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It turns out that a dog's chin can be placed on almost anything.

On the corner of the sofa handrail window sill, the master's master's shoe master tries his best to match his feet with o. On the other pet's stool legs, you're here too. What a coincidence! Baby Tea heads are twice as cute as the baby'

mmggmcw @ 2019/11/06

Golden chicken eats too much chicken and mouths full of blood.

A netizen recently met with a crying joke. He has a 5 month old golden hair and has not changed his teeth. Once, the owner brought a chicken leg to the golden hair of his family on his way home from work. Jin Mao was excited when he saw the chicken legs i

ajmgg520 @ 2019/11/06

Grandpa saved the golden hair from the dog shop and raised him as a child.

Netizens' grandparents lived in the countryside. Two years ago, one day, when Grandpa and grandma went shopping in town, they saw a golden hair at the door of a dog shop. It was drizzle that day. The golden hair was locked in a cage and trembled. When

caomeichongwu @ 2019/11/06

Nnatedi didn't know what to do. He put it in a plastic bag and hung it on the door handle.

Pet Teddy was a little concerned. Teddy lost your way with you. This teddy didn't know what was wrong. He put it in a plastic bag and hung it on the doorknob to give instructions. "The suggestion is to watch in WIFI." If you make a mistake, ho

CPtaidi @ 2019/11/05

Samoye always talks back and is taught by his master. He stands there without talking back.

Samoye always talks back and is taught by his master. He stands there without talking back. Samoye dog pet control micro signal: [Lmosaye] long press copy I like you, all like Samoye dog!

Lmosaye @ 2019/11/05

A cat's morning wakes up like this.

I feel like someone is watching, feeding, waking up, stepping on me, stepping on me, sitting in front of you, watching you silently. I see your eyes in the evening. They just want your love. They love you in a strange way. They may just want their breakfa

mmggmcw @ 2019/11/05

When Grandpa was ill and ill tempered, and a netizen adopted a cat to give him, the miracle happened.

Instead of buying, he used to spread out to his net friend's grandfather, who was 94 years old. But because of his illness, his temper became very bad, and his life began to become less enthusiastic. He felt that life had no support, no fun, and began

Lmaogou @ 2019/11/05

Can aspirin be eaten before meals or after meals?

Source: cat doctor medical science micro signal: miaozhongrong666 amplification of ventricular tachycardia +600 amplitude ECG free send long, click below the two-dimensional code attention after dialog box reply "electrocardiogram" to receive info

doctorpda-xxg @ 2019/11/04

"Dogs do not walk dogs? You are committed a crime! "

I would like to ask you a question: when you get home late after work and are already sleepy, will you still walk the dog? I think there will be a majority of people will decide not to walk the dog, let the dog wronged One night, second days to walk it ag

mon0896 @ 2019/11/04

"How strong is a cat's jealousy?" Laugh and see!

The most warm public number of cat, the good cat slave, is concerned about jealousy. Do you think it exists only in the human world? Also exist between meow stars... Look at the following meow star people you will understand! You've been touching it f

aimao1024 @ 2019/11/04

A video of a traffic policeman rescuing a dog is on fire.

Recently, a video of Chengdu traffic police rescuing a dog has really amused the owner of the police. The little traffic policeman rescued a puppy whose feet were hurt on the road. Maybe the dog had been afraid to dodge for a while before, and then the li

rcw2888 @ 2019/11/04

Jiang Mei Mei's "war five slag" cultivation notes!

A few years ago, there was a little bear called Meng LAN. Because he mistakenly believed that Jiang left Mei Mei's hot female silver, he became a "war five slag" Meng LAN. After growing up, he finally escaped from Jiang zumei Mei's claws.

pandapia0812 @ 2019/11/03

Grieved! 13 months old baby is bitten off half face! Dog owner: "my dog didn't bite people"

In Henan Province People's Hospital, her mother cried almost fainting. She did not know how to face her 13 month old son. The source of all this was from a sudden accident. When I was presented to me, half of his face disappeared in September 28th, in

haixiadushibao @ 2019/11/03

Samoye, who was 6 months old, had no choice but to turn to his friends.

Some netizens posted that Samoye, who was 6 months old, had demolished his home. He used all the means to beat and scold it, but Samoye still had a bad temper. He even broke the cage. So he had to go online and ask for advice. Samoye's ability to demo

angel-samoye @ 2019/11/03

Please put down your camera and don't take photos of me.

Don't be afraid of others! I can't let anyone see me playing with it. Let this thing leave my face. Please close your camera! May I ask what you have? Not taking photos today, no! That's ok! Pat! Shine! I'm running, I don't have time f

mmggmcw @ 2019/11/03

The cat who shoveled the official's house should hold a snack box when snacking.

The cat who shoveled the official's house should hold the snack box when snacking. Ha ha ha, eating your mouth and looking at your hands. I'm afraid my hands will be stolen.

lobocat @ 2019/11/02

Stray dogs fear being approached, but women will go to see it every day until it is...

Carly Coca (Carley Coca) saw a post on Facebook, telling about three abandoned dogs near the church in the city. He was very miserable every day, and Coca was helping small animals from childhood. Now she is also a volunteer. When she saw this post, she i

Qpuppy @ 2019/11/02

Art? Make a show? He stuffed the cat into dessert / bread / coffee, attracting 19W people to watch.

I have a female pot friend, she is a real cat slave, wonderful to inculcate an idea to me: sucking cats for a while, always sucking the cat has been cool! In the past, I just listened to it. When I surf the Internet, I saw a homepage of a bake gourmet blo

yeslicake-v @ 2019/11/02

Those dogs that look silly fufu are so cute!

Dog lovers pay attention to the big AI Meng control only needs to reply: Wang. The content is more wonderful! Make you happy every day. Recently, shovel shit brother saw this video on the Internet: the owner threw the bath ball into the bathtub, and the b

menggoukong @ 2019/11/02