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The Chow Chow Dog was abandoned by two owners. After three months of wandering, he was finally cured by the warm heart uncle.

If a person is always deceived by others' lies and hurt two times at a time, will you dare to believe others again? I'm afraid there will be a shadow in my heart. I will think twice before making a choice. And the same is true for animals. If they

mczys001 @ 2019/10/08

The squirrel mother stopped the woman and pulled her trouser pipe away, to save a small life.

All animals have spirit, although small animals can not speak, but they also have a heart of love son. Tia Powell, a woman living in the United States, was walking in the park near her home this day when a little boy caught her attention. (Thea Powell) It

Qpuppy @ 2019/10/06

Farewell to the silent hero! At the age of 14, he rescued 15 people during the earthquake.

On the night of September 29, 2019, at 23 o'clock in the night, the Shenyang tiger, a fire rescue dog, died. It helped the fire officers and soldiers to rescue 15 trapped persons in the earthquake. The 14 year old man, who was 14 years old, was equiva

hbjs_87311111 @ 2019/10/06

10 days after husky went away, the owner recovered it by barbecue and laughed.

Netizens bring husky to the wild to play because they feel they can control the dog at any time and want to give it a free environment. So the shit officials let go of their own play. I didn't expect it to run away to the embrace of nature like a runa

mengchong94520 @ 2019/10/06

This is a small collection of famous wanghong Wang, because this has become the heart dog of many netizens.

This is a small collection of the famous net red Wang Maya, and because of it, it has become the heart dog of many netizens -- pet dog pet control micro signal: [Lmosaye] long press copy, I like you, all like dog!

Lmosaye @ 2019/10/06

The novice father practise the scarf, and see that the cat is super cooperative, making people laugh and complain: the anger is overweight!

Exercise packs baby, start with pets! The baby is about to give birth next month. In order to learn the scarf, the husband takes the 3 year old cat "ah tou" to start the knife. I saw my father in a hurry to fold the towels, while the cat stars wer

Lmaogou @ 2019/10/06

Cloned female pet dog: 380 thousand dog rebirth, no it may be depressed.

After Zhang Yue passed away with his pet dog "Nini", the pet dog "Nini", Zhang Yue found himself a crying man. The first time we talked, we talked about "old single solitude being dispelled by pets", and she started sobbing on the

guyulab @ 2019/10/06

Big fat orange has a melancholy eye and a movie star. Meng Meng has a bitter experience of wandering beneath his face.

When it comes to orange cats, we think big orange is important. According to scientists, orange cats have a gene that makes them greedy, so big orange is not a myth. They say that eating can be a blessing. I do not know that every happy orange cat has a l

mumu8com @ 2019/10/04

When I was watching parade, my cat was even more serious than I saw.

Yesterday was a glorious moment for all Chinese people. Because yesterday was the great day for the establishment of 70th anniversary. It's the birthday of our motherland. Did many of the shit officials, like meow, stay in front of the TV in the early

mscat123 @ 2019/10/03

Netizens bought a little husky, but after they took it to the countryside, they changed.

Husky's sand carving circle never let me down. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha two ha: nothing, can it be me?

hsqgx520 @ 2019/10/03

Are you from the circus?

Sometimes, some of your dog's "quirks" really make you laugh and cry. There is a ten year old dog named "little black" in Tainan. Though old, physical strength is not ordinary. And this is due to the fact that every time it comes and g

mon0896 @ 2019/09/29

"I'm sorry, I'm ashamed of border farming."

Small border animal: I dizzy, I am very dizzy!

bianmuonline @ 2019/09/29

After going back to the hospital, the cat said no longer wanted to believe in humans.

As a bipedal beast, I feel nervous and nervous when I go to a hospital. As a meow star, he also feels the same way to the hospital. A recent shoveling officer, the middle best stuffing, recently took two cats to the hospital for physical examination. Afte

lumaojiaoshou @ 2019/09/29

The shepherd dog was sent away for 12 days alone, and after 389 kilometers, he went home to find his master.

Dog lovers pay attention to the big AI Meng control only needs to reply: Wang. The content is more wonderful! It makes you happy every day. People nowadays want to keep dogs easy. But when they don't want them, they throw them away. They say they will

menggoukong @ 2019/09/29

A little secret in the palm of your cat to catch the cure today!

Hopefully, there will be only two days left. I think you should have been suffering from the preganglionic syndrome: you don't want to go to work, you don't want to work, you want to say "after the holidays", and just want to celebrate the

xiaomajia999 @ 2019/09/29

Do not trust two ha too much, because it may kill you!

It may be sad to be dizzy in front of other dogs, but in front of two Kazakhstan, the rate is to be sad, liver, spleen, lung and kidney.

hsqgx520 @ 2019/09/29

500 Teddy bought by the boss.

Pet Teddy is a little bit concerned. Teddy is lost with you. Netizens say: every time you get home from work, you can pass a pet shop, and you like dogs very much. So sometimes you will go in and see if there is any suitable one. You can always see a litt

CPtaidi @ 2019/09/29

The cat mother had a good time eating her paw. The cat looked fast and drooled.

The cat mother had a good time eating her paw, and the cat was drooling beside it. Kitty: eat slowly. Remember to leave it to me, the poor little cat.

lobocat @ 2019/09/28

Lara did not know that his friend was sick in hospital, and stayed up all night at his nest, crying to sleep.

A dog's feelings are the most sincere. The owners and friends almost make up their whole life, so they will be very worried once they have lost their family. Hanna, who lives in Ohio, Hannah, and Laszlo are a good friends who are inseparable. Recently

Qpuppy @ 2019/09/28