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The cat lost for 15 months. When it met, it recognized the owner at once. It had been waiting in situ.

How long has it been a blow to a loved one who has been dying for it? In fact, this is unthinkable for the shovelling officials, but it happened on a truck driver. Uncle driver stops and breaks. Cat loves to lose. Matthew B. is an ordinary truck driver. H

mumu8com @ 2020/04/25

Do you really calculate the meat content in cat food?

"Why is my cat getting fat?" The problem of obesity in cats may be insufficient exercise, or perhaps too much food. It may also be caused by high starch and low protein diet. Natural cats need 3 times as much protein as men and 5~6 times as many p

boqiiwang @ 2020/04/25

If you speak a little whisper, you will be infected. When bear is not allowed

Those little dumplings, who would whisper from childhood, accidentally catch up with them and end up with... You can only slide down the slide to narcissistic bear, or to roll with the bear friends. Check out the highlights of this week when you enter the

ipandacom @ 2020/04/25

Husky grew up when he was little, but when he grew up... Sister: "I always feel like it wants to scold me!"

He always said that husky had a great contrast when he was young. This is not just about character, but also appearance. A sister refused to listen to a husky. When she was young, she sprouted, with a pair of round blue eyes and a chubby body. But a pot d

iiihusky @ 2020/04/25

Peking University registered the school for the stray cats, making millions of netizens crying: if I could, I would also like to have a family.

InsDaily- daily LNs new information, who can imagine that the campus network of Peking University has been paralyzed by the netizens of cloud sucking cats. A few days ago, a small program called "Yanyuan cat manual" was launched by the Peking Univ

instachina @ 2020/04/25

It never occurred to me that the stray cat under the camera is like this.

You can often see stray cats at home, but have you ever seen stray cats under the lens? The cat photographers in Japan specially took pictures of stray cats under the lens. These cute girls can be very cute under the lens. Look at me to stretch out. Then

Lmaogou @ 2020/04/25

Behind every energetic kitten, there is a stable cat and cat.

Behind every energetic kitten, there is a stable cat and mother. Cat mother: when can you be so steady as me?

lobocat @ 2020/04/25

Why does border pastor do not like to play with other dogs? Because border pastoral is border pastoral, dog is a dog!

As we all know, border pastoral is a border animal, dog is a dog - when the shovel shit official is still worried about how to walk the dog correctly... Border livestock can not only help the shit officials walk the dog, but also solve the sudden emergenc

bianmuonline @ 2020/04/25

The owner shaved his golden hair carelessly and slipped his hands, but unexpectedly discovered a good way to make money.

A British shoveling officer, because of isolation at home, was mad and wanted to find something to do: to help his husband trim his beard... I didn't expect the big golden hair of the family to run around to join in the fun and brush the sense of pres

ajmgg520 @ 2020/04/25

The fat cat squeezed into the favorite sink, but unexpectedly, the fat was overflowing every year.

A netizen said that his cat likes to cool down in the water drained from the home. When he got home last year, he was still thin, and his slender body could be completely stuffed into the sink. He felt that the body of the meow star was completely liquid,

Lmaogou @ 2020/04/24

An important moment in life, it sleeps at its inauguration.

A few days ago, the US police station in Bristol opened a live broadcast on Facebook to hold a swearing in ceremony for the new police dog Brody (Brody). I didn't expect such a cautious ceremony that the Mao Mao's hero was asleep. He completely ig

whcwdrc @ 2020/04/24

Dog bites the data line, the way the owner punishes is too ruthless!!

A domestic shovelling official keeps two dogs, both of whom are boys. They are all grown up now, and these two dogs are all online and very beautiful. These two seemingly good dogs have a bad habit. They like to bite the data line of their owners from chi

q_catdog @ 2020/04/24

Because of the special magic of dance, the Labrador fire has been harvested by more than ten million points.

Dog lovers pay attention to the big AI Meng control only needs to reply: Wang. The content is more wonderful! Make you happy every day. Recently, a Labrador dance became popular on the Internet because of its special magic. The reason for this is that whe

menggoukong @ 2020/04/23

The shelters took a kitten, and the staff said it was a bear. User: any more?

In early April, a relief organization in Losangeles received a cat like a bear. Unfortunately, when the baby was born, the forelimb ligaments and tendons were all atrophied. Two Mel Lamprey and her husband Zahn (Zane), who had two foreleg flexion and love

mengchongmeng @ 2020/04/23

Kitty: Mom, I don't want to take a bath! Cat mother: No, you do!

Cats love meow star, click on "read the original", and pay close attention to it.

mmasmxr @ 2020/04/23

The more pure a dog is, the better it is. You don't know how miserable they are!

Many people should have seen a similar story: someone bought a purebred dog, but suddenly one day they found that the dog was not pure. Then they threw away their home and loved it. They lost their sight instantly, and the aunt of the stray dog base said,

boqiiwang @ 2020/04/23

When the governor interviewed, the cat broke into the show and robbed him of the thunder.

Do you remember the mew meow of CCTV news? At that time, many people were sprouting up, and even directly promoted the ratings of news. In Argentina, cats are not open to the press, so they see themselves in the news. Axel Kicillof, governor of Buenos Air

caomeichongwu @ 2020/04/23

80 stray cats were killed by college students, but he did not feel guilty. What should I do? This group of flower arms gave us the best answer.

Put the most ruthless words, do the best thing. Animal rescue team 0 skinned, sausage, fire, electric shock. Within two months, nearly 80 stray cats were abused and killed by a fourth year college student in a university in Shandong. The burned cat 0 almo

carranking @ 2020/04/22

The dog was greedy when he was young. After 8 years old, the owner took a comparison with his friends.

The owner keeps a puppy named A Bao, who has a greedy habit since his childhood. As long as his family goes into the kitchen, he almost keeps his food behind his father's back every day, so that he will stare at it if he sees it. If he doesn't eat

mengchongmeng @ 2020/04/22

"Finished! My dog... Has grown up. "

Love pets 422 cute adorable small circle can grow together with you 13501 recently, a small fan's message that his dog is like a personal...... I think, the dog is also very understanding of human nature for a long time, naturally like a master, this

mon0896 @ 2020/04/22