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When I woke up in the morning, there was more than one dog in my family.

At four a.m. on Saturday, netizen Jack woke up to feed the baby and was in a daze. Jack suddenly noticed a small yellow Gou Pa in the living room, which made him feel terrified and puzzled. Because he had deliberately inspected the doors and windows befor

mengchongtu8 @ 2019/12/21

I said Samo is the most curable dog in the world. Do you have any objection?

Why do we always like to be cured by dogs? Because they do not need to think too much with them, they can feel free to pay their emotions. And it will give you back with your loyalty and let you feel that it loves you. When I was with them, all my trouble

angel-samoye @ 2019/12/21

"How can anyone grow so like a husky?"

Yes, it is Zhang Yue Yun. For the first time, he realized that he was like two Kazakhstan, or the stills of the star detective. He and Lin renewal are not just two silly dogs in the neighbor's house. Who is stupid? The recent celebration of the remain

iiihusky @ 2019/12/21

These Wang Xing people are so fond of snow!

Alas! Sleep on the snow. Don't mention it more comfortably. Pretend to be a cat. Winter is really great. Having fun is the most important thing. Don't stop me, I want to eat snow! Is snow sweet or I'm sweeter? Why is it dropping white powder t

mmggmcw @ 2019/12/21

The man just bought a bag of bread to go out and was robbed by a big golden hair: the bread remained.

This golden hair named Murphy followed her grandmother for a walk. Everything was quite normal until the dog broke through a supermarket doorway and met an innocent passer-by who had just bought a bag of hamburger bread. The goods went up to bite, and the

ajmgg520 @ 2019/12/21

Samoye was brought into the countryside for a week by his master and finally evolved into a real idyllic dog.

Yes, you are not mistaken. Samoye was brought into the countryside for a week by his master and finally evolved into a real idyllic dog. (photo from the Orient IC) Samoye's dog millet went home with his owner for seven days. In the city, every day you

Lmosaye @ 2019/12/21

Samoye helped the little owner to quilt the quilt. Sleep also nest bedside guard, let the owner moved

Accompanied by 2 Wang Xing people, my sister's childhood is definitely not alone. Samoye's "milk" and the "Mocha" for the first time to see the newly born younger sister, they are very curious about the new member. Milk is a super

Lmaogou @ 2019/12/21

After dinner, the 2 cats looked at the door. They just took the cell phone to take pictures, and instantly turned their faces.

After dinner, 2 cats looked at the door and looked at the mobile phone just taking pictures. Instantly they turned their faces on meow: they knew that the PAT was clapped on by/FB/Cecilia Mak.

mengchong94520 @ 2019/12/21

Sometimes the cat's behavior is funny and funny.

Sometimes the cat's behavior is funny and funny. Finished Baba, is this buried in Baba? How did this happen? Angry, do not know what the cat is doing? Are there treasures in Baba? The excrement officer got up in the middle of the night and was laughed

lobocat @ 2019/12/21

Border pastoral is Wang's "high intelligence quotient".

If Husky is the two item of Wang's boundary, then border grazing is Wang's "high intelligence quotient". As a shepherd dog's border grazing, it was first domesticated to manage sheep. Therefore, the intelligence quotient is very high,

bianmuonline @ 2019/12/21

Tears collapse! Under the lens, the dog's touching deeds, you can endure the first few do not cry.

01, I would like to ask you if you have been touched by your dog. Today, I can show you the touching deeds of the dogs under those scenes. You can bear the number of 02 who do not cry. Bei Bei, who is so sensible, makes people feel bad. They sell their ow

mon0896 @ 2019/12/21

Do dogs get social phobia? It is better to let the dog go out than to kill him.

Dog lovers pay attention to the big AI Meng control only needs to reply: Wang. The content is more wonderful! Let you happy every day, who can imagine that there is a dog who doesn't love to go out at home, what kind of feeling is it? They say that th

menggoukong @ 2019/12/21

After 500 days in the shelter, the dog was finally adopted.

Bonita, a 5 year old dog at a foreign shelter, waited for 500 days. Finally, when a loved family appeared, he was chosen to be his family. Everyone was happy to be happy when he heard the news. On the day of Bonita's departure from the new owner, the

rcw2888 @ 2019/12/21

Netizens raised husky, but three months later... What did it go through?

Some time ago, I saw a friend circle of a network friend who said he had added a new tiger. So I couldn't help paying attention to its dynamics. I didn't expect the ending to be undisappointing. A little expression, a look at the goods was not ver

gougoumcw @ 2019/12/21

The 60 day did not eat steak, the dog saw the meat laugh and blossom: the eyes were gone.

Dog lovers pay attention to the big AI Meng control only needs to reply: Wang. The content is more wonderful! It makes you happy every day. This dog looks at the flesh and glittering gold. It looks like I can't wait to dismantle the express. In the pa

menggoukong @ 2019/12/20

A cat has nine lives? Look at their daily life and you will understand!

What a whole wind! How to conquer a thorn! Is it more fragrant to bake and lick? I feel the sadness of the egg! Look at life and death, but refuse to do it! I said it's the TV's first move. Do you believe it? It's unstable, not too heavy. No s

WeiGaoXiao @ 2019/12/20

The search and rescue dog was poisoned and was still searching for rescue missions before the incident.

When natural disasters happen, search and rescue dogs always do great credit. The lives of countless victims were rescued by the search dogs. But what we have to say today is quite distressing: two heroic rescue dogs were poisoned. I believe you have hear

meiriyigou @ 2019/12/20

"My dog's nerves, what do we do?"?

Often receive fans Tucao: sometimes trance feel that his dog is not a dog at home, obviously a neuropathy ah Hello! Because they always make strange behaviors, and even make you question their own cognition. Is this the behavior of dogs? "My dog likes

gougoumcw @ 2019/12/20

Why is this black cat taking so funny pictures? Ha ha GA GA GA goose goose...

Although the black cat is also a cat, it always makes them look different because they are born black. A, a top blogger, recently released a set of photos of his own black cat. Ming Ming was just playing with a ball, but he played like a cat. Is it like l

lumaojiaoshou @ 2019/12/20

When the buds are threatened by domestic violence, girls must be alert to those who are cruel to dogs.

Some time ago, @ Yu YUYAMIKA sent a story in micro-blog to describe his experience of being a monster in the Tuo Tuo. In the video, the violent behavior of the domestic violence man is like a devil! (there are still no clear answers to this question. Dire

mengchongbuluo0 @ 2019/12/20