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The old dog was not raised, and the little girl wrote the reason why it was worth being loved. The first one was laughing.

"It is willing to make friends with all the dogs in the world, except those with eggs." this is the first reason why Elivia, a ten year old girl, wrote a new home for Reggie, a stray dog. Reggie is a 10 year old pit bull. He lived in a shelter in

Qpuppy @ 2019/10/18

The Border Collie is rejected because of different colors. Can you adopt it?

According to the mirror, a poor Border Collie called Molly (Molly) was unclaimed because of different colors. One year old "Molly" and sister Holly are similar in shape, similar in age, and close friends. Although Molly has good eyesight, one of h

bianmuonline @ 2019/10/18

The shit officer put the cat's mouse toy on the table, and the cat actually played it.

The shit officer put the cat's mouse toy on the table, and the cat actually played it. This is too lazy. I imagined myself playing toys on the opposite table.

lobocat @ 2019/10/18

The dog with two leg amputation has become a "teacher" and teaches other disabled dogs how to walk: it is very happy.

What kind of mission does a dog have? I believe people who have seen a movie should have deep feelings. Mission depends on your identity. As a dog, it is to make the master happy. If it is a hunting dog, catch more prey; if it is a police dog, help the po

caomeichongwu @ 2019/10/16

The cat was entangled in the fishing net for a year. When the cat was drinking milk, it was caught in trouble and Suffocated at any time.

Human beings are always affecting the lives of animals. Some of them even threaten their lives. What I want to talk about today is what happened on a small island in Korea. Most of the residents on this island are fishermen who earn their living by sea fi

mczys001 @ 2019/10/16

After the adoption of this stray dog, its smile has not stopped except eating and sleeping.

The dog was called Sanford. When the staff found it, it had just had a serious traffic accident. It could only drag its body in the street. People took it back to the hospice for treatment. It was even more worrying that the doctor found a bullet in his h

@ 2019/10/16

"Why do people with depression need a cat?"

I have seen many cases of depression, and I know some patients with depression. Many times, they have no friends and family members are scattered. There are suicidal thoughts everywhere. Sometimes it is a cat that keeps them alive, so that they still have

aimao1024 @ 2019/10/15

I'm not a dog, I'm a dog skin plaster!

If you don't have a dog, you probably don't know. Raising a dog is like sticking a dog's plaster. Once you stick it, you can't throw it away any longer. The owner of the golden Jilin family, Hani, is so sleeker that he can't sleep well

rcw2888 @ 2019/10/15

This border animal opens three doors and takes small partners to wander.

Dog lovers pay attention to the big AI Meng control only needs to reply: Wang. Every day, we know that the Border Collie has always been praised as the highest IQ in the dog world. Many friends are afraid to raise border herdsmen, for fear that it will be

menggoukong @ 2019/10/14

It's almost impossible to hold a border animal. It's too smart.

It is impossible to hold down the border herding. It is impossible in this life!!

bianmuonline @ 2019/10/14

The woman met a dirty cat and fed it for 2 months. After 10 months, she became a relative.

With the development of the times and the progress of society, people have different needs in different periods. Nowadays, raising pets has become a trend of life. More and more people have joined the army of pets and become the officials of shoveling exc

mumu8com @ 2019/10/12

The owner accused Samoye of tearing up his clothes, and Samoye's retort made him speechless.

Samoye dog pet control micro signal: [Lmosaye] long press copy I like you, all like Samoye dog!

Lmosaye @ 2019/10/09

You know what? Little milk meow will do this at the time of breast feeding.

After all these years, the secret that has never been discovered has finally been answered today. I would like to pinch this little fan to the fan, the cerebellum axe, drink neinei~ ears and fans, and drink more fragrant.

Lmaogou @ 2019/10/09

15 loyal dogs, sacrificing themselves for their owners.

A lot of people talk about dog's color change and see the dog bite. Actually, they are brave and kind. Although the 1 Military Dog Layka fired 4 shots from AK-47 at close range, it attacked and subdued insurgents who attacked the trainers. After 7 hou

q_catdog @ 2019/10/09

The golden hair was not eaten by the flesh. It was seen by little golden hair. It was so funny to see the little golden glutton greedy.

Little Jin Mao: I am probably not born. Click on "read the original" and pay close attention to the love of golden puppy!

ajmgg520 @ 2019/10/09

For Jin Mao, it is inversely proportional to appetite and courage.

For Jin Mao, it can be eaten and demolished, and fighting power should be exploded, but some of them are nothing to eat and nothing to do. Well, netizens say that his dog is three years old, and even now they dare not jump. Even a lot of friends who have

nuannanjinmao @ 2019/10/09

When the dog is hungry, it will bite the small bowl, and it will be on time every day.

The netizen's wood dog is hungry, and it will bite the small bowl to feed the owner every day. The owner says that when he goes out for a walk, he is very lazy. But when he hears the food, it is very active. It is a standard feeding eye.

eee7769 @ 2019/10/09

Nnatedi: it's nice to have pictures of Baba and ma.

Teddy is a little bit concerned about Teddy's getting lost with you. But it's all other people's home made of Baba and Ma, even the Baba of my family. When can you make this baby look spicy and beautiful?

CPtaidi @ 2019/10/09

The netizen took away the litter cat used cat litter, and helped the nearby stray cat to find it.

A netizen's shop, a fat orange, lost all of its reasons. The netizens were very anxious to put up a lot of cat hunting notices. They also used scissors. They didn't get back the cat's back. They found themselves wandering in the process of fin

mengchongmeng @ 2019/10/09

Why do we say "poor cats, rich dogs"?

Cat language, autumn water long days, free as cats in the habit of loving the rivers and lakes, circulating a saying: "poor cats, rich dogs", why do we have this statement? Let's analyze it. The answer given in the 2018 white paper of China

mon0896 @ 2019/10/08