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The dog was lost by the attack of a strange dog. Unexpectedly, it received a notice from the counter the next day.

We can't relax our vigilance about anything about dogs. A few days ago, a netizen was suddenly attacked by a strange dog in another family when he was carrying his own dog Xiao Bai's new home. The 3 year old Meeks dog "Xiao Bai" moved to a

whcwdrc @ 2020/04/22

Some dogs have love. Some dogs are criminals. You are so bad that you are not fit to have dogs. Please leave our team.

I just saw a very annoying video on the Internet. The video shows that in a certain place in Guangdong, there are several men and women in the evening. There is a man standing on the ladder. There are still several women watching. The man is shaking a tre

Toppets @ 2020/04/22

The stray cat showed up to the cat at the door, but when it came home, he found it no longer possible to send him away.

Stray cats and domestic cats, even though they are cats, are destined to live in two worlds. The wandering cats live in the open air and have no fixed place, but no one cares about them. So what happens when they meet? Uncle Justin LaRose runs a wooden pr

mumu8com @ 2020/04/22

Ten level puzzle! My family suddenly fell in love with licking the floor. Why is that?

Most of the time, we can see what the dog wants to express from the tiny actions of the dog, but sometimes it will make the shit officials confused. I wonder if all of you have ever experienced the experience of digging up shit officials. And say no to th

bagongshushu @ 2020/04/22

When a dog sleeps with a baby in its arms, the net friend is sprouted: is this the super large teddy bear?

A video has been popular recently. The baby in the video is holding a large teddy bear doll, sleeping very well, and the picture is super healing! But it turned out to be a little wrong at last. How can this teddy bear move? Is this... Is it a giant poodl

q_catdog @ 2020/04/22

What do dogs hate most about 15 things? Have you stepped on thunder?

Everyone has their own preferences, things they like to do, and things that they hate to do. Dogs are the same way, but they are very tolerant. Even if their owners do something that annoy them, they tend to suffer silently. But as a shoveling officer, yo

rcw2888 @ 2020/04/22

The shit officer plans to make a jigsaw puzzle, and the cat is next to it.

The shit officer plans to make a jigsaw puzzle, and the cat is next to it. I dare not do anything. If the cat is around, it will be destroyed anyway.

lobocat @ 2020/04/21

Teddy: you throw so many balls at once, do you know Ben Wang is tired?

The love dog, the dog, the dog and the dog click on the "read the original". The super sprouting dog is waiting for you!

atdq520 @ 2020/04/21

The border pastoral suddenly falls down, can not afford to go to a hospital to check, scared urine!

There is a more than 60 year old sun aunt in Shanghai. It should be said that this age should be dressed up, dancing square dance, without worrying about it, but aunt sun has broken the hearts of a group of children. The grandson of the maimed disabled ch

mengchongmeng @ 2020/04/21

Two ha has bitten his brother's toy, and has been making a voice to defend himself.

Two ha: the quality of this toy is too bad. Please give me a quick replacement. Thank you for reading here.

rcw2888 @ 2020/04/21

The most rhythmical meow star must be a nightclub cafe!

Cats love meow star, click on "read the original", and pay close attention to it.

mmasmxr @ 2020/04/21

The dog helped to break the case, and the police rewarded it with a pack of dog food. The appearance of the award was too real.

Many shit officials often envy other dogs what skills they will have and feel that their dogs can't do anything and eat first. This mentality is like our parents' mentality. It's unfair to dogs. Maybe they did their work at that time. Like the

caomeichongwu @ 2020/04/20

No matter how much trouble you have to face in life, the hug of a dog can really heal people instantly.

When you have kept dogs for a long time, which moment do you feel most happy? Is it when you feel sad that when the dog tries to comfort you or annoyance, it listens silently on the side, even when you are in a state of collapse, it will not be afraid of

eee7769 @ 2020/04/20

"Once again, I met a dog who had been missing for many years.

Loving pets together, 419 lovely adorable circles, and small can grow together with you. 13501, "a long time to meet again" and "lost again" is a very warm word. No matter where it is used, it will be a very pleasant thing. We all say that

mon0896 @ 2020/04/20

Every day, the woman goes out to walk the dog with her fancy clothes. The expression of the dog is becoming more and more embarrassed.

Recently, a netizen dressed in a weird costume to walk a dog everyday, Claire, who burned her dog son, was also concerned by everyone. Because the master's nonsensical behavior made the dog look embarrassed from the beginning to the embarrassment of t

mengchongtu8 @ 2020/04/20

Netizens went out shopping and suddenly found a tree hanging on the side. Siberian Husky???

Two Kazakhstan hangs the southeast branch? How does Ning hang up? Fortunately, it was finally saved. Hanging on a tree is a strange thing to hear, but if the protagonist is husky, it will be very common. After all, two Kazakhstan is a kind of creature tha

iiihusky @ 2020/04/20

After watching this husky, I laughed all afternoon, ha ha ha ha ha!

Two ha, it is really a magical species. It can't be done without you. Love harkie, "two ha camp, share dog fun every night."

ihashiqi @ 2020/04/19

He had a baby, and his face was higher than one. But this intelligence quotient was endless.

Ha Shi had a litter of babies, but he was glad that the shit officials were happy. His face was worth a little taller than the others. Although several hair lines were quite high, the whole body was quite sprouting. But I didn't expect it to happen.

mengchong94520 @ 2020/04/19

"Watch out for those dregs who cheat and eat!"

A recent post from the S1 forum triggered a heated debate among the cat Slaves: "pay attention to the use of the epidemic to deceive the deception!" Uh huh? How fat four? Now that the epidemic is so morally bankrupt? According to landlord @sese199

vip-lovecat @ 2020/04/19