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There is a kind of tired, called too many thoughts, there is a kind of bitterness, can not let go.

Sweet life to add sweetness to life. There is a kind of fatigue. I think too much. There is a piece on micro-blog that is called "24 hours after quarrel with my boyfriend". It describes in detail the different reactions between boys and girls afte

wxtm01 @ 2019/12/08

How do women who are emotionally stable lose their temper?

Every happy mother has found strength in "mother university". Many people are impressed by Ma Yili's gentleness and tranquility, typical Shanghai women's softness, and their articulation pronouncing with soft. In addition to the drama, it

muqindaxue @ 2019/12/08

12 sentences of exquisite love, short sentences, deep meaning of classics, and experienced talents will understand.

1. women miss the man who she most wants to marry, and they become picky. When a man misses the woman he wants to marry, he becomes free. 2. people who are meant to be together will always be together, just like the earth is round, no matter how they run,

shijingqinghua @ 2019/12/08

7 lives and 20 years of abscond, Lao Rong's last sigh, exposure: never recognize a person from a circle of friends!

Mr. Wen, Mr. Wang Erduo, Mr. ID:huangezishiba, who can listen to today's audio above the green label, always thinks that your eyes are the whole world. But I don't know, it's the real life that you can't see. 01 these two days, the news of

ixiaoya520 @ 2019/12/08

A hundred friends are better than a friend.

In "augmented virtues", it says: when wine is drunk with friends, poetry will be chanted to meet people, and will be acquainted with people all over the world. In the vast sea of faces, each one of us can encounter countless people and friends. Bu

zuisanwen @ 2019/12/08

"I just fell in love with others, not derailed": can spiritual derailment be forgiven?

Micro-blog sees such a question: can spiritual derailment be forgiven? Some people say that derailment must be based on the actual relationship. People will inevitably encounter more than one heartbeat in this life. Because the derailment is really a ques

luqiyouhuashuo @ 2019/12/08

You leave me alone, and I will slowly leave you alone.

01 a good reality: you left me alone, and I will slowly leave you alone. You can get used to your company and get used to being alone without you. Slowly, all fade away, gradually, I forgot! This is the thing in the world. When a person ignores you, don&#

igood07 @ 2019/12/08

Learning this trick can greatly shorten the time for girls.

In the process of interpersonal communication, there are potential rules. If you do not comply with these rules, you will cause yourself a lot of trouble. The ancients once said, "talk with each other and speak with your heart." In other words, if

puaketang @ 2019/12/08

[recommendation] how does a person's upbringing manifest? Look at these 3 details.

How does a person's upbringing manifest? After careful consideration, upbringing is very trivial, all in the details of life. It is not easy to expose the embarrassment of others. Once, Xiao Hua went to the bathroom and cried for a long time because s

YNCPC-YLXF01 @ 2019/12/08

How terrible is marriage without security? Good night story

Dictation: Liu Nawen: tomorrow, editor: Fu Yang picture: photo source: marriage and family magazine (ID:hunyinyujiating99) two people know each other in order to love each other, show their real aspects, and feel secure when communicating. The little marr

hunyinyujiating99 @ 2019/12/08

Women who don't like WeChat heads are mostly because...

A person's character is sometimes seen through the head. Those women who do not like to change WeChat heads are mostly of these kinds of characters. 01 do not like the self timer self timer is anxious all day long circle of friends are their own photo

viphcj88 @ 2019/12/08

"No derailment, no family violence, she's still divorced."

The author, Mr. slash, Mr. ins (ID:isslash). When a friend gets married, she often smiles in her friends' circle. We all think she is very happy. Unexpectedly, she told us recently that she was divorced. "Married for a year and a half.

wera2014 @ 2019/12/08

"The man who spoils you as a child never loves you."

There is a burning word on the Internet: the best love is a man willing to spoil you into children. So many girls take this sentence as truth, and think that the man who really loves you can be unreasonable in his eyes. He can indulge everything you have,

luqiyouhuashuo @ 2019/12/03

Men have these 5 expressions, which means you have no place in his heart.

In life, at work, we all want to be respected by others, do not want to be seen by others, do not want to be looked down upon by others. In love, we also hope that the other party will take an important view of themselves, take care of themselves and have

vtaiciv @ 2019/12/03

Do you think Yang Mi really has a heart of stone? How much attention did she give to abandon little glutinous rice?

All the way red, Yang Mi was the most criticized, in addition to acting, that is, she "only care about the family, the stepmother's heart." Seeing her running to the airport, some people say that you can't spend time with little glutinous

gifssss @ 2019/12/03

12 constellation female "love 1 months VS love 1 years"

There are many different types of women in this world, but only women in love are the same, but the more they can release themselves in front of each other, the more they can prove that their relationship becomes intimate. As the saying goes, only experie

xzwcom @ 2019/12/03

"Silly white" is true.

The day before yesterday, a netizen came out and said that his good friend was deceived by a net red husband. Is this friend himself? It's not important either. Anyway, I was on the stage. "I am a client. My friend gave me the number". And who

dushemeishaonv @ 2019/12/03

A good marriage requires three changes.

Author: from summer to Korea, the source: Fan Deng (ID:readingclub_btfx) knows someone has asked: "do you regret to marry your husband now?" Some say regrets, some are erratic, but I see more answers to "no regrets". A netizen said, "a

hunyinyujiating99 @ 2019/12/03

Her family condition is better than mine. I feel a little inferiority. What should I do?

Member consultation: Hello, David. I know that a girl is very satisfied with her. Her family condition is much better than mine. I have pressure. Because of her inferiority, I didn't have much enthusiasm for her at the beginning. Instead, she was kind

puaketang @ 2019/12/03

How long can love happen?

Click on "passing the pen point sentence" more wonderful last night idle nothing, read the next netizens message. A girl sent me such a big passage: "my boyfriend and I are college classmates, and have been in love for over 3 years. After grad

yuluweixin520 @ 2019/11/21