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Wang Xiaobao's 15 classic quotations, sentences and thoughts, pierce the truth of life.

1. All human suffering is essentially anger against one's inability. Wang Xiaobao [2] does not want to be sober, preferring to indulge in indulgence. I don't know where to go. -- Wang Xiaobao [3] I gave you my whole soul, with its quirks, playing

shijingqinghua @ 2020/05/24

520 sisters' Declaration of love

When Qing you 2 and create 3 of the younger sister need a neat smile to greet the producers, before the first stage of the Hunan TV station, "the sister of the wind and waves" is not popular for everyone. In the absence of the broadcast, it will r

MadameFigaro @ 2020/05/21

Youth pain literature also can not save Show Luo Zhou Yangqing's love view Zheng Shuang should learn!

Today is 520. Show Luo, who has been silent for nearly a month, once again issued a "boy, girl". He chose a picture that he embraced with Zhou Yangqing. In addition to being selected on the 520 day, the 9:12 release time was also very meaningful f

fashionifeng @ 2020/05/21

520, to the person I care most about.

520 the day of the whole nation does not need gorgeous words and simple three words. I love you not only a confession, but also a responsibility. I confess my parents, my love and my true friends. I want to say to you, all the friends who accompany us and

znljdyl @ 2020/05/21

I hope that even at the last moment, I did not violate the original intention of loving you.

Today is May 20th. For lovers, they may miss the Valentine's day after February 14th because of the epidemic situation; for electric business, it may be another celebration of riveting sales; for most ordinary people, it may be some day in May. Whethe

ikanlixiang @ 2020/05/20

Show Luo, don't say "Zhou Yang Qing".

520, I thought it was a day of full screen show. The result is Show Luo's 520 manifesto brush (embarrassment) screen. He sent a long message to micro-blog, recalling the dribs and drabs of his ex girlfriend Zhou Yangqing. In the final confession: we a

caozhi163 @ 2020/05/20

Chinese "wild love experience" award

What is love? Before we fall in love, we are faced with such a situation: puppy love is forbidden. After graduation, marriage is immediately urged. Love education is a blank. Most of our love stories come from romantic novels, from idol dramas, from chick

renwumag1980 @ 2020/05/20

Zhang Ruoyun Tang Yixin "marriage change"? The beloved wife was crumble and stabbed the "romantic" rumor: he finally revealed the truth.

Good afternoon, little fairies! Your make-up sauce is on time. When it comes to the standard of a good husband in the entertainment circle, the first idea of makeup sauce is the ten best man Zhang Ruoyun. You know that in the entertainment area, where the

lady884 @ 2020/05/20

A Jiao divorced and ended up in 14 months: "no love, forget it."

A Jiao is divorced! Yesterday afternoon, according to media reports, A Jiao and her husband Lai Hongguo were divorced in March 1st. Cough, then, what is A Jiao's divorce? The incident occurred in May 8th. According to media reports, A Jiao Lai hung Gu

ymzsk666 @ 2020/05/19

A Jiao divorced and ended up in 14 months: "no love, forget it."

A Jiao is divorced! Yesterday afternoon, according to media reports, A Jiao and her husband Lai Hongguo were divorced in March 1st. Cough, then, what is A Jiao's divorce? The incident occurred in May 8th. According to media reports, A Jiao Lai hung Gu

hzjc5566 @ 2020/05/11

"Mother-in-law did not like the obligation of daughter-in-law," He Jiong said in a sentence.

Lu Qi's daily viewpoint: Source: ID:jingdu999 (01) recently, a variety of "good listens to friends," received a call from a girl. Girls are not getting along well with their mother-in-law after marriage. They often conflict with their mother-i

luqiyouhuashuo @ 2020/05/11

"On the day of divorce, I was almost killed by my husband."

Lu Qi's daily view. The 01 time before her bedtime reading (svipcc365), the hot search by her husband at the gate of the women's Civil Affairs Bureau attracted many people's attention. It happened at the door of Chaoyang Civil Affairs Bureau.

luqiyouhuashuo @ 2020/05/11

A man who has changed his mind will behave like this no matter what he does.

In this love affair, sometimes it is very important for a man to see that he is not willing to break up with a man in general. Women always hope that men will always love themselves, but the idea will never match reality. When a man changes his mind, he w

vtaiciv @ 2020/05/11

Never recognize another person from other people's mouth! (suggest everyone see)

1. you never know how many versions you will have in other people's mouth, nor will you know what others say to defame you in order to defend yourself, nor can you stop those unrealistic gossip. And what you can do is to ignore it. There is no need to

zsyt16888 @ 2020/05/11

Huang Lei's daughter shot the camera overnight, and Sun Li responded brighter: I like to be a mother. What's wrong?

ID: iiimum, coco sister: I hope that all married and fucking women can understand that even if you get married, you can still live a wonderful life when you are married. Huang dodo, 14 years old, went on the heat again. In April 7th, Huang Lei's wife,

wera2014 @ 2020/05/11

A man who has this habit at dinner has a bad personality and is not worthy of deep friendship.

The author is a book from a Monday. ID : Yer808 Ending: love can not be - By Aska Yang has welfare at the end of the article. 01 Some time ago, my friend Mao Mao went to meet him. The blind date is called Dawei. His family is quite good and looks good.

bos259 @ 2020/05/11

How to quickly deepen his feelings for you is enough.

Why do some people fall in love with each other? One thing is too logical, so it's easy to forget. After eating, shopping, watching movies, riding in cars and visiting scenic spots, men never remember. If you want to leave him with a deep memory, you

luqiyouhuashuo @ 2020/05/11

A Jiao's girlfriend exposes the rich night life of Lai hung Guo, and his ex-wife also plays the role of A Jiao's innuendo. The master is arrogant and rumor is lazy.

Recently, A Jiao Zhongxin Tong and her husband, who had only been married for more than a year, had a lot of heated discussions. In response to the divorce, A Jiao responded very briefly, saying only that he had signed the separation agreement. Lai hung G

shenyebagua @ 2020/05/11

The circle of friends, the pet devil, went off the rails.

The author is Kami Kazuo, a ID:yetingfm student from the University. This name has a lot of answers. When he pursued his wife, he was so excited that he was rejected for seven times. It was a good story, but I didn't expect it to be a little faster.

zhangyuedushu @ 2020/05/10

"I love you, mom, even if you don't give birth to me."

When you came to this world, mom was already a mother. From birth to growth, your mother is your most inseparable family member, but you can't avoid being absent from your mother's first half of life. The chasm of time divides you into two generat

ikanlixiang @ 2020/05/10