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These 6 "good things you think" dogs do not like.

It is believed that every pet person loves children and will choose to make them a member of the family. But in the process of keeping pet, many shovel excrement officials have done something more or less that they think they are good for Mao's childr

bagongshushu @ 2020/04/17

The little police dog took part in the oath of taking office, but they slept all the time, and did not give the chief's face all the time. Net friend: use child labor can not yo!!

On Monday, the Bristol police station held an oath of taking office. The main role of the swearing in is the new police dog, Brody, who is going to be in the police station. Originally, it was a very formal ceremony, but it became very funny because of Br

mengchongmeng @ 2020/04/17

I finally found the best way to improve family status.

At the time of spring and summer, the family sometimes gets into small flying insects. So the Dragon Boat Festival is always watching the worms jump up and down, and I'm afraid that it is hurt. I have caught it and let it catch up. This house is angry

xiaomajia999 @ 2020/04/17

The dog has stolen his master's false teeth and put it in his mouth.

When your dog steal the shit's false teeth and wear it in your mouth, it's too magical. I can laugh all day. Ha ha, dog son: this false tooth is very suitable for me, and I will not give it back to you!

mengchong94520 @ 2020/04/17

This Akita is red by sleeping posture, and a good commander Wang is a sleepers.

Remember the Akita dog Jin? As for that obviously handsome Akita, he just sleeps into the Chow lion. This product is also very successful, with the sleeping posture debut, show you the normal son of this product... Emmmmmm although also very stay, but the

eee3387 @ 2020/04/17

Britain has a dog born with a bitter melon face. The owner put the photo on the Internet and the fire broke out.

A British bulldog with bitter melon face exploded on the Internet. The dog was born with a pair of eyebrows and looked very sad. Mrs. brow looked unhappy. "Mrs. brows" is a British Bulldog. When she was born, there were thick brown patches above e

caomeichongwu @ 2020/04/17

Quest! In the wild, fun and fun.

How can you say that you can't be precise? There are bears and free love to the camera. It is good for the camera to recite poetry. Bears are shy and irrelevant. They run across the camera and run away. There are two bears who meet each other. I wonde

ipandacom @ 2020/04/17

"Help!" My Cokie was possessed by a cat. What should I do?

South Korea has a spun shit officer especially upset, because his cat and dog, as if the soul of a swap - the cat called Xiao Tang, the least bit like a small mew like the fear of people, for the first time to see the lens, go up is a slap, no way out! Bu

gougou2016 @ 2020/04/16

Don't look at this dog's bouncing, but actually it's worse than going out!

On the same day, the owner of Jeff Fang went to climb with his family's Chai dog, "chafing dish". I didn't expect that every day, the lively and active wood dogs became very poor in outdoor activities. The owner PO took a photo of himself

whcwdrc @ 2020/04/16

Very urgent, thousands of stray dogs in famine, in urgent need of help!

"Please, please help them. There's not much food in stock. I'm really afraid I can't support it!" Throughout the February, Liu Li almost slept all night, and always talked about how the little boy could not eat enough. Because the logi

@ 2020/04/16

"After Wuhan unsealed, I finally got together with the cat..."

At 0 o'clock in April 8th, Wuhan was released. In the days that followed, "Reunion" became the most beautiful word in the world. 01 because of the epidemic situation, netizens @ Zhai Zhai Jeanne took two months to collect the pet cat in the pe

catwithlove @ 2020/04/16

If I come to this world without a good ending, I will not let them come.

On the 13, some people have no legal sanction. They are arrogant and arrogant. Justice may not be absent, but it is always late. Recently, Xiao 8 has been in a heavy mood and has been fighting with people on the Internet. Recently, two important events ha

MMM5WWW @ 2020/04/16

It was discovered that I was deceived after raising a dog. Actually, it was not that it could not be separated from me, but I couldn't get away from it.

How sticky are dogs? When a dog is smashed, he knows that this product is just a dog's plaster! Don't mention the private space. The last toilet did not dare to lock the door, because it would come to see it. The officials knew that whenever and w

gougou2016 @ 2020/04/16

The dog waiting in the hospice for 1 and a half years tried to put its claws out of the cage: would you touch me, please?

A dog crossed the cold fence and tried to pass the paw out, hoping that someone could hold it. It wanted only human love. The puppy, named Speck, is only 2 years old. He was sent to the hospice by his former owner when he was half a year old. After a year

eee7769 @ 2020/04/16

This thing is so delicious. The next door bear baby is crying. Look at your bear.

Don't know if you've ever had such an experience. Don't you know if you've ever had such an experience? Living in a large courtyard, eating out at a table and eating out at the table. The children are carrying their own small bowl to the n

ipandacom @ 2020/04/16

No rope rope Husky is killed by security guards with sticks: some owners make mistakes, always by dogs.

We have repeatedly stressed that walking out of a dog must be a rope, because too many factors are not controllable. For example, a dog rushes to the road and bumps into the road. But there are still a lot of dog owners, who are lucky enough to walk aroun

ihashiqi @ 2020/04/16

Starting Today! In the Third Ring Road of Shenyang, dogs can't enter Park Square.

Shenyang home dog care! Today, a new deal in Shenyang has something to do with you! If you live in the Third Ring Road, you can't bring your dog into the park square. From now on, the Shenyang special rectification of uncivilized dog raising behavior

sydcomcn @ 2020/04/16

Can a dog become mayor? After watching its "great achievements", I was surprised.

There are many interesting things in the pet world, which always make people laugh. I believe a lot of shit officials have seen many stories about dogs becoming honorary mayors. Recently, in a city in the United States, such an honorary mayor is coming. I

bagongshushu @ 2020/04/16

Jin Mao and hash had given birth to a beautiful dog, but one year later, the shit officials collapsed.

Husky and Jin Mao gave birth to the child, which made it impossible to be fussy about the value of the shovel and the character. But unexpectedly, a year later, the dog was completely changed. Really, the value of the face is still very similar to that of

ajmgg520 @ 2020/04/16

The meow star people who play the disc, you don't say, the card card is quite accurate.

Cats love meow star, click on "read the original", and pay close attention to it.

mmasmxr @ 2020/04/16