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Grizzlies Watanabe Yuta was stunned by the thunder bench.

The pre-season match ushered in a game of Grizzlies against the thunder. The two teams were mostly absent. Therefore, it is foreseeable that the two sides will focus on training. However, the players who are trying to stay in the team will not win the gam

basketballgif @ 2019/10/17

James's timely apology for "discriminatory speech" by social media is not intentional.

James's timely apology for "discriminatory speech" by social media is not intentional.

NBAzhibotai @ 2019/10/17

The red devil 0-11 is really humiliating!

Before the double red conference is coming, the media's passion is, of course, to compare the 360 teams in all directions with no dead ends compared to them. They are represented by the United States and the rising Liverpool. But even if Manchester Un

MU5iove @ 2019/10/17

A good news came before the port and Guoan competition. The team's victory is expected to soars.

With the first half of the football world preliminaries coming to an end, the Super League is about to reignite this week. This round of Super League highlights is no doubt the Guoan mountain battle between Guoan and Hong Kong. This competition is likely

jrszhibo8 @ 2019/10/17

They came back, they all came back.

After the end of the national team competition, all of Bayern's internationals returned to the main stadium. Alabbar and French U20 member Kusans returned home first. Alabbar missed Austria's two European preliminaries against Israel and Slovenia

fcbofficial @ 2019/10/17

Football clubs are also popular with multinational chains.

A galloping horse in a black horse reflects a feast of capital. The era is changing, and the "transnational chain club group" is perhaps an important development direction of football. It's not defending champion Benfica, not the other top two

titansports @ 2019/10/17

Luneng starry night to Yangcheng, to fight in Fuli midfield or change.

After the long intermission, the twenty-sixth round of the Super League will rekindle the flames of war. On the evening of October 19th, Shandong Luneng will challenge Guangzhou Fuli on the road. Luneng's official poster theme is "overtaking",

shandiantiyuzixun @ 2019/10/17

One car, one car, penalty kick and sports car.

You change me, I change for you - England England in European preliminaries, one win, one negative, still ranked first in the group, leading second Czech 3 points. In my international car racing day, 4 players were selected for the England national team.

ChelseaFC_China @ 2019/10/17

2019 Green Super League "Hengda Cup" U-19B group ended, Shanghai green Shenhua two team won the championship.

On the afternoon of October 17th, the second round of the finals of the "Hengda Cup" U-19B finals of the National Youth Football Super League was held at the Shenhua Cambridge base in Shanghai green land. Finally, the Shenhua two team of the Shang

cfachina2013 @ 2019/10/17

Video Zhu Ting! The number is fixed.

At 14:40 on October 17th, Zhu Ting, a female volleyball player from Bohai Bank of Tianjin, arrived at Tianjin Tupo Sports Center, and formally joined the Tianjin team, which had just returned to Tianjin from the end of the training. Tianjin radio (audiotj

audiotj @ 2019/10/17

Basketball fans have noticed that the Jilin northeast tiger will add home games in the new season.

More attention, please pay attention to our 2019-2020 season CBA League, Jilin nine agricultural business bank, northeast tiger club, the Changchun match area tickets have been fully opened for sale, the new season will also be opened in nine districts of

xwhsports @ 2019/10/17

Lose 33 points! Three defeats against the Lakers! The warriors are still optimistic.

Beijing time October 17th, the NBA pre-season game continues today, the warriors continue to challenge the Lakers at Staples Center away today. Before this game, the warriors have lost to the Lakers two pre-season matches. Today, the warriors are not anxi

warriorsnba @ 2019/10/17

City of Angels: How did Losangeles become the media capital of NBA?

In terms of the standards of media day, the Losangeles Lakers' media day in 2019 is absolutely bustling. The Lakers have taken part in the The Jump recording. For those who went to the Losangeles times, they went to radio stations to record TV commerc

weqzsq @ 2019/10/17

Feng Shanshan leads the Chinese player, Liang Xiying and Hatakaoka Nasa lead the first round of the Buick LPGA championship.

Beijing time October 17th, Shanghai flag Zhong Garden Golf Club, the total prize money 2 million 100 thousand dollar Buick LPGA tournament officially starts. As the first stop of the four stop LPGA Asian series, the Buick LPGA tournament brings together 8

CLPGATour @ 2019/10/17

Yao Ming's basketball start is in the back seat of his bicycle.

70 years of sports pursuit in Shanghai -- Li Zhangmin's vigorous development of China's sports industry, one after another, sports stars who have attracted worldwide attention have appeared before the eyes of the world. Then behind these stars, th

GLIVE_on_WECHAT @ 2019/10/17

Do you remember another Baggio in the 1994 World Cup?

In 1994, the passionate American World Cup believed that no fans could forget Baggio, the prince of Italy. People will remember his 3 stage 5 ball thigh magic performance in the knockout stage, and he will also remember the lonely figure on the court afte

sodasoccer2014 @ 2019/10/17

Life in full bloom

Sharpe Kerns, the most emotional football player, is always unknown in the low ranking League. Despite the fact that Sharpe Kerns has won the state championship five times in the past, he is more easily known and loved by the giants of Brazil, St Paul, pe

txzqwx @ 2019/10/17

After Japan's Olympic defeat in Brazil, it is time for us to reexamine Japan's soccer team.

On the morning of October 15th in Beijing, the Japanese Olympic team and the Brazil Olympic team held a warm-up match. What is unexpected is that in the absence of 1 players on the pitch, Japan finally defeated the opponent by 3-2. Japan's soccer team

qiudingzuqiu @ 2019/10/17

Guo Ping world champion announces important decision! Ding Ning finds new positioning and Tokyo Olympics has another choice.

The 2019 women's world cup of table tennis will be officially opened in October 18th this year in Chengdu, China. The world championships champion Liu Shiwen and Asian Cup champion Zhu Yuling, who are invited to participate in the tournament, will pla

haopingpang8 @ 2019/10/17

The August 1 women's volleyball team won a good start in the army's sports meeting.

The seventh world military games started in October 16th, winning the first battle of the popular 81st women's volleyball team, and winning the United States 3 to 0. Before the interview, Yuan Xinyue, the main commander, said the goal of the competiti

zgtybwx @ 2019/10/17