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When someone asked me why I smile on my cell phone? Look at the cat!

Do you have such a time? Brush your cell phone, your face can not help exposing aunt smile / uncle smile. People around are curious when they look at it. Is this person chatting with someone they like? No, no, no, no, I'm just looking at the cat! In o

lumaojiaoshou @ 2019/12/19

When kirkie became a father, he had to bring his baby wherever he went.

This is a story of Cokie's father. Erico was originally a fat and fat body with a fat heart. It had four pieces of gas tank. With charming body and attractive fart, Erico became a net red long ago, but you may not know that this product has an identit

mengchongbuluo0 @ 2019/12/19

What exactly is a thing?

Source: cat doctor medical science micro signal: miaozhongrong666 amplification of ventricular tachycardia +600 amplitude ECG free send long, click below the two-dimensional code attention after dialog box reply "electrocardiogram" to receive info

doctorpda-xxg @ 2019/12/19

4 little brothers wrote to their neighbors to ask for a dog. After a day, they received a reply from their dog.

Just graduated jack is a very dog loving boy, like many people, Jack has been thinking of waiting for her own rent, must keep a lovely dog, but reluctantly, the landlord has a regulation, no pets are allowed. When Jack told the other three roommates about

gougoumcw @ 2019/12/19

When two hundred pounds of heavy dogs hit a mistake, this attitude is also very distressed!

The baby is bigger and bigger, and there is a glass heart. "How can I say that the baby is really not intentional..." thank you for reading here.

rcw2888 @ 2019/12/19

"Black cat is a kind of evil thing, can not raise!"

"Black cat is a kind of evil thing, can not raise!" "Oh, it's a black cat. I lost it quickly." "black cat photo is not good-looking, abandoned." 01, for the black cat, there are too many bad rumors. We always like to judge a th

mon0896 @ 2019/12/19

The cat circled its tail with its tail. It was "fierce", master: This is your own tail.

Cats, I believe you all know, are very common in people's lives. Nowadays, keeping pets has become a trend of life. Cats are one of the most popular pets, and have won people's love and welcome with their excellent conditions. Cats are of high val

mumu8com @ 2019/12/19

"As long as Wang is hiding fast enough, the camera won't catch me."

I don't know whether you have such a person around you: usually you behave in a proper manner and have a large square. When you are in front of the camera, you will feel uncomfortable and uncontrolled. For such a person, we often call it "lens pho

bagongshushu @ 2019/12/19

Interview B station, the result of the interviewer led a dog out to interview me... What is this operation?

Two days ago, I went to B station for an interview. As a result, the interviewer came over with a dog. What's the operation? Even if the company allows pets, you can't bring pets to interview me. There is no language. Some netizens think that this

AndroidPush @ 2019/12/19

The first person in China to shoot cats: praised by CCTV, he traveled all over the country to shoot cats for 6 years, and took more than 40 thousand "cat pieces".

This article is authorized to be transferred from: Yimei media, ID:YeeMedia, 01, 40000, "cat piece", circle of friends, friends circle: I have recently sprung up. A group of "cat pieces" has been in the circle of friends. This group of pho

mybestlist @ 2019/12/19

Look quickly, Nnatedi in police uniform directs traffic.

Netizens encounter two sprouting Teddy in police uniform on the road. It's really too spicy. But if moteddy directs traffic, then everyone is coming to the crowd.

CPtaidi @ 2019/12/19

See the cat licking feet look cute, so grab a piece of work, the result of laughing shit!

See the cat lick the feet look cute, then grab a piece of work, the result of laughing shit haha meow: I do not want to face it, by/Twitter/dynamic_niniya

mengchong94520 @ 2019/12/19

The cat thought that the owner was taking pictures of him, and he did not dare to move.

Most cats like to avoid cameras, but the Sasa family's cat's leaflet is a little different. One day, Sasa's daughter was drinking milk in the living room while playing with her cell phone. As a result, the leaf carelessly jumped up to the tabl

Lmaogou @ 2019/12/19

Discontent is written on the face of kolkie.

Do not like to take a picture together to listen to a bath, immediately hiding in the nest to shovel excrement! No food! Can not go down, how drop! People don't want to bask in the sun and bully my legs! If you don't want to be kissing, where are

mmggmcw @ 2019/12/19

Samoye and border pastoral class in the same class, the gap between learning tyrants and learning slag is clear at a glance!

Border pastoral and Samoye swim together class, to see the performance of these two small. When the border pastoral came down, they immediately adapted to the activities in the water and walked freely. "Swimming is little case!" It was Samoye'

Lmosaye @ 2019/12/19

When a dog plays with a sudden shock? Remember these 7 steps to save your dog!

Da Bai recently saw such a video: a dog named sugar suddenly had a heart attack on the road, and the owner was scared and nervous, and didn't know what to do. At this time, a passing uncle saw, hastened to come to implement CPR first aid! Uncle first

angel-samoye @ 2019/12/19

She burned the 14 year old dog's ashes into colored glaze. She saw the black and white dog faces on the round beads and red eyes.

Dog lovers pay attention to the big AI Meng control only needs to reply: Wang. The content is more wonderful! Let you happy every day, a netizen raises husky "young master" 14 years, the dog died in June 8, 2019, she sent the dog's ashes to ma

menggoukong @ 2019/12/18

Wolf raising for 20 years, she developed two Hal wolf, netizen: wolf? That's cool.

Instagram, ID:instachina1, has recently discovered a "pet" blogger with a distinctive style. Everyone else is a cat and dog. She is very special. She keeps wolves, or more than 200. The blogger himself, including his name, was very wild. He asked

rcw2888 @ 2019/12/18

The 2 month old stray dog in Bali Island was nowhere to be seen. The good lady appeared and saved her life.

Speaking of Bali Island, many people imagine that it is a picturesque tourist resort. If you can stay there for a few weeks, how happy it is! But not all of them were perfect. There was such a dog named Steve. It was born in Bali Island, but 2 months late

mczys001 @ 2019/12/18

I'm sure these are the photos that most of us would like to delete.

Every time the photo is released, the bipedal beast will fine the photo and filter it up one layer at a time to make itself look more beautiful. And when it comes to the photo of a cat, it is impossible to finish the refinement. This leads to a lot of exp

lumaojiaoshou @ 2019/12/18