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Liu Shiwen wants to play a grand slam. CCTV named the national table tennis rival: she is the ruler.

Beijing time on December 21, 2019, the ITF annual 12 leg tour tournament plus finals have all ended, the major associations seem to be waiting for the January Tokyo Olympic Games. At the moment, Zhang Benzhi and Tanba Xiaoki, Itou Micheng and Ishikawa Kas

haopingpang8 @ 2019/12/23

Another one seriously injured! 90 degree terror! Stretcher out of the field! Jeremy Lin was laughed off.

Beijing time continued on December 22nd in the nineteenth round of the CBA. Qingdao player Jiao Hailong suffered 90 degree of terror in the match with Tianjin. At that time, when he took off and defended, he stepped on Meng Zikai's feet when he landed

lanqiujiaoxue @ 2019/12/23

Introduction to the Tokyo Olympic Games table tennis event: mixed doubles for the first time in Olympic Games

An interesting professional table tennis platform history in China: ping pong originated in England, and was named for its striking sound. In 1926, the International Table Tennis Invitational Tournament was held in London, England. He was later considered

aipingkepingpangqiu @ 2019/12/23

The sports world is seven (2019.12.23).

Ball game soccer Beijing time in December 22nd, the eighteenth round of Spanish Liga, Spain Spaniards challenge Eli Gane J. In the first half, Brathwait took the opportunity to take the lead in breaking the ball. In the second half, Wu Lei extended the sc

rmwtiyu @ 2019/12/23

Defensive error, front court fatigue, Red Devils away three points

Pogba's substitute for midfield is hopeful that the team will be in a state of worry and lose the list of the three most important lineup appearances - David De Gea, Wan pizza, Lindelof, Maguire, Captain, Shaw, Mike, tome, Fred, James, lincad, rush.

manutdofficial @ 2019/12/23

Steve was defeated and paid for compensation, and Guizhou suffered from Hengfeng.

Special correspondent Wang Hao reported that Steve, a Gambia player, submitted an arbitration request to the arbitration committee of FIFA, requesting Guizhou Hengfeng club to pay the signing fee of $1 million 500 thousand and interest. Recently, the resu

soccernews @ 2019/12/23

New White Deer Lane wonderful night!

First: LAN 8 changed the scene, Lampard made unexpected changes in the formation. Under the new 343 formation, Lu Dege, Zuma and Tomori came out at the same time as the three halfbacks. Alonso and captain Azpilicueta were the left and right midfielders in

ChelseaFC_China @ 2019/12/23

Tai Nan Ping Ping team has the worst record in Serie A in &21 years.

Milan circle AC Milan away 0-5 defeat Atlanta, this is Milan team history fourth times in Serie A League net negative 5 balls, at the same time net 5 balls is Milan team history in Serie A League worst record. Milan's biggest loss at home was in the 1

milanquan2013 @ 2019/12/23

Even if you sign 11 Ibrahimovic, you may not be able to save Milan now.

Beijing time in December 22nd, the seventeenth round of Serie A, AC Milan, the 0-5 defeat of Atlanta, the last time the Rossoneri lost 5 balls, it should be traced back to 21 years ago. At the same time, the highest score in Serie A was defeated, fourth t

qiudingzuqiu @ 2019/12/23

Funny stopping

The most sentiments of football are stopping at high altitude.

txzqwx @ 2019/12/23

Former speaker of the European Parliament: This is totally wrong.

"Idealistic attitude is glorious, but sports and politics are two different aspects." According to the German "Cologne City Guide" 22 reported that the German Cologne football club last week unilaterally halted a plan of cooperation with C

hqsbwx @ 2019/12/23

Sports industry breakfast 12.23| Tokyo Olympic Games is expected to cost 1 trillion and 350 billion yen exposure of the super limit salary upgrade

The Tokyo Olympic Games are expected to cost 1 trillion and 350 billion yen. According to Xinhua news agency, the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee recently announced that the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020 will cost about 1 trillion and 350 billion yen (US

sportsmorning @ 2019/12/23

Bernabeu's goal is the best, and the Real Madrid draw is over.

Beijing time on December 23rd at 4 o'clock in the morning, the eighteenth round of the Spanish league competition, Real Madrid at home against Bilbao athletics. In the first half, cross shot inside the crossbeam, and Benzema knocked out the goalkeeper

Realmadrid_official @ 2019/12/23

The bottom of the score, the team's internal conflict and the qualification of the competition are doubtful. What happened to the Iron Army of the year?

Raymond mouth vomit fragrance on Friday's CBA league tournament, originally did not receive too much attention in Bayi and Shanghai competition, appeared the scene which people do not want to see, 81 men's basketball team captain Raymond confronte

cba_laosiji @ 2019/12/23

Serbia eyeglasses: de cobra is better, and will exceed them in the next 4 years.

Who is the best of the three giants? Everyone has different answers. As a close friend, the choice of the former world eighth Janko Tipu Saleh Vecchi is of course Novak Djokovic. Tipu Saleh Vecchi is far from fame or achievement than the big three. Althou

tm_magazine @ 2019/12/23

On the 256 day of Wade's retirement, he went online to eat melon.

Today is the 256 day of Wade's retirement. Today he is the one who disappeared on social networking sites. Maybe now the family has already had a good time. I don't know what year it is. After all, fat Ya's first trip. This time Wade accompani

dw3fanclub @ 2019/12/23

Jeremy Lin state rebound rebound of Shougang team

Since playing the worst game since entering CBA, Jeremy Lin spent only two days in scoring second points in the individual season for more than 30 points. Jeremy Lin, who was in Shanxi Taiyuan last night, adjusted the status in time to help Beijing Shouga

bjwbtyb @ 2019/12/23

After 38 years of vengeance, the pastoral era of football has become a past.

Brazilian goal of Firmino helped Liverpool win. @ Liverpool Football Club Tufail Mino's final in the overtime, so that the European champion Liverpool team for the first time in history to win the World Cup trophy, but also for Liverpool and flamenco

woai_shijiebei @ 2019/12/23

Flick's solution to the problem

Last Saturday afternoon, after beating Wolfsburg 2 to 0, Bayern ended the 2019 match with 4 consecutive victories in a series of official matches, and also officially bid farewell to the second 10 years of this century. In the past 10 years, Bayern has wo

BastiFussball @ 2019/12/23

2 meters 05! Dare to vote! Front line + guard skills! This 16 year old travel hero is worth looking forward to.

Two years ago, the selection of the first batch of trainees in Beijing Shougang Basketball hawk scheme, which lasted more than three months, was officially completed. At the exit ceremony of the Shougang sports building, the eagles were excited and distur

dddnba @ 2019/12/23