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The hidden wolf returns to the West. I would like to call you the strongest in history.

Donald Trump today held a telephone conference with the head of the professional sports league. He told everyone that the leaders of the professional sports leagues could not suspend the competition and need to restart the competition. Adam Xiaohua also s

weqzsq @ 2020/04/06

Official announcement! Kobe officially became a member of the hall of fame

Today, 2020 members of the hall of fame were officially announced. Kobe, Duncan and Garnett were selected together. In addition, the list includes 4 coaches, including former WNBA star, TACI Ca, Eddie, Sutton, Rudi Tomjanovich, Barbara Stevens, Kim Mu Er,

CHNLAKERS @ 2020/04/06

Classic review: Sunshine double competition column: Battie is in the moment of metamorphosis.

Welcome to the sunshine double racing column. WTA official website will take you back to the most memorable moments of the past five years in North America. This week, we will check the classic duel of Miami station for you. Today we want to review the fo

WTA_Tennis @ 2020/04/05

Summary of the ten year's induction: Third, from "free gentleman" to half billion foreign aid, the Eastern European market is witnessing super cold and warm.

Reporter Han Bing reported in Eastern Europe, has always been a "witness" for China Football League and even Chinese professional football. Foreign aid from Eastern Europe is synonymous with cheap and good quality. Moreover, they are more easily a

soccernews @ 2020/04/05

Old wolf: can the Witt Buss locomotive usher in spring when the captain comes back strong?

Hello everyone, I am an old wolf. Because of the epidemic, UEFA's only Belarus, which has no green light, has attracted everyone's attention. I have long been concerned about the Russian Department of the league, and have their own intelligence ne

Winpowerdata @ 2020/04/05

Incompetent, do not know how to win! Lao Zhan's most promising rookie is crazy. It's really useless.

The players are praised and praised, but the hot spots are much more. Today, the personnel manager of a western team interviewed Mark Berman Smith who moved from the lone ranger to New York in the interview with the New York Post reporter. The personnel m

NBALQRD @ 2020/04/05

This is the greatest Hall of fame, but it may also be the most sad one.

Kobe, Duncan and Garnett were officially selected for the 2020 Naismith Hall of fame. In summer 2016, serpent wolves retreat to the West. Three players, such as a rock, who stand in the League for about twenty years, have their own careers interwoven for

zhiguanyulanqiu @ 2020/04/05

Kobe was elected Hall of fame, Vanessa voice! What she said made people cry.

"This is an incredible achievement and honor. We are proud of him. I hope Kobe can join us in celebrating this time. This is definitely the peak of his NBA career. " Vanessa's remarks in an interview made people cry. Before that, the three leg

Wilsonbasketball @ 2020/04/05

There is a miracle called 9248!

"This is the most important goal in my career. It represents not only me but also the honor of the club and the football world. The goal is not to go in with the head, but to enter this ball with my soul and die without regret." Sergio Ramos, "

zhibo8tiyu @ 2020/04/05

How old is James at the age of 35? Three points ahead of his first career.

This is the seventeenth NBA season of Lebron James, 35 years old. What is his status? Although James's career was no longer the season's scoring champion for the first time, he had three points stronger than his personal NBA career for the first t

zhanmusishuo @ 2020/04/05

Erwin's basketball career HD second shots

Today we will continue to update and update Erwin's basket net career HD pictures. Before we shared the high definition pictures of Erwin's basket net career, I saw a friend who wanted to have a message from Erwin. One by one, one by one, one by o

USAKIrving @ 2020/04/05

"Blue blood man" is a donation story of a Shenhua fan from his family.

In this article, 1747 word depth reading takes 2 minutes to meet the fate of the mother during the outbreak of the accident, Shenhua fan Gao Huafei received 50 thousand yuan donation. He sighed: there is real love in the world, Shenhua fans are really a v

xinminsport @ 2020/04/05

James has been hit by his career. NBA is afraid of the first great tragedy in 74 years.

This period of time is always debated about "whether to cancel the NBA League this season" or even one day. Just yesterday, Wen Khost and other famous names are still serious reports: NBA is basically gone this season. This morning, the reporter a

BallTRK @ 2020/04/05

Can we achieve the 4 number one? If James and Erwin join hands again, the Lakers will come to the next Dynasty. Is the lineup strong enough?

Can we achieve the 4 number one? If James and Erwin join hands again, the Lakers will come to the next Dynasty. Is the lineup strong enough?

NBAzhibotai @ 2020/04/05

Kobe was the winner for 20 years, but this time he was absent.

Vanessa and his daughter talked about Kobe's Hall of fame hall. Today, Kobe, Duncan and Garnett three NBA legends were selected for the 2020 Naismith Basketball Hall of fame. In 20 years, Kobe was always the winner, but this time, he was absent. Perha

qqnba-wx @ 2020/04/05

Duncan's wolf king Mamba starry Hall of fame is full of sadness.

Written on the forefront of the April 4th national mourning activities, the Tencent NBA video has been suspended for more than a day. On behalf of the Tencent NBA video editing team, I would like to express my deep condolences to the martyrs and compatrio

NBAvideo @ 2020/04/05

Liu Guoliang, the champion of the Olympic Games, is determined to win the Olympic 5 gold goals. Chen Mengying is the biggest test.

Liu Guoliang took the Olympic 5 gold goals firmly and moved him. Chen Mengying was the biggest test of Beijing time on April 5th. Due to the delay of the Olympic Games, the Chinese table tennis team led by Liu Guoliang became the world table tennis tourna

qntylh819 @ 2020/04/05

Season Snapshot| Pittsburgh Penguin: scarred still moving forward, young striker fighting for thigh

Due to the new crown virus epidemic, NHL suspended the 2019-2020 season regular season in March 12th. Although the game is stopped but the war is going on, we will check the NHL31 teams today. Today we are bringing penguins from Pittsburgh. The record is

tencentNHL @ 2020/04/05

Suo Shuai iron heart cleaning, Lin emperor's home emerged

According to The Athletic, Lin Jiade's future is no longer in Manchester United, and Arsenal are the most likely England midfielders to join. Lin has been losing the confidence of Manchester United manager Solskjaer because of his poor performance in

MU5iove @ 2020/04/05

The new policy of Bundesliga emerges, and the 15 year old genius has already been unable to wait.

At the age of 15, for many people, it is still in high school, but it is an extraordinary age for the football talent of Dortmund U19, Mu Ke Ke. Recently, the German football professional league meeting adopted a decision to reduce the minimum playing age

qiudingzuqiu @ 2020/04/05