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When the boyfriend suddenly asked for a meal, the girl was completely cold when she saw the wedding ring.

Recently, Li Yu and her boyfriend are talking about marriage, but they are divided because of the wedding ring. The boyfriend's wedding ring was actually an ex girlfriend, which is really unacceptable to Li Yu. The wedding ring was left behind by his ex g

ngdsb966123 @ 2019/08/19

Gu Hye Seon and Mr Andrew and his wife divorced after 3 years of marriage, and their society issued a formal position. Gu Hye Seon responded to the divorce statement of the brokerage firm, saying the

Gu Hye Seon and Andrew Ahn and his wife divorced after 3 years of marriage, and their society issued a formal stand. Gu Hye Seon, the wife of the actress, was divorced after 3 years of marriage. HB Entertainment18, the two member company, indicated its of

idolAPP @ 2019/08/19

Textbook boyfriend: Turning romance into habit

What does your ideal boyfriend look like? Good morning and evening, all the remembrance day in mind, you can make a look in a second to understand your idea... But it is said that such a boyfriend, almost not exist in real life. A boy is a creature that i

luqiyouhuashuo @ 2019/08/19

Forcing a woman into this is the biggest failure of a man.

Click on the sentence "passing the pen point" is more wonderful. Some netizens said, "will all marriages turn into such a thing? After giving birth to a child, they live like a single mother. The other party doesn't care about their children and doesn't c

yuluweixin520 @ 2019/08/18

I got divorced... How did he say it changed?

Anzai Xiangueshan, we wrote several times before. They have had several hot searches in recent years since their exposure. Because the frequency is not high, most people are more optimistic. I also envy Gu Hye Seon. She once had the love of idol drama. In

dushemeishaonv @ 2019/08/18

"Take part in my wedding, don't take 6000 yuan!" "destroy a relationship, talk about" money "is enough.

Wen / edu editor / MBA think tank will be late for money, but will never be absent. Recently, I saw a news: two days after entering the office, Xiao Yang received her wedding invitation, but she did not attend the wedding. But unexpectedly, she received a

mbalib @ 2019/08/18

Anjai Xian loves his wife to set up a landslide, draw a line and insist on divorce. Gu Hye Seon: it seems that only I love him.

This morning, my friends were probably washed up by Gu Hye Seon and ANN, and the two have been regarded as "fairy tale love". As a result, the marriage has come to an end like Song Hye Kyo and Song Zhongji. This incident happened very suddenly. Gu Hye Seo

hanjushe6 @ 2019/08/18

Sleep is easier than love.

Chatting with a surrogate sister in our house. My sister said, sister, I'm going to get yellow with you today and ask you an emotional question. I said yes, whatever you do, the eight sisters are stable. After a few rounds of conversation, I regreted that

baguniang2015 @ 2019/08/18

The highest sweet CP in history is divorced!!! Marriage is only 3 years old. When you are 3 years old, your husband will become tired of heart.

The 8 winds are interesting / interesting / interesting / interesting. Let's take a look at what big melon came in on Sunday morning, and Gu Hye Seon's wife was divorced. Gu Hye Seon was first promoted to the Internet as one of the five beauties of the In

entifengvip @ 2019/08/18

Female guests reject physical contact? How to solve the "century puzzle" by the new blind date conference

In interpersonal communication, everyone has their own safe contact distance. The distance between ordinary people is mostly in one arm, and the distance gradually decreases with the increase of intimacy. However, some people will instinctively repel any

JSBC-JSTV @ 2019/08/18

"Daughters, these 3 kinds of family men can't marry you well!" Mother's words, the word heart.

Daughter, please remember: marriage is the meeting between family and family. Before marriage, be sure to understand the personality and family environment of the other person first. Hui Jie said, dear daughter: Mom, I turned over the old photos in two da

chinaejzh @ 2019/08/18

"My mother said, whoever marries is a pit, so it's better to jump to a hole earlier."

266th, a reader friend told me a story that I almost burst into tears. She said that one day, her mother called her and talked about many short stories of the parents in the East. At last, she summed up Chen's words: you see, every family has a hard nut t

smallsharing @ 2019/08/18

I thought they would never get divorced.

Editors: the prince's meow Andrew and Gu Hye Seon have been divorced... "Two people have already agreed to divorce, there is no internal injury". This is what the society belongs to. Gu Hye Seon said so on INS, why is there still a house? In fact, things

juziyule @ 2019/08/18

Another pair of divorces? Men derailment net red? The couple just denied that they were betrayed by the real hammer?

In August 15th, media broke the news that Fish Leong was suspected of divorce. According to the reveler, the reason for the divorce is because husband Zhao Yuan was derailed. It is reported that two people have signed a divorce, 9 years of marriage offici

fcwm520 @ 2019/08/17

The contrast between husband and wife before and after love is a true portrayal.

The contrast between husband and wife before and after love is a true portrayal ~ I suspect you have changed your husband.

WeiGaoXiao @ 2019/08/17

Li Ai has been sleeping with her husband's bedroom, and his feelings have been questioned: does marriage have any fixed mode?

Little flower mother has said: there is a very hot topic is, "can you accept sleep with the other half?" Speaking to the floret dad, he said that it might be a matter of emotional problems. I don't know what you think. After reading this article, maybe yo

askjane @ 2019/08/17

[daily cartoons] girls in the middle school send friends circle VS outgoing girls make friends circle.

The world is so different from person to person. For example, extroverted girls VS introverted girls. The former enjoys liveliness and sociability, while the latter likes solitude and quiet. The former can send ten friends circle, and the latter ten days

sc8060 @ 2019/08/17

Fact record: 31 years old, once again fall for the former marriage, what should I do?

Source: call me yang baa (jwymm666) today is still a letter from a reader, after reading, Baa Baa. In order to respect the privacy of contributors, the following names are aliases. -01- my name is Zhang Fan. I am 31 years old. When I was 23 years old, I w

zhiyinchuanmei @ 2019/08/17

In reality, false and strong, really collapse in Japanese drama.

Films and TV plays that fail to provide perfect stories are closer to the true meaning of life. We love Japanese drama, because it brings out the most subtle emotions in life and exposes everyone's vulnerability to the sun. In the new life of Mao, the aud

renwumag1980 @ 2019/08/17

I'm sorry, I'm married. "Men must have a sense of propriety.

I saw such a video on the shaking voice: a girl who claimed to be a "good brother" with her boyfriend, playing the game with unscrupulous boy. The boy decided to pick up his girlfriend's hand and said, "my main task today is to accompany her. When the gir

luqiyouhuashuo @ 2019/08/11