, all the team members have also rushed to Orlando, which is a new environment for the team or for the players. Especially compared with the prosperity of gambling city, Orlando is still monotonous and b

zhibo8tiyu @ 2020/07/11

Dead half of the Champions League! "Ronaldo vs Real Madrid" is also worth looking forward to

At 18:00 Beijing time on July 10, football fans focused on the draw for the quarter finals, semi-finals and finals of the 19-20 season in UEFA headquarters in nyoung, Switzerland. After the restart of the former Premier League and La Liga, when the Champi

qiudingzuqiu @ 2020/07/11

Sponge play 2K? OL1, new player evaluation: in those years, Derek Williams, the magic weapon of blue card, made a historical version!

Basketball understands that player Derek Williams (version 12) parachute exchange zone requires 800 essence for exchange, 120 essence for replacement with the same grade and quality. The position is SF / PF, and the advanced success rate is relatively low

wzsltx1314 @ 2020/07/11

Sports industry breakfast 7.11 | 2020 King glory World Championship total prize 32 million Shenhua released independent commercial brand

The total bonus for hot events on May 21, 2001 is as high as 32 million! The gold pool of the 2020 King's glory World Championship was officially announced. On July 10, Beijing time, KPL King's glory professional league announced the gold pool of

sportsmorning @ 2020/07/11

Despite Inter's intention, Cathy has become a non-sale product for AC Milan

Milan according to the Milan Sports Daily, Casey is not for sale by AC Milan and AC Milan will not sell him to Inter. According to reports, with the recent performance of more and more outstanding, the 23-year-old Casey has become a non-sale product of AC

milanquan2013 @ 2020/07/11

[yesterday's free text program 2 2] Changsheng nearly 17 middle schools 16: Champion's attention! Can Huddersfield win the relegation battle over Luton?

01:00 Huddersfield vs Luton, everyone, I am always winning, the recent K ball recommended results are still good, nearly 17 out of 16, although the two recommended yesterday failed to win, but Everton vs Southampton hit a 1:1 score, the state did not decl

Winpowerdata @ 2020/07/11

Good news, coach Liang Guoyi of Guangzhou has opened a training class again!!

[coach name] Liang Guoyi, net name "butcher" [learning background] the Guangzhou team retired and trained in the professional badminton team of Guangzhou from 1993 to 1997 [teaching time] from 1995 to now [has been awarded] ★ 1992, 1993, Guangzhou

BadmintonCamp @ 2020/07/11