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"Do you believe in love or do you believe in time?" "I believe you"

In knowing, we have seen such a question: will love be defeated by time? Some people say that personal experience must be done. I've been with my ex boyfriend for 5 years. From the beginning, I want to stick together every day, and I hate two times la

luqiyouhuashuo @ 2019/10/20

This drama is not red.

Cat + beauty. The two cure is artifact. Stacking up, what will be the effect? That is the state of Xiangyu today, chasing after the dance, writing the script is full of peach blossoms. Say nothing, come and eat, I'll remember Amway! "Cat bartender

duliyumovie @ 2019/10/09

Please cherish the person who is willing to apologize.

Planning: expert support for marriage and family magazine: Zhang Lizhu's courage: photo: ID:hunyinyujiating99: apologizing is not for fighting right or wrong, but for love. A little married couple before the holiday made an article. Is it so hard to a

hunyinyujiating99 @ 2019/10/09

Cherrie Ying shared the lipstick with other men. He had a jealous name called Jordan Chan.

Cherrie Ying and other men sharing lipstick were photographed. There was a kind of vinegar called Jordan Chan. This article authorized to change from: GirlDailyID:kaishi09 if love is a mirror, people in the mirror must be Jordan Chan and Cherrie Ying. Dur

instanight @ 2019/10/09

Love experts have become the luxury of men rather than goods.

Love experts teach you not only to restore, but also how to become a luxury in the eyes of men. Mark Twin, a luxury American writer, was a sailor on a ship when he was young. One day, a young man sighed on the deck. He was a servant of a wealthy businessm

wanhuiguwen @ 2019/10/09

If you love someone in the morning, you will make yourself a different landscape.

Love a person, always can not help but want to become each other's appearance. For you, the other side is the "Paragon" in the future. People like to read books, you don't like them, but because of love, they try to read books, hold books

CCTV-channel1 @ 2019/10/09

30 sentences with stories

1 there are not many wonderful things in the world. At the beginning of autumn, the wind blowing on the opposite side of the river and you are laughing so sweeter. @ strawberry philosopher 2 is not together, it is not long anyway. @ you are like pumpkin,

wenange @ 2019/10/09

A woman with an annual salary of 50 thousand is much less than a woman who has an annual salary of 200 thousand.

Between family and career, most women tend to be family oriented, to be a good wife and good mother as a life goal, or even to give up their careers and start a "housewife". What does career mean for women? 30 thousand yuan annual salary of women,

sysw66888 @ 2019/10/09

"New age marriage view": good love, there is no standard answer at all.

ID:eemovie, a public girl, has recently got a hot search. Jiani Zhang, who has been married for four years, has two babies. She also calls her mother-in-law aunt. Last year, Jiani Zhang and chao chao scattered sugar in the reality show, and everywhere the

luqiyouhuashuo @ 2019/10/09

"I like relationships without guessing."

Author: Lin Xi source: Lin Xi (inks01) yesterday before going to bed, in the circle of friends brush to such a sentence: hold on do not contact a person, just want to see when can be remembered. When I woke up in the morning, I asked the friend of the cir

luqiyouhuashuo @ 2019/10/08

Marriage is good. Look at the kitchen!

- 01 - there is always some detail in every marriage that exposes some real emotional situations. I have a male colleague whose wife is a wealthy two generation who has been married for several years and is still as sweet as ever. Husband and wife two peo

zuowenqm01 @ 2019/10/08

What happens when children fall in love in high school? This is the best answer! Parents should also show their children after they finish reading.

Speaking of high school students falling in love, the first time we associate with others is to influence learning and disturb the mind. But what if you are in love? Should we immediately "cut the Gordian knot" or continue to "cut it out?"

gzxsjzh @ 2019/10/08

Women have experienced many men, from these four performances at a glance!

Every man wants to find a woman who has not experienced so much affection, but this society is often very open. So if you want to find a woman who is not so rich, you have to learn whether or not women have experienced many men. From these four performanc

vtaiciv @ 2019/10/08

From now on, stop being nice to these people.

1, do not do anything to ungrateful people, do something repeatedly, contact you repeatedly, lack of money, borrow money, sweet words to coax you. If you help, say you are serious, if you don't help, you will be scolded. Such a person, you are no good

jdyl555 @ 2019/09/27

My girlfriend is really not human!

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ideakick @ 2019/09/27

In the distance: Romeo's and Juliet's joys and sorrows

The reality theme drama "faraway" is hot, focusing on the express industry, showing the social changes from 1999 to 2019. In the overlook of the times, the play also painstakingly incorporates the emotion and fate of the characters into the realis

jinpaiyuqingguan @ 2019/09/27

What's the last thing about getting married with someone you don't like?

Reply to "directory" to see "0--3 year old baby recipes" love, sometimes beautiful like a rainbow, hanging high in the air, so that people can not touch. And marriage, like a rusty iron nail, gently stroked, it will relax all over the body

bbsp007 @ 2019/09/27

The premarital woman asked the man to build a two storey building. The man borrowed money to build the house. After the marriage, the woman left home for a year. Now he proposes a divorce. If the hous

Before marriage, do you want to build a house, and then you can get any compensation after you get married? 1Q1 the premarital woman asked the man to build a two story building in his house before he agreed to marry. After the marriage, the man built the

cctvjrsf @ 2019/09/27

No girl can avoid "ruminating".

Some time ago I talked about a love affair that was not in love, because it was too short for me to know whether I was in love or not. It started very quickly and ended quickly. The eight life asked me yesterday, what's new with him? I said, it's

baguniang2015 @ 2019/09/27

Not married for a lifetime, 7 single women live together for 10 years, 80 years old also dyed hair, make-up, life has become a poem!

Sweet life to add sweetness to life. When young, the total sisters say jokes, if not married, and afraid of loneliness, then old together! Such jokes are mostly just jokes. No one dares to take it seriously. But the 7 old ladies in Japan really did. 10 ye

wxtm01 @ 2019/09/27