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The sports world is seven (2019.8.23).

Ball game soccer Beijing time August 22nd, the first meeting of the eleventh session of the Chinese Football Association was held at the Xianghe national football training base in Hebei. It elected members, vice chairmen and chairmen of the eleventh Execu

rmwtiyu @ 2019/08/23

Sports industry breakfast 8.23, Chen Xuyuan was elected chairman of the Chinese Football Association UEFA Cup Wu Lei to help the Spaniard win.

Chen Xuyuan, who was elected chairman of the Chinese Football Association in August 22nd, was elected as the vice chairman of the Chinese Football Association's eleventh session of the general assembly (NPC). Chen Xuyuan was elected the new chairman of th

sportsmorning @ 2019/08/23

There has been no record in the past thirty years. Baresi, legend of the Rossoneri (No. six)

In the first chapter of the Milan circle, thesefootballtimes author All Blue Daze talked about Baresi as a tough and outstanding player in the match. In the next part, All Blue Daze will focus on Baresi's achievements in Milan and Italy national team. Par

milanquan2013 @ 2019/08/23

If playing football depends on the mouth, Chinese football has long been the world champion.

Bi Yan, a famous woman's soccer team, was asked when interviewed recently that the gap between the Chinese women's football world and the world is large now. Bi Yan said, "big. We went to Al gas 03 years ago, and the coach of Denmark kept on the sidelines

sodasoccer2014 @ 2019/08/23

Youth and feelings never grow old.

The most emotional football is here. Torres, who was born in 1984, has been in the green for eighteen years. This season, because of the knee injury that has not healed, only a few games have been launched in the J league tournament. The retirement declar

txzqwx @ 2019/08/23

This could be a legend of gunmen, but Koscielny destroyed himself this summer.

Beijing time on August 6, 2019, Arsenal official announced that Captain Skye was joined the French team Bordeaux. According to previous reports, the transfer fee is 5 million pounds. Arsenal's break with Koscielny is due to the transfer fee, because Arsen

qiudingzuqiu @ 2019/08/23

Super cold! Zhang Benzhi and even lost 3 games were reversed, the 1 round of the tour, the audience cheered wildly.

Beijing time August 22nd. In 2019, the International Table Tennis Federation Czech open opened the first round of competition for men's singles. As a result, it was surprising that many famous athletes encountered great obstacles in the first match day. J

haopingpang8 @ 2019/08/23

Jordan: 1vs1 alone, only this man can beat me! I will not accept anyone but him.

Today is Kobe's 41 year old birthday. How should we evaluate this man? Perhaps the most powerful player can be qualified to define Jordan: "1vs1 alone, I will not lose to anyone except Kobe, I may lose to him, because he has learned all my moves Kobe, his

jiaozhukanqiu @ 2019/08/23

Naturalized players Professional League World Cup bid for women's football and Youth Football Association, "new head" took office at the beginning of all clear

"I will work diligently and firmly establish the correct concept of achievement." it will not be necessary for me to succeed in my work. " After being elected chairman of the Chinese Football Association, Chen Xuyuan read the 893 character speech in a lou

bjwbtyb @ 2019/08/23

Do you remember the night when Madison scored 54 points in the square?

111111111111111111 today, we reviewed the 54 points of Madison square in February 28, 2013. Currie led the warriors to the Madison Garden Arena to challenge Nicks, who was led by Anthony. At that time, Nicks was the strongest Nicks team after Anthony's jo

USACurry @ 2019/08/23

Hodson sends thanks to Liaoning fans: I am nothing without you!

Hodson, a foreign aid, expressed his thanks to Liaoning fans through micro-blog today. He said no fans were anything. "Thank you for 5 years of great history, great Liaoning fans, and all the fans. Without you, I have nothing, nothing, I love you forever!

cbasaichang @ 2019/08/23

Today is the 134 day of Wade's retirement. He has taken the magazine cover.

Today is the 134 day of Wade's retirement. Wade has not yet had a good rest. This is not why he went to the magazine cover with his good brother DICK ROSS today. Before the shooting began, he did his own modeling to make his hair look the most handsome. I

dw3fanclub @ 2019/08/23

Door beam, building points and assists, Wu Lei is getting better and better. Why not play the main force?

The first leg of the 2019-20 European Champions League playoffs opened this morning. Spanish Spaniard 3 to 1 wins Ukraine's Lou Gansike Sol A. Chinese player Wu Lei performed well in the match, struck a crossbeam, created a penalty kick, and missed a goal

FM940SPORTS @ 2019/08/23

Whole tears! What moments did you remember in the 20 years of Kobe's legend?

15 minutes to see the career of the old Department, maybe every story should have an ending. At the age of 18, he entered the league. He was 38 years old and retired. It lasted for 20 years. He outlined a legend of Zijin and left an eternal memory for pos

NBAvideo @ 2019/08/23

Obsessed with all kinds of singles, combat effectiveness continues to burst watch! Average 35+ per season! This is just paranoia!

Happy birthday to the 41 year old boss. "What a great memory you are playing in the League!" I miss your OK three years of alliances. You look back on your old style of reaping two consecutive championships. I miss your Achilles tendon rupture and still p

dddnba @ 2019/08/23

From the efficient play of "abandoning and giving up", we sigh the current football world which is seriously unequal to resources.

The 5 major European leagues have all been put on the stage. In the first round of the round, Arsenal beat Ceballos 2-1, and the most successful winner was Ceballos, who was rented from Real Madrid, who sparted the Premier League with 2 brilliant assists.

woai_shijiebei @ 2019/08/23

The captain of the US men's basketball team is confirmed. 12 the list of people's Congress is ready to come out.

Beijing time on August 23rd, according to NBA reporter Adam Kaufman reported that the United States men's basketball team has identified the captain of the candidates, the guard line of Walker, Donovan Mitchell and Marcus - Smart will join this important

NBALQRD @ 2019/08/23

Goodbye! Brownies......

Last night, after playing the U16 men's basketball team in Chou, Zhejiang, Jiaxing, the Zaire basketball team and Serra's Canyon high school men's basketball team ended the 11 day Sino US men's basketball invitational tournament. The team will fly away fr

LebronJamesBar @ 2019/08/23

Los Angeles reporter exposed the Lakers will not sign Howard! US media: 34 year old warriors can be considered to win the championship.

After Cousins's injury, the Lakers have been screening a reliable replacement. According to WOJ, the Lakers plan to conduct a separate trial of Nuo A, Howard and Svets this week to assess their status. Will the three players have their merits and demerits

zhanmusishuo @ 2019/08/23

Chen Xuyuan, the new head of the Football Association, talked about domestication.

On the 22 day, the Chinese Football Association held the eleventh general meeting. As expected, Chen Xuyuan was elected chairman of the Chinese Football Association. The new head of the Chinese football team has received an exclusive interview with Xinhua

ndsaidian @ 2019/08/23